Married-Religious HB Text-Game Continues…Part Deux

Okay, so the religious chick (who’s married by the way) whom I ultimately picked up days ago on social media (and were to meet up over the last weekend), our chat continued.

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

What this exemplifies, apart from the fact that girls will cheat, is that once you position yourself as the guy who cannot help it but to be uncontrollably attracted to the girl, she will find such approach (as mines) attractive, charming and flattering.

You can get away with anything as long as you:

1.) Own it

2.) Sell it as real

Mos guys when in interactions with women, will often mistakenly give off a timid vibe, in hopes of not chasing the girl away.

A better approach is the polar opposite: I’m sexually and passionately uncontrollable over you.

You want to give women the impression from the get-go, that you’re willing to risk it (verbally and physically)!

Religious, Married And Wants To Meet Up

Following was posted earlier to my social media.

She’s married and HIGHLY religious!!!
So this chick never told me she’s married [she’s in her 20’s BTW]. I had to discover that piece of info as I browsed through her pics a few days ago.
Anyway, so I tried to pick up this girl right here (on FB) over a year ago. But my pick-up attempt turned into an argument on religion. She was HIGHLY religious and tried to preach to me and to convert me to religion. So that bombed out over a year ago and I never bothered her again. All she wanted to do was to debate about religion. BTW, I would usually delete girls after such confrontation. But I didn’t delete her. She never comments on my stuff, never likes or anything. However, I know she reads my stuff…because all women read my stuff (which are DHV’s).
So Thursday now, as I was about to inbox her, thinking it would’ve been our 1st time communicating, I noticed that we messaged before [the argument on religion]. So I opened her this time based on that.
Anyway, with all that being said, I went on to pitch my rendezvous proposal, got her digits and we are supposed to meet up this evening. 🙂
The thing is: I never knew she’s married until after we set up the date and she gave me her #, and I browsed through her pics and seen her wedding pics from about a year ago! So this chick’s only been married a year, and is now going to meet up with me later today!!!??
This goes to solidify a point I always make: marriages and relationships mean very little to women.
At the end of the day, when I hit her up on Whatsapp yesterday, I did indicate to her that I know she’s married. But I said it in a nonjudgmental and humorous way…to which she laughs.
Frankly, I have zeros issues with trying to sleep with married girls. I have a thing for married women! So it’s all good in my book!
What’s really significant, is how we went from cussing each other via inbox, over a year ago because she kept throwing religion at me when I was tryna pick her up, to now meeting up this evening. I know why this happened BTW (the for bidden fruit aspect and “good girls” liking bad boys).
In any case, she wants to meet up from 6-8 since she claims to have other engagements after. However, I prefer meeting after 8 PM. So we’ll see how that goes…if I decide to meet u with her later.

Instant FB Pickup Of Newlywed Hottie [06-14-2016…text breakdown]

Hey fellow seducers, back again with another routine FB pull for you guys.

This time around, she’s a married chick in her 20’s: a newlywed actually.

What’s interesting about this pull is that I messaged this girl back on May 2nd. but she never replied…until today. So basically a month and change later.

Why so long?

One reason of which I speak about religiously:

She’s hot. Hot girls have tons of guys hounding them online. An ugly girl is liable to have over 200 messages backed up in her inbox. Now, imagine a halfway decent-looking lass. You’re talking about 500 messages on average…unread. So that is 1 reason why she (or any girl) would’ve taken a while to respond. So she might have had to sift through all the bull before she seen my message. So today just happened to be my turn.

As you can see from the time stamp below, I first messaged her on May 2nd. Not to mention that I totally forgot about this chick until I’d gotten her msg today saying, “and”, [my messages in blue].


I frankly don’t care whether she’s married or not. How I knew she had just gotten married was because she posted her wedding pics and they popped up in my feed that same day. So she’s literally a frikkin’ newlywed.

Why was this simple and innocuous opener so powerful [“you got married behind my back”]?

I didn’t give a fuck whether she replied or not! That was the vibe I gave off with such an opener. How did I manage to give off such a strong yet attractive vibe? By not adding a question mark to my implied question.

Anyway, I went sexual off the bat by saying I wanted to feel what she felt like on the inside. I already knew by virtue of the fact that she bothered to reply to my message from so long ago; it meant that she was attracted to my vibe…for certain. Hence why I went sexual right away.

In the screenshot below, she mentions that she’s currently in Brooklyn, New York, and not here on island. So that’s where the dialogue proceeded. To get her hopes up somewhat, I led her to believe that I am currently in NYC, but leaving in 2 weeks time.



Since she’s in NYC (my unofficial home) at the moment and I am not, I didn’t bother to try to proceed on a meetup until she gets back to the island. Moreover, the reason I led her to believe that I was in NYC at the moment, is a feeler: a way for me to feel out her receptivity level to the idea of meeting up. Very subtle yet powerful psychological play on my part.

In the screenshot below, I added some humor. Also, I added a sexual spike just so she knows my intention (to bang her). I also began my netflix and chill pitch.


In the screenshot below, I suggested we not meet up in NYC (since I’m not there: though I led her to believe I was).


In the screenshot below, I made my netflix and chill pitch again.


The dialogue continued [my text in blue].




Wasn’t that simple guys?

Again- did you realize how ardently I adhere to my rule of ending the conversation first as I did above? The one who ends the conversation first, has the most value. So always make sure that you tell the girl bye before she does it to you.

The thing is also (the beauty here), is that she’s familiar with the area of the island (St John’s City) that I frequent. So that makes the logistics much easier for her to come netflix and chill with me.

Additionally, she’ll be back on island (from NYC) in another 4-5 weeks. Usually, I would never pick up a girl online who;s away at the moment. If we can’t logistically meet up in 2 weeks or less, I would next the girl or decline to even game her period. Since she’s returning in 4-5 weeks, and I seriously want to bang a newlywed, I am willing to keep her in the loop until she returns.

Furthermore, you will have also noticed how religiously I stick to my netflix and chill gambit.

What does this demonstrate? Exactly what I told you in the previous FB pull post: You can suggest netflix and chill and the girl will jump on the suggestion.

Traditional dates aren’t necessary.

Girls are down to come to your place without the whole dating BS. You just have to believe it and act accordingly by pitching it the right way.

Overall, why was this routine-online pull so significant?

Not only does it show that married women are pullable. But it also shows that even a newlywed isn’t game-proof.

I mean, I want you to really look at the fucking dynamics of the situation.

Here is a girl who hasn’t been married for 3 months yet, but she’s getting picked up online, giving me her # and agreeing to meet up at my place to watch a movie on a tablet.

Would her husband approve?

Of course not!

Do women care?

Certainly not!

In her mind: she’s just coming by me to netflix and chill.

No harm in that, right?

It’s not like she’s going to see some guy who wants to fuck her! Well- actually- I do want to fuck her and she knows it because I told her so…indirectly.

However, she’s still down.

Powerful stuff isn’t it?

On a final note, since I really want to bang this girl: she’s highly sexy, plus I have a mean fetish for banging married women, I will follow up with her until she returns in 4-5 weeks.

Since I now have her phone number, I can keep her in the loop by gaming and charming her up intermittently between now and then.

From my experience of sleeping with married chicks- vast amounts of experience for that matter- whenever a married chick allows herself to be #-closed, it is almost a sure lay in the bag.

I’ve yet to fail to sleep with a married chick once she crosses that line of coughing up the digits.

Moreover, I’ve yet to have a married chick flake on meeting up with me. So, personal history and experience are on my side.

Also, if you were in my shoes, this is how you should proceed with a girl who’s currently away but to return shortly (within weeks):

You message her once or twice weekly.

That’s it!

You simply want to keep her on the radar until she gets back.

Not texting her at all will cause the chemistry to fizzle out, and the girl may likely forget who you are altogether.

Over-texting her is also a problem in that you will have come off as desperate and over invested.

By over-texting, I mean texting her every day while she’s away for 2-3 weeks.

Once or twice a week will suffice in keeping the girl interested and keeping the vibe alive.

Texting rules still apply! No over-texting…unless you’re me of course. 😉

You may want to watch this recently published video of mines on the subject of over-texting.

Lastly, as for the timestamp- the fact that I’d first messaged this girl early last month without any reply until today- this becomes no worry to an ardent seductionist.

What I mean is, if you’re accustomed to having abundance of women, you won’t put much stock into the ones who don’t reply.

They quickly become forgotten just as this chick was.

What happens when you don’t chase hot women? They chase you! So had I hounded this girl by texting her to death after realizing she didn’t reply within a day or so, it would’ve blown me out instantly!

The fact that I was busy gaming other girls, I had no time to desperately chase her (or any girl for that matter). And because I didn’t chase her by texting her to death upon no reply: this flipped that switch inside of her head to where she now sees me as a high-value male…hence she decides to message me even after a whole month had elapsed.

Why did she even bother? She could’ve just ignored my message as she likely did with the other losers.

Sure she could’ve. But women are subconsciously attracted to guys who exhibit the sort of behavior that I do. So she was instantly attracted, which led her to message me after a month had gone by.

On a final note- I seriously mean it this time- 🙂 you guys need to buy in, just as I implored you in the previous post.

You have to believe that barriers don’t fucking exist!

You have to believe that:

1.) You’re her type (though types don’t exist)

2.) All women are gameable

3.) She wants to fuck you

4.) You’re the hottest thing since sliced bread

That should be your mindset whenever you open a girl.

You have to fucking own it!

This mentality will set you apart from the other 400+ guys- the losers- who are flooding her DM and inboxes but are creeping the girl out…or boring her to death.

I’ll speak about this in the next article.
Game on!

Your easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook

Lying Doesn’t Profit You In The Game


You Don’t Have To Lie To Women!

A while back, I wrote an extensive article making a distinction between players (so-called naturals) and pick-up artists.

What separates both camps is 1 factor:

PUA’s are taught to be forthcoming and transparent with the women in whom they deal with.

Your stereotypical player aka natural, doesn’t have that code within his game, hence his game is based on lying to numerous women in order to cover his ass.

That is the difference between your stereotypical player and a PUA.

Today, I severed ties with a long-time friend of mines, of a friendship which dates back to the early 90’s as a kid in New York City.

By definition: he is what we PUA’s would dub a “Natural” [or a player]: someone who grew to become good with women by osmosis, and without artificial means of learning such as books, videos, coaching, classes, etc. as we PUA’s have.

My friend being a natural with women, was accustomed to having a new girl in his bed every other week of the year.

Whenever he visits me here in the Caribbean (bi-yearly), he would tote along with him a new-hot girl each visit.

Unbeknownst to me: he was married all the while!


I had no idea that this buddy of mines was married.

