Around the Seduction Community [posts I’ve read this week]

I read a lot!

Per day, I’d say that I read between 20-30 seduction/PUA articles from around the web…and that’s on a bad day.

The following posts I’d read and enjoyed over the past few days.

“The Plur Life: An Electric Daisy Ride To Remember” by Ajones PUA.

“6 Characteristics Of An Alpha Male (by Mystery)” by Renaissance.

“To Buy Or Not To Buy Drinks For Women” by Tony King.

“How To Sext: For Guys And Girls” by Manwhore.

“Rules Of The Game Day 1” by Cricket.

Guerrilla Warfare: Phone Game by Kino 5000.

“Top 10 Countries By Female-Sex Ratio” by Superman PUA.

“Update From PUA-World Summit 2012” by RSD Alex.

“China: Macau And Taipei In Taiwan” by Neil Skywalker.

“Club Game Escalation: Sexual State” by Steve Jabba.

“DJ Fuji’s Guest Article On The History Of Pickup” by Dj Fuji.

“How To Get Her Away From The Guy At The Bar” by David Wygant.

“Top 10 PUAs And Dating Coaches Of 2012 From Love Systems” by Savoy.

“Attraction Superpowers: Vocal Tonality by Paul T.

“Mission: 25 Kiss Rejections” by Liam Mcrae.

“Nice Guys vs Badboys” by The John Cooper.

“Focusing On Goals And Postponing Relationships” by Johnny Wolf.

“Kings Of Pickup Top 10 PUA’s” by Speer.

It Was Good While It Lasted by Maven.

“Kiev & Oslo Reports” by Sasha PUA.

“I’m Confused And In Love With Her” by Ross Jeffries.

“Should A PUA Smoke?” by JB The Mummy.

“Asking Out The Friend” by Permanent Guest.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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Examples Of Girls Giving Guys Shitty-Dating Advice [never take dating advice from girls!!]

I’m gonna play out a virtual dialogue between 2 people; a guy seeking advice from a girl.

I also took a general consensus among 10 female friends [10 questions] on Facebook, where I’d asked them these same questions, and gotten virtually the same answers.

•Guy: “How should I let her know that I like her”?

Girl:“ Just tell her straight up that you like her a lot. Or send her something nice or do something nice for her”.

PUA: “Don’t let her know that you like her. Much better to stay vague and conceal your liking”.

•Guy: “Where should I take her on a 1st. date”?

Girl:“ Oh, take her to a fancy restaurant. Dinner & a movie would be great”.

PUA: “Take her for a walk and get a hotdog. Spending big won’t guarantee sex nor a 2nd. date”.

•Guy: “I really like this girl, and I would definitely date her. How should I tell her”?

Girl:“ Call her and let her know how you feel about her, and that you like her a lot and wanna make her your girlfriend”.

PUA: “Don’t tell her you wanna date her! After you managed to have sex with her, her frame will switch from casual sex to relationship possibility”.

•Guy: “How often should I call my girlfriend”?

Girl: “Everyday! It shows how much you’re thinking about her, and I’d make her feel special”.

PUA: “Don’t call her!! Let her call you instead. Chicks are easily fed up with guys who call them often (irrespective of her BF). If you do call, make it once or twice weekly”.

•Guy: “How long should I wait until sex”?

Girl:“ Fourth date, a month. Whenever she’s ready”.

PUA: “Don’t wait! Advance for sex ASAP! The longer you wait, the more she’ll see you as a non-sexual guy, then she’ll just LJBF you (put you in the friend zone)”.

•Guy: “What kind of guys are women attracted to”?

Girl:“ One who is caring, sweet, nice and romantic. A guy she can rely on to be there whenever she needs someone (shoulder to cry on)”.

PUA: “Women are attracted to men whom they can’t bullshit and swindle, i.e. an Alpha male. A guy who will punish her (psychologically), not take her shit and not afraid to disagree with her”.

•Guy: “What should I do if she tells me she has a boyfriend”?

Girl: “Tell her “it was nice to meet you”, and move on”.

PUA:“ If she says she has a boyfriend; so what!!? Women will cheat. If you present yourself with the stronger frame/mindset, and you’re more Alpha than her BF; she will cheat”!

[Just because she has a BF doesn’t mean she isn’t looking to trade up].

•Guy: “Where can I meet good women”?

Girl:“ At church or some church event”.

PUA: “Good girls don’t exist! Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you pick up women; you will not find a saint. And church girls are the sluttiest, most rebellious and gullible”.

•Guy: “How soon should I call her after getting her #”?

Girl: “Right away. It shows her that you’re really interested in her”.

PUA: “Never right away! There are exceptionally rare cases, but 85% of the times, you should NOT call her right away. Make her wonder if you’re interested or not [reeling her in technique]”.

