Either I’ll Fuck Her; Or She’ll Hate Me [Go Hard Or Go Home]!!

My style is pretty simple, I never give up on pursuing a hot piece-a-ass until 2 things happen: Either I’ll get to fuck the girl, or we’ll have a major fall-out where she’ll hate my guts and see me as the biggest asshole she’d ever met.

As the PUA guru Tyler Durden once wrote : “Persistence is king”.

I never give up on a pickup half way through.

I push the peddle to the metal until I either crash and burn the car, or fly full speed ahead directly into her awaiting vagina!

That is my meta-frame (mentality) whenever I’m chatting up a potential-fuck prospect; online,txt messaging or face-to-face combat (vis-a-vis): It’s All Or Nothing!!!

She’ll either dig me- or hate me!

No in-roads, zigzags nor detours: either she’ll love me and wanna spread those legs ASAP, or she’ll wanna see my guts splattered across a highway, struck by a speeding Mack truck at full throttle [pretty gruesome stuff].

Frankly, I’m never gun-shy to lay down the verbal smack-down if the girl gets snarky and bitchy somewhere during the chat [and I sense that she won’t be DTF].

I’m a huge advocate of the saying that some women need to be cursed out, shamed, degraded, verbally abused and brought to the brink of tears when need be.

Whenever I’m engaged in Text Game with the target,if my Bullshit-Sensors go off, or she says some off-the-cuff shit like, “What you think, I’m a whore who’s just gonna spread her legs or wanna hang out with you”!!

It’s “gloves off” time when her attitude takes center stage.

I’ll curse her ass out so badly [usually with 2 lines], she’ll usually respond with a, “I didn’t deserve that. What did I do or say wrong Kenny”!!?

By time the texting session concludes, she’ll either hate my guts or wanna throw the pussy my way.

Now I know this totally goes against community rules of being non-reactive and non-argumentative.

But if it’s 1 part of my Game that I’m totally incapable of tweaking and ridden myself of, is the willingness to cuss a ***** out whenever she becomes bitchy or indifferent.

And frankly; I don’t wish to fix this part of my Game.

Some women can use a verbal beat down in order to conform to being fucked, accept the date, come over to the crib or quit the childish games.

Hence the theme of this article: She’ll either give up the pussy, or hate me with a fervent passion for acting like an insensitive asshole (which is ok with me).

I’m not advocating that other men reading this should adopt my flow.

Not every guy is equipped with steel balls to really disrespect a woman, especially when he has a “Scarcity Mentality” [it’s either her or no pussy].

However,men like I am (rare as flying donkeys), come from an “Abundance Mentality”, where no 1 chick is so precious and regal, that we’d sell out and bow to bitchy behavior just to penetrate her vagina.

You will NEVER see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Ok then. We’ll talk later”.

[SMFH @ the generic-Beta male response which comes from 90% of men who are desperate to get laid].

But you’ll always see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Bitch, your time ain’t worth shit. Suck this dick and gag and let me know how you like it”.

Jessica: “WTF was that for!!? Dude you’re so friggin’ rude and a jerk-off”!!!

Me: “Respect my time. Either you’re down [DTF] or not. But I’m 2 sec. from deleting your ass”.

Jessica: “Aight, I’ll see you tomorrow then when I’m done from the gym. Gosh”!!!

I expend and exhaust all my verbal resource until she either caves in to getting sexual, or become agitated by my persistence and asshole attitude.

I have nothing to lose with such an asshole approach to such entitlement chicks.

In fact, the only way to lay such girls [young-entitlement whores] with the least amount of flakes and head-games, is via Asshole Game, and communicating that you’ll not beg, be docile nor supplicate just to get a piece of her cherry pie.

She’ll either value my time, get with the program and come get this dick.

Or she’ll hate my guts and asshole style, and wish that I was hit by a train tomorrow so she could celebrate my death and take dumps all over my tombstone.

I religiously abide by the theory that there are more fish in the sea, so I’m never hesitant to piss 1 off (who wasn’t DTF anyway), to then pick up 3 more in order to weed out the 1 who’s DTF’able.

Every lass I pickup, will undoubtedly get to meet my little shtick quite early, and know that I’m not the guy to bullshit around without expecting a hail of verbal-ballistic missiles which will pound her into submission or run for cover.

Go hard or go home!!

Never give up half way!!

Push until you get the girl or until she hates your guts and deletes you!!

The more you play it safe with any particular girl; the less chances you will have to actually hook up with her,and you’ll end up in the dreaded friendzone being strung along for months on end.

