Sex Advice For Males & Male Virgins (anti-pre-mature ejaculation article)

As a male virgin,a minute of this may make you cum!

As a male virgin, a minute of this may make you cum!

Over at the Master Pick-Up Artist Forum, where I’ve been a lead-PUA coach for a few years now, an aspiring PUA who’s a virgin, asked the following question about sex (you can see the original post here: Virgin in need of sex advice):

Ronn Paul: “Ok guys, there are a lot of virgins on this forum, including me, so i thought this topic could be great for us to ask you guys who are not virgins…

Lately ive been reading some articles about lasting longer in the bed, so i am wondering what is the best way to last longer? What works well for you? Im afraid that first time im gonna have sex i cum too fast, so what should i do before the big FIRST TIME”?

For other virgins out there, or even guy’s who suffer from pre-mature ejaculation; I’ll present my personal techniques to lasting long.

5 Guaranteed Techniques/Tips To Last Longer

1.)”Masturbate Before Sex”

* Worst thing to do is to commence sexual intercourse with balls fully-loaded with semen.

* To kill this would-be problem before it even becomes a problem; download some porn and get to fapping few hours ahead of sex.

* You are sure to last longer as your semen tank would have been emptied much.

2.)”Lower Your Pre-Sex Anticipation”

* The more you think about sex before having it- the faster you’ll cum.

* If sex has been on your horny- little mind all day, and you’re anticipating banging that hot pussy of the HB10 whom you #-closed last week: then you’re gonna ejaculate fast.

* So DON’T think about, nor dwell on sex prior to meeting the chic(for sex presumably).

* You’ll definitely see a difference.

3.)”Don’t Think About Sex During Sex”

* This tip is totally fucking crucial!!

* While fucking a girl doggy-style and you’re saying to yourself, “This bitch got a nice-tight pussy”!! You’re gonna fucking cum LOL!!!

* All pussy-banging players can relate to this one.

* Focus on anything under the sun but sex!!

* Think about trees, cars, Sesame Street, eating waffles…whatever!

* But please don’t think about ass, tits, anal, blowjob, girls, model, etc. while having sex, or you’re gonna blow your load unexpectedly.

4.)”Change Positions Often”

* The longer you stay in 1 position, pounding away, the quicker you’ll blow.

* When you change positions often, 2 things happen:

A.) You get a mini break.

B.) From that short break (of a few seconds), your semen will have dissipated and descended a bit back into the testicles.

* You’ll be surprised how just switching positions within 4 seconds can make you last longer.

5.)”Steal A Break”

* Now I’m not saying to grab the remote and watch an hour of Jersey Shore before resuming sex(although that’d work).

* What I am saying is that after fucking her missionary for instance, opposed to turning her over right away to enter her doggy-style; you can eat her pussy instead for about a minute(essentially stealing a break).

* Other things you can do to steal a break:
•Eat her pussy
•Suck on her breasts
•Finger fuck her while kissing her
•kiss her for a minute
•Talk dirty to her
•Caress her

* While doing any of the above,as point #4 stated, your semen will have gone downwards during the break, which means you will last WAY longer.

In Closing

Many virgins, or even guys who are banging pussy, are under the illusion that women want, or need sex to last long (meaning over 20 minutes).

Sex on average lasts under 10 fucking minutes [research it! Or ask your buddies]!!!

Women are not looking for iron-men who can go 3 hours straight!!

And if she does find that guy, she will regret it as her pussy becomes out of commission from exposure to prolong penetration.

So 15 minutes of sex is sufficient for a woman.

And that 15 minutes does NOT have to be non stop.

With all the break, etc., she’s only getting about 7 minutes worth of ACTUAL intercourse!

All the other stuff: foreplay, kissing, cunnilingus(eating), caressing, will give her the false impression that you last long, when in reality, you’ve only penetrated her about 7 minutes out of 30 minutes.

It’s all a mind-fuck and mind-trick!

Apply all or any of the above 5 techniques to your sex game, and you’re sure to see an instant progression.

This can be the new you in the sexual battlefield, once you follow the above 5 tips.

This can be the new you in the sexual battlefield, once you follow the above 5 tips.

Those who hate to read can check out the video version to this post.

Feel free to leave your feedback here or on the video page.

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Fuck Her Like An Animal!!

I plan to release 3 e-books by year’s end: “How to bang foreign girls”, “My Facebook Method”, and “Sexually Ravage Her”!!

The main theme throughout “Sexually Ravage Her” will be “Dominance in bed”.

“Dominate and ravage her”!

I’ve had more women return to my bed for sequels ever since I adopted some of what was taught in “The Sex God Method”, by PUA dating coach and expert Daniel Rose.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t keep a woman sexually gratified if you don’t beat her up(sexually).

However, you have a much solid chance of keeping her around if you dominate her in the sack; especially in these times where grandma-sex just doesn’t appeal to the up and coming sexual generation.

Sex Should Be A Dramatization!!

Sex should be more drama-filled than actual intercourse.

The actual act of putting dick in vagina isn’t what gives sex that extra edge.

It’s what you’re doing overall to the girl’s body that blows her mind.

Guys hate when the topics of biology and evolution come up, since they just fly right over their heads which are made of a solid matter called “Ignorance”.

In pre-historic times/caveman days, the manner in which the men had sex with their females were rough, dominant, savage-like: bruises, cuts, bites and marks.

Such sexual genetical record is encoded in every woman’s DNA.

It’s no secret that most girls prefer rough, dominant sex.

Sex in a sensual way was never part of the plan.

Sensual is great!

But you shouldn’t be sensual with a girl you’re shagging for the first few times.

An excerpt of what will be in the book, and what I generally advocate when it comes to sex:

How to sexually dominate her to keep her returning

Dominant Kiss: Your 1st. kiss in a seduction location (before fucking her), should be dominant!

• Rather than tilting her chin upwards with your finger to kiss her; tug downwards by the back of her hair to tilt her chin up instead.

• Complete the kiss with a nibble on her chin!


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