•Guy: What’s the best compliment to give a girl?

Girl: “Tell her she’s pretty and you like her eyes or something”.

PUA: “No compliments is the best compliment! But if you do compliment her, make it original and unique. No compliment on her looks, instead her personality and sense of style.

The grand lesson here for us men is that we should NEVER listen to women when it comes to dating, sex, relationship advice.

They will always lead you (men) astray.

Not intentionally,but out of ignorance as to what they (women) really want.

Equally worse is taking antiquated advice from your mom.

Will women ever admit that they give shitty advice?

Of course not!

But as a guy who is skilled in social dynamics; I’ve had 1,000’s of interactions with hot chics, of all ages, social statuses and races.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that chics suck at giving men advice on how to pick them up.

BTW, you can check out this related article from the PUA giant “Love Systems”: Why women give bad dating advice.

Which blog has Socialkenny been reading lately?

There are many blogs out there which catch my initial interest [and I mean many!!]! But only a few which can hold my erratic interest for more than 5 minute.

One such website is “Seduction Science”, by my man, and fellow dating coach in the PUA community: Jesse Charger better known as Derek Vitalio.

I’m hooked on his fucking blog like a virgin on new pussy [talk about ONE-itis]! So I’m just gonna recommend 10 of my favorite articles (from JC) which will surely interest my readers (chics included):

*4 surefire tricks to make the girl chase you

*Why very successful guys should avoid exclusive girlfriends at all cost

*How to get good girls to do anything in bed

*When talking dirty to a girl, make her affirm “yes, yes”!

*How the reckless disaster method attracts fly girls

*Tight-pussy gripping with kegel exercises

*3 effective ways to compliment a woman

*Why women fall for “do her and dump her” badboys

*Ben dover sex position

*Watching your girlfriend masturbate

Enjoy the articles.

And tell JC that Kenny PUA sent you!

50% Rule by Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA

I was browsing Coldman’s PUA Journey blog the other day and I came across an interesting post from Entropy, one of my favorite dating coaches/pick-up artist out of Boston. I learned a lot of game from this guy over the years.

The 50% Rule is simple, yet the ramifications for improvement are huge. The rule states this:

At least 50% of your advances towards women should be rejected. If less than 50% are rejected, then you are not being aggressive enough.

Take a moment and think about that. The implications run pretty deep. This means that 50% of your approaches should be rejected, 50% of your attempts to kiss should be rejected, 50% of your phone numbers should flake, 50% of your attempts to get her into bed should be stopped.

Now you probably think I’m crazy. You WANT us to get rejected? Either that, or you’re saying something like, “Oh, way more than 50% of my advances are rejected, and it sucks.”

Here’s why the 50% rule is important: too many guys play it safe, too many guys aren’t aggressive enough. Too many guys wait for the “right” moment and end up passing up plenty of opportunities. If rejection didn’t matter, then you’d take every opportunity, right? That’s what we should be striving for. Let me provide just a few examples where the 50% Rule can come into play and seriously help a guy out.
A guy who always waits for the “perfect” moment to kiss a girl. He passes up tons of opportunities, but he never gets rejected either.
A guy who passes up approaching tons of attractive women because they have an iPod on, they’re in an elevator, they’re walking the other way, or they’re with other guys. He waits for women who he knows are easy to approach instead and avoids the rejection.
The guy who only calls phone numbers of girls he knows really liked him, not bothering with the women who seemed to give him their number out of politeness.
Not trying to bring a woman home because he doesn’t want to seem rude. Instead he waits for next time, when often there isn’t a next time (and often there isn’t because he didn’t take her to the bedroom!)

But going a level deeper, the 50% Rule doesn’t just condition a guy to become more aggressive, it’s a tool that guarantees constant improvement, because it applies to any guy, no matter what his experience level. Some guys get decent with women, and get to the point where they rarely approach but rarely get rejected, they rarely get turned down on kisses or sex, but they rarely try. This rule applies to me just as much as it applies to the next guy. If I’m able to pick up every woman I approach, then I’m doing something WRONG, not right. I’m not being aggressive enough. I’m playing it too safe, and I’m leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.

His main point was this: if a guy approaches 10 girls, he should expect to get rejected by 5 of them. If he gets rejected less, it obviously means he’s not approaching enough girls nor being aggressive enough.

It’s a #’s game.

The more women you approach, the greater the chances of being rejected. But also the greater the chances of getting laid more.

Oh, BTW you can check out the original article Here at Mark’s Practical Pick Up Blog. I learned a lot of game, skills and insights from him over the years. And check out his latest site PostMasculine, which gives practical lifestyle tips and dating insights for the average person. Cool blog.

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