“Flirting, KINO Escalating And Being Playful To Get The Girl [In-Field Video]”

Ok guys,I’ve been pretty friggin’ busy as of the past week with Sarging[PUA term for looking girls] and shooting amateur infield videos of picking up chics.

The point of it all [in-field videos], is for men reading this blog (aspiring PUA’s) to get a visual idea of the concepts we teach in the PUA/Seduction community.

You can tell a person anything, but it only becomes real and legit when you can actually show it.

And BTW, this’ what we PUA’s do anyway, “Walk The Walk”, opposed to your generic,media-hyped dating experts and matchmakers who have no real-world experience in pulling ass.

What is KINO and KINO Escalate?

A PUA term for “Touching”.

KINO is like the 1st.commandement of pick-up; every successful PUA lives by it.

KINO Escalation is touching rapidly and more sexual, opposed to standard KINO.

The reason behind KINO (touching the target, i.e. the girl) is quite simple yet powerful.

The earlier, or the more you touch the girl [non-sexually], the more she becomes psychologically acclimated and used to your touch.

The more you touch her (KINO Escalate), the greater your chances to touch her sexually and lay her (later on).

The average guy(AFC’s as we call them) makes the mistake of NOT touching the girl he’s chatting up,thus he comes off as a-sexual and a pussy.

They fail to understand that the less you touch a woman, the greater the chances of her saying to you “LJBF” [putting you in the friendzone].

So KINO (touching) from the get-go says to the chic that you’re a physical, sexual, confident Alpha-Male.

However, there’s an art to KINO and touching women.

You don’t wanna go KINO and come off as sleazy, groping and annoying.

Many newbies/students to pick-up will do KINO wrong and actually piss off the target or get a , “Why are you touching me” shit test.

But over time with experience, one should learn how to CALIBRATE properly,touch her properly at the right moments, right way and right body part.

Field Report:

Ok,so I was sarging the other day and ran across some chics and a dude chillin’ in a park.

I approached them,opened the seated set and did my usual thing.

Found out she’s actually 18 and waiting on her BF at the park[classic lie].

I immediately fucked with her, toyed and bantered with her, push, pull, tug, tap and hit her.

Essentially being flirty with this random stranger chic.

At 1 point (in the short vid clip), her phone rang (some guy), and I playfully got closer to her to listen in and teased her and try dragging the phone from her.

This sort of vibe is the quintessential way you want to communicate with the target: light, fluffy, playful and fun, opposed to serious, quiet and reserved.

Especially when gaming teenagers, they’re so hyped and easily distracted, that you really have to use this sort of fun , flirty vibe to keep her attention.

The video was actually about 20 min. long, but I cut it just to display few playful moments of KINO and being playful.

I intentionally masked over the audio with some electronic music so guys will NOT pay attention to the “WORDS”, but more importantly, to the vibe and mood I’m creating.

At the end of the day, what should guys learn from this article and vid’ clip?

That girls love to have fun, and they won’t kill you for teasing them.

And the fastest way to a girl’s panties is through banter, touching and playfulness.

If you desire to take forever to f-close her; then do the opposite.

*Related article by the top female PUA coach, Kezia Nobles: Being Playful With Women.

Handling “Shit Tests” From Girls [Video Included]

What are “Shit Tests” aka “Congruency Tests”?

A popular-PUA community term to describe when the target says something bratty, bitchy or sarcastic to the guy who’s chatting her up.

She’s essentially giving the guy a hard time by asking difficult questions in hopes to stumble him and throw off his Game.

Women do this automatically. Doesn’t mean she hates you or isn’t interested. It’s just her nature to test you for qualification.

The reason she’s subconsciously doing this, is to find out if you’re a challenge, or a guy who will willingly give in to her shit tests by becoming super defensive.

The best ways to handle a shit test (as a guy), is to:

1.) Ignore it! Pretend as though you never heard the bitchy remark or question, and continue gaming.

2.) React to it “verbally” with something witty or sarcastic of your own (challenging her).

3.) React to it “physically” by motioning “Hush”, with a finger to your lips saying “Shhh”.

4.) Acknowledge it for a second, then continue to routine stack.

An interesting note about “Shit Tests”; women often times aren’t aware that they’re shit testing guys.

It’s an automatic response she has whenever guys chatting her up or hitting on her.

Whether she likes you or hates your presence; she will shit test you to see how congruent you are (or not).

If you fail her tests (often times, socially awkward guys do), then the attempted pick-up will begin to unravel and go downhill.

She will see you as a giant pussy who isn’t worthy of her time.

Then she’ll shit test your ass to death, to the point that you’ll either react the following ways [failing the shit tests]:

1.) Curse her ass out!

2.) Say to her, “Why are you being so difficult? I’m just tryna have a conversation [submitting to her].

