When Gaming Extremely Hot Girls On Social Media: Secret Society Members Recognize Each Other

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“Watch Her Qualify Like A Muthafucka In The Presence Of A High-Value Player”.

Anyway, so leaving off from the previous post, just as I predicted; she hits up my inbox right away after I stopped responding to her comments on her status. This was done strategically to reel her in.

I counted to 10, and my Messenger went off…as predicted…as always. Girls are super predictable. All women operate the same!!!!

Anyway, so check how the dialogue went. Remind you that this is absolutely the 1st time she and I ever communicated.

I want you to also take note of the dynamics here: here is a hot girl whom I doubt EVER hits a guy up first on social media…EVER! And here she goes hitting me up first…on her own free will while I chill back and waited for her message to come.

Moreover, this is a girl who blows off tons of guys on a regular basis, toys with guys, shames guys, out/expose guys by posting their screenshots to her FB as means of making fun of guys and calling them thirsty and desperate…and lame! Yet, she hits me up, chasing me, trying to make convo, QUALIFYING, while I ultimately brush her off by using my favorite technique of telling the girl “I’ll hit you up another time”.

Which guys would do/say that to such a hot girl?

None! Except a high-value guy who’s a fellow member of the secret society of players, which is dominated by women.

So, who’s doing the qualifying here? Who’s pushing for rapport here?

Speaking of rapport, the mistake that these guys made (almost every guy does), is that they tried to FORCE Rapport/comfort from the get go as their opener, by asking the girl if they can get to her know. Why the fuck would you open a girl with that!!!?

Anyway, I’ll speak more about that in a subsequent post.

So guys, what’s the magic here overall? Is it my Denzel Washington looks? 🙂


It’s the fact that I’m well aware [having Social Awareness] that you CANNOT or Should NOT use direct game on hot girls on social media! Why not? Such girls get hit on too fucking much! The only way to get their attention (initially) is via Indirect Game, but not hitting on them at all! Just as you’ll see me do; I did NOT hit on her, nor did I compliment her (directly).

Now, what is the overall benefit of my approach here? Having the girl qualifying herself and trying to prove to me that she has guys chasing her, it means (in her mind) that I’m high(er) value. Hence, she would never reject me if I were to game her, try to get her # and a so-called date. All this is possible because of an innocuous comment on her post, and the fact that I’m not chasing her.

Whenever a woman meets a man who’s a fellow member of the secret society of players, she goes Bonkers and opens up to him.

Read: http://bristollair.com/2008/inner-game/nature-reality/secret-society/

So check out how she shames guys for me [note: she’s a total stranger].

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When Gaming Extremely Hot Girls On Social Media: Shaming The AFC Betas

[Originally posted to social media on July 29th, 2017]

When gaming an extremely hot girl- any relatively hot-looking girl- you have to make her know (INDIRECTLY) that you are a fellow member of the Secret Society of players [written of by RSD Own/Tyler], and a fellow high-value individual.

One way in which I passively do this, is by tooling, shaming and AMOGGing other guys: directly or indirectly on Facebook, for their lack of game and AFC-ish ways.

Note: High-Value Girls only fuck with High-Value guys! You don’t actually have to be high value. You just have to give off that impression as I did when I commented on this chick’s posts not long ago.

Note: this girl is extremely hot! Hence, you cannot use direct game in order to reel her in and game her!

Now, I want you to observe just how I reeled her in and got her to inbox me first (for the 1st time), without me doing anything besides making 1 comment on her FB post (which led to a string of comments).

I want you to take note of how I got her attention in a big way, which forced her to inbox me…as I predicted since it always happens like clockwork once I make such comments on a girl’s post, shaming other guys for having lame game.

In the last screenshot, you will notice how elated she was, to finally meet a guy online who fucking gets it, that dropping off your # (with no dialogue) is a lame move…just to name a few lamery.

Anyway, so it was @ that point that the attraction switch was flipped, to where she seen me as a high-value guy in the know. Although she’s a hot girl who commands much adoration from chodes. She recognized that I was of higher value that her.

So, check out the exchange on her status, where I tooled guys who hit her up in a lame way. And although we agreed with each other, I wasn’t doing so in a kiss-ass way [that’s a key point].

And stay tuned to my follow-up post to where she immediately hits me up once she realizes I was the shit. She began to qualify her ass off.

Read: http://bristollair.com/2008/inner-game/nature-reality/secret-society/


Girl Confirms PUA Tactics As True

[Posted earlier to social media]

Sometimes you have to play dumb just to get information. 
Earlier today, this chick messages me about girls commenting on my Facebook posts and stuff.
What was really interesting is how she confirms some major PUA concepts as true, such as:

She also went on to confirm how my Facebook game method of posting provocative stuff, reel women in.
She also went on to confirm that women secretly love guys who are provocative, players and so forth.
Now, the things is; I obviously already knew all of this. But she has no clue that I teach this stuff and live by this stuff. So that made for an interesting convo as I played naïve and dumb to the Game tactics that she was putting me onto.
BTW guys, it’s funny because this same chick right here, I’d picked her up almost a year ago on Facebook, by using the same tactics she spoke about. 
Either way guys, it’s always a good thing to have women confirm the things which so many guys in and outside of pickup, call bullshit and unworkable. 
Anyway, so here’s the chat log from earlier when she hit me up out of the blue on Whatsapp. Hopefully from now on, there won’t exist any further question in your mind as to whether seduction tactics work [mines or pick-up in general]

#DHVWorks #PreselectionWorks #WomenLovePlayers #WomenLoveAssholes


[Her messages in white]

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