Every kid should LOVE living in America!!!


Aah…! Where else on the globe can a child curse, swear and use obscenities like: shit, fuck, damn, stupid, ass without getting the shit slapped out of them or a tree branch shoved up their little asses? Welcome to America kids lol-any thing goes!

If your ungrateful parents dare to put their slimy hands on you[beating]: Just report those MOFO’s to your kindergarten teacher or junior high counselor, and they’ll be sure to dispatch the gregarious child-protective services to whisk you away to the loving government of the USA or foster care. Wouldn’t that be nice kiddies? YEA!!!!

Children rule in America. Parents are walking on thin ice like 3-strike felons SMH.

This past Summer at a family picnic (at the park), my younger brother almost got into some serious trouble with the law, when he accompanied his OWN daughter to a bathroom to pee. An officer spotted him and ran to the rescue LMAO! Despite everyone at the family picnic vouching for my brother as being ‘the dad’: the cop was still pressing the issue that some wrong doing was going down! Oh-and you KNOW the cop was a black dude [it’s always your own]!

So kiddies, whenever your dad tries to accompany you to a PUBLIC restroom to take a #1 or 2-what should you do? [Kids proclaiming] Call the cops!!! Hahaha that’s right. Remember this is America: kids are the parents.

I have a background story to share with y’all kids [kids proclaim: yay!!].

When I was a child coming up, despite living in America, I still had a strong-morally influenced background from the Caribbean upbringing. We were taught that cursing was bad, and not to be used by kids under any circumstance. If we did curse,it was without a doubt that the wrath of Satan was to visit our asses via a thick leather belt or tree branch. And we were to be grounded for days, all privileges stripped, and handed a severe beating by the principal at school the following day. Corporal punishment in school is LEGAL in the Caribbean. That means,a teacher or principal could LEGALLY give your mischievous little fucking brat a grand spanking.

I can hear Americans cringe at the thought of a teacher whipping their childs’ asses lmao.

So kiddies, be thankful that you’re living in a moral-less nation where anything goes. Tell the teacher to Fuck off, and there’s nothing he/she could do about it. Don’t you love America kids? [kids proclaim: fuck yea Mr. SocialKenny]!

And if your ungrateful parents dare raise a finger at you:remember 911. Send their asses straight off to the big house for child endangerment, battery on a minor…Don’t worry, the lovely state prosecutor will ensure that your parents never get a chance to spank you again (as they’ll be rotting in jail where they belong).

Let me hear an amen for America kids!

[Kids proclaim]: Amen!! God bless America. The only place on Earth where a kid can be free!!!

BTW, in the Caribbean, and most likely 99% of the world’s countries, where kids have no freedom(since they don’t deserve it,being that they’re too young), parents are FREE to accompany their children to the bathroom (public or private).

*Parents are FREE to govern their own children (since they birthed them, which should give them that innate right).

*The state has no jurisdiction over any parent’s child (as it should be).

*No peace officer/cop could be stupid enough to intervene in any situation he sees going down between a parent and child (short of homicide or actual rape).

*When a child misbehaves,the parents beat them, and it doesn’t psychologically scar the kids for life (as some bullshit American child psychologist may want you to believe).

Children are children, which means subordinates, and should be treated that way. America needs to stop playing big-brother or big daddy, quick to intervene in domestic issues which families should be the SOLE party to rectify any issues.


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