Juilen Blanc…A Year After The Media Drama

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I checked out any video from Julien Blanc ever since his well publicized media crucifixion for what he teaches.

Since the situation, I felt that Julien had watered down his message and teachings because of the media which had painted him as a rapist of some sort.

What a horrible time it was though for the pickup community. I was even dragged into the fray as the PUA-hating Jezebel.com featured an article where they mentioned me for coming to Julien’s aide as the situation broke.


In hopes to vindicate Julien, I even went out of my way to upload a video which I had stolen from the Biography network channel, to my channel.

The stolen video had hit immediately after the scandal in a timely fashion.

The segment on the Biography channel clarified for the masses that Julien Blanc wasn’t teaching men how to rape women, but how to chat them up.

In light of that, I honestly felt that Julien fell off and started to teach some watered-down crap, so I hadn’t watched any of his recent videos.

Interestingly enough, his latest video is some vintage shit: classic hard-hitting Julien Blanc.

I’m impressed that he’s back to teaching in his raw style.

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