Be as it may, as a womanizer myself; I don’t judge, nor am I opposed to the idea of married men shagging other chicks on the side.

Anyway, so all was well…up until 2 days ago when he had contacted me on Facebook in a tone that was very aggressive.

I paraphrase:

“Hey Kenny, what the fuck were you thinking when you posted those pics of me and those girls to your profile!? Yo my fucking ex-wife seen those pictures with me and the girl on the beach and she’s upset as hell and causing me problems right now. I’m so fucking pissed at you right now. Take those pictures down and delete them right now from Facebook! Don’t post any more shit with me in there”. Thank you”!

Talk about shocked! 😯

I was dumbfounded when I read the inbox message from my long-time friend and fellow ladies man.

I couldn’t believe it!

Not only did I NOT know he had an ex-wife, but I didn’t even know the buffoon was married in the 1st place!

Aside from that, his tone, language and demands aggravated the fuck out of me! 😡 😡

You’re demanding that I delete photos from my own Facebook…photos taken with my camera…photos that I own!?

You’re essentially telling me how to manage my fucking Facebook: what to put, what to delete, what to upload, what to post, etc!?

Who the hell gives you that authority my man!?

Ok, so to fill you in on what happened, a year or 2 ago, he visited me here in the islands accompanied by a Puerto Rican chick from the New England area.

As customarily the case, we took a plethora of pictures of various sites, tours, events and so forth.

One such photo was that of him and the girl on the beach as they posed for my camera.

This was taken about 2-3 years ago.

I don’t understand what he thought the photos were meant for except to be posted online, i.e. Facebook.

Anyway, all was frikkin’ well!

Some weeks ago, while browsing through the stored files on my media card, I noticed that I still had a photo of my buddy and the Puerto Rican girls which wasn’t uploaded to my Facebook…so I uploaded it and tagged the guy: “Hey D, do you remember this photo”?

Weeks went by without an alarm.

I never thought anything of it since this was a norm with the pics we would take throughout the years.

Two days ago, I got blasted with the inbox message from my ex-friend, chewing me out for posting that photo, among other photos where he posed with other girls…these were photos taken by me with their approval of course.

He’s evidently pissed because the photo got viewed by the wrong person: his ex-wife…or current wife is what I suspect.

Listen- I have no qualms about pulling a sensitive photo upon the request of someone who has something to hide.

That isn’t my contention.

I am pissed at his approach, his language and the manner in which he addressed me about the situation!

Don’t balk at me because you got fucking caught living a lie dude!

Approach me cordially and like a man…or a friend!

Don’t jump down my throat in anger because of your own fuck-ups!

Don’t ‘DEMAND’ that I remove a photo which I possess, taken by me, with the explicit consent of yourself and the girl who’s also in the photo(s).

You don’t have the right to demand shit!

To be clear here: I never responded to his inbox message with how I was really feeling.

I simply replied with: “Ok. Cool”!

I was so shocked and thrown for a loop that I couldn’t muster up the words at the time to put this idiot in his rightful place!

He specifically wanted 3 tagged photos removed, so I assured him that I will: “Ok cool man”, was my only response.

Now, this is where it all boiled over for me.

Today, I received a phone call from a mutual friend of ours concerning the matter.

The mutual friend told me that the dude is irate and is cursing up a storm that I would post those pics of him to Facebook…especially knowing that he has a wife…or ex-wife. Also that he is stressing and going through drama over this.

I tried to keep my composure over the phone as I explained to the mutual friend the occurrence, and the fact that I NEVER knew that this dude was even married at any point in time!

He conveniently withheld that vital piece of information from me!

No rings on his finger during his periodic visits, no bands, no word or talk of marriage and so forth.

I had no fucking indication that this dude was married!

He never gave me any indication!

As the convo progressed between me and the mutual friend of ours, I got very ticked off that I’m here being accused of causing this dude marital problems over peanuts!

I don’t have a problem with covering for the boys!

That isn’t the issue here!

The fact is, this prick for whatever reason, never tipped me off about his marriage, nor the fact that he might have had a girl in his life.

He pretended to be a Bachelor while secretly having relationships here and there.

Hence, the reason why I hinted earlier that players and naturals have to always live a lie and cover their tracks from various women.

They lie to girl A about girl B, and lie to girl C about girl D…while brewing up another batch of lies and deception for girl E and F…lies which will all catch up to him sooner than later.

PUA’s will rarely ever face such drama because we don’t lie to women about these things…at least we are taught not to!

We don’t have to put our fucking phones on silent mode, out of fear that the girl we are in bed with will become suspicious of incoming calls and messages.

Saying that to say, If you’re gonna play and be a player; play it right!

Don’t blame the next man when shit blows up in your fucking face!

If you want to be a ladies man: learn to do it right by being forthright with women!

You don’t have to lie to women: whether they’re your wife, concubine, side-chick or hookers!


Ok, so before the phone call ended between the quasi-mediator [the mutual friend] and myself, I gave him a little message to deliver to my ex-friend:

“Listen- I’m a grown ass man! I don’t have time for kid fucking drama! Tell him that I say, I will NOT delete those photos- PERIOD! On top of that, tell him that from this day on, our friendship is terminated! No more! I don’t want shit to do with him and I don’t have shit to say to him ever again! Leave it at that”!

Mutual friend: “Hey Kenny bruh, you sure you want to take it that far over this”?

Me: “Yea! Point blank! I’m a man…a real man! I don’t hide like a bitch like he does! I don’t have to lie to my GF about my lifestyle! So deliver that message to his ass right now! Our friendship is DONE…for good! I don’t have time for this childish bullshit”!

Think what you want: “Kenny overreacted”.

No I didn’t!

I just don’t tolerate bullshit, nor do I respect wannabe players who play the game wrong, then bitch down when caught instead of taking responsibility and holding their own!

This is why I don’t have (male) friends neither wingmen.

Real men who own their shit are rare as flying donkeys!

I don’t want to be responsible for any guy’s situations, fuck-ups and dilemmas. Likewise, I don’t want any guy to think that they have to watch my back and vouch for me in anyway.

Guys such as my ex-friend need to realize that they cannot continue to live a lie when it pertains to women!

Lots of hearts will be left broken!

As someone who’s adherent to the old-school PUA philosophy, as Mystery once said, “Leave her better than you met her”.

In layman’s terms: that means a guy [a PUA] should enrich a girl’s life rather than break her down and leave her worse off emotionally than when he met her.

Lying to women about other women will only leave women worse off than they were before.

Hence, the “All men are dogs” mantra fostered by disgruntled women who were fucked over by a lying player.

By no means am I trying to merge pure ethics with game.

I’m not a fucking saint!

However, if I do get caught lying to some girl, it’ll NEVER be about other women in my life!

It is NEVER about me withholding the fact that I have a girlfriend and has been in a relationship 6+ years now!

My girlfriend of 6+ years knows very well that I meet other women.

Other women I meet and hook up with, know very well from the get-go that I have a GF, hence their expectations are NEVER shattered, nor are they ever hurt in the end.

You don’t have to lie to women about your womanizing ways!

Only Betas and men without balls do that!

Real men own up to their shit: married or legally single!

Getting caught out there, ala Tiger Woods and Koby Bryant style, then having to cry in front of the media apologizing like a giant pussy for loving pussy, is no way for a man to be a man.

In the case of my now ex-friend; I really don’t know why he had married while having the intention to continue to live the life of a bachelor.

Why the fuck marry dude!?

Frankly, I don’t care!

In the end, it all comes down to principles and respect.

You wanted something done [me deleting those photos]: should’ve gone about it with respect!

Don’t attack me and talk shit about me to others, saying that I’m ruining your marriage or post-marital issues by posting to my Facebook, then desire for me to fulfill your request!

If a guy wants to cheat [a term which I don’t agree with]: I have no problems with that!

Just own your shit whenever shit hits the fan!

Don’t blame anyone else like a coward for outing you!

No guy or gal can out me because I’m already out!

Whenever a girl in the blind (jokingly) says to me, “I’m gonna tell your girlfriend that you hit on other women”.

I laugh!

Little do they know that I operate above board about my womanizing ways.

My GF understands that I’m a man with a loaded dick in my pants and I love to flirt and meet other women for work and play.

She doesn’t jump down my throat for this because she well knew ahead of time what she had gotten into by getting with a pick-up artist.

It profits you NOT to lie to women about other women!

Read: No need to keep lying about having a GF

Difference between PUA and Players

How To Seduce A Bored Housewife [Via Text]

Face it- lots of wives are bored out of their mind because marriage in itself, is a domain which accompanies boredom.

With matrimony comes a sense of settlement.

“Settled” breeds boredom, especially for a woman who had married young.

When it comes to seducing women who are married, I have a motto: “If she cheats; then the marriage wasn’t meant to be”.

All the better for the husband’s psychological well-being if he does find out that his wife has been screwing some pick-up artist.

Plus he gets to avoid any drawn-out headache, divorces her, finds a another woman and hopes for the best next time.

Therefore, I have no ethical qualms when it comes to sleeping with married women. I somehow feel as though I’m doing the husband a favor in exposing his harlot wife.

Furthermore, the onus is on the wife, and she is the guilty party at the end of the day.

Let’s Proceed.

Some time last year, I’d picked up a random 26 year-old housewife on the streets [unknowing upon the approach that she was married].

Quick note: I get excited from the thought of shagging married women for the mere fact that they are forbidden fruit, which heightens the (sexual) tension for both parties.

This should make you realize why women are so enthralled by soap opera which is littered with infidelity, forbidden acts and other elicit content which women are drawn to.

Anyway, so during the pickup, I spotted the wedding band on her finger, asked if she was married, she confirms, I get excited, then proceeded. Got her digits and began to work the text game via Whatsapp messenger.

Quick note: texting is the worst way in which to get to know someone and to hook up. However, in the case of a stay-at-home wife and married women in general, texting may be the most feasible and exceptional option, which is why I chose to engage her through text opposed to phone conversation…plus the husband was in the house at the time we texted.

The actual chat log is posted below.

How To Seduce A Bored Housewife

Fore-note: I used lots of NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] and psychological-persuasion tactics such as Fractionation, in order to reel her in.

By the way, this chat took place back in 2013, but the relevancy is still obvious nevertheless.

Below each chat sequence [“in red text”], I will note what’s taking place on a sub-communication and technique level.

Bear in mind: every single thing I say to her is strategic and has a powerful purpose towards seducing her.

The text conversation (our first) began on the note of “trust”, where she was saying that men aren’t to be trusted and she doesn’t know if I’m an exception.

3/5/2013 17:12: SocialKenny: Tell me. You think I’m like the others who will kiss and tell?