3.) Make an excuse to leave by pretending that your phone rang, and you have to take an important call, “Excuse me Erika” [then sneak away].

Often times in the past, I’d resorted to cussing bitches out who would shit test me to death:

Classic Example:

Me: “Ok cool. So what’s your name by the way”?

HB: “I’m not gonna tell you. Why should I”?

Me: “Ok fuck you then bitch”!!!

That of course is the wrong way to handle a shit test [with few vasos of Malibu coconut rum in my system; this becomes an easy decision].


Not that it’s wrong to curse girls out (I do it often). But in the case of token-shit tests; it’s the wrong move, because you lose all together.

As an advanced PUA [MPUA], I NOW get what’s taking places when a woman tests me.

So, instead of getting angry [failing her tests], I become witty[passing her tests].

Women aren’t doing this to be diabolical bitches.

They’re subconsciously trying to find out if you’re a manly man who have wits about himself, or are you a doormat who’s socially uncalibrated, whom she can take advantage of at a game of wits?

*Now, in the 1st. Infield video clip, while out doing Day Game, I spotted an HB9 in front of a supermarket.

* I opened her, she shows interests (ioi’s), then she throws out some anticipated-shit tests [later in the chat, I found out she just graduated high school. Teenagers are shit-test gurus]

* We had about a 20 minute chat, but I edited the clip to just include the initial shit test.

* In this clip, I was taking a stroll in my neighborhood and spotted this chick.

* Later during the chat, I found out she was from Dominica, a Caribbean island which speaks English and broken French [they have a French accent].

* She shit tests me right away after I threw my opener.

* I’d edited this clip a lot to just include the “shit test” part. But we actually chatted about 5 minutes.

To watch more pick-up videos [night game, day game, “how tos”, etc.], click the chic to subscribe to my Youtube-video channel.

The “Gay-Test” Technique [to know if she wanna chat]

You can download the podcast version @ the following link: Download mp3

Disclaimer: This concept was originated by the PUA coach Gambler of PUA Training.

However, this as a technique/routine was put together by Socialkenny, with Socialkenny’s added insights.

If a guy were to come close to you, stand next to you [be it at a bar, club, store, wherever], give you googly/dreamy eyes, start chatting you up…

As a heterosexual, straight male: how would that make you feel?

Pretty fucking uncomfortable and anxious, right?

Now, as a straight male who’s uncomfortable with such actions from another male, what would you then do?

You would side step, move away or run for the fucking hills!!

You staying there,entertaining such advances by another male, communicates that you’re gay, or at least inclined to be hit on by men.

A gay man would see you as prime- fucking target LOL.

I don’t know about y’all, but for Socialkenny, whenever I’m @ the club or bar, and some random dude inches his way next to me (too close for comfort), looks at me at all in a cheesy way…

I’m moving!!

I’m taking few steps to the side just to avoid sending this dude the wrong signal, that he can just invade my personal space and I’ll be cool with it by staying there.

Any heterosexual man would move away also.

How does this relate to picking up women?

Use The “Gay-Test Technique” On Women (to know if she’s open to chatting with you)

Next time you’re at a bar, club, waiting in line at the grocery store, etc….

And you spot a hot girl you want to chat up (but not sure if she’s up for it): Do This:

•Invade her space!!

[Not face to face, but shoulder to shoulder laterally].

•Get close, but not actually touching to cause discomfort and be deemed a Social-Violator.

Now remember what a straight guy would do in this case (if another guy would stand so close): he would move away.

Likewise,if he or she does NOT move away, we can assume that they’re willing and open to be chatted up.

•So stand side to side (close) to this girl.

[You don’t have to say a word to her, but to say “hi” won’t be a bad idea].

•If she doesn’t move away after some seconds: she’s essentially open for conversing, or she’s even attracted to you (without you even knowing).

Picture a UG (ugly girl), or some gross, fat-unsightly chic standing beside you.

99% of men would take that instinctive step to the side, not wanting to be mistakenly associated with this unsightly mammoth.

You deem her unattractive!

Same concept with women: if she doesn’t draw away nor take that step to the side from you, (Assume) she’s fucking attracted to you and wanting to chat!!

So guys, field test this technique wherever you go.

Just stand close than usual to women and see how they react!

I do this all the time @ banks and the bakeries to gauge whether the girl is approachable or not.

Some reactions you may get (from her):

Negative Reactions
•Side step
•Funny look
•Head snap backwards or to the side (as if internally saying,WTF)
•Walk off
•Nervous tension
•Shit Tests (“Why are you so close to me”)

Positive Reactions:
•Peripheral look via eyes
•Subconsciously inches her way closer
•No reaction at all is a great reaction.

Download the podcast episode: Download mp3

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