Is This Guy A Pussy Or Just High-Maintenance And Choosy?

I got flaked on last night so decided to go to the bar instead[usual weekend ritual].

Bumped into my niece-in-law[a super freak without morals who’d bang me despite her beloved aunt being my GF of 3 years].

Whenever she sees me out[we happen to always frequent the same bars and clubs on the same nights],her M.O. is to use me as her wingman in order to hook her up with some random club/bar guy.

So she spotted me outside the bar:

Freak-in-law: “Yo Kenny,you see that dude over there sitting alone on his iPhone? Tell him I like him and I wanna talk to him”.

Me: “What!!? Just go over there and stop being a giant pussy[I’m fucking with her,since I know women don’t approach men in order to pick them up]”!!

Freak-in-law: “I fucking did!!! But he acted all scared to talk[bullshit! She’d never approached him]”!!

Me: “Your approach probably wasn’t strong enough”!!

Freak-in-law: “He’s scared of women. Just help me out and tell him that the girl sitting over there is calling him”.

Ok,she relented,I gave in and went up to dude:

Me: “Hey what’s up partner[gave him a fist-bump]. That girl I was over there sitting with said she likes you and wants to talk to you”.

Random Guy: “Well tell her to come up to me if she wanna talk”.

[Even though I know girls don’t approach guys]

Me: “I know LOL! Same thing I was telling her”!!

I rolled off to relay the message to my niece-in-law:

Me: “Yo,he said he’s coming in a second[I lied]”.

Freak-in-law: “Yo make sure he comes. I wanna take him home with me tonight! I’m not going home alone tonight”!!

Me: “I hear you!! I want you to get some dick too. I feel you”!!

Freak-in-law: “So make sure you tell ’em that he’s coming home with me!! Don’t fuck this up for me Kenny”!!

Five minutes elapsed,I rolled back over to random guy:

Me: “Hey dude,what’s the deal,you going or what? She’s about to leave”.

Random Guy: “Let her leave. She’s not my type anyway! Let it be since she’s not approaching me!! I’m not interested BTW”!!

[appalled by the guy’s Beta/Omega-Male rationalization as to why he’s not gonna talk to a chic who’s obviously head over heels for him. I went back over to niece-in-law].

Me: “He’s coming[another lie. I didn’t want to hurt this girl’s esteem by telling her that the guy is out-right rejecting her and brushing her off because he’s a giant pussy ].

My analysis and breakdown of this field report

If guys needed proof and confirmation that chics secretly go to bars and clubs in hopes of getting fucked afterwards- then this post is all the confirmation you’ll ever need!

My freaky in-law’s disposition of a girl who desires to bang some random bar-guy is NOT the exception: but the rule and norm.

However,due to social pressure and not wanting to be deemed sluts,women are forced to repress their sexual desires and play the passive/submissive role[although they secretly want to fuck and have One-Night Stands as much as men do].

Coupled with the fact that she knows I’m non-judgmental,she’s always felt comfort to confide in me her dirty-little intentions.

This’ the added beauty of being Pick-Up Artists; women subconsciously sense that they can trust and tell us all their naughty secrets since they know we won’t judge nor bash women for being promiscuous[read the PUA guru Tyler Durden’s Secret Society. The Most powerful article I ever read years ago (about the unconscious ways women communicate with players in the club].

Moreover,what really appalled me is how men in 20 fucking 12, still have their heads up their asses and are totally clueless as to courtship and how to hook up!!

This dude (as with most dudes on the globe), is still under some false notion that women approach men.

Or that women are proactive when they like a guy.

He absolutely expected this chic to come up to him and seduce him[become the hunter opposed to the hunted].

And it’s no reason to believe that this isn’t how he thinks with every other chic he comes in contact with.

How much fucking poon had this idiot missed out on in his lifetime LMFAO!!!?

I felt so shame as a man,that I wanted to fuck my hot in-law just to make up for this guy’s ineptitude and wasting of a dick and brain cells!!!

Another cup of Absolute Vodka and grapefruit soda water,and I’m sure to have crossed that ethical boundary and fuck the shit out of her in the restroom!!

Anyway,so the Random Beta-Male expected her to approach him if she likes him.

Thus he believes a woman should approach him if she likes him.

With such a warped yet common perception on the sexes and how women operate,I can guarantee this guy doesn’t visit poon-town too often.

And it’s crazy how he tried to rationalize not approaching the girl by saying that he’s not into her(after wanting her to come up to him).

He undoubtedly suffers from AA(Approach Anxiety),as most men in the world are: scared shit to approach women.

Without a doubt, this random dude missed out on SUPER-sure pussy(unbeknownst to him),to then go home and visit Ms. Palmer in Wack-off Ville [read “He who hesitates masturbates” by Rooshv, the controversial Turkish Pick-Up Artist out of D.C..

All because he was clueless as to pickup, and female psychology.

He let fear of the approach ruin his chances of a night of sex.

How many men out there make bullshit excuses as to why they won’t approach and talk to women?

Believe me,over 90% of men in the bars and nightclubs fall into this shameful category.

