This BBM-broadcast message should make any guy cringe[women suck at courtship advice].

I hate these broadcast messages that ppl send via BB messenger.Anyone sends them my way:DELETE!

I hate these broadcast messages that ppl send via BB messenger.Anyone sends them my way:DELETE!

Chics suck major-donkey balls when it comes to advising men on how to seduce and keep women.

If you never heard this before, let me say it loud and fucking clear to the guys/AFC’s who are unfortunately not in the ‘know’: Never listen to girls when it comes to advice on picking them up! They will lead you down the path of perpetual masturbation!

For the record: I hate BBM- broadcast messages, or whatever the hell they’re called. Any b***h who sends me those are instantly deleted.

Some chic had the cojones to defy my rules and send me the following Blackberry-Messenger broadcast message, which resulted in me unleashing a verbal tirade on her ass!

Anyway, check the misleading, generic advice she issued out to every guy in her BBM-contact list. Please guys; try not to be offended:

How to keep a girlfriend:
1. Text her first
2. Ring her once and a while
3. Talk to her ALL the time
4. Don’t go shy around her
5. Don’t be a boring texter
6. Flirt with her
7. Don’t like other girls photos on facebook
8. Always say goodnight
9. Call her beautiful or babe
10. Don’t make her jealous
11. Don’t flirt or chat up other girls.
12. Post up a pic of your girl on your display once inna while. It Makes her feel special.
13. Dont compare her too other women.
14. Do something special for her out of the blue. 15. Compliment your woman. Even thou she is not always dress up .
Ladies- forward this if you want a man like this!Or you have one;;)
fellas- forward this too help the brothers keep their girl. (y)

Wow!! That was friggin’ painful to swallow LMBAO!!!

The only points which were reasonable advice were points:2,4,5,6,14,15.

But how about, “Talk to her all the time, Always say goodnight, Call her babes, Don’t make her jealous, Don’t chat up other girls”…

If you wanna remain single and remain a doormat to the OYD (object of your desires), feel free to religiously follow every advice above.

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For a great way on how to get girls on dates or to meet up (via texting); check out the following video by me.

Does the “V” in RooshV stand for “Virgin”? You be the judge

I’ve decided to narrow my proposed 1 month Roosh bashing rampage down to a 1 day spectacle instead.

Reasons being?

I’ll explain in my subsequent post [the last of the 4 Roosh bashers to be posted tonight].

Out of curiosity, I’ve always wondered what does the V in Roosh V stood for.

A Manosphere PUA friend of mines came up with 3 suggestions:




It cannot be Villain since Villains are tough-skinned individuals like Socialkenny who isn’t afraid to tussle and be outcast.

Since he’s a Muslim, I was leaning towards V standing for Vegan, but after following few Roosh posts, it’s apparent that he’s a carnivorous beast.


After doing some extensive research, we came to a unanimous conclusion that Virgin was the most suitable adjective to append to the “ambiguous” V.

Roosh Virgin it is.

This seems like a pretty rational attribution for a guy who whines all day about feminism being his greatest obstacle to getting ass.

He’s too short-sighted to see that the greatest obstacle to men getting laid is other fucking men.

Women secretly root for men to bang the shit out of them; not for men to fail.

So Roosh Virgin should be wary of the men he surrounds himself with.

Perhaps they are the detractors to his inability to visit poon-town.

The Manosphere-Game Blogs Are Dying Out Faster Than I’d Anticipated


There’s a mischievous side of me that wishes that the Manosphere will have longevity; if so for the sole purpose of me using them as a proverbial punching-bag whenever I’m in a mood to go chode-ranting.

It’s sort of like comedians not having wacky-political figures around anymore to make fun of: like Sarah Palin.

Well; life isn’t Burger King, so I guess Kenny can’t have it all his way!

A list of Manosphere blogs which Perished After Attacking Socialkenny [in chronological order]:

1.) In Mala Fide
2.) In Bona Fide
3.) Beer And Concrete
4.) The University Of Man
5.) Alpha Persona
6.) Fly Fresh And Young
7.) Gmac’s Black Book

The greatest demise of the 7 being Ferdinand Bardamu’s In Mala Fide.

