How To Handle A Breakup And Spot The Signs Of Your Girlfriend Breaking Up With You [Pickup Podcast #176]

Dan Dennick

Dan Dennick

I recalled this great episode of the Pickup Podcast Show with special guest, Dan Dennick, a former Pickup coach, the author of “Over her overnight”, who now specializes in teaching men how to deal with breakups.

In this episode (from 2012), you will have learned:

* The signs of a dead relationship.

* How to know when she’s contemplating to dump you.

* How women manage breaking up with a guy.

* What to do or say when you see her with another guy.

* Dopamine and bodily chemicals in breakup.

* Should you break up with her first as a preemptive strike?

* The wrong way to go about getting over the breakup.

* Why it’s 100 times easier for the girl (the dumper) to deal with the breakup.

* Employ the “No woman diet”.

* Rule out any possibility of getting her back (if she’d left you).

* How to get over the ex-girlfriend.

* Strategies of getting back into the dating market.

This is a very powerful podcast and it totally relates to my previous article on Breaking up and getting laid.

You can download the free episode from the direct link below: 1 hour, 22 MB file size.

Download the pickup podcast episode here.

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