Ten years!

Isn’t that something!?

When we first started, I was one of those doubters who believed that it wouldn’t last.

It was just a passing fad, and we’ll all get over it in a couple of months.

Boy, was I wrong!

What Is The Manosphere, And Who Started It?

For those not in the know, here’s the Cliffs notes version:

The Manosphere started in 2012, with a 2 pronged, simultaneous approach: 1.) To advocate for men’s rights (eventually combating feminism and its detrimental ideals). 2.) To share and impart advice on picking up women (via our blogs).

In fact, imparting pickup advice (from the pick-up artists community) was our main agenda item.

We were merely sucked into a battle against feminists, due to the fact that the art of picking up women was leaking out into the mainstream. And as a consequence, it was deemed [by feminists] as manipulative, “rapey”, creepy, harassing, unethical and every other pejorative under the sun.

Oh- as for the members who were UNOFFICIALLY credited as the founder(s)- those were my buddy, Rollo Tomassi [author of the best-seller, The Rational Male], Roosh V & Roissy.

However, all of the original members [all writers and bloggers, myself included], were there from the inception.

We basically agreed to designate Rollo, Roosh & Roissy as the el jefes.

If I had to hazard a guess on how many of us there were, I recall there were about 15 original members. Four black guys: myself [Kenny PUA], along with The Obsidian, Soloist and Superman PUA.

Everyone else was either white (American, English, Eastern European) or of Middle-Eastern background.

Our mission initially, was to share our knowledge on game, and our experiences in dating, while sharing tips amongst each other, on how to pick up and seduce women.

Of the 15 or so original members, all of us were either a PUA (Pick-Up Artist), or subscribers to PUA game philosophy on picking up women. Krauser PUA out of London, was one such member who was an active PUA (as myself) among us.

The (Twitter) War With Feminists

At this time (2 years later), everything was in full swing.

Each member’s blog was doing numbers.

Bear in mind that the intention was NEVER to go viral in any way, shape or form.

We wanted this to be kept among us [our ideals, writings and philosophies].

Whenever we sent a blog post out into the ethos, it was for other members [of the 15 or so], and welcomed guests, to cross-reference, digest, critique and to opine on.

In our naïveté, it’s like we thought that our obscure, underground sector of the blogger’s sphere, would never be infiltrated by unwelcomed guests.

For the most part, it wasn’t!

However, Roissy’s blog happened to go viral.

At first- meh🤷🏿‍♂️- we didn’t think anything of it.

I mean, it was nice to see our reader/visitor count shoot up in the Google algorithm.

However, that came at a cost!

Roissy, with whom I’ve had a few scraps, his blog was spam attacked in the comment section, by angry mobs of women and men, who couldn’t come to grips with the idea that there exists a quasi club of men on the internet, sharing advice on how to get laid, while preaching that men should be more masculine, Alpha and expect traditional values from women.

Those angry mobs eventually converged on every other member’s blog, including mines.

Now, before I get into the actual nuclear-bombs 💣💣 dropping showdown with the feminists, I wanna bring up another aspect of the Manosphere [even a subgroup] that was manifesting itself simultaneously.

The Men’s Rights Movement.

At this point in time, everything was unfolding SIMULTANEOUSLY.

I emphasized SIMULTANEOUSLY, because shit was really unfolding like that.

Once the feminists on Twitter caught wind of our existence: our advocacy and talking points, all hell broke loose!


Who fired the first shots?

They did!

We never bothered them. They bothered us.

We were being mauled and lambasted six ways to Sunday.

They accused us of being rapists, rapey, sexual-harassment advocates, you name it!

We were taking fire from all angles.

We could either dig down, double down and fight back, or retreat.

We clapped back with ferocity by way of barn-burner blog posts, by the dozens!

They thought we would tuck our tails and flee! But Scud missiles were flying through the Twitter skies like it were Baghdad!


To everyone’s surprise, Rollo kept out. He didn’t really fire a shot while the rest of us were emptying cartridges and getting ambushed. Because of Rollo’s standoffish approach in the battle, he was demoted as co-leader, while Roissy and Roosh took leadership positions of the infantry.

Twitter was the sole social-media platform from where we shared our posts, addressing the feminist armies.

Likewise, they used Twitter to counter, and to preemptively strike.

The anti-feminists articles from our camp were being launched and published by the hour!

Before you know it, all 20 of us were bogged down in this war.

It got so intense, that Roosh V [as the quasi leader], was forced to create a new blog called The Return Of Kings (ROK), where virtually every member was expected to consolidate his energies there, by way of his pen game.

