Stop Piling Up Crap On Top Of Shit [Guest Post From VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin]

VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin, Master PUA guru

VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin, Master PUA guru

[Guest post for your weekend from VK Vince Kelvin]

Do you feel good when girls respond well, and bad when they don’t?

Too much ups and downs will make anyone bi-polar and wear out your motivation.

The world taught us all to be “appropriately sad” when something we think is bad happens!

Well intended concept yet extremely detrimental and victim frame derived.

If you want to be truly independent of women’s responses, so you are less affected, it’s time to reverse this silly Global equation and regain your

What allows me to kiss and sleep with more girls than you can imagine and count, is that I remain completely unaffected whether they go for it or not.

From there I can play with whatever they do, and they become even more attracted as they are used to guys going weird when they don’t go for it.

But instead I stay neutral and make them laugh. Do the same!

For that…

1. Identify the moments in times, and type of responses that up until now would take you down.

2. Pin point what responses you used to stack on top of what you identified in step 1.

3. Design new empowering responses that will juice you up even when most would feel down.

Make your new code of conduct be: When women don’t go for it, when they don’t call back, when they don’t show up, I WILL DOUBLE MY MOTIVATION AND EFFORTS WITH EASE AND FLEXIBILITY!


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