The real-deal truth about PUA bootcamps, the PUA Summit and KTLA news fail [in the views of Johnny Wolf]

Every now and then, I come across an interesting yet controversial community article worthy of posting on my blog.

Sort of my way of getting my fix of seduction-community drama [which I’m no stranger to].

In this article, Johnny Wolf takes some covert shots and digs at fellow guru VK Vince Kelvin.

I wonder how this sort of politics will play out among the community in the following weeks as others catch whiff of Johnny Wolf’s pokes.

[Article written in December, 2012 by Johnny Wolf of The Social].

“The real deal truth about PUA bootcamps, the PUA Summit and KTLA News Fail”

Johnny Wolf, PUA guru instructor, founder of the PUA Summit

Johnny Wolf, PUA guru instructor, founder of the PUA Summit

There are some things I know about Bootcamps and the community that I never said publicly, but here it is.

The Truth about the PUA Summit:

Here’s the raw deal about the PUA Summit.

The reason why I first started it was because I wanted to meet all of the legends of pick up without having to spend $2,000 to take their bootcamps.

I was very proud to go on the hunt looking for the best teachers in the world and bring them to one place.

David Wygant

David Wygant

In 2007, before the PUA Summit no one in the community ever heard of David Wygant until I discovered him and brought him in.

In 2008, I discovered AFC Adam Lyons and introduced him to the U.S.

AFC Adam Lyons, PUA guru instructor out of London

AFC Adam Lyons, PUA guru instructor out of London

However for every amazing speaker and coach at the PUA Summit, I also allowed some really shit guys to speak.

Here’s the truth behind it.

PUA Summit gathering

PUA Summit gathering

Some of the guys, I didn’t know were shit. They had great reputations, and it wasn’t until they were on stage did I realize they were full of bullshit.

Other guys that my partner found, I had never heard of.

Some of them turned out to be fantastic and others not so much. But the real reason why I never did any quality control is because I wanted people to see for themselves before they invested in the speaker’s products or bootcamps.

I figured that by the audience meeting the guru in person, and seeing them speak back to back with others you’d be able to figure out quite quickly who’s legit and who’s not.

Unfortunately, and I apologize for this, some guys, especially newbies, couldn’t tell the difference and got pulled into the speaker regardless.

Also we weren’t the first.

There was one in 2004 called the LA PUA Summit organized by Herbal aka Tynan from “The Game” [the PUA Bible].

Then in 2004, 2005 and 2006 there was the Cliff’s List Convention in Canada.

Vince Kelvin and I started the PUA Summit together in 2007 and hosted it 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 together.

Now there are tons of PUA Conventions across the U.S. and the world including The 21 Convention, and the PUA Super conference hosted by Love Systems, and now there is the Ultimate Pick Up Convention.

Working with Vince Kelvin:

VK Vince Kelvin, PUA guru instructor

VK Vince Kelvin, PUA guru instructor

I can see why Vince gets a lot of shit from people and creates lots of enemies. He’s wild, emotional, and really really out there.

He also uses crazy marketing tactics. However, Vince has never done me wrong.

He’s never screwed me over, and he’s never lied about anything.

He is also one of the few instructors in the pick up community that isn’t afraid to put his balls on the line and approach and demonstrate, anywhere and everywhere.

Nobody is perfect, and I don’t necessarily want to associate my name with someone that wild, but when it comes down to it, I have nothing bad to say about VK and as far as I know, he gives his students tons of value for their money in his live programs.

Like literally, he’ll take guys out in field for 12 hours straight.

That’s the reason why Jack the Ripper, JTR never had anything bad to say about Vince until recently.

He knows that Vince Kelvin took him under his wing when he was starting out.

The story behind the SoCal lair and Casanova Crew:

I started the So-Cal Lair in 2006 because there wasn’t an active lair in Southern California when I got into the community.

All we had was an old Yahoo Group that was no longer maintained.

The So-Cal Lair became the biggest Lair in California and was one of the biggest in the world.

A few years later, some of the members of So-Cal Lair including JTR, Jack the Ripper started the Casanova Crew.

At that time I had started traveling a lot to teach bootcamps with the ABCs of Attraction and Asian Playboy and didn’t have time to run the lair.

I ended up moving out of California and really didn’t have incentive or time to maintain it.

The SoCalLair has been dead for a few years now.

Money, Marketing, and Pick Up, here’s the truth.

Pick Up has become a business for many people, including myself for a number of years, it was my full time job. Because money is involved you have to watch out.

The messed up thing about the PUA Community and what makes it confusing is that there is a lot of life changing, amazing things mixed in with a lot of bullshit that doesn’t work and is only there to make money.

Marketing: All marketing is bullshit, any website that says, “this product is only available for 24 hours”, or any speaker that says to you, “I’m going to give you 2 weeks of free access to my vault” is all trying to trick you into buying their products.

