Why I hate Facebook Gaming!

sexy Facebook girls

sexy Facebook girls

No I’m not a Facebook hater, but trying to pick up random girls on there is almost always a futile mission from the get-go.

Those who follow my posts on the Pick-Up Artist Forum, would’ve read a thread where a forum leader (Kasabi), broke it down pretty simple, “some sites attract certain women”.

Seemingly vague until I’d pondered it.

What he meant was, Facebook, in particularly, is geared at strictly social networking- not to hook up.

I think a lot of us men miss that cue. It’s not POF, Match.com nor any other dating site.

Majority of the hotties on Facebook just want to gossip and talk shit with their girlfriends.

If they were looking to be laid: there are many sites for that.

Im not saying it’s impossible to pull some FB ass. But from my exprience, 90% of those pulls turned out to be serial flakes.

I used to beat myself up wondering why all of my FB pulls result in flakes!

Those girls weren’t on FB to get laid; and I missed that subtle dose of reality.

The only semi-solid chance at hooking up with a girl on FB is via mutual friends/ social-circle game.

However, to cold approach a random hottie on Facebook, without having mutual friends at best, is tantamount to a suicide mission.

Yes, she may reply out of curiosity, “Do I know you”?

You may even get 2 replies if you’re skilled. But the vibe will eventually go cold as a limp dick [not that it was hot to begin with].

My success rate of FB lays is like 0 in 50!

Yes, I’ve had maybe 50 # closes which all resulted to NADA.

My rate of lays on actual-dating sites had been about 60% from the girl’s I # exchanged.

Not saying it’s impossible to get laid from Facebook. But it’s sure not easy.

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