Roosh V

One central site from whence to launch his rockets (via anti-feminists blog posts).

At this point in the game, I had internal beefs with Roosh & Roissy, 2 of the 3 founding members.

That squabble also spilled out onto Twitter.

The infighting was vicious. I felt like I was being blackballed by Roosh.

That said, the Manosphereans vs neo-feminists war came to a stalemate, mid 2014.

By late 2014, it was Armageddon on the PUA front!

Feminists vs PUA War…Part II

A couple things culminated at the same time around the Red-Pill space [the pickup community, Manosphere & Men’s Rights].

The pick-up artist instructor, Julien Blanc, was under intense fire internationally, for playfully grabbing a girl’s head (while in Japan) and pushing it down towards his crotch. Also, for PLAYFULLY grabbing a girl around the neck.

Not to mention that he went viral for wearing this t-shirt, which branded him as the epitome of fat-shaming.

Julien Blanc

Feminists went berserk!

The war was on once more!🚀🚀🚀
They attacked us by attacking Julien.

Bear in mind that this Julien fiasco, literally ushered fat shaming into our consciousness…and our lexicons.

Note: though the pickup artist community and the Manosphere are 2 different camps, they are joined under the same umbrella, with PUA being the parent camp, since its ideologies virtually birthed the Manosphere.

So, if you attack the PUA community, you attack Manosphere.

Julien was banned from the UK and numerous countries, as radical feminists petitioned their countries’ parliamentarians and governments, to ban him.

Their main accusations were that he was advocating sexual harassment [utter BS] and promoting fat-shaming.

So bombs were lobbed our way. Julien himself, nor his pickup company, fought back. They cowered. So I led the charge, along with other PUA-Manosphere guys.

The feminist magazine Jezebel did a hit piece in order to assassinate Julien, while also taking potshots at me.

Eventually, Julien was taken out…proverbially.

Feminists all over the western world launched #TakeDownJulienBlanc hashtags, on Twitter.

We fought and fought and fought the giant machine, until my Twitter got banned in the fray. The lead feminist in the battle [Jen Li], surprisingly got banned also.

Jennifer Li, social-justice Warrior cunt

In the heat of the battle, I couldn’t help myself from launching a scathing attack on Jennifer Li.

Ultimately, we lost some generals in the war, as they did.

Throughout 2015 (at least on Twitter), we basically engaged in sporadic gun fire.

However, the feminists-bashing resumed on the blogs…until 2016, which kicked off the Manosphere-Feminism War III.

This time, there would be no stalemate/tie.

They massacred us with the help of Mee-Too and Cancel Culture!

Final Showdown With Feminists. They Killed 98% Of The Manosphere Original Members

On the cusp of a truce with Roosh since I was infighting with half of the Manosphere guys, shit took a left turn as Roosh got himself into a jam…and went viral.

The jam was, some feminist misrepresented a quotation of his, and said that Roosh was advocating rape.

Here we go again! All guns blazing. But it was a futile battle.

With the help of the mainstream media, Roosh was basically taken out, along with 98% of the original Manosphere member writers.

Blog after blog fell and self-deleted.

No one wanted to be associated with the Manosphere because of bad press, and fear of being targeted.

All of the original members virtually vanished, on the exception of 4 of us.

Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi, one of the 4 survivors, for the most part, dodged the bullets. He now has a successful podcast (and a hit book) where he shares Red Pill/Manosphere/PUA insights.

I did a bit of digging around and stumbled upon a Washington Times post, which read that Roosh is now a born-again Christian. 😱

As for other surviving members, The Obsidian [1 of 4 black guys], also has a podcast on YouTube, and has since published some books.

You can grab a copy of his book on Amazon:

Interestingly, when everything imploded and the dust settled, Obsidian actually started what is now widely known as, THE BLACK MANOSPHERE.

Mumia Obsidian Ali of Philadelphia

He’s responsible for heavyweights like Kevin Samuels, being introduced to the Manosphere. And Kevin Samuels by the way, is THE face of the (black) Manosphere.

As for myself- well- as you can see, I’m still here. Never left. 😎

Itching to get active again on my YouTube page.

In conclusion: the Manosphere has survived due to 3 guys: Rollo, Obsidian and myself.

We never backed down, bowed down nor bowed out.

Hundreds of guys are now on social media and YouTube, pushing this message that we had fought for.

As for the state of the Manosphere today, it’s seen as toxic masculinity and misogyny.

Being cancelled is the order of the day. And we are constantly being attacked by the SJW.

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