However, sometimes people need to be tricked into buying something they really need and will benefit from.

Things like the George Foreman Grill, NutriBullet, Ninja Chopping System, and booked like the 4-Hour Workweek and 4-Hour Body all have crazy marketing schemes to make us open our wallets, but at the end of the day, their products work and make our lives better, so why not?

The bad thing however is not wasting your money on the bullshit crap that doesn’t work.

PUA Fail on the KTLA Morning News:

Bro, that shit was embarrassing. The honest truth is we were all nervous as shit and I think the show wanted to make all pick up artists look like idiots.

That’s really about it, we were all just super fucking nervous from being in front of the cameras and TV crew.

Completely Made Up Pick Up Techniques: There is a lot of this out there.

Some are made into $300 products, but most are found online for free.

The problem isn’t just the money, but learning things that don’t work make you even worst off than not knowing anything at all, it makes you creepy.

The problem is figuring out what is legit and what’s not.

The best way is only take advice from guys that you’ve met in person.

You can usually tell if someone is full of shit or if they are genuine by meeting them.

PUA Bootcamps – A Waste of Money or the best thing you’ve ever spent your money on?

Matador leading bootcamp

Matador leading bootcamp

Here’s the really confusing thing about bootcamps.

There are hundreds of reviews online about pick up bootcamps, some of them say they are life changing and the best money they ever spent. While other reviews say it was rip off or a waste of money.

Then there are the ones that were never written at all, some guys got so much out of it, they found a girlfriend and never posted on a forum ever again.

And some guys felt so stupid after wasting $3,000 on a bootcamp, they quit the community and never got better.

So what the fuck is the truth?

Well let’s start with what the three main benefits of a bootcamp actually are and why for some people, it really does change their lives.

1. You learn the system of pick up. The difference between learning in a bootcamp vs. learning it in an eBook, video course or online through forums and articles is you learn what you are actually going to use that night. You learn an actual system, step by step instead of a bunch of concepts that you have to try to piece together.

2. You go out in field and actually have to do it. Someone is there pushing you to actually do the approaches. When you do it on your own vs. doing it in a bootcamp is like night and day difference in intensity. A lot of guys who come to the bootcamp end up doing more approaches that first night than they ever did in their entire life. And for other guys, it pushes you far beyond your comfort zone.

3. You get an expert to critique you and fix your problems including your body language, approach, opener, etc.

But I would say one of the biggest benefits is the fact that you’re paying $2,000 for a program makes you committed and willing to both learn and also push yourself.

Some guys really get their money’s worth, even double their money’s worth. While other guys don’t.

The two reasons why a bootcamp would be a waste of money is either you have a bad instructor that either doesn’t know what he’s teaching or doesn’t care. Or you are not willing to push yourself to try it and then keep it up after the bootcamp.

JT Tran, PUA guru coach of “The ABC’s Of Attraction”

Shitty Bootcamp Instructors and Programs:

There are a few reasons why your bootcamp instructor would be crap.

The most common one is that he either doesn’t care, or there are too many students that he can’t care if he tried.

When there are more than 8 students in a bootcamp it is literally impossible to care about them all.

A few of them might stand out and you’ll work with them, but I guarantee that if you’re in a class of 10+ students a few of them are not going to get the attention they paid for.

Other instructors just don’t care, they are either burnt out from teaching too much, or are just assholes relying on their name to bring them business.

You also have some instructors that actually suck, or they’re too new to know what they are doing.

Two rules, first, never ever take a bootcamp with an instructor that won’t demo.

If an instructor can’t or won’t demonstrate, live in person, in front of you at least once on the first day, you don’t want to learn from him.

Second, if a bootcamp is “free” or super cheap you get what you pay for.

The reason why I charge over one thousand dollars for my bootcamp is because it is a lot of fucking work.

It’s stressful, and both mentally and physically draining.

The Truth about Pick Up and Happiness:

I honestly think that if it wasn’t for pick up, a lot of guys wouldn’t have a second chance at life.

If you ask a hot girl what she thinks about guys learning game, they would usually say, if a guy is a loser or ugly he shouldn’t even try.

Well, I think that’s fucked up and that every guy deserves to try to better himself.

The PUA Community, Bootcamps and it’s tools allow you do have a second chance on life.

My honest advice is to get in and get out.

Learn the basics of game and don’t waste your time with lairs, forums, or impressing other pick up artists aka dudes.

Don’t look for the magic secrets, or the shortcuts. You need to put yourself out there and put in some real effort and face those hard rejections, but only after you’ve developed a solid foundation.

Why my bootcamps work: Secrets of my students success

The only reason why I don’t get more students laid during bootcamp or have wild stories every program is because my students usually require a lot of work just to catch up to normal guys.