Better off pushing the limits now while the initial attraction is still there.

Not many men will subscribe to my method of all or nothing and being verbally abusive.

But in this age of wanton vulgarity, these PYT’s (Pretty Young Things) aren’t looking to hook up with passive Betas who are just too afraid to get nasty and disrespectful.

I don’t play it safe with ANY woman I pickup (online or in person).

I’ll prefer to know if she’s down right now, than to be strung alone for 3 months, to then find out that she’s NOT down (DTF).

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  1. Lol man you are unbelievable but I know this shit works because I’ve tried it on a few dating sites in the past when I was younger and I was just laughing my ass off lol


    1. LMAO you calling me out huh?

      Before I go there,let me 1st.explain:

      It’s a #’s game(as we say in pickup). The average guy will spend 3 months or more(even a year) trying to crack this 1 specific special girl. He’s obviously playing it safe an non-confrontational.

      At the same time,he’s lost out of 100 other women by focusing on 1(and to then get friendzoned a year later).

      So that’s why we teach in pickup to play the #’s game. If a girls isn’t into you instantly,NEXT her until you find 1 who is. But don’t waste 6 months on 1-2 girls.

      You can agree with that concept right(it’s pretty logical)??


  2. What bad advice to give men who may be trying to look someone decent and outstanding.

    Kenny,you don’t know who this is…well you probably do from the tone but you haven’t toned down the shit yet?

    Not everything will go your way with all women.

    Yes we were involved and still keep in touch through faceboak but you took same approach with me and was shocking.

    Well like u say I guess it shows which female is real from the ones who just want to lead men on and not be real


    1. @HotTamale- It doesn’t have to always resort to a cussing out.
      If the girl is being genuine and real,then a cussing is totally avoidable and we all get along and ride to the moon eating cherries.


      When she becomes bitchy,she deserves a tongue-lashing. Isn’t that a fair tradeoff?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    1. Lmao I hear you man! It can be quite challenging to let the cannon go when sober.

      And the point of it all is that HB’s(especially ones between ages 18-27) are so acclimated to getting what they want,they would string guys along for months if they see nothing aggressive about him.

      Obviously,this techniques doesn’t have to be utilized with ever target or every chick you’re chatting up online.

      It’s solely for the ones who become bitchy and itching for a fight.

      A woman(aggressive or young one)will NOT,and I mean NOT be attracted to a man who is afraid or unwilling to fight with her and put her in her place.


  3. You better be like King Kong with the biggest, bestest dick ever after talking that much shit. First of all, that approach would never work with me but I know some chics that it might…smh! The games men play and sad we fall for them!


    1. Lol I hear you.
      But first of all;it’s not an approach. I don’t approach women that way. What I was tryna communicate is that when women become attitudish towards the guy,his only hope left of seeing her is to curse her ass out or deflate her ego some. So this is not to be used on women who are being interactive and cool. It’s for catty bitches.
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      1. I understand. I just hate when dudes do that to me. LOL! But I have seen that happen and the girl be going off on him and then later she moaning! WTF!!!


          1. I would like to interview women who has fell for this and ask them why in the hell did they fall for this.


          2. Serenity,there’s nothing to fall for.. This isn’t a trick or even technique. It’s a mentality. An Abundance mentality as we say in seduction. The fact and mentality that the world has more women than men,so a guy shouldn’t be hesitant to lose a prospect by getting aggressive and verbally abusive.

            Women fall for it[I hate using that term for this] because they know they’ve fount an Alpha male/badass who won’t take her shit.
            Sent from my BlackBerry® device


          3. I don’t think it’s just reverse psychology. I think it’s the respect factor. When you said ‘respect my time’, you show that you think of yourself and your time highly, and the fact that you want to spend the time with her makes you more attractive.
            But if a dude cursed me out after I got bitchy with him, I would be one second away from deleting him!


          4. I totally agree with you Bossy. But there’s a subtle thing I need to clarify. In pickup,we have a mindset that “we men are the prize”;not the girl. We reverse the whole role that women should be treasured while men neglected as 2nd.class. So,when you say that I’d want to communicate to the girl that I want to spend my time with her. No no no! She should want to spen her time with me because I’m the prize. She’s not gonna meet another fun guy like I am in the next 6 months,so she better want to hang out soon(now)or never. It’s her lost. That’s what PUA’s communicate to the women we meet. Not that we’re dying to hanbg out with her(since we can hang out with 100 other women),but she should be dying to hang with us,or that lame boring guy she’s been hanging with the past 3 weeks.
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  4. It I was whore-like. I fuck your brains out up until the point until you are about to orgasm and hop up & say thank you, now finish by your damn self! LOL!