[I purposely use the word “Kiss” so that the action of “Kissing” gets embedded into her sub-conscience]

3/5/2013 16:53: *******: I really don’t know and I would be lying if I said yes

3/5/2013 17:24: SocialKenny: I like that answer

[I reward her for not judging me]

3/5/2013 16:57: *******: K

3/5/2013 17:27: SocialKenny : Whatever interaction I have with a chick, is just between us

[I’m planting the seed in her head that it’s “SAFE” to interact with me. Safety, or lack thereof, is the main reason why a married girl may not open up]

3/5/2013 17:09: *******: I have no doubts that that’s the way you are.

3/5/2013 17:40: SocialKenny: What’s your take on guys who kiss and tell?

3/5/2013 17:48: *******: I hate men like that. It sicks my stomach

3/5/2013 18:18: SocialKenny: Lol

3/5/2013 17:50: *******: I just call them dogs

3/5/2013 18:18: SocialKenny: At least we on same page, but I’d call them dirty dogs!

[I’m reinforcing that I’m not a guy who would kiss and tell nor shame her]

3/5/2013 17:51: *******: Low down

3/5/2013 18:20: SocialKenny: Ever dated a guy like that who chatted after hooking up with u?

3/5/2013 18:12: *******: Yes

3/5/2013 18:13: *******: I dislike some man for that big time

3/5/2013 18:45: SocialKenny: I feel you. This was back in school or after?

3/5/2013 18:17: *******: Back then

[This’ a powerful-dark seduction technique where you get the girl to talk or think about something negative which occurred in her life, as to make her become emotional…which builds trust]

3/5/2013 18:48: SocialKenny: Men you shouldn’t trust. It’s only a rare guy who you can trust. I mean RARE as hell!!!

[I’m planting the seed that men shouldn’t be trusted: including her husband. With her feeling that men cannot be trusted, she’ll begin to question her husband’s fidelity. When I said “Rare”, I positioned myself as the rare guy whom she can trust]

3/5/2013 18:55: SocialKenny: You wouldn’t know this, but I don’t keep many friends at all.

[I’m reinforcing that “When” (and not “if”) she sleeps with me, she doesn’t have to worry about me telling my friends how much of an infidel slut she is (albeit she doesn’t know my social group)]

3/5/2013 18:56: SocialKenny: And I sense something about you, that you don’t be hanging with lots of girls neither.

[This seduction technique is called “Projecting” and “Cold Reading”]

3/5/2013 18:41: *******: I rather keep to myself

[She confirms that my Cold Read was accurate about her. This is building rapport and comfort whenever the girl strikes commonality with you]

3/5/2013 19:10: SocialKenny: That’s good. We have something else in common

3/5/2013 18:43: *******: Yes and I have learnt my lesson

3/5/2013 19:12: SocialKenny: We have a lot in common. I wonder what that means

3/5/2013 18:44: *******: Two ppl with alot in common I guess

3/5/2013 19:13: SocialKenny: That’s saying a lot because I never meet girls I have things in common with. How often you come across someone with lots in common?

[I’m creating a narrative that I’m that rare and special kinda guy]

3/5/2013 18:50: *******: Not often

3/5/2013 19:28: SocialKenny: It makes me curious to know more. Like a certain flavor of ice cream, or how tasty that ice cream is.

[I’m veering off into the abstract and using heavy doses of “Illogics” to confuse her thoughts. I’m also getting sexual by inserting the words “Tasty and “Ice Cream” ]

3/5/2013 19:08: *******: I See

3/5/2013 19:40: SocialKenny: I’d really wanna know what it tastes like deep on the inside

[I’m sexually escalating and baiting her into having sexual thoughts]

3/5/2013 19:16: *******: Deep on what inside?

[She’s now engaged and baited into sexual thoughts]

3/5/2013 19:45: SocialKenny: Deep inside of you

3/5/2013 19:21: *******: What happened to your girl?

[I told her I have a girlfriend, in order to build pre-selection]

3/5/2013 19:49: SocialKenny: This is just fantasy. Bear with me

3/5/2013 19:22: *******: Watch you don’t cum on yourself

3/5/2013 19:51: SocialKenny: Lol Crack me up. If I’m moving way too fast, plz stop me.

3/5/2013 19:29: *******: Usually when people fantasize nobody knows cause they keep it to themselves

3/5/2013 19:59: SocialKenny: So true. I want you to fantasize about 1 thing right now

3/5/2013 19:33: *******: Which is?

3/5/2013 20:02: SocialKenny: Me going down on you

3/5/2013 19:36: *******: Your making me feel uncomfortable

3/5/2013 20:05: SocialKenny: Don’t. I understand the situation

3/5/2013 20:05: *******: Do you?

[If you understand advanced NLP tactics, you will notice my use of embedded commands and loaded phrases]

3/5/2013 20:06: SocialKenny: Things are just Hard to bottle up and not Release

3/5/2013 20:21: SocialKenny: I want you to think about some of the things I just said and not to just brush things off.

3/6/2013 07:27: *******: Gm

3/6/2013 07:28: *******: Why do you want me to think about what you said

3/6/2013 07:28: *******: ?

[Sure sign of her interest being that she contacted me so early in the morning the following day]

3/6/2013 08:01: SocialKenny: Too complicated right now. Just 1 of those things

[I feigned vague and ambiguous in order to reel her in even more. She’s totally invested at this point]

3/6/2013 07:37: *******: That’s not normal

3/6/2013 08:07: SocialKenny: Should everything in life have a clear answer?

3/6/2013 07:39: *******: Not at the days time but yes

3/6/2013 08:08: SocialKenny: You believe I’m holding back?

3/6/2013 07:48: *******: Never said that

3/6/2013 08:21: SocialKenny: Don’t want u getting too uncomfortable, so that’s why I may hold back

[Turning the comfort issue around on her]

3/6/2013 08:25: SocialKenny: But it makes me feel weird to hold back since I’m a guy who speaks his mind and go for what he believes and desires

3/6/2013 08:10: *******: How come your telling me this now?

3/6/2013 08:40: SocialKenny: It feels right. I didn’t necessary choose this

[At this point, I’m killing her with more ambiguous statement which will deepen her interest in me. The objective is to make her confused.]

3/6/2013 09:37: *******: Ok

3/6/2013 10:02: *******: Am just lost

3/6/2013 10:33: SocialKenny: What confuses you?

3/6/2013 10:35: *******: Some contradictions I guess and things I would want to know

[This is the power of being contradictive, vague, puzzling and hard to read. The more you appear this way, the greater your chances increase to seducing the girl to bed. Hence, you always want to confuse her. She now wants to know more about me, which further deepens her interest]

3/7/2013 07:00: Socialkenny: I want to see you again soon

3/7/2013 07:10: *******: What’s the reason?

3/7/2013 07:11: Socialkenny: To fuck you

[Purposely heightening the sexual tension to further confuse her logics]

3/7/2013 07:12: *******: lmao

3/7/2013 07:13: Socialkenny: I’m sorry. I apologize for saying that. Sorry!

[This seduction tactic of using “Apology” after a sexualized statement, is a VERY powerful tactic]

3/7/2013 07:16: *******: That’s what you meant to say.

3/7/2013 07:20: Socialkenny: I do want to fuck you, but I don’t expect to treat you like a slut.

3/7/2013 07:21: *******: But you know my situation. It’s hard to get away.

[Her situation meaning marriage and living with her husband. Being a housewife, it’s hard for her to get away]

3/7/2013 07:23: Socialkenny: Listen, I don’t want to get you in trouble

[I feign as though I care about her situation, which forces her to rebut. This’ a powerful seduction technique]

3/7/2013 07:23: *******: what do you mean? I’m allowed to have friends.

3/7/2013 07:25: Socialkenny: You’re saying that now but won’t stick by it.

3/7/2013 07:26: *******: I promise I can. If I’m not allowed to have friends then I wouldn’t be talking to you right now

[Note: she says “friends” but she understands that I mean “fuck friends”. Hence, she’s subconscious led to agreeing to be my fuck-friend. Powerful seduction tactic again]

3/7/2013 07:30: Socialkenny: It’s too risky for us to meet, and knowing what I want to do to you. Too risky.

[I play it up a lot by pretending as though sex/meeting up would be a terrible idea. Notice how this strategy forces her to want to meet me] 😈

3/7/2013 07:31: *******: No is not. It will feel uncomfortable but I don’t know.

[She now justifies to herself that we can meet up…knowing my only intention is to fuck her.]

Ok guys, that’s just a fraction of the chat log which extended some days…which goes to show how bored she was and in need of attention which she wasn’t getting.

I slept with her days later…might I add.

A very powerful chat dialogue via texting. It started out with her feeling uncomfortable with my sexual dialogue. Following day, she contacts me. The day after, she’s virtually begging to meet me.

How powerful is that?

You may want to read: Forbidden Seduction NLP patterns: The Shadow and the Rising Sun.

Quick note: when it comes to sleeping with wives, you may be required to double down on “Building Trust”, since being exposed as an adulterous harlot, is a married woman’s worst nightmare. Hence, she has to know that she can trust you arduously, which is why I kept stressing the trust issue so that she knows I can be trusted! 😈

Another note: “Comfort” factor is huge also! In the initial stage of trying to hook up, it’s very common that she (the housewife) will have become uncomfortable with the topic of sex and hooking up (just as you seen in the chat). So just be aware of this happening while taking 2 steps forward and 1 step backward whenever escalating sexually over text.

Although the chat might have been seen rocky to most guys. The question is, did it work? First thing the following morning, she texted me (“GM”). Sure sign that she wasn’t turned off by the sexual chat, although she felt somewhat uncomfortable.

There are many variables when it comes to texting and seducing married women, unlike single women who live alone and don’t have to wonder who’s lurking in the background.

Certain things to take into account (in regards to a housewife):

    •Lives with a husband
    •Has less privacy
    •Most likely has kid(s)
    •More responsibilities (chores)
    •Unlikely to go on a date with you

Saying that to say, a different set of Game and approach is required in taking her to bed.

General rule in the seduction community when it comes to texting girls is that you should NOT over text, nor should you be messaging back and forth for long duration of time (which I contradicted in the chat log above).

However, when it comes to (bored) housewives: those general text-game rules do NOT apply.

They can be broken, and MUST be broken in order to effectively seduce a bored housewife to bed.

The dynamics are radically different in the case of spinsters (unmarried girls).

Why are they different?

    1.) A girl who’s married has LESS potential opportunities of being courted.

    2.) Her desirability in the eyes of other men, will have diminished in comparison to single women.

    3.) She cannot play the field anymore (at least not outright).

    4.) As a guy who’s trying to seduce her; you will have had LESS competition as when seducing a girl who’s single and overtly playing the field.

