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Pro-player tip: when tryna get laid, LOWER your expectation, excitement & anticipation! The more excited you seem, the more the girl freaks out at how amped you are to see her, and she may flake or cancel due to the fact that you are so excited to see her! If you appear to be doing too much [being too invested]; she will freak out! Hence, you must learn to be more chilled about seeing her! Make it seem as no big deal! For instance, if she invites you over later, DON’T go asking her if she needs anything! Don’t go texting her about how excited you are! Don’t become all animated and happy in your texts! Just appear normal and low-energy! Make her think that you are used to girls inviting you over or meeting you! Furthermore, don’t go fucking shave your dick hairs! Don’t go put on your best cologne! Chicks are psychic! They will sense when you are doing that shit (for them), and they will cancel on you!
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The Dirty-Little Secret Of Every Woman In A Relationship: Their Insurance Policy

Hey guys, been AGES since I’ve posted here on the blog, largely because I post elsewhere.

In any case, I wanna shed some light on an interesting topic- and somewhat controversial- that every guy in a relationship needs to hear, and that is: YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS KEEPING SOME GUY ON THE SIDE JUST IN CASE HER CURRENT RELATIONSHIP GOES UP IN FLAMES🔥🔥!

Now, this might not be a shocker to the more shrewd and experienced guys out there. But if you aren’t in “the know”, I’ll be glad to expound for ya!

The thing is, you may be tempted to judge women as conniving, calculating and even down-right evil 👿, for perpetrating such an act as stringing som guy along, behind her significant other’s back!

However, it actually makes commonsense [usually commonsense and womens’ actions don’t go in the same sentence😊].

Why do I say that…that it makes sense?

Just as I’d explained to some guy on social media a few days back, it’s akin to an insurance policy on property [house, car, etc].

Without car insurance, damaging that ride🚗 will leave you ride-less. And depended on the nature of the damage, you could be ride-less for good, or until you can fork up some 💵💵 to purchase you a new vehicle!

In relationships, chicks do NOT want to EVER find themselves in such predicament [man-less]!

Hence, they ensure that there’s someone on standby whom they can immidiately call upon, if they happen to go find themselves in the relationship graveyard.

Again, this is like having car insurance, whereas if your vehicle were damaged badly, your insurance company may provide another ride for you [based on policy and so forth].

With that, you can see the logics of having your stuff insured, or even having an auxiliary/alternate/backup plan.

I mean, whenever I purchase a ticket to travel, I ALWAYS ensure that I book a return trip on another vessel [ferrying🛳 for instance], in the event that the original vessel breaks down, cancels trip or whatever else untimely shit that could go down!

Therefore, it is always wise to have an alternative plan or a standby.

Just that in the context of dating, mating and relationships, people tend to think that such actions would be unethical.

Screw that: GUYS tend to think that shit is unethical!

Women on the other hand, swear by this!

They live by this!

So if you happen to be a guy in a relationship at present, is your girlfriend seeing another guy?

Not quite!😱



I did not say she’ll be seeing another guy behind your back! But she will have him (or them) queued up!

As the current boyfriend, will you be privy to this?

Not quite! UNLESS you already have evidence or a hunch that she’s talking to other guys. And EVERY chick on the face of the 🌏 who’s in a monogamous relationship, IS talking to other guys, regardless of what she may tell you to the contrary!

Now, this doesn’t mean that she’s shagging the other guys.

She doesn’t have to in order to use him as a standby or a fill-in-guy!

Half of the times, women will just string along that guy by dangling the promise of sex in his face like a 🥕on a string.

That’s enough for 99% of dudes to assume the role of standby guy.

Then there are the fair amount of cases where girl with boyfriend Is screwing the man in waiting. Hence the now common, pop-cultured term, “side nigga”.

With that said, this begs the question, “why would a woman feel the need to have to string guys along”?

The answer: in case she gets dumped, or she dumps you!

Yo, you gotta realize that most sane women dread being single like it’s the fucking plague, or Covid19 knocking at their doors!

They’d rather pick up a homeless guy just to give off the impression of being taken, than to be wallowing in single-ville with the unwanteds, widowed and handicaps.

Yes, it’s that serious, bro!

In addition to that, there’s the validation component.

The more guys chasing her, the more important she feels.

She gets to validate her looks! So she’s definitely gonna string along a few guys, who are ever so willing to inflate her head like a weather balloon, with sweet-nothings and poop-scooping compliments.

Your compliments alone as her boyfriend, won’t suffice!

You are not enough!

Hence why I teach guys to NEVER freely dish out compliments to their girl, thinking they’d somehow placate and satisfy her, thus making her unwanting of other guy’s validation and sweet words.

Ok, not to deviate any further from the topic at hand, what I want you guys to realize is that a girl in a relationship, will keep other guys in the queue.

This isn’t evil but practical!

And as a man, you should be doing the same shit!

How did we manage to let women beat us at our own game!?

Men are generally seen as the more promiscuous types, yet most guys in relationships, don’t even seriously contemplate the idea of stringing other women along, just in case their current relationship implodes or they get dumped.

Men just don’t think like that!

If we’re in: we’re in!

We’re not hatching an escape route!

And this truth is largely indicative by the fact that lots of women, as they become single, in less than no time, they are in another relationship!

You think that shit just magically happened overnight!?

It was already in the making, dude!

She already had him lined up!

Meanwhile, men on the other hand, generally are single way way longer than women, since we don’t usually practice the habit of keeping girls on standby behind our current GF’s back.

So as a man, you already know what you should do to counter balance this, right?


I mean, because honestly speaking, there isn’t shit you can do to stop her from talking to other guys, nor from stringing some guy along.

What are you gonna do, seize her📱?

Lock her in the attic?

Ban her from going to work?

Have her deactivate all her social-media accounts?

I mention this cheekily, because I know of tons of guys who’ve done that! I know because their girl ends up finding a way to talk to me 😉.

So there’s no avenue to realistically keep your girl from other guys.

You literally have to live with the fact that she’s going to look out for her interest, subconsciously so, by having her relationship insured.

And it isn’t insured on the basis that she gets to keep you, or get you fixed in case of damage.


Her relationship is insured to make sure that she gets a new man, in the likely event that the current man disappoints or she simply wants a change, since most women believe that the grass is greener on the other side (in a new relationship).

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