I’m beginning to believe that I possess some super powerful, Jedi Voodoo-like jinx when it comes to predicting the fall of Manosphere blogs.

I wish picking up hot chicks was this fucking predictable!

How I manage To Kill And Shut Down Blogs Which Oppose Me:

By no means am I saying that I’m un-fuck-with-able, and that I’m somehow the teflon-Don John Gottie of seduction-Game blogs.

Sure, I can lose readership and become extinct also. But it’s pretty hard for that to happen when you’re constantly showing love to other bloggers…including the ones you hate.

I am ‘the’ most gregarious guy when it comes to trackbacks, pingbacks and linking to others’ blogs from my own articles. So in essence, I drive traffic (including my audience) to others’ sites. That’s a pretty generous act, considering the fact that the average blogger is lazy, self-serving, selfish and only looks to promote his-her agenda.

I SocialKenny PUA, being a writer who’s constantly referencing other writers’ articles within my own posts, I’m protected by good karma.

You do good; you get good!

You show love; you get love!

Those Manosphere blogs which had perished by going against me, they perished because they went against karma.

They tried fucking a guy who’s been good to them [and that guy is me]!

Whenever evil goes against good; evil must perish eventually while good survives!

Ferdinand attacked me on Twitter (unprovoked), with bigotry and down-right hatred. And that’s coupled with the fact that I was a regular reader/commentor on his blog prior to the fallout.

Professor Mentu of Uman attacked me (unprovoked by taking Ferdinand’s side), and that is also coupled with the fact that I was Uman’s BIGGEST fan/commentor prior!

I should’ve been the last guy they would fuck!

The Alpha Persona? Same shit by attacking me on Twitter and on his blog…despite me being a supporter of his and a regular reader/commentor on his blog [prior].

Do you smell the perilous trend here?

All these guys went against me, attacked me, wrote nasty articles about me, when I didn’t even have an issue with any of them [that was prior to my Manosphere-bashing]!

How the hell can you be rewarded for ungratefulness and ingratitude (in the long run)!!?

Those idiots attacked me, some like Fly Fresh Young, thought he was too fly and fresh to say thanks for the many links I gave him in previous posts, so he perished under the weight of bad karma and ingratitude [although he never wrote an article about me like the others did]!

Apart from the bitch named karma, those blogs died out also for the following reasons:

1.) Anonymity

2.) No proof/ footage

3.) Stupidity

Why Anonymity Kills:

You can’t be a Game/Seduction blogger and remain anonymous!

In fact, you can’t be a blogger and be anonymous period…no matter the genre. I’ll explain why.

I kept preaching to these Manosphere idiots that they need to crawl out of the fucking closet eventually, or readers won’t take them serious!

Show your faces!

You can’t be writing about picking up chics, and how to be Alpha and confident, when you’re hiding behind an animated avatar, essentially NOT being confident and showing your fucking face!!!

You CANNOT claim to be Alpha, when you’re not Alpha enough to show your face in your articles, your gravatar, nor anywhere on your website [about me section, etc.]!

This defeats the concept of being Alpha and confident!

People wanna connect with other ‘REAL’ people who possibly look like them! Not with a fucking avatar, nor an anonymous-internet mime who doesn’t seem real [since we cannot put a face to the writer]!

The fastest way to fuck your blog, views, readership ,etc. is by being anonymous and hiding from public scrutiny.

Imagine running for president but never showing your face at all. Who the fuck will vote for you LOL!?

That was the real reason to Mitt Romney’s doom in the last U.S. presidential election. People didn’t know who he was because he came off as an anonymous-robotic mime (physically), or something disingenuous!

Same quandary with the anonymous blogger; he-she comes off as fake, misleading and fraudulent towards his audience.

People won’t read your shit for the simple fact that they don’t know who you are (visually)!

Any blogger who’s anonymous is killing the potential of his website to grow, by being a pussy and shielding himself from his audience.

