Get “From Streets To Sheets”

27 pages of pure gold!

It’s no secret already that I’m no fan of drawn-out material, such as e-books which contain 300 + pages of page-filling garbage, while only 20% of the material might hold applicable information.

Hence, this 27 page learning guide, is filled with raw material, no fluff, no fillers and no beating around the bush.

Taking Women From The Streets To The Bed!

I must make this clear right away by ensuring you guys that this is NOT an instant-date guide, nor a 1-night stand how-to.

However, it is a detailed and well crafted piece of document which involves the courtship process of meeting women while out and about, and eventually taking them to bed [the sheets] over the duration of a week…or less.

Therefore, it is by all means, a guide on How To Get SEX Fast!

It really breaks down into 3 compartmentalized structures:

   1.) How to meet and pick up women on the streets,

   2.) How to establish a meet-up (so-called date)

   3.) How to work the logistics towards sex…through the right set of logistics.

Those 3 bullet-points are pretty much the core of this guide.

What comes between those 3 pointers, is obviously small and minute things which guys like yourself fumble…such as texting, calling, setting up the so-called date, approaching girls on the streets, what to say, etc.

I also outline some easy-to-use templates which you can simply adjust and tweak to your specification.

You might be asking: “Is this a Day-Game guide”?

Not exactly!

However, it essentially can be used as 1, though you can also use the guide as a How-To In Meeting Women Throughout The Course Of The Day [night or daylight hours].

The hidden beauty of this product, is that everything is simplified and straight to the point!

If you don’t get laid, or cannot get so-called dates within weeks after you will have read and utilized this material: no one in the world can help you then sonny! 😦 😦

But I’m confident enough to say that since you will have purchased this product; there is no doubt that you should get dates and sex from the streets.

Ok, so how much will this newly released training-kit cost you?

$ 27 bucks [USD], marked down for the time being from the original price of $37 USD.

Can’t beat it bro!

After you will have gotten this product, make sure to keep in touch with me in the event that you need further guidance.

$ 27 bucks [USD] !

Notice to buyer: please do NOT close any of the pages after you would have purchased the product. Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a separate page (i.e. a “thanks you” page) to where you will be able to directly download the purchased product via direct-download link. Therefore: close none of the pages, especially the one upon purchase to where you’ll be redirected.
If for some reason you happen to close those pages, and or not directed to a separate page which housed the direct-download link to the product, then contact me ASAP via e-mail, where I will personally send you the download link to the product you’d purchased (once I confirm your purchase).
E-mail address below:

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