Taking all 4 bullet points into consideration, a housewife doesn’t have an infinite amount of options in men, which means she’s less likely to play the numbers game, and is also less likely to outright ignore your text messages (on purpose) as single women are liable to do.

A housewife will usually latch onto every extramarital attention she gets because it’s few and far between, and her husband most likely doesn’t pay her any attention.

Hooking Up With A Bored Housewife

Possibly the only way to seal the deal and hook up with a bored housewife whom you’ve been corresponding with, is a quick meet-up/rendezvous, either:

*At your home

*At your workplace

*Or at her workplace [think quick bathroom-fuck]

It is highly unlikely that she will invite you to her place…unless the husband is out of town and her neighbors aren’t the nosy type [I’d gotten away with this a time or 2].

More often than not, the most practical opportunity is to stop by her workplace (presuming she works) and to fuck her in the restroom or anywhere where privacy permits. Or get her to come by your workplace and fuck her in the bathroom there or…wherever feasible.

Whichever way it goes down: it will have to be quick!

These women are limited on free time. And since they’re engaged in the deplorable act of infidelity, they would want to get it over with quick, fast and in a fucking hurry as to avoid feeling slutty and to possibly back out altogether! So for the guy, it is to his advantage to waste no time once he does get her in a compromising location.

Think back to the 2002 film, “Unfaithful”, starring Richard Gere, where his wife [played by Diane Lane] had a steamy-adulterous affair with a random-French rake whom she’d met by chance in Manhattan.

The incident which led them to each other was a literal slip-and-fall accident where Connie [the cheating wife] had fell and bruised herself on the sidewalk.

The French rake then insists that he helps her to clean herself up. They went into closed quarters and the Frenchman advanced on her sexually, which made her very uncomfortable.

They met again, he tried advancing sexually, she gets scared off, met again, then the third time, she succumbed to his sexual advances.

Such is the way to seduce a housewife: rapid, physical and sexual escalation upon intervals.

She doesn’t have all night or day to linger at your place since she has a husband to contend with (likely kids also). Therefore, brief encounters will be the only chance of having sex with a housewife.

Another great opportunity will present itself whenever the housewife has to run errands or to take care of some chores which require her to leave the home: perhaps to grab some grocery o to do some banking.

Assuming she doesn’t work, she can always hide under the guise of picking up groceries, while quickly dropping by your home (or workplace) to see you…for sex.

Now, presuming she is employed outside of the home and has a day job, she can always during her lunch period, sneak off to see you without anyone knowing.

A date type of setup will have been almost impossible, too risky and downright stupid. So always opt for the previous logistics I stated.

Overall, I’m qualified to speak on the subject because I’ve had my share of married poon over the years…a fair amount of married poon to be exact! 😉

Married women are arguably the easiest to take to bed…from my experience.

Not only are they generally bored and jaded in marriage, but their husband are usually preoccupied with other ventures such as work and watching sports with the other loser husbands.

Favorable logistics, or the lack thereof, will almost always be the stumbling-block in the way of sleeping with a housewife.

I’ve yet to meet a married woman, who after sleeping with me, felt that she had wronged her husband or that she’d done something wrong at all.

Her biggest concern and dilemma was how to prolong this adulterous affair without getting caught.

Therefore, it’s never about her being married, having a husband and partaking in an act which could possibly get her tossed into the pits of hell…that’s if she subscribes to religion.

With that, if a housewife or any married woman for that matter, decides to entertain the possibility of sex with me: it is all fair game and I wouldn’t hesitate a second to take her to bed!

Download this article in .PDF format (1.2 MB)

Why Every Man Will Have To Marry…Eventually

Allow me to make this point crystal clear which I hold to myself as a fundamental truth:

Marriage is a fucking scam!!!

This begs the question:

“Then why would you want to marry…eventually, while holding the belief that the institution of marriage is a scam”?

I’ll address that innate contradiction shortly.

Firstly, allow me to cite some external sources as to the topic at hand.

Recently, I listened to an old episode of the Dating Skills Review podcast, featuring the renown-seduction coach, Chase Amante of Girls Chase.

Now, I’m not sure if Chase agrees with my take overall, that every guy will have to marry eventually, but I deduced from that podcast interview, some key points which support my belief on the subject.

I was struck with a moment of epiphany when Chase mentioned the core reasons as to why his marriage fell apart. Also why any alternative relationship [MLTR] will fall apart if the guy doesn’t go exclusive and marry the girl…eventually.

It all boils down to “Social Influence” and “Social Pressure”.

Bear those in mind because they are the most crucial components as to why every sane man will have to marry eventually- even if marriage goes against his core values (as it does with mines).

Ok, in the world of Manosphere and the MRM (Men’s Rights Movement), there exists an anti-marriage sentiment shared by most who subscribe to such movements.

As someone who’s staunchly against marriage; I get the sentiment!

Marriage as it stands today within the western hemisphere (particularly North America): favors women in every aspect.

It’s a female’s domain, just as monogamous relationships are.

Not to mention the realities of alimony and other such court-ordered provisions mainly awarded to women in the event that the marriage fails.

Hence, there are tons of plausible reasons why men should have trepidation towards marrying.

I’ve been told that I suffer from sever-marriage phobia. Agreed- but with good reasons. 😉

What exacerbates this is that over the past 5 years, there have been 4 publicized cases here in Antigua and Barbuda, where divorcées (females) were fully awarded by the courts, properties of the husband’s, to include: the kids, vehicles and houses- just no name a few.

One particular guy had just completed and furnished his dream house, which he’d been building for over a decade with every last penny saved over the years.

The courts stripped him of the said dream house before he was even able to step foot in the door, and awarded it to the ex-wife as part of the divorce settlement.

He was left to move back in with parents as a 50 something year old man [pretty embarrassing].

Not to mention that the ex-wife, already owned property of her own, coupled with the fact that she was a British citizen by birth, holding properties both in the Caribbean and Britain. But the courts don’t give a crap about that sonny!

That is cause for fucking alarm!

Marriage phobia is plausible!

Hence I sympathize with guys who hold fast to the belief that marriage is skewed and scammy, and they don’t want any part of it.

I understand!

The reality is though: no woman in her right mind, will want to remain with a guy indefinitely (and unmarried), without the benefits of social status and praise she gets from being married.

That was a point eluded to by Chase Amante on the podcast interview, and it struck me like a lightning bolt!

It made me go, “Hold on! He is onto something”!

Not that what Chase said was something I never heard before.

On a daily basis, I would get into debates with women who will say that they cannot stay with a guy if he doesn’t marry them. So this’ something I’ve heard regularly but it didn’t really resonate until Chase explained why this was the case: Women aren’t nearly as socially defiant and defiantly resolute as men are.

For instance, Socialkenny is a very socially defiant individual.

He will spit in the face of social norms and laugh at people for thinking he’s being too rebellious.

Such is my frame and reality whereas I fly in the face of what people perceive to be normal and socially acceptable.

I can ride this wave from now until I kick the bucket.


How about women?

Can the average girl fly in the face of social norms indefinitely?

Very unlikely…unless she has mental stability issues. 😉

However, a girl who’s sane and gives a shit about what her peers think [which most women do]; she will not be able to spit in the face of what is deemed “social norm”.

She will eventually cave in if she hasn’t already.

Bear in mind that women value the opinions of their girlfriends more than their own opinions and values.

On a related note, it’s for this reason girls almost always have to go out together because they aren’t self-assured when left alone to fend for themselves…and think for themselves 😯

A girl will almost always seek a second opinion to hers, which is why she will phone up Christie and Jessica and tell them about some trivial matter that she isn’t sure about.

Men on a whole, generally don’t operate this way.

We value our opinions and we do not seek alternate opinions on any matter [stubborn bastards we are].

This is what separates the sexes on an intricate level:

*Women are dependent

*Men are independent

*Girls listen to what other girls think and say.

*Boys don’t listen to what other boys think and say…GENERALLY.

Case in point, if a guy wants to fuck a new girl, he doesn’t consult with his boys to get their take and feedback on whether to do so or not.

If a girl wants to fuck a new guy, she usually consults with her bestie(s) to get her take.

If the bestie says, “No girl! Bad idea! He’s a dog”! Then she won’t fuck him.

Hence, women are keen on social norms and try to observe them as much as possible. And they’re also keen on taking the generally accepted advice of others (friends).

Since marrying is part of the “social norm” of society, every girl will want to marry!

As you would’ve known already, girls have been bombarded as young as the age of 3, with Disney tales and Cinderella stories of fabulous marriages to dress-up dolls with themes based on weddings and marriages. So every girl is conditioned to dream of marrying someday! And when I say “someday”, I don’t mean way down the line but as soon as a guy is willing to propose to her, whether that be at the age of 18 of 24: she will almost always take the dream proposal.

As men, we weren’t raised that way at all to have a marriage-inclined mentality but rather the opposite.

This’ why it’s difficult for women to comprehend why men aren’t keen on weddings and other such pre-marital undertakings.

We (men) weren’t conditioned for that.

Ok, to backtrack a bit: the average girl, assuming she’s a sane person, will almost always seek to err on the side of what is perceived (socially) “Normal” and “Acceptable”.

Marrying is 1 such perceived “Normal” undertaking, hence she will gravitate towards it!

If you’re a man who’s anti-marriage and doesn’t intend to marry at all yet maintain some female companion; then you’re fucked!

The reality is: every girl wants to marry…eventually!

How then can any rational-thinking man, wish to never marry yet wish to have women or a woman in his life indefinitely?

It cannot happen!

You will not meet a girl who’ll be totally fine with staying together indefinitely, without marrying!

Such a woman does NOT exist!

Now, if you’re a 20-year old bachelor who wishes to play the field for the next 15 years: then that’s totally fine!

I’m with you there!

However, what happens to that same bachelor as he hits 45, where he isn’t as attractive, isn’t that young anymore, cannot compete with the younger beaus in the sex department and so forth?

He’ll be faced with 2 choices:

1.) Get married

2.) Remain single, lonely and die a premature death from lack of companionship…unless he’ll be willing to adopt some cats and dogs to fill that void. 😉

To be fair here, I don’t think we can compare female companionship to that of felines and canines…unless bestiality is your thing.

Realistically speaking, it’ll be in every man’s long-term interest and well-being to get married eventually. And I believe every guy knows this.

This point is also what the Manosphere and Men’s Rights Movements, haven’t addressed and pretend as though it doesn’t exist [the pros and cons of not marrying].

They encourage guys to never marry, yet they deliberately neglect to show the other side of the coin as to the consequence of not marrying: long-term loneliness.

Now which guy likes the sound of being lonely for the rest of his life?

Ponder that.

Also, allow me to delve a bit into the psyche of women on the topic at hand, in relation to social norms and peer pressure.

Let’s say that you’re a guy who meets a girl name Lisa.