Likewise, Manosphere bloggers (95% of who are anonymous), are inadvertently tanking their blogs by hiding their faces. And then they wonder why they’re only generating about 200 views per day (if that).

No Proof Of Interaction With Women

The 2nd. reason why Manosphere blogs will continue to die like flies is the lack of proof: photos and in-field videos.

Once again: you can’t be blogging about picking up women when you’re not able to document any of it; whether by picture proof or in-field video.

Your audience will NOT see you as credible, and they won’t buy your shit (literally and metaphorically)!

I can put out a product tomorrow [e-book, DVD set, in-person training), and it would sell like fucking hot cakes! I’d make a fortune!!!

Why so?

Because I have credibility and proof that I CAN actually pick up girls, I DO pick up girls, and that I do interact with women on a daily basis.

I’ve documented my feats many times on this blog via in-field video and field reports with pic’ proof of the girls and I on dates, at my apartment or covert workplace.

In essence; I’m social proofed to my readers, viewers and potential customers.

My audience knows my capability because I show proof of it with photos and videos. I’m a real person with a real face, real faults and real experiences.


On the contrary, Manosphere-Game bloggers have ZERO-fucking social proof, ZERO evidence that they’re even real people (opposed to an internet android ), ZERO proof or evidence that they can actually talk to girls (let alone pick 1 up). So this lack of evidence is why those blogs have shitty ratings and die out quickly.

Readers aren’t buying their stories of pussy conquest, neither are they buying their products [Alpha Persona’s recent paid e-book apparently flopped like a fish on a hook].

People don’t just wanna HEAR how much skills you have with women. They want to SEE you in action! Even if you’re poor at pickup; they wanna see you fail also (which will humanize you as a real person).

Therefore, until the Manosphere gets over this phobia and chronic-social anxiety of showing themselves; no one will read their blogs, and they will be forced to eventually shut down from a sense of shame and pointlessness in writing (when no one is reading).

Manosphere Bloggers Are Retarded

The 3rd. reason why Manosphere blogs bite the dust is sheer Retardation.

All those bloggers who had went against me, underestimated my staying power and ability to steal their audience.

As I mentioned in the previous passage; I’m social-fucking proofed in the world of Game bloggers!

A blogger who is NOT social proofed, is committing suicide by going against a blog(ger) who IS social proofed.

For instance, when Alpha Persona decided to launch an attack on me and my credibility as a Pick-Up Artist; it totally backfired on the idiot!

How are you gonna attack someone who shows and proves that he gets laid, when you yourself has never put forward an iota of proof that you have even spoken to a chic in the last 9 months…let alone get laid?

That is tantamount to a boxer who’s 0-30, calling Floyd Mayweather a bum, when Floyd has never lost a fight.

Who has more credibility!!!?

Who has the potential to draw a greater audience, following and cash flow?

And that is precisely what happened to all of those blog(gers) who were forced to shut down after attacking me.

They were anonymous-keyboard jockeying virgins, who couldn’t pick up a hooker even if they had a $1,000 plastered to their foreheads. However, tried to tool the shit out of a guy who was picking up left and right [me].

Subsequently, their readers and viewers began flocking to my blog in droves!!!

Out of mere curiosity, their audiences asked themselves, “Who’s this Socialkenny guy they keep bashing, laughing at and ridiculing? Let me check out his site”.

And it was all she wrote!

Their audiences and readers defected to my blog! Jumped ship instantly!

Why would they continue reading blogs of men who are anonymous and have no photo/video proof of chatting to women, when they can now read and learn from a guy who has countless amounts of proof of getting women?

So my views go up by the hundreds (because of the defectors). And their views decreases by the hundreds.

Gross miscalculation and sheer stupidity on the part of those idiots who tried tooling me, but got tooled and fooled instead.

Instead of becoming an ally of mines, where we all can benefit from this experience of coaching men, they chose to unprovokingly attack me and suffered the ultimate price: shame, humiliation, abandonment then demise.

You cannot go against someone who’s proven that he’s competent and qualified in a given field, when you yourself haven’t.

