Women want the ring without having to work for it first!

Sup guys!

I’m a member of a few relationship-advice groups on Facebook.

As expected, group members (both male and female), post and pose typical blue-pill questions and advice.

I, on the orher hand, would be the exception since I subscribe to the controversial Red Pill philosophy.

Thus, my commentary is usually flagged, reported, ridiculed then erased by the close-minded mods.

My comments are usually deleted within minutes. So I get my point across quick, then dip.

The point of me even sharing my take in such groups, is partly to enlighten guys and to give women a different perspective on dating. Not that I think they would see the light. But oh well!πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

Anyway, this one chick posed a question to the fellas, which led to me chiming in.

Fair question!

As to the question of, “should a woman be required to cook every single day”?

I further went on to say “NOT necessarily”! 

Reason being, is that there are bound to be nights where the guy just wants to eat out or have some fast food. πŸ•πŸ€πŸŸ

No one wants to eat the same shit every night. So this fear that modern women have of having to slave away at the stove from Sunday to Sunday, is unwarranted.  

But here are the nuts and bolts of my commentary: 

As for the chick who’s insinuating that men should do as well, she does NOT understand the dynamics at play here.

There’s no way a man should have to prove Jack shat to a woman in such a scenario!

Men grant women access to relationships!

Not the other way around.

Thus, men are like the employers or the HR team, in this sense. 

Women are the employees or the prospective candidates at the job interview. 

Where in hell does an employer get up tryna prove him or herself to someone who was granted an interview!?

The interviewee [in this case, the woman], is the one who must prove herself worthy of the position!

However, chicks want to be the ones who call the shots on how a relationship is hatched, when they are the ones being granted the relationship by the guy.

With that said, modern women want to skip the audition process for the role of marriage.

They want the ring and the title, but not by way of doing the work.

A man should just propose, give the rings, facilitate the wedding, all while unsure as to what he’s getting or getting into.

You see, women think men are slow. Granted; they are correct.

Chicks want men who are game-goofy. Not that they truly desire such gullible men. But they would like to have their resources and money, while they continue to segs the bad boys, like Chad and Tyrone. 

So they want a man to marry them, and HOPE that he gets wife treatment down the line. 


Crazy thing is; quite a few women manage to pull off this Shazam magic trickπŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€, by getting their boyfriend to marry them on a promise that they will transform into a traditional wife. 

That absolutely never “manifests” itself.

The man gets gypped then divorce-raped.

So with that said, it is within every man’s interest to ensure that his girlfriend is okay with performing wife duties beforehand.

She should be working her ass off for that job [marriage]!

Her ultimate benefits/compensations will have been: having those bills paid, being taken care of, being pampered, being protected, having a stable family, having social status [studies show that married women are looked at as higher valued, and more respected by far, than the unmarried ones], just to name a few perks of being a dutiful wife.

The reality is this: men do NOT benefit 1 iota from marriage! 

Ok, lemme take that back. The benefits we get, derive from society, and not necessarily from the wife herself. 

Example: studies also show that married men are more trusted in society and trusted by employers. They tend to get pay raises more, and tend to climb the ladder at their jobs with way more frequency than the unmarried men.

I mean, there aren’t many CEO’s who are bachelors. They aren’t many clergymen, pastors, preachers, leaders, politicians, etc. who are unmarried. The most respected men in society, all fields, are married!

So, society rewards men for being married. Modern wives on the other hand, they don’t even want to reward their husbands with regular segs.

Anyway, lemme not digress any further on that matter which I’ll tackle in a future article.

In short, women ought not expect to get a ring if they’re unwilling to cook, clean and wash, with the title of girlfriend.

If only modern women would just wise up to the game, and realize that traditional, feminine women are winning, shit would not be so out of whack as it is today.

But we have modern women wanting men to prove that they are husband material, as if they [women] are the ones who propose, buy the rings and foot the wedding expenses.

Nah sweetheart, your behind have to prove to us that you are a wife, before securing the πŸ’! 

No sane man worth his salt, is going to contract a construction firm to erect a building, with neither a referral, a name, social proof from peers, nor a verifiable track record that they can actually erect a mud hut. 

Ladies who cook for their man, keep their man and get that ring. 

Ladies who don’t, get relegated to recreational-use-only, as my boy Myron Gaines, from Fresh and Fit would say.

Lastly, as I always tell my long-term girlfriend, “I’d be damned if I work a 9-5, 10 hours a day, 60 hours a week, 6 days a week, plus overtime, which can take me to almost 90 hours a week, partly to provide for you and to keep some πŸ’΅πŸ’΅ in your pockets, for me to have to come home to cook and clean pots and pans”!❓

Hells no! Can’t happen in this lifetime!

And that doesn’t even account for the work I put in after hours, Coaching you guys. 

I’m putting in all that work, going out there to slay dragons, partly so you can have a comfortable lifestyle, (me) paying the bills, and you think I’m gonna lift a bloody finger to sweep the house, do the laundry or to cook!?😠😑

Hence why it kills me whenever I hear these virtue signaling, white knight simps, mentally masturbating all over social media, talking about they cook for their woman. 

That shat doesn’t even sound right!

Men have truly been Beta-ized and neutered.

On that note, I leave you with an interesting video I came across on TikTok the other day.

What’s your view?

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