And the other lesson from this field report for guys should be to always go for One-Night Stands and SNL’s(Same-Night Lays) while at clubs and bars!

Most women in the venue are on equal terms and rooting for you(looking to hook up also).

And they(women) are frustrated as fuck when they have to go home alone,when they’d rather a guy to tag along and give them a good night.

So the question I have for my readers is: was this guy genuinely NOT interested in my hot in-law(perhaps not his type although she was hot)?

Or was he just too much of a giant pussy to approach and seduce her,although he would’ve had ZERO real resistance since the girl definitely liked him?

“I Have A Boyfriend”, And “How To Not Get Dumped [for men]”

The oldest-rejection line in the book in order to send men running with their tails tucked.

Two-hidden truths about the “I have a boyfriend” line.

1.) When a girl says that to a guy who had approached her to chat her up, she’s either sending an around-the-bush message that she’s NOT interested.


2.) She truly doesn’t have a boyfriend, however said that in order to see how you’d react [will you stay the course or disappear?].

I call this the “Are you a real man” test.

Whenever the target lies about having a BF, she wants to see if you’re man enough to not give a shit[an Alpha-Male quality which women secretly adore].

Or will you let the fact that she “SAID” she has a boyfriend, derail the seduction?

The 3 main reactions a guy has when the target says, “I have a boyfriend”:

1.) “Oh I’m sorry. I apologize for that [he becomes apologetic for no reason]”.

2.) “Ok cool. I didn’t know that. Nice to meet you though. Bye”!

3.) “Ah damn, I thought you were single!! Ok, let’s be friends then”.

When a girl says to me that she has a boyfriend, do you know what I do?

* Ignore it!!

* Pretend I never heard it!

* Plow forward as if she’d never said that shit!

Women get that I know what’s up.

They realize at “that” moment of the chat that “He Gets It”.

Of course she’ll never say, “I only told you that I had a BF just for you to leave me alone”.

But chics do this shit regularly: online, in person, at the club,on the streets, etc.

She’ll say to you that she’s taken, just to blow you the fuck off; although she’s officially single.

As a man in “the know”; it’s your duty to not let this attempt to weed out the Beta-Male fazes you.

Because she’s (supposedly) taken doesn’t mean she won’t still fuck you.

Another interesting observation:

A girl who has a boyfriend, will often times trade up, upgrade and dump her current boyfriend, if a new guy presents more value than the current boyfriend.

It’s the cold friggin’ truth in the cut-throat world of dating!

Women don’t just dump their current boyfriends in order to be with some guy whom they deem to have less value or worst off than her current BF.

In other words, she won’t downgrade in value [whatever is of value to her].

She’ll always go from Beta to Alpha; weak to strong, pushover to resolute.

Classic Scenario:

• Jen meets Steve, a guy who is stylish, Alpha, good in bed, active, has great qualities, everything she can want in a man.

• A year later in the LTR, Steve becomes lazy, starts couch potatoing, neglects his style, doesn’t see a need to further dominate her in bed, etc…

• Jen gets hit on by Nate (online or in person). Nate is an Alpha male (as Steve once was), he knows what’s up, he presents her with values (which Steve, the current BF once had).

• Jen is torn between Nate & Steve (Steve’s the current BF who was all she wanted, but has slipped since).

• Her decision-making process becomes easier: she can stay with Steve the lazy slob who doesn’t dominate her in bed, nor make her laugh anymore.

• Or she can dump Steve for Nate the Alpha, who has all the qualities Steve once had a year ago.

• Now, WWJD (what will Jen do)?

• She will cheat on Steve with Nate, then gradually dump him for Nate [essentially upgrade from zero to hero].

Now, what Jen did isn’t a rare exception. It’s actually the fucking norm!!

A girl will almost always upgrade to a better guy (whom she deems is better).

Why shouldn’t she?

“What Can I As A Current Boyfriend Do”?

Stay Alpha or become the Alpha-Male!


Guys on a whole, have the tendency to lapse and slack off AFTER we win the girl.

It’s as if we say to ourselves, “Hey fuck it! I already have her,she’s now my GF, I can now let my guard down and become a slouch”.

I’ve even fell into this psychological trap with my current GF of 3 years.

I noticed her interest in me faltering (because of a possible guy who’s presenting her with more Alpha qualities), so I took actions by becoming that super-interesting guy who’d attracted her 3 years ago.

Had I remained that lazy guy who felt a sense of “settled”, she would’ve dumped my ass and upgraded [rightfully so]!

What you can do today to avoid being dumped and upgraded on:

• Improve upon your fashion and style (if you’d neglected this aspect of being an attractive man).

• If the communication between you and your GF/wife has slacken off tremendously; re-ignite it by communicating more!

• Re-seduce her as if you’re meeting her for the first time[chics love the thought and rush of being lust after].

• If your life now consist of laboring on the couch with a bag of Doritos watching reruns of South Park; get the fuck out the house in search of new activities!