You and Lisa become an exclusive couple.

Lisa, being a sane-minded woman, will have marriage as a realistic goal of hers which to eventually bring to fruition.

Three years into the relationship, quite naturally, Lisa will have inquired about marriage.

Shortly afterwards, Lisa will have brought the question of marriage to you, irregardless of whether you’re keen on marriage or not.

Another year goes by, Lisa begins to nag and nag about wedding bells ringing for others but not her.

Shortly afterwards, Lisa will have consulted her girlfriends or her mom as to a recourse.

Lisa’s friends, some of who will have been married already, will urge her to either dump you to find someone who will marry her eventually, or to try to corner you somehow into marrying her.

Another year passes, Lisa is still unmarried and her girlfriends are being married off like hot cakes fresh out the oven.

Lisa is beginning to feel more inadequate about herself and self-conscious as to why she isn’t as fortunate to partake in the dream of marriage…which every girl has been conditioned to want from birth.

Therefore, Lisa continues to jump down your throat:

“All my friends are married now! Jen just got married 6 months ago! I’m the only (legally) single one! Why won’t you propose to me!? My mother told me that I should be married already! I’m 29 and getting old”!

Now the crazy thing is, Lisa might have came off at the inception of the relationship, as though she isn’t concerned much about marrying.

Most women will NOT push for marriage right away anyway.

However, just as Lisa, most women will cave in eventually since they’re socially programmed to think marriage.

Marriage for a girl is equivalent to owning a car, business or home for a guy.

Most men won’t feel as true men unless or until they’ve attained either a dream car, dream job or dream home.

By the way, that is also social conditioning since the attainment of material gains shouldn’t define whether you’re a man or not. But it goes to show how powerful social conditioning and “group think” are.

likewise, being an unmarried spinster to a girl who has attained adulthood, is seen as a social failure and it carries a negative stigma along with it.

For a woman to be 30 and unmarried, is generally deemed a social failure.

A divorcee actually has a better social standing than that of a woman who had never graced the halls of matrimony before.

A girl who’s fortunate to get married has essentially made it in life! Not according to Kenny’s law, but according to what women and society consider “normal”.

Furthermore, a woman can attain everything in life: a successful business, entrepreneurship, bright kids, lavish mansions, you name it. If however she cannot manage to get herself married in spite of having all the material gains of a successful woman: she will have been deemed a great-social failure by her peers and society.

For men, as you would’ve guessed, it doesn’t work that way. We do not need a wife nor a ring to complete us in the sense of social status and societal norms.

There isn’t much social pressure on us men to get married.

That’s why I hold the controversial opinion that for a man to marry a woman, he is essentially doing her a social and legal favor since marriage is a woman’s domain where the man barely gets a thing out of it.

By marrying, a woman gets everything she needs to complete her as a woman:


*Social acceptance

*Bragging rights

*Legal benefits

*Social Power

That’s just to name a few beneficial rewards a woman gets once she marries.

On the Contrary, a woman who does not marry, receives no positive rewards whatsoever, but she’s actually deemed a whore and that must be the reason why she hasn’t marry, right?…according to the social script?

Hence, there are massive amounts of social pressure weighing down upon women, essentially forcing them to get married- even when knowing that the guy isn’t marriage material.

As Chase Amante eluded to during the podcast episode: the girl will eventually cave to the social pressure forcing her to get married.

The way in which society is designed, it is stacked against the spinsters and unmarried women while allocating all social benefits for the women who “buy in”to the marriage construct.

In that sense, marriage is definitely a massive state-propelled and religion-propelled scam, having nothing to do with “Love, God or Compatibility”, but monetary and financial gain and compensation to the state and clergy.

Therefore, Kenny says “fuck marriage”!

Nevertheless, due to the way that the system has been designed as to cause women to cave; I will have to marry…eventually! And so do every other man who dreads dying a lonely pathetic life!

My current girlfriend of 4 years, as you would’ve imagined with 4 years in the relationship bank, jumps down my throat every now and then as to the subject of matrimony.

It’s so serious that she’d given me the ultimatum numerous times over the course of our relationship:

“Either you marry me or we go our separate ways”!

Now, why does she feel a need to say this?

Why would she want to severe a good relationship just because it hasn’t blossomed into marriage?

Social Fucking Pressure!

To rebut, I would say to her:

“Babes, we have a decent relationship minus the ring and wedding bells. We are basically married already. What difference would it make if some scammy judge or money-hungry pastor ratifies it? We don’t need to get married…at least not right now”.

I’ll tell you this now: there’s nothing in the fucking world you can say to dissuade a girl from wanting to marry! 😉


Your anti-marriage argument could be great enough that it would convince a jury into freeing you from a murder which was caught on tape…with your name on everything! As long as it flies in the face of social norm (which it does); women will not want to hear it…AT ALL!

Every time one of my girlfriend’s friends marries, I brace myself for the proverbial and verbal-scud missile to be launched my way:

“So…what’s your excuse now? Gina just got married and she met Jim way after you and I met. If they can marry in 2 years, what the hell is the matter with us!? This shit is crazy now Kenny! We’re not getting younger”!

When I hear that, all I see is “social condition” as caption to her verbal tirade. 🙂

On a serious note: I understand her sentiments and I know why it is the way it is.

However, I did assure her that I would marry her one day, in spite of my anti-marriage position. I just refuse to give a specific time frame. But I can see myself marrying around the age of 45 [I’m now 32].

I accept the reality here. And the reality is: every girl is socially programmed to want to marry.

Knowing this, if I were to dump my current girlfriend in hopes of finding a girl who doesn’t want to marry, I might as well cut my weiner off right now, because such a woman does NOT exist!

If she does, as Chase explicitly said: “She will cave eventually to social pressure, society, her parents or peers”.

Even though as a man, you can care less about a fucking wedding. But that’s you!

For the girl, it isn’t the same. If she doesn’t marry, society will punish her for it and deem her a grand failure. So if you don’t eventually marry her; she will dump you for some chump who will. And the next girl will eventually do the same until she finds a chump to marry.

As a guy, it isn’t humanly possibly to play the dating field as a viable candidate forever. So every sane man will marry eventually or risk being single for the remainder of his life.

If you’re cool with that; then fine!

For myself though, being 50 or 60 without a spouse, doesn’t sounds sane nor is it human, being that every man was put her to procreate, replicate and multiply.

Such an act isn’t possibly without some form of cohabitation.

The way in which the Manosphere opines, it actually advocates for men to allow their genes to be weeded out of existence, which in essence- is very backwards!


By the way, You can download the free-podcast episode at the link below, provided by the Dating Skills Review.

Getting women to chase you; podcast interview download with Chase Amante

The Mindset Of Men Who Get Married

The solution to the divorce rate.

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of marriage.

I believe that marriage is a woman’s domain and it’s advantageous to the woman while the man has a lot more to lose if and when the marriage crumbles…and I say “when” because most marriages will fail just as most relationships will fail.

However I would be in favor of some sorta non-traditional matrimony which doesn’t seem to fuck the men over while granting women such perks as alimony and favoritism in many other areas of marriages.

I recall a case some years ago with a guy I knew who had married a woman from England and brought her to the Caribbean and they started a family here.

The marriage crumbled 2 years later due to infidelity on the wife’s part [she literally dumped him for another dude].

The courts awarded her his mansion-sized home which HE HAD BUILT WITH HIS OWN FINANCE PRIOR TO MEETING HER.

He then had to give up the home and was forced to move back in with his parents as a 38 year old man.


Now that shit fucked me up as an outside but it also managed to solidify for my stance against marriage and why it’s a good stance at this stage of my life as long as the marriage institution is the way it is [favoring women].

By the way, this wasn’t an isolated case.

There have been quite a few instances like these which occurred with guys whom I knew personally over the years.

One such guy ended up re-marrying a year later after his home got granted to his ex-wife by the courts.

Why the fuck would you even think of re-marrying someone so soon after a tumultuous-public divorce which had your vehicle, home and kids awarded to a bitch who didn’t even put a dime into any of those possessions!?

It goes to show how stupid some men are, which makes a great lead-in to what I really wanted to address in this article; which will address why most men marry.

The sad truth is, most men marry or propose marriage out of fear of losing the girl or wife-to-be.


Perhaps women marry for the same reason also (or a much smaller scale), but I wouldn’t say it’s as prevalent and compulsive as we men do.

Women have variety of reasons as to why they want to marry, even rushingly so.

The primary reason why a woman marries is due to the feeling that she’s getting too old and she needs something quasi tangible to show for her existence…matrimony.

This “feeling” is amplified especially when a girl’s girlfriends are being married off one by one and she seems to be the only one excluded from this exclusive class of married women.

With that, she cajoles and coerces her boyfriend into a marriage proposal via subtle ultimatum:

“All my girlfriends are marrying, we’re getting older, I don’t see why we’re waiting. If I’m the one you love, what difference does it make if we marry now than later”?

Now the man, although he doesn’t want to get married (at least not now), is faced with a tough decision: marry or lose the girl.

Now, if you’re the average guy who’s coming from a scarcity mentality and has never experienced abundance with women: then in order to latch onto this 1 special girl- you’ll propose to her just to keep her and just to not be put back onto the single market where the chances of you finding another girl so special would be next to impossible [that’s coming from the mindset of the average guy].

Remember what I wrote about in a recent article that the average guy gets a girlfriend by luck or from being introduced and hooked up through relatives or some mutual friend(s).

That is the only chance that most men have of getting laid or getting a girlfriend: a family member feeling sorry for them, thus deciding to play match-maker by hooking them up with some lackluster chick name Sarah, the lazy and unattractive girl whom herself, cannot get a boyfriend. So it’s a perfect match, but even this sort of love connection doesn’t happen every day for the average Joe or Jane.

Read: The average guy exposed.

Therefore, when the average guy is faced with an ultimatum or mere proposition from his girlfriend, he’s thinking:

“Man- I have to keep this girl by any means! If I don’t propose or marry her now, she’ll dump me and marry some other guy while I’m forced back on single street and no way to find another girl…possibly for the next 10 years”!

Hence he’s forced to propose, he marries and the marriage eventually leads to a messy and embarrassing divorce.

In retrospect; he married for the wrong reasons.

Men in general marry for the wrong reason which is the exact reason I cited: Fear of losing the girl.

Actually, I was inspired to write this article from an episode of Divorce Court which I’d caught a glimpse of the other day.

The judge had casually inquired from the husband as to why he’d wanted to marry when he did.

His response was somewhat vague and a admixture of the “I was so in love with her” bullshit.

However, with an analytical mind, I started to run the computations and weigh what was taking place beneath the surface and it was very clear as to his true motivation to marry her: she was fucking drop-dead gorgeous and he wanted to keep her being that he couldn’t imagine lucking up like that again!