People just won’t buy it! Readers won’t buy it, and guys out there who truly seek answers with women won’t buy it!

Game-Bloggers like Danny from New Orleans, although we’ve had beef; he has credibility! And that’s mainly because he isn’t anonymous, he shows his face, and he post photos of himself actually in-field with hot women.

He doesn’t shield himself under some bullshit guise, which is nothing more than insecurity of one’s physical appearance.

As much as I detest RooshV for his catty antics on Twitter towards me over the Summer: he has fucking credibility as a lady’s man!

We all are familiar with his ugly face! His readers and potential customers know what they’re getting and whom they’re getting. So that’s why Roosh can sell thousands of e-books, enough so, that he can travel the world and bang bitches [just as I do].

Roosh is real! He exists as a REAL person (not just in theory), since he’s never hid behind a banner of anonymity.

He posts videos, in-field, video tutorials, photos of daily living, photos with hot women, etc. So his following will always grow, which means his potential for making $$ will always grow, unlike Manosphere bloggers who will always fail to generate readers and couldn’t sell a product to save their lives.

The Manosphere is over saturated with too many guys who are too insecure about their physical appearances and how they’ll be perceived by others (Beta-Male trait).

Ferdinand Bardamu (In Mala Fide) thought I was a small fry, attacked me, I struck back and emerged as the victor while his website perished.

You can’t be a gecko and elect to attack Godzilla and not expect to be crushed.

You can’t be a non-fighter and decide to challenge Chuck Lidell (the UFC great) in the octagon and not expect to get your face bashed in.

You can’t decide to attack Bruce Lee in his own dojo and expect to win!

If you can’t beat ’em; join ’em!

If you can’t put up; then shut up!

That is the big picture that was too big for those idiots to see:

So rest in peace: In Mala Fide, In Bona Fide, Beer And Concrete, The University Of Man, Alpha Persona, Fly Fresh And Young, Gmac…

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Rest In Piss Uman [Professor Mentu & Ashur]!

Rest In Piss “University Of Man”

Try visiting the ‘University of man blog’, and this’ what you’ll encounter:

“When we first started writing The University of Man nearly a year ago, Ashur and I decided we
would write until we reached one million views. A little over 250 posts and 4,000 comments later,
we changed our minds and decided 897,681 hits would suffice.

We appreciate every page view and comment, and the friends we met online and in person along the way will not be forgotten. But Ashur and I have made our statements, so now it’s time for us to move on and maintain a dignified silence.

We hope we made you happy for a while”.


The University of Man

Sounds familiar?

How backwards is it to actually ditch your blog at a moment when you’re supposedly doing great. Sounds like his blog was actually doing poorly to me.

Few months ago when I was feuding with Ferdinand Bardamu of the now deceased blog: In Mala Fide, I also predicted the death of The University of Man website/blog as the 2nd. power-house to fall.

Lo and behold, the Uman blog has died a few days ago [just as I foretold].

What did the Manosphere-game blogs In Mala Fide & Uman have in common?

Both of them made a tragically unprovoked mistake to go against Socialkenny via hyperboles, racial insinuations and raw stupidity…UNPROVOKED!

Ferdinand Bardamu [the then owner of the now deceased In Mala Fide/Bona Fide website], had lashed out against me on Twitter some months ago (unprovoked), as he felt excluded from the Twitter chat among 10 of us. Some of the guys included in my conversation were: Bronan, The Private Man, Badger, Bill Powell, Blaze, to name a few.

So Ferdinand hung himself (unbeknownst to him) by Tweeting some bullshit on my conversation timeline.

In response, I immediately created an article and podcast episode about the ridiculous-Twitter incident. Thereafter, I predicted that I will personally kill his blog by tanking his readership and views.

Shortly after, In Mala Fide-Bona Fide announced that it’s closing shop, under the guise that Ferdinand has other business to tend to (which was bullshit). Read “The tragic death of In Mala Fide blog caused by Socialkenny PUA”.