When I taught bootcamps with Adam Lyons and David Wygant, their students were normal, decent looking, sociable White guys that just needed a few minor tweeks, a game plan, and a push.

I can get guys like that laid every weekend.

However, the majority of my students are Asian computer engineers that require their foundations knocked down and rebuilt from the ground up.

1. I actually genuinely care about all of my students, I make it a point to give all of them personal attention. You’ll be surprised how many bootcamp instructors won’t even bother learning everyone’s names.

2. I break things down simply and make you do things step by step. And we practice it in the classroom, a lot. My lectures are more than 50% practice because I know that’s what really makes you learn.

3. I demo and I actually use what I teach. A lot of instructors will teach one thing and do something totally different when they game.

I teach what actually works. If you read any of my bootcamp reviews most students say the same thing about me, “Johnny was like my big brother.” “He really cares” both things make me extremely happy and proud to be teaching bootcamps still.

I can honestly say that my bootcamps are worth every penny.

The reason why I continue to teach them is because I genuinely enjoy helping guys better their lives.

I never claimed to be the best pick up artist in the world, i’m not and I don’t want to be.

I’m 100% happy being a normal guy that happens to date the random hot white girl once in a while.

But I will claim that I’m one of the best bootcamp instructors in the world.

Best wishes to everyone out there,

Remember, learn the basics, man up and stop trying to impress other pick up artists, it’s a waste of time.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

See the original article: The real-deal truth about PUA bootcamps, the PUA summit and KTLA news fail.

The Ultimate PUA Seminar!

Casanova Crew

Casanova Crew (California)

Casanovafest 2012, Sunday, February 26th., Los Angeles.

*Created by: Casanova Crew
*Hosted by: Casanova Crew
*Starts: 2 PM
*Ends: 10 PM
*Location: Captain Hooks
3515 Eagle Rock BLVD.
Los Angeles, California
United States

Sunday Feb. 26th 2p-10pm $15 (order via link below)

Capt Hooks
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Casanovafest 2012 will be held on Sunday Feb 26th in Los Angeles, and promises to be the grandest PUA spectacle of all time! We have combined legendary veterans of the So Cal scene along with the newest exciting up and coming names for an event unlike any other.

What will make CC Fest 2012 an event unlike any other is that we will stress that instructors make this an interactive gathering; they will give live demonstrations with their female assistants and also take audience members to the stage and instruct them before us all on all the tips and techniques, do’s and dont’s, along with actual infield footage! This way you can actually see how its done up close and personal, and get a chance to get corrected by the coaches themselves!

Click here to secure your spot! Only 35 seats left!

We’ve gathered 7 of the biggest names in our scene.

CC FEST 2012 will feature:

Bravo (
Gareth Jones (ABC’s of Afftaction)
Brad P (Dating Underground)
Arash (Seductive Instinct)
Marni (Wing Girl Method)
DJ Fuji (Tao of DJ Fuji)
Kino5000 (Bad Intentions)

+ Plus a special surprise!

Hosted by the Infamous PUA Steamroller!

Most of these PUA seminars are boring as fuck because of lack of audience participation and many talks turn into the dreaded…..PITCH FESTS! Well this WILL NOT HAPPEN at CC FEST 2012.

You will not be asked to stand up and chant “YES YES YES YES” like some other gooroos! Youre intelligence will NOT be insulted with lame NLP tactics just to buy DVD’s and books.

SPEAKERS are NOT ALLOWED to turn their speeches into pitch fests at CasanovaFest. That was the biggest complaint of the “PUA Vummit”. All selling will be reserved until the very end and will not take over the presenations.

And for all those of you who have spent hundreds, if NOT THOUSANDS on these types of seminars, rest assured this event wont break you because….

Admission to CC FEST 2012 will only be $15!

Limited Tix Avail!

Order Now!

See you there!

You can order here:

The “Occupy Valentine’s Day” Movement.


Manosphere blogger, The Private Man, had actually gotten the ball rolling first with his post [Occupy Valentines Day]. So it’s only right that I perpetuate the message.

So – we’ve had “Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Main, Occupy SOPA (those MOFOs who’re trying to censor the net)…we’ve had all kinds of “occupy movements” as of late. But I’m revving this shit up a notch!!

Betas; move the fuck over to the side!!

Men with “Game”, and pick-up artists, are quite friggin’ disgusted that it’s 2012, and there are still men out there (or wannabe-men) looking forward to Valentine’s Day with hearts, chocolates and roses on their agendas [SMDH].

Please do us real men a favor and Kill ya’llselves!!

Ok, that might’ve been a tad drastic: well-slap ya’llselves then!!

Beta-Males have been fucking it up for Alpha-Males way too long.

I’ll be damned if my GF approaches me expecting new lingeries, matching bra-panties, an expensive box of chocolates, roses…and to top it off: a romantic night on the town[NOOOO!!!!]!