In comparison to the husband’s perceived value [he had very low social value], this was a giant leap for him to even be with such a gorgeous girl.

Hence, if a prime Halle Berry was to issue the average guy an ultimatum: marry me now or we may have to break up, you can bet your life on it that he would capitulate and readily embrace the sounds of wedding bells.

Now if you were a man with standards and principles, you would tell Halle Berry to fuck off and that she’s free to go find another man because you won’t be marrying her any time soon.

However, it takes a special type of man, one with an abundance mentality, to stand his ground and not get forced into a marriage he doesn’t want.

Same applies to relationships: majority of men are forced and pressured on a subconscious level into going exclusive with 1 woman.

Not that they so wanted to be in a monogamous relationship at that stage in the game. But they psyche themselves out into believing that it’s either her or no one else [scarcity mentality].

Unfortunately, this guy is usually cheated on, dumped and divorced.

You should never marry a woman just to keep her [seems to be a no-brainer but most men don’t get it]!

You should not get into a committed relationship with a girl just to fucking keep her!

Not only will you NOT keep her, but she will show how ungrateful she is by ruining your esteem as a man, whereby she’ll cheat on you and eventually dump you when she reaches the point of no return [I’ll write about this soon].

When it’s all said and done, I wanna advise you men out there that if faced with such a proposition, whether from a girl or an internal struggle, you need to realize that whenever you make decisions from a lower state of consciousness or from a position of lower value, it’ll always come back to bite your ass off [consider this karma fucking you over for making stupid decisions].

Considering marriage?

Do it because you want to. Not because you can’t envision another man’s cock inside of your woman therefore you must do all you can now to placate her in order to get her to stay.

That is the frame/disposition/mindset of a weak man aka a Beta-Male.

Unfortunately, 96% of men in the western hemisphere are Beta-Males.

This explains why the divorce rate is astronomically high ’cause at the end of the day: women are turned off by Beta-Males/weak men. So although she will marry a Beta; she will also divorce a Beta just as quick.

This article wasn’t to brand women as heartless bitches but more so to brand men as pitiful specimens in the animal kingdom, especially being that men (or humans) are supposed to be the most intelligent primates with an intellectual capacity which far exceeds that of any other male-living entity on Earth.

Despite that being the case, majority of men are still making foolish and irrational decisions in relationships and towards marriages.

Blaming women for the current state of the marriage institution wouldn’t be just, being that women are merely playing with the cards they’ve been dealt by men on a whole.

This’ a classic case of some men messing things up for all of us.

When men in general begin to adopt an abundance of women mentality, then and only then, will the divorce rate go down and men will begin to have equality in relationships and marriages.

However, this’ easier said than done since most men aren’t psychologically equipped to meeting random women like we PUA’s do, whether by approaching complete strangers on the streets and in the nightclubs to seducing random girls in cafes and local restaurants, etc.

Well- this is where my blog comes in I guess. To whip your motherfucking Betas into relationship shape! 😉

This’ even more reason to learn Pickup. No 1 woman will ever have you by the balls in this sorta way where she can dare to issue an ultimatum of marriage or bounce.

I like this video from RSD Owen/Tyler because it speaks to abundance with women.

Another sad thing is, a large portion of married men suffer from limiting belief which is why they latch onto the first girl who shows them attention, which happens to be the girl they marry.

This video from RSD Alex speaks to limiting beliefs.


To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

A Student Of Mines Just Got Married: My Take On The Situation + ONE-itis

Alright, I’m no fan of (young) marriages…young meaning marriages consisted of couples under the age of 40.

Why is Kenny not a fan of such matrimonial bonding?

Simply because in these highly promiscuous times, the institute of marriage is virtually destined to fail.

Another thing to point out before I get into deliberations on the new marriage of 1 of my former disciples [I use disciple since he’d propagated my teachings] ,is that I firmly believe that young persons marry for all the wrong fucking reasons: superficiality, social status and fad-following.

Coupled with a void in knowledge as to what it takes to actually sacrifice where you’re no longer living for 2 but for one or as one.

The average young person is not willing to genuinely make that sacrifice, hence the underlying reason as to why young marriages fail at such a tremendously high rate and are predestined to fail from the onset.

Too many of us are willing to give lip service but when shit actually hits the fan: we’re unwilling to execute.

Ok enough preaching 🙂 !

Anyway, so a former student of mines whom I’ve been training in Pickup over the past year and a half, just got married last weekend.

If I were the average self-absorbed dating advisor, I would pat myself on the shoulder knowing that a disciple of Kenny’s dating madrasa had found himself a girlfriend- and not only that- but took the greatest leap towards matrimony 🙂 .

This should give me credibility out the roof, right?

However, there’s no spiking the proverbial football neither victory dance on my end.

I am actually disappointed with the turn of events.

Sounds fucked up I guess…but I’ll explain.

Firstly- I never encouraged him to take such a leap [not that he needs my encouraging nudge].

Actually, we never spoke of marriage at all!

This had totally blindsided me!

My general advisory to him, and to every other guy whom I personally tutor, is to get laid, cultivate an attractive lifestyle which will draw more women into your life, ride this wave out for however long you can, you’ll meet few decent-minded chicks on the way, you’ll get into a few relationships with some of them, all will fail, you’ll fall into depression, but like a phoenix: you’ll rise again 🙂 .

That is the slim-down version of what I teach in a nutshell.

Marriage is NOT in the deck of cards as for Kenny’s dating curriculum, unless the guy has been with a specific girl exceeding 8 or more years, and has attained the ripe age of 40 +.

This is a far cry from the position of my buddy, Laid NYC, who advocates not marrying women over the age of 25.

Now, what makes my former pupil’s situation even more troubling, is that he barely knows the girl…on a deeper level.

They’ve only gotten acquainted upwards of a year: not even 12 full-blown fucking months 😯 !

That’s the prototypical gist for lots of men who were once sex-deprived, but now accrued some skills to get laid, but are unable to keep things in perspective so they cling onto the first girl who likes them.

This also happens to lots of us who are newbies to Pickup and are coming from a Scarcity Mentality where having girls in our lives was once a rarity.

Those guys learn about Pickup/Seduction, hit the field, hop into the dating pool and the 1st. girl whom they hit it off with: they fucking fall in love [rather in lust], get hitched, drop out of the Game, devote themselves to the idea of love with this strange person whom they don’t even know on a semi-intricate level since they [the men] never bothered to screen the girl prior to getting into a relationship with her…

That is the unfortunate narrative for many of us who begin to get good with women.

We become so hung up on the validation of finally getting poon, that a desperate feeling to latch onto the first girl who likes us, begins to germinate…when in most cases, this girl often times the wrong girl.

As in the case of my former disciple/pupil; I feel no trepidation in saying that the same had transpired. He came from a position of scarcity, didn’t have success with women prior, never had a real girlfriend in his life and was simply overwhelmed by the novel process.

How he and I met was at a bar 1 night, he seen me in action, had the social courage to pull me aside just to show admiration for my Game, he got intrigued, then sought live in-field one-on-one coaching on a weekly basis.

As he began to proverbially grease the wheel, tweak his fashion and style and became more social in general- BAAM; women started to gravitate towards him!


Within a 5 month span, he slept with perhaps 2 different girls [pretty good #’s for a guy who didn’t get laid in years].

Once again, coming from a position of “scarcity”, he felt an impulse to cling onto 1 of the 2 girls in whom he’d fucked, subconsciously in order to not revert to a life of no sex.

Coupled with the fact that he was in lust out the roof and intoxicated off dopamine [the so-called love hormone], he felt that this girl was the 1: the soul-mate essentially.

As with most of us, he couldn’t rationalize as to why he felt this way about this 1 girl. All he knew was that he was hooked on this 1.

What it really boils down to is the mind playing tricks, knowing that he’s coming from a scarcity frame, never really met a chick who was so into him so early, therefore he tricked himself into believing that he actually loved this girl and must settle fast before he loses her!

This happens to many of us!

Most of us in fact!

This is primarily why in Pickup, we advocate a counter strategy which is that if you meet a girl and you think that she’s the 1, or you think that she’s so special; then go fuck 2 more girls and see how special that other girl really is to you.

You’ll be surprised to discover that the “fetishized” aura which you’d attached to the 1 girl, was just a mirage born out of lust and insecurity. But until you go fuck some other chick(s), you’ll convince yourself that this 1 girl is “the one”, and she’s inherently special, hence “I must cling to her [this illusion]”.

Optical illusion

Optical illusion

In retrospect, the former pupil in question had met a hot girl, convinced himself that she was special [although he didn’t know much of her], neglected to properly scrutinize [a byproduct of being in-lust], now less than a year later; he marries her.

Why is this a bad thing?

The underlying cause of relationship failure comes down to a lack of scrutiny and dereliction in screening the other party.

People want to, and tend to believe that others are better than they [the others] actually are.

What I mean by that is, as we allow new people into our lives, we tend to amplify the positives and pretend as though we don’t see the faults and negatives.

Therefore, when a guy meets girl [or vice versa], despite consciously knowing that this girl would make a terrible girlfriend who’s inclined to promiscuity; the average guy turns a blind eye to those crucial hunches and red flags, instead place more focus on the fair-seeming qualities in the girl.

Now this sounds good and all…until 4 months down the road, you get flogged in the fucking face by the same red flags which you’d consciously ignored when you first met the girl 😡 !

Likewise with the average Jane: she meets a seemingly decent guy whom she’s hung up on, she sees all the red flags waving, knows that this guy’s an ardent bad-boy player, a terrible potential father-figure perhaps a deadbeat, yet she focuses on his exterior qualities and physical affectations while blocking out his negative qualities and personality traits.

Ten months later; gets knocked up by a guy who doesn’t want shit to do with her neither the soon-to-be bastard child.

It’s not that they guy was so evil.

The girl knew what she was getting into!

She knew the type of guy she was possibly to deal yet she makes a horrible-judgment call being hung up on looks, lust, dopamine and emotions, while ignoring the amber lit alarms!!!

Sounds familiar?

Now, how does this relate to my newly-wedded pupil?

He met a nice girl but got carried away by focusing on her seemingly nice qualities (most likely superficial) while downplaying the ones which signal that he should quickly engage the hand brake for a sudden stop!

Prior to his elopement, I’d met the same girl at a party and was able to size her up for my personal observation under the proverbial microscope.

My prognosis?

She is not nearly as ready for a monogamous engagement [not at this stage of her life] 😯 .

Not only is she not ready; but he isn’t neither!

He only thinks he is, but that’s’ due to the disorder of One-itis as we’d say in the Pickup Community.

That is: being infatuated with 1 girl.