What really led to the collapse were my article and podcast aimed at exposing Ferdinand Bardamu as a nut-job!!! You can read that fatal article here: “Ferdinand Bardamu, a Twitter-trolling closet fan of Socialkenny”, and download the over-kill podcast from the following link: “Socialkenny PUA podcast show, episode #2, Ferdinand Bardamu the troll”.

Fast forward beyond the untimely death of In Mala Fide, Professor Mentu of the University of Man blog, had made the same mistake that Ferd’ did by attacking me with racial insinuations in 1 of his in-direct rants aimed at me.

Since that incident (which had spun out into a huge Twitter feud between Professor Mentu, the Manosphere and I), I declared that the power-house Uman blog will shortly and surely meet its death just as In Mala Fide/Bona Fide did.

That incident also prompted me to put Mentu’s blog on my shit list: “Game blogs I read, and the ones I shit on”.

Another Game/Manosphere blog which Socialkenny had killed was Beer and Concrete by another low-key racist: “The Geographer”, who had taken Mentu’s side against me, hence landed himself on my shit list.

The Geographer’s blog perished so quietly, that a pin dropping in a packed coliseum would make more noise. Visit his blog, and the silence is surely deafening.

The next blog to perish under the weight of Kenny’s pressure WILL BE that bitch The Alpha Persona, as he’d chosen to feud with me over the past weeks on Twitter…UNPROVOKED.

His website is now on life support until I decide to fucking pull the plug on that low-key racist prick. But I just haven’t been motivated enough to waste time on the idiot. A feud with him would be like a chihuahua head to head with a pitbull [so unfair].

The underlying lesson to other Game and Manosphere bloggers is simple: Don’t jump on the Kenny-haters’ bandwagon just to get blog views, or to get virtual pats on the shoulders by other writers. Don’t dick ride faggots like Ferdinand & Mentu just because you feel that they’re too big to fail. As I’d proven twice already: Kenny is bigger, stronger and will fucking crush you.

Faggots like Matt Forney had jumped on the Kenny-hating bandwagon when he wrote this post a while ago: My day of rolling like Kenny, which he took indirect shots at me but obviously failed. BTW, who the fuck is Matt Forney again!!!?

In Closing

I was once the biggest fan of the Uman blog. Before our falling-out, I was the main commentor on that blog, essentially driving traffic to his site by my name alone.

However, he [Professor Mentu] fucked himself royally by launching a war against me which he wasn’t equipped to win. He was suckered into a battle (by other Manosphere bloggers), then paid for it after his daily blog views and hits had plummeted by the hundreds!

Professor Mentu made the strategic mistake of attacking his biggest fan (as I was initially)! Ungratefulness will always come back to bite you in the ass!

Mentu showed his ungratefulness and innate stupidity by turning on me just to appease the kings of the Manosphere: Roosh V and Roissy (since I’d exposed Roissy, and called out Roosh).

The Geographer made the same mistake (of dick riding Mentu); and his blog subsequently bit the dust!!!

The Alpha Persona, not wise enough to notice the perilous trend, decided to make the same mistake (of sucking cock and Kenny-hating), now his blog is in its final stages of a slow death.

I’m a very humble dude who strives to get along and create a cohesive niche in the dating-sphere. But when you attack me with racist innuendos by insulting my intelligence [with the “black men are dumb” undertone], I’ll fuck you harder and kill your career as a Game blogger!

So on that note; rest in piss to the Game-blogger formerly known as Professor Mentu.

I relish in his suicidal demise!

And those bloggers who empathize with his subliminal bigotry, I have 3-nice words for them; Fuck You maggots!!!

Now let’s party! 4 down, 5 more to go!

The Manosphere-Game blogs which are on thin ice:

1.) *The Alpha Persona
2.) *Fly, Fresh, Young
3.) *Danny from New Orleans
4.) *Matt Forney
5.) *Gmac’s Blackbook

Update: The Alpha Persona blog has now died and closed down.

He claims that there’s nothing else to blog about, he’s spent, etc.

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty evident that I predicted the demise of Alpha Persona after Uman.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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