*Let me make this clear: There’s nothing wrong with treating your woman/GF/wife to nice things (if she’s deserving).

The problem comes in where you have PUSSIES, BETAS, SIMPS, TRICKS, and NICE-GUYS buying girls shit for Valentine’s, when they haven’t even sampled the “ pink flesh” as yet!

We real men (Alpha’s), have to get serious, to start setting a new policy when it comes to what we SHOULD and should NOT do for Valentine’s.

If the Betas and wussy-nice guys won’t get on board: let’s throw them all in the fucking river to drown!!!

Any guy who spends a red centavo [this Valentine’s] on a chic whom he hasn’t banged yet: he should be castrated and burned at the stake for committing treason against the mankind.

Viva el Alpha male!!

Death to St.Valentine and his money-making day!

Fuck Cupid up the ass with the bow and arrow!

Have the gall and balls to occupy Valentine’s Day guys!

Get the hell off the couch, put down that bag of potato chips, call your buddies and inform them of the lock-out!

Grab your banners and placards, head to your nearest town square, mall or Victoria Secret, and let’s chant: “We Won’t Spend!! We Won’t Spend!! We Won’t Spend!!!

Notice: For those who wanna grow some balls and sign up, feel free to contact one of the following Alphas: The Private Man, Soloist , Alpha Persona, Donlak, Jordan, Krauser PUA, Bronan, Alpha Wolf,Blaze, Justin PUA, Roissy, Reema, Danny from 504

Or dial 1-800 Alphamen.

BTW, my fellow pick-up artist from Seaside Heights (Jersey Shore), Jersey Boy PUA , writes a lot about romance with an alpha touch [doesn’t know if he still updates his blog though].

Jersey Boy PUA making it happen. 20120203-151119.jpg Jersey Boy PUA at PUA Summit. 20120203-155014.jpg

What’s up with these Pick-Up Gurus dissing Other PUA’s?


Man I’m friggin pissed with all the hypocrisy from these PUA gurus!!!

One minute, they’re enamored with the term PUA (pick-up artist).

The next: “Oh I’m not a PUA! Don’t call me a PUA! PUA’s are weird…,bla,bla,bla!

Aah STFU you winers!

Certain gurus [like Johnny Wolf], helped coined the term PUA and made it an underground house-hold name on the net. They were in loved with the concept or being a PUA.


Fast forward to 2011; they don’t want shit to do with the name PUA!


But do remember: the community made guys like Johnny Wolf into a fucking Rockstar! Classic case of biting the hand that feeds you ha.

Anyway, not too long ago on Facebook, Johnny posted a status update saying:

Any guy who adds him as friends with the word PUA attached to his name, he will NOT accept the request.

Wow! Talk about condescending!

Ok enough of Wolf.

20111201-162306.jpgAnother guru to play himself a while back was Speer aka SalPeer of He’s 1 of my favorite gurus by the way.

20111201-162946.jpgBut a few years ago, he was on a podcast with AJ & Jordan Harbinger of Pick-Up Podcast.Com(Speer’s interview), and Speer went on and on with his disses to the community and the term PUA! Although the community and Mystery made him!

Fast forward to 2011, Speer’s living in the Project Hollywood mansion, he dubbed himself 1 of the Kings of PUA, he co-organized the last PUA summit in LA the other day…!!!!

So he went from 1 of the best up-and-coming PUA’s [under Mystery & Love Drop], then turned a PUA hater around ’09, then a proclaimed PUA King in 2011!

Guys- don’t play both sides of the fucking fence!

I love Speer and his style of pick up for the record!

My Real Beef:

What I don’t like with all this back peddling is that those gurus seem to feel that PUA has a negative connotation as if it’s akin to “a dog, womanizer, etc.

Women don’t give a shit about a guy calling himself a PUA. She only cares about the results.

So if I say to my target that I’m a PUA, she’s not gonna run for the hills, “Oh you fucking womanizer”.

No! She’s gonna be intrigued, inquiring and curious: which leads to being attracted.

So all these gurus turned PUA haters need to take a chill pill with the bullshit and give props to the PU community which made them.

And by the way, all of those gurus still make a living selling products aimed at making the average frustrated chump into a PUA.

And isnt Johnny Wolf the owner of PUA Summit website?

So guys wanna make money off the name pick-up, but don’t wanna be associated with the name pick-up or PUA?

I commented on his latest blog post but he haven’t replied yet.

A few of us are ripping him a new one on Facebook right now as I type. But his ass ain’t responding to his comments on his Facebook status.

I used to think my man J Ripper, the owner of Casanova, was being too harsh with the criticism and parody on certain gurus. But now I realize he has good reasons to beat up on certain community guys for fronting.

Viva the PUA community!!!

My rant continues with a follow up post coming later on.


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