Plus I have enough data to surmise that he isn’t ready for marriage based on the conversations we’ve had over the past months.

Prior to the marriage, just late last week actually, we had conversations of other girls he’d love to bang in the coming weeks.

Now isn’t that telling?

Could’ve been machismo talking but whatever!

How can you get married, and within the same week of the marriage, hash out specific plans of other girls you’d like to shag!?

Basically: he isn’t ready; nor is she.

He wants his cake and eat it too.

Now, you have a marriage consummated by 2 persons who aren’t built for such a life-altering experience and just aren’t ready for marriage.

Then why marry?

I’m not a marriage expert, but the answer to that is very subjective and various.

The intricate “whys” of getting married isn’t the point.

The base issue that I’m raising here is, why marry when you’re not in the state of mind for such a committed relationship.

My former pupil has no business marrying at this stage of his life!

For crying out loud: he’s only fucking 27 years of age [the wife is about the same age]!

She obviously didn’t agree to the marriage out of scarcity, since women always have options.

However, he surely popped the question to her out of scarcity and a sense of “rush”; “I need to totally lock this chick down right now before she gets away”!

That’s a terrible lens from which to view the dating scene!

This is why in Pickup, we always teach guys to harness abundance, fuck tons of women, then out of that pool of abundance, you’ll have a variety of women to chose from instead of clinging to 1 as if she were a life-raft at sea.

I wish that I could show more optimism towards my former pupil’s new journey of matrimony, but to be real here; I see looming doom and gloom, particularly orchestrated by the wife since she’s obviously the 1 in the position of power while he’s the subservient one who felt a need to cling.

He hasn’t been gaming long enough to know what it is to truly attract and seduce women.

He doesn’t know what love is!

He hasn’t had enough male-female interactions and experiences on numerous levels to see through the maze of courtship.

So the fact that he’s lucked up and decided to go all in without exhausting a moderate amount of foresight, it’s an indication of what’s to come during the marriage.

Not only is that a strike against him but the fact that this was a massive-rush job to marry a chick he hasn’t been with but for 10 months…that is frightening!

Now, did I voice my objections and grievances to him?


I’m the type of guy who would allow you hang yourself if it takes that to wake you up [which might be too late]!

I believe pain is the greatest teacher and that most of us will only learn once we’ve been burnt and butt-fucked over a few times especially by people who we thought would never hurt us.

Therefore, had I tried talking the pupil out of the marriage, it’d be akin to me saying to him: “Don’t learn! Don’t go gather experiences in life”!

Sounds mercenary but I am of the belief that one has to get fucked over by women in dating in order to learn and hopefully rise again.

Lacking experience (good or bad) with women, he has never been truly hurt by a woman, never been dumped, never been cheated on, hasn’t had his heart ripped out, etc.

He, including most of us, will have to first make some ridiculously stupid decisions in life that would virtually drive him to the brink of suicide before waking up [figuratively speaking]!

Sometimes, we need to be brought to the edge and pushed

Sometimes, we need to be brought to the edge and pushed

In his case (since he’s now married), that would come in the form of a nasty divorce, alimony battles, child-custody fights, etc.

So in hindsight; this mistake will have been the best thing he could’ve done for himself…as far as dating is concerned.

To hit on the point I made earlier about guys who learn the skills to date yet neglect to use them; we’ve all been there!

When a guy first gets into Pickup, learns about women and dating and he starts to have gradual successes and gets a lay here and there: his natural tendency will be to jump into a relationship with the 1st. girl who let’s him fuck her twice or more.

Perhaps he gets pussy-whipped [Just Saying] 😉 !

From there; the One-itis disorder rapidly develops!

A fellow-seduction coach with whom I’ve had issues [The Black Dragon], wrote a great piece on One-itis: 9 Steps to avoid One-itis.

In order to reverse the death spiral of One-itis, one has to now double down on the amount of girls he picks up and fucks.

That is the anti-One-itis pill.

Unfortunately, my former pupil threw out the entire bottle of pills including the residual antidote and went full steam ahead against his best interest!

In closing: do I believe marriage is a bad thing?


In spite of my reservations; I think that any guy who’s sane will eventually marry.

You simply cannot fuck numerous women on a weekly basis at the age of 75…unless in the next 2 decades, old men become the new “in thing” [which is unlikely…and you just won’t keep up].

Either that [marry] or you’ll die miserable and alone [studies show that loneliness actually accelerates death in those who don’t have partners later on in life].

My problem isn’t marriage itself but the timing of it.

That’s all!

A guy or girl in his or her 20’s-30’s, has no business marrying!

I view marriage as being the icing on the cake of your dating life or a certificate of resignation from player-dom.

No one, in any field, fucking retires before attaining the age of 40…unless he’s a damaged-NFL football player!

Marriage should culminate after you have done all the crazy, elicit shameful shit in your life and you’re now ready to settle the fuck down simply because you’re too drained to keep banging lots of vagina …and hopefully your partner is on the same page and is jaded with random dicks.

Marriage should not be considered if you haven’t fucked over 30 women in your life [and 30 is the least]!

Marriage should not even be considered until you’ve had some 3-somes under your fucking belt!

Those achievements should be canonized prerequisites for a man before being allowed to legally marry…at least in my world 😉 !

What actually happens to lots of young-married individuals, is that 2 years in, they begin to resent, reflect and wonder as their lives begin to flash on by and they realize that they haven’t lived, haven’t done shit, have no experiences, have no crazy stories to relate to anyone, etc.

Everyone else is out and about creating unique experiences for themselves while you’re stuck at home with a nagging wife, and she’s stuck at home with a boring husband whom she now resents for ruining her life.

Infidelity ensues on either or both sides and it’s all down hill.

Either it ends in divorce, or the marriage continues but marred with cheating, marriage reconciliation sessions, reconciliation, extramarital affairs, separation…

Had my former pupil kept the relationship as just that- a relationship- no big deal, relationships are meant to born and die until you find 1 that is rooted in the finer things! But that rarely ever happens with your first shot at and dating and relationships.

You have to experience multiple relationships and multiple heartaches in order to learn what it’s all about, and simply to learn how women operate.

You cannot learn about women by marrying the first girl who takes a liking to you.

All in all, my advice to the masses [men particularly]:

*Don’t rush to marry!

*Don’t rush into relationships!

*Have abundance of women!

*Beware of ONE-itis and getting into scarcity mode.

With that, I leave you with 2 instructional videos from the RSD guys:

[Video below: RSD Julien breaking down One-itis]

[Video below: RSD Tyler on the subject of abundance, scarcity mentality, “the one”, not being out-come dependent and more]

Oh- as usual, I’d like the straight-talk take of my readers on this matter:

Am I an asshole and dead wrong for not being elated and supportive of this marriage?

Am I right in saying that this was a bad life-altering decision?

Should I have tried talking him out of the marriage [although it would not helped]?

Should I have just kept out and not even write this article altogether?

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How To Sleep With Married Women [A Slow Courtship]


There’s 1 intricate thing to keep in mind concerning the seduction of married women and the pace:

As long as she knows that you are well aware of her marital status (that she’s married); you’ll have to take a slower-methodical approach as the title suggests.

For example, if you have the hots for a female coworker who’s married, and she knows that you know that she’s married, it’s almost impossible to approach this situation with a flash-game mindset or One-Night Stand frame.

However, the married chicks whom you can pull fair amounts of One-Night Stands (SNL’s) with, are those whose marital status is pretty much discreet and unknown to you the guy.

For instance, if you pick up a girl at the bar who happens to be married, but she’s a complete stranger: then it’s highly possible to sleep with her that same night from the club…or in the club.

The fact that her marital status isn’t mutually known, it creates a sense of singledom for her, which means you can seduce her as if she was just any other girl without obligations to any man.

A married coworker, a married woman at church, etc. those types require a slow-pace seduction in order to sleep with them.

Don’t mean to sound redundant but I must hammer it home before I begin my deliberation: as long as she knows that you know that she has a husband, your sole recourse to sleeping with her will have to be a slow approach.

Think of the movies for a second.

As much as Hollywood is skewed with bullshit Beta-Males plot lines and fictitious advice of what not to do when seducing women, there’s a film or 2 which seem to reveal some true jewels pertaining to courtship.

One such film is “Unfaithful”, where a married cougar was lured into a steamy affair with a young-foreign hunk who swept her off her feet with his sheer bad boy laissez-fare approach to life and sex.

This of course wasn’t a One-Night Stand romp but a protracted affair.

Had he met her at the nightclub, overseas on vacation or randomly on the streets, he could’ve escalated rapidly towards sex being that her marital status wasn’t a well-known piece of information, unlike that of a married-female coworker.

“Unfaithful”: starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane

What Makes Married Women Cheat

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of married poon, and I’m currently seducing 2 in a methodical fashion as I’ll be outlining in this article later on.

The common theme I’ve noticed with these affair-seeking girls is that 90% of them fall between the 3-5 year bracket of the time they’ve been married.

Why the significance? I’ll explain later.

It’s somewhat difficult to seduce a girl who has just gotten married for the simple fact that she’s still reeling off that newly-wed high which haven’t worn off as yet.

After 3 years however, the euphoric newly-web high seems to wear off where monotony and routine of married life sets in.

Between that 3rd. And 5th. year, I consider those milestones as the dissatisfied years.

I didn’t make the rule, but from my experience, the 3-5 year range seem to be the peak time which married women are most susceptible to covertly seeking extramarital sex.

Why is this?

Young marriages do not work, or rarely do. Young-married women often reflect on their lives and realize what they’ve been missing out on, who she could’ve been with, where else she could’ve been, whom else she could’ve been married to, her girlfriends are still young and bubbly out having fun…

Those factors fuck with a girl’s psyche which induce a sense of void.

She’s home getting fat, having kids, lackluster-social life, feeling undesirable, her husband being bogged down into marriage life or work, is also committed elsewhere or pretty much a boring-dissatisfied dude himself.

The stage is set for the wife to rebel!

It is during those times of inward reflection where a housewife or married woman in general, becomes open to rebel.

Rebelling may come in various forms:

* Online dating (virtual relationships)

* Porn

* Going out (more)

* Drinking

* Meeting new guys

* Talking to new guys over the phone

* Affair

A woman’s greatest fear and vanity is to feel old.

Her greatest aspiration is to stay young, look young and feel young, hence the cosmetic industry, makeup, mascara, etc.

My maternal grandmother is her in late 70’s and she’s still dabbing her face in powder, eye shadow and youth-rejuvenation creams.

Marriages rob lots of women of their youthfulness, youthful aspirations and youthful beauty. This is also the case with married men but to a lesser extent…which leads to cheating solely to get their Mojo back.

