The “Occupy Valentine’s Day” Movement.


Manosphere blogger, The Private Man, had actually gotten the ball rolling first with his post [Occupy Valentines Day]. So it’s only right that I perpetuate the message.

So – we’ve had “Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Main, Occupy SOPA (those MOFOs who’re trying to censor the net)…we’ve had all kinds of “occupy movements” as of late. But I’m revving this shit up a notch!!

Betas; move the fuck over to the side!!

Men with “Game”, and pick-up artists, are quite friggin’ disgusted that it’s 2012, and there are still men out there (or wannabe-men) looking forward to Valentine’s Day with hearts, chocolates and roses on their agendas [SMDH].

Please do us real men a favor and Kill ya’llselves!!

Ok, that might’ve been a tad drastic: well-slap ya’llselves then!!

Beta-Males have been fucking it up for Alpha-Males way too long.

I’ll be damned if my GF approaches me expecting new lingeries, matching bra-panties, an expensive box of chocolates, roses…and to top it off: a romantic night on the town[NOOOO!!!!]!

*Let me make this clear: There’s nothing wrong with treating your woman/GF/wife to nice things (if she’s deserving).

The problem comes in where you have PUSSIES, BETAS, SIMPS, TRICKS, and NICE-GUYS buying girls shit for Valentine’s, when they haven’t even sampled the “ pink flesh” as yet!

We real men (Alpha’s), have to get serious, to start setting a new policy when it comes to what we SHOULD and should NOT do for Valentine’s.

If the Betas and wussy-nice guys won’t get on board: let’s throw them all in the fucking river to drown!!!

Any guy who spends a red centavo [this Valentine’s] on a chic whom he hasn’t banged yet: he should be castrated and burned at the stake for committing treason against the mankind.

Viva el Alpha male!!

Death to St.Valentine and his money-making day!

Fuck Cupid up the ass with the bow and arrow!

Have the gall and balls to occupy Valentine’s Day guys!

Get the hell off the couch, put down that bag of potato chips, call your buddies and inform them of the lock-out!

Grab your banners and placards, head to your nearest town square, mall or Victoria Secret, and let’s chant: “We Won’t Spend!! We Won’t Spend!! We Won’t Spend!!!

Notice: For those who wanna grow some balls and sign up, feel free to contact one of the following Alphas: The Private Man, Soloist , Alpha Persona, Donlak, Jordan, Krauser PUA, Bronan, Alpha Wolf,Blaze, Justin PUA, Roissy, Reema, Danny from 504

Or dial 1-800 Alphamen.

BTW, my fellow pick-up artist from Seaside Heights (Jersey Shore), Jersey Boy PUA , writes a lot about romance with an alpha touch [doesn’t know if he still updates his blog though].

Jersey Boy PUA making it happen. 20120203-151119.jpg Jersey Boy PUA at PUA Summit. 20120203-155014.jpg

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