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22 thoughts on “Ask A PUA

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        1. Ok that’s typical that certain browsers would act differently. I didn’t get a notice of your mention. I guess you didn’t link it to 1 of my posts whereas I would’ve gotten a notice.


        2. As expected; I didn’t get a notice because you didn’t link to a specific post of mines. You only linked to my site.

          I don’t know if you notice, but in order for others to get notification via e-mail that someone has linked to them or mentioned them in a post, they would have to link to a specific article and not just the blog, or else I won’t get a notification.


  1. Hey man, very good blog and tons of helpfull advice. I am wonderin… where do you life in the caribbean?? I live in SD and I like these girls and people, but I would like to try another caribbean island. I am a spanish speaker, but I would go to an English speaking country with beautiful and caring black girls.

    thanks man,


    1. Hey David. If by SD you men Santo Domingo, then I understand. I am in Antigua & Barbuda, dos islas cerca de Puerto Rico, pero la gente pa’qui habla Ingles solamente. Tons of hot black girls too πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks for the reply. yes, I live in Santo Domingo, a very big city. you will love this city and Island. I did a short researt about your country. Seem not many people live there but in your videos you dont have problem finding georgeous black girls. Learning english and falling in love with cuties black girls. a paradaise?
        Thanks again, and keep doing your job


  2. Hi Kenny,

    I am improving in PUA since I regulary visit your blog, your tips really helped me so much
    especially your advices for texting girls on FB are very usefull.
    to improove my skills online I startet to test my lines on Camgirls and I made the eperience that it is much more dificult to be sucessful with this girls. How do you think I can rise my sucessrate here, any tactics who could work for them?
    Many thanks


    1. Cam girls are no different in your approach. First and foremost, guys need to understand that women are women at the core. So you’re making things difficult on yourself by operating as though camgirls are different than any other women online. Charm and game gets them just as charm and game gets any other type of girl. So just use what you would generally use with other girls


  3. What do you have to say to people who think game is a type of manipulation? I’d really love to hear your thoughts. Thanks dude, appreciate it.


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