Therefore, the reason married women have extramarital affairs is numerous, but mostly in part to recapture their youth and to feel young, sexy and desirable again.


Your Initial Attack: Contact Details Secured

Ok, now that the groundwork has been established, you know the type of married women who cheat, you know the reason they cheat and you know the perfect and ideal window to facilitate her cheating [3rd.-5th. year in the marriage]…

It’s time to get to work!

Before I proceed, there is 1 key factor which will indicate to you [the guy] that you’re sailing smoothly ahead: and that is the securing of her phone number.

Once a married women has coughed up her digits; it’s essentially an affair in progress.

She has already violated her man.

Don’t fall for the bullshit adage neither that she should have male friends whom she can talk to and call up in which to sing Kumbayah on into the sunset…[well that would be advice for husbands].

If your wife gives out her phone # to a guy who likes her and has possible romantic interest in her- then what the fuck will prevent her from taking it further!?

Let me take some deep breathes before I explode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

Ok I’m good.


Get her telephone # or perhaps any other form of communication: Facebook, BBM pin, etc., then you’re 60% nearer to the prize.

Will it be an easy road after the contact-info swap?

Not necessarily.

If she’s a coworker, then getting her phone # isn’t all that relevant since you’re bound to see her often enough.

Your Second Attack: Compliments…

Flattery, Flattery, Flatter!

Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!

As a PUA who’s ardently against complimenting women on their superficial appearances, this is the 1 true exceptional case [for me at least] where complimenting a woman on her beauty will score points opposed to dropping them.

Whether this is done over the phone or in person, it doesn’t really matter to be honest, although in persona has a greater-positive impact.

Most women appreciate a unique compliment but more so the married ones.

Look at it this way, married women are HIGHLY undesirable in society.

They usually have kids, are older, considered off-limits, old-fashion, not cool, professional, and a whole slew of negative stigmas.

Single men just aren’t interested in shagging married women when there are tons of teenage hotties around who are free and disengaged from all the marital drama.

With that being the case, married women are often glossed over in the compliment department.

She is given the customary, “Hey Mary, nice hairdo”, from her male coworkers. But it’s usually welcomed with a sense of skepticism and flies over her shoulder.

The sort of compliments which work wonders are the ones with edge and may get you in some hot-fucking water…that’s if she’s some bitchy coworker who sees compliments as sexual harassment!

If she isn’t a coworker; then play ball without caution!

Templated Compliments To Use:

* “I really love the way you look today”.

* “Your fashion sense is awesome”

* “Does your husband compliment you every morning? He should”!

* “How do you stay so fit after 3 kids”?

Those are just template examples which you can use or make up your own.

Stroke her ego and flatter her indirectly.

She doesn’t get this from her husband nor other men, so you’ll be seen as unique in this sense.

The Third Wave: Feign The Counselor

Time to put her phone # or contact detail to good use.

Casual conversation in person or over the phone is a must!

What usually happens during these conversations are the grand revelations about her husband and the marriage:

* He has a girlfriend, which makes her justified in getting a boyfriend of own.

* He’s always out with the boys.

* She kinda regrets getting married so young.

* She felt pressured into marriage.

* She doesn’t have any free time for herself

* The kid(s) are stressful.

Such declarations are commonplace.

Her dissatisfaction will be amplified.

The most you have to do is listen and give your feedback in agreement.

In essence, you will become her quasi-marriage counselor. However, your job isn’t solely to listen and give advice but to supplant yourself as her savior; her temporary fix.

How do you do this? Read on!

The Fourth Wave: Become Her Savior

The knight in shining armor is often misinterpreted by the men’s lifestyle movement such as the Manosphere.

By no means whatsoever am I advocating “white knighting” and presenting yourself as the good guy whisking her away from the villain. In fact, you are the villain leading her on a brief escapade and a moment of relief from her humdrum marriage.

This isn’t “white knighting”, but the essence of what a true “knight” represents.

Ok, as an addition to the above section, you will transition from listening, empathizing to rescuing.

Just as you would chat up and seduce any other girl in the earlier stages; same applies here.

There is no special line or magic pill for this stage of the game. She’s just an ordinary chick and you approach it along those lines.

You’re trying to communicate that she isn’t just some married chick but she’s still desirable as any other girl out there.

Women who are dissatisfied within their marriages have a tendency to view marital life as a curse or some misfortune which has befallen them.

“Why me”!?

Therefore, you job is to disassociate her from marriage as much as possible.

No talk of “where did you honeymoon”, “who proposed”, etc.

Don’t fucking remind her of marriage!

Talk of her passions prior to marriage and what she wanted to become but didn’t get the chance to be.

Talk of how much you fantasize about being with her.

Ask of fantasies she have.

This can be done over the phone, text or in person.

Seeing Her (Logistics)

This stage will present your greatest challenge.

Married women aren’t (always) afforded the liberty to roam as spinsters can.

They have responsibilities such as tending to home, kids, husband, etc, so getting her to meet up with you might be challenging.

She can’t just say to her husband, “Hey hun, I’m headed to the bar to chat with Jenny for a bit”.

If it’s possible; then cool…winning!!!

Presuming it’s unlikely, you’ll have to brainstorm another recourse.

From my experience, I find that most married women commit adultery during the day-light hours while they’re free to roam, doing business, running errands, grocery shopping, at work, etc.

If she works [during the day], you can always set up a lunch-break rendez-vous of some sort…especially if you live in a big town or metropolis where she can easily blend in cloaked with anonymity.

If it’s a small town where everyone knows each other, she might not take the risk to meet up with you at a cafe or restaurant.

Don’t be surprise though if she makes the logistics work by suggesting something else.

Sweeping Her Off Her Feet [More Logistics]

Whenever a woman is very dissatisfied within her marriage, she will take more risk than you would think.

In fact, there’s a part of her that wishes she was caught in an illicit affair just to facilitate a divorce.

This is more so the case if the marriage has already crumbled and she’s separated from her husband but still legally married and living with her husband.

Nevertheless, I find that the best way to approach such a situation is to give her the impression that you’re her knight in shining armor.

This is where the bad boy risk-taker persona comes in as you see portrayed in the movies.

What I’m suggesting is, if she’s a working woman, suggest that you meet her at her workplace, presuming she has privacy or works alone.

It doesn’t hurt to ask in order to find out.

One such married girl I used to bang, we would meet up at her workplace where she worked alone and had privacy in confines of her office space.

Also, if either she or you drives and or on a lunch break or running errands, you can always suggest going for a drive where you park and chat…then escalate kissing and possibly fuck right there in the automobile.

Unsure of how to make this happen? Read this: Getting romantic and sexual with a girl.

Now this may sound far fetched to the risk-adverse guy, but for dominant males like I am who are adventurers at heart: this shit happens!

Keep in mind: Perfect fucking logistics do NOT exist! You take it when you can!

Banging this chick at her place in a cozy king-sized bed which she shares with her husband isn’t fucking happening…but in rare cases where she totally has zero respect for him!

But that is the far-fetched angle!

Fucking her in a parked car, restroom or motel are highly possible and a risk she will take!

Also take note: the greater portion of affairs happen during the day-time hours at motels, hotels and within the workplace itself.

Affairs rarely ever happen within the home of either party. It’s just too risky.

Sweeping a married woman off her feet sexually is just that as the word sweeping suggests; it’s fast, brisk and swift.

Not much room for a romantic-candlelight dinner setting but a ravishing quickie in a public restroom…if you get the picture :twisted:!

Once again- think of the movies and how affairs tend to happen:

* Bachelor and girl meets

* Bachelor flirts with married damsel

* Bachelor frequents her workplace or vice versa

* Bachelor advances

* She confides in bachelor

* Bachelor fucks her in a bathroom stall on her job

Doesn’t sound pretty nor romantic, but there’s no space for such a courtship.

Courting a married woman should be slow and verbally romantic (with an edge) but a physical romance (dinner, star-gazing) isn’t necessary.

Having Affairs With Married Women At Work

If you’re against hooking up with coworkers- then read no more.

Sleeping with a female coworker who’s married is actually the easiest avenue since all the logistics are already well in place:

* She’s accessible

* You can chat in person

* You can flirt in person

* You know the ins and outs of the terrain so to speak

* A place to screw is always available: office, bathroom, closet, basement, car lot, parked car after work…

It makes things 10 times easier than if you had to plan or set up a meet-up.

The Moral Argument

My view on sleeping with married women is that the it isn’t the single guy’s responsibility nor should he bear the brunt of the ethical and moral responsibility.

He’s just doing what he was programmed to do: to pursue sexually eligible women irrespective of her social and economical status.

As for the married woman, it’s on her to be resolute within her vows and respect of her marriage and husband.

If she violates this; then she should be the sole proprietor of responsibility and blame.

She should know better!

But as the case with majority of women who marry young [under the age of 35]; they were either pressure into doing so under the guidance of a girlfriend, “Girl, if I were you, I would marry Tim before some other girl snatches him up”.

Or, she felt inadequate as all of her girlfriends were being led down the aisle in grandeur fashion while the boat seemed to have left her behind.

I mean, those are the silly-emotional justifications nowadays as to why the average western girl decides to jump the broom.

It’s rarely ever based on screening for a qualified quality man, or an assessed look at his background and tendencies whether he’d make a good husband or a slacking one.

Therefore, the marriage is destined to fail from the inception.

She didn’t marry for the right reasons but to allay her fears of losing her boyfriend, although knowing ahead of time that he will be a terrible husband. So her mentality becomes: “I can fix him”.

When she realizes she cannot fix him: thoughts of rebelling and infidelity surface.

Therefore, I have no moral hang-ups in shagging married women.

If I were to ever marry and my wife cheats on me; I’d take it as a blessing in disguise.

She was exposed as a cheater, which means I should move on and find a more quality woman who is less prone to cheating.

Here is Mark Manson’s [Entropy PUA] take: Is it ever ok to bang married women?

Summarized Recap For Men Who Want To Sleep With Married Women

* Chat her up.

* Compliment her.

* Get her # or contact info.

* Call her up (or text).

* Avoid talk of marriage.

* Flirt

* Suggest meeting: cafe, motel or a drive.

If she’s a coworker:

* Chat her up.

* Compliment her.

* [Optional] Get her # or contact info.

* [Optional] Call her up (or text).

* Avoid talk of marriage.

* Flirt

* [Optional] Suggest meeting.

* Flirt heavy at work.

* Go KINO (touch her and make physical contact).

* Have some balls and escalate on her whenever possible in the workplace.

I’m leaving you with a clip from the 2002 film “Unfaithful”, just to give you an idea of how dominant Alpha-Males seduce married women.

Although it’s fictional, sleeping with married women however, usually starts and culminates this way: chance encounter, romantically rough, thrilling, dominant and spontaneous.

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