          1. You are right…that’s why I didn’t say you would want to cum in my poonanny! **signing off** lol


  5. One last thing…I have to respect your game because you are honest and I know it’s dudes out here that really does this and it work.


    1. Of course guys do this. Just in the wrong context and wrong way. But a guy who can utilize it good will begin to find 2 things happen:
      1.)He’ll be weeding out and getting rid of women who didn’t wanna get to know him anyway.
      2.)He’ll begin to meet women who are down with what he’s down for.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


      1. Shrugs, I guess. I rather men not do this. I hate to see a grown man throwing a freaking tantrum because they can’t have their way…and instead of them bruising my ego I crush theirs! Trust me! LOL


    1. Nice punchline comment Bogs.

      And you do get where I’m coming from when I say that some women may need to be bashed whenever they get all bitchy?

      Or are you totally against getting verbally aggressive with women(let’s say online for instance)?


      1. I think if she is being bitch she is not worth my time. I think it is easier to find a new girl who will treat you good than deal with one who sounds like a broken record. I have a policy 100% drama free life. I will just move on

        You on the islands so you game is adjusted to chicks there.

        In the old days growing in Russia, if I were talking to Russian chick and she gave me attitude, I just knew she is a bitch and I better off moving on.

        But its might not work for you, from my limited observations black chicks for some reason give a lot of shit during the initial approach, until guy persist and persist and than she cracks smile and softens up, but not before making him work hard.

        Might be cultural you know lol


        1. Ok cool. That’s understandable. I’m not advocating doing this in set and in field. If a chic gets bitchy in set,the most I’ll do are negs,try lowering her value,then leave when those fail.
          However online,I believe that the target will view you as a pussy for not standing ground and for not being dominant.

          What do you say?
          Sent from my BlackBerry® device


          1. I do not do text game like you (and from what I saw your text game i good). I keep texts only to figure out logistics, I try to keep all my interactions with her face to face.


          2. Ok cool. Thanks for the props.
            Well,texts should just be used for logistics of a meet up,etc. I hate text game in fact(I’ve said it many times). Haven’t seen you post in days. What’s up? Still doing improv?
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    1. Lol well it can always use some tweeking.
      Beauty about routines and techniques is that
      once can incorporate them into their method in a way that’s congruent.
      And the concept is pretty clear; a woman will NOT respect a man who cannot and will not put up a fight.
      Being passive with AMOG’s,or passive when the
      target gives you major shit is the kiss of death.


      1. hear you dude. You sound like you know how to
        get what you want from women. I’m in high
        school currently and still trying to make a
        breakthrough though lol, I mean I have the looks
        and the social status but its just a philosophy that
        I’m lacking. It’s weird cause I know bitches want
        me, I know cause they give me the IOI’s, but
        usually I just go head-first talking to them but the
        impression of me is a “Nice guy”, but fck I dont
        think that gets you pussy lol. Do you have other
        threads or info that can point me in the right
        direction, so I actually have a plan lol.


        1. So your striking point is you give off the “nice guy” vibe?

          Well in that case,you should stop giving off the nice-guy vibe and put a little edge into your game(a lot of edge in your case).

          Or perhaps it’s the fact that you don’t push the interaction nor transition[which are all part of the philosophy].

          What do you think is the main issue with not getting results: too nice,not pushing the interaction? I don’t wanna direct you to a bunch of resources that you don’t need.


          1. thanks for the advice dude and again you
            brought up fair points. but What do you mean by
            adding edge? and I guess I’m not pushing the
            interaction, you hit the nail on the coffin on that
            one. Pretty much I can make them laugh and
            make conversations, but I guess I havent really
            tried to do anything after that, it’s just like I’m like
            thinking maybe I’m being too friendly but
            shouldnt you be that way at first?


          2. you should be friendly and playful at
            But don’t be friendly in a non-sexual way. Be
            flirty,go KINO(touch) and banter.
            Just being friendly will land you in the friendzone.
            Being friendly,playful,flirty and fucking with her
            (or them) will get you on the right path to f-


  6. dude verbal lashing rly works when the woman is acting bitchy.u knw most guys spend a lot of time around a woman who is bitch having faith that she wil change but she never changes.the paradox of being an asshole to attract is that it doesn,t make logical sense bt it works.so the nice guy stuff that men is logical bt its also foolish to keep doing wat doesn,t work.man i see tht u rly love being a badass..


    1. @Snarg- I didn’t lay the smack down because it
      wasn’t needed.
      Dude,yall keep missing the point. I do not do this
      with every chic. I only employ asshole game when
      the target is being flakey and bitchy.
      But in cold approaches, why the hell would I do
      that when the girl hasn’t flaked not gotten
      I only employ asshole game online or via text or
      phone game. Never in person since I have the girl
      right there.


  7. I’m not sure if your being serious with this thread
    but, I disagree completely with your entire style to pickup. First, behaving angry at a women or even behaving that way means that you significantly care about her opinion. It’s being extremely reactive. She feels it and it’s unattractive. Also, The fact that your own reality is dominated by her reality (she is affecting your state of emotions means she is getting to you). An emotionally strong person controls their emotions at their own will. They have such a strong sense of their own
    reality( or in other words a very strong frame)
    that other people’s actions have no affect on their beliefs. If you have an extremely strong frame and you believe a women likes you, you will believe it no matter what she does or what others tell you. If you have a strong frame your own thoughts and beliefs are superior to others, your frame is stronger than theirs. If you truly believed she liked you, why would you be angry at her? You would assume she’s pmsing/had a bad day/ needs space or whatever and you wouldn’t want
    to be around her when she’s like that anyway.
    This is how you would treat a gf, who you are
    super confident likes you… it’s the same thing.
    I like the persistence part, but I persist with a
    smile and a flirtatious attitude that vibes I know she’s into me and she can’t resist forever… Not a have sex with me now or i’m going to reject you attitude which is an insecure attitude to many high quality women. They will think your ultimatum comes from uncertainty of and frustration with it.
    Also if a girl hates you, you can’t use her for social proof in venue’s, you won’t be able to build any more attraction and eventually lay her. you will have just straight up wasted your time with her. also a very high quality girl may not tolerate such dlv behavior. If a girl doesn’t bite, I befriend her say, hey I just want to be friends, I can now take her out with other friends and walk her around a
    venue for social proof/ I can pawn her off, meet
    her friends etc….I can have drunken friend
    threesomes with her as well. Also more
    importantly, if she’s a very high quality women I will have more time to build attraction/comfort and can seduce her later.


    1. I was being serious,although it did come off in a theopritical way.

      This isn’t my style of pickup at all. It’s my style of text game when dealing with HB’s who become bitchy.

      You’re totally wrong with the way you’re reading into this.

      It’s a huge difference with being reactive as
      opposed to an Alpha badass who isn’t afraid to put entitled women in their places.

      For instance,as I said in the original post
      above,young women of today are NOT going to respect guys who are afraid to get nasty and disrespectful.

      This isn’t the 1800’s.

      The reason why older men(let’s say in their 40’s)have a hard time laying girls in their 20’s is primarily because the older guy doesn’t understand the trends of today.

      Try seducing a 20 year old who’s bitchy by being passive,and I guarantee you won’t get an inch with her.


  8. man most guys mic out e point that women also do tht to men ie verbal lashing and most man give in.another thing if u remain silent sometimes women think that silent consent and she continues with her bitchy attitude.smtimes its a turn on for women if u shw sme claws.most of women intentionally do tht bitchy stuff so fucking telling tht she doing sme shit shws tht u are nt a puss but a man who deserves sme respect!sme guys don-t get it and wil never get it bro..


    1. Great points. I absolutely understand everything you’re saying. Once a man give in to the verbal lashing,it’s over!She won’t respect him,and she’ll run the fuck over him like a bulldozer and treat him like a Beta wussy. And silence is consent(in her eyes)
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  9. “I’m a huge advocate of the saying that some women need to be cursed out,shamed,degraded,verbally abused and brought to the brink of tears when need be.”

    Are you kidding me? You are a weak man. Ever thought of seeking help?


    1. Weak men seek to gain favor with women.
      Weak men seek to please people.
      Weak men are afraid to offend people.
      Those 3 traits are not apart of me.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  10. You’re turning this good kid into a Monster…I mean Alpha lol
    Social K you’re fucking up my brain positively man!
    This here,answered many of my question,had it been I stumble on your blog earlier,Lord knows what I had become.even thought my aim is nt to lay as much girls as possible,having the right tool,knowing and leaning how real men (Alpha) play will sure help me when I spot the right girl…thanks K
    Your blog…I call it MAAD city lol


    1. Lol MAAD city is a good name for this site lol :). Overall though, it’s about the attitude and eliminating girls who don’t want to be real. I’m tired of adding chicks to my BBM who aren’t real and aren’t really trying to get to know me or hook up but just trying to brag to her friends that she has 200 BBM contacts


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