• If when you 1st. met her, you fucked her like an animal, dominated her in bed, in the bushes, on top of the hood, whatever…and you’re now the lazy lover who’s content with her riding you to sleep; you stand a great chance to be dumped.

• Always recreate yourself in the looks department!

If when you’d met her, you had a mullet or corn-row braids, and it’s 2 years later into the LTR(relationship) you’re still donning the same haircut; you should change it up PRONTO!

One month; get a baldy!

Next few months; grow a neat afro.

Few months later; get a fucking Mohawk!

Go flattop like my man Dj Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

The purpose is to stay recreating yourself.

You’re essentially becoming a new guy every now and again.

Women get bored and jaded pretty easily with the same shit, same guy, same shoes, same car, same food, etc.

So you wanna be that boyfriend who’s ultra keen to this.

You will never be cheated on nor dumped as long as you maintain the above 6 things I pointed out[or unless the chic is just prone to messing around].

The key is to stay Alpha!

Remain or become once again, that guy whom she fell for a year ago.

Don’t settle into a monotonous rhythm after you’ve made her your GF, or after marrying her.

My MILF girlfriend, although she won’t admit it, she’s super impressed and deeply attracted to the way I constantly recreate myself [not for her, but for my personal liking].

She has no reason to look at another man because I’m presenting her with the values which will keep her interested.

One month, I’d sport a neat, short haircut.

The next, I’d rock my signature Bill Bellamy mini-Mohawk.

Comedian Bill Bellamy

Comedian Bill Bellamy

I got my eyebrow pierced few months ago (which she protested LOL).

When I first got my brow pierced this year.

When I first got my brow pierced this year.

I shave and groom my beard different ways, which gives her the impression that I’m some novel-attractive character.

One week, I’d dress casual, then Urban, gangster, preppy (my favorite), frat-boyish, tropical(shorts, flip-flops)…

The point is, I virtually become 10 guys in one.

One moment, I treat her like shit, I purposely instigate arguments to wind her up mentally, then I swoop in as the super sensitive guy, fuck her until she climaxes thrice (make-up sex), then I’d recreate this cycle over and over again.

You never want your spouse to become too comfortable with you, to the point that she/he feels they can predict your every move.

In closing:

* Don’t back down from seducing girls with boyfriends, because she just might be looking for an upgrade.

The moral and ethical issues are always deterrents, but that’s for another post.

* Always recreate yourself as a new man, and re-seduce your girlfriend/wife to avoid being dumped.

* Related article by my man Stealth PUA out of Japan Dumped AFC Style.

The Art Of Complimenting Girls [Socialk’s “SPA” model]

For the record: I hate complimenting women [makes me feel like a kiss-ass]!! Especially the hotter ones, since they’re so socially conditioned and immune to the magical effects of compliments.

Guys need to realize that hot chics get complimented regularly. Even the ugly ones still get their fair share of the complimentary pie.

3 most generic/boring/kiss-ass compliments:

•“Hi, I just wanted to tell you you’re pretty”.

•“You got a nice smile”.

•“I seen you and had to come up to you and let you know that you’re hot”.

When you approach the target (girl) with 1 of the above 3 lines, she will have already heard that 10 times during the week. And that’s not counting the 40 weirdos who had messaged her on Facebook, POF or Tagged.

So such generic compliments will not have a positive effect on the pick-up attempt.

Online, she would just ignore your messages and screen you out as another Beta Male loser or would-be stalker.

In person, she would say, “Aah thanks, so sweet”!

Yet in her mind she’s saying, “GTFOH with that lame shit!! Next!!”

However, a pick-up artist or a natural skilled in social dynamics (like Reema), could pull off the cheesy-generic compliment[since we have more firepower and know-how in our arsenal].

Socialkenny’s “SPA Model” of complimenting

S Style
P Personality
A Attitude

Complimenting the target (girl) is way more effective with my SPA concept (opposed to kiss-ass cheesy).

Style Compliment
•“By the way, nice handbag. It matches your outfit perfectly”.

•“Hey I spotted you from across the bar and I had to come up to you and say…you have the most rockstar hairstyle I seen for the week”.

•“Nice eyebrow ring. It says a lot about your sense of fashion. Pretty cool”.

Personality Compliment
•“By the way Karen, I like your vibe and the fact that you’re full of energy”.

•“Hey Lisa, I read in your online profile that you take Yoga classes. Says a lot about your drive to try new things. That’s cool”.

•“I just had to come up to you and say that I’m in love with your rebel personality”.

Attitude Compliment
•“Your attitude is so kick-ass right now, I may wanna chill with you in the near future”.

•“You know what I like most about your attitude? It’s raw but in a cool way”.

•“Your attitude says 2 things about you: fiesty and risky”.

[Note: You don’t have to give more than 1 compliment. It’s for you to decide what suits you and the current girl].

Now, notice a key intricate theme to my compliments: They all lead to a conversation or continue the conversation.

You CAN’T compliment a girl on her “Nice Smile”, and then try to Routine Stack off of it.

After you say to her, “I like your smile by the way”, her only response 9-10 times (in person) will be “Thank You”!

It doesn’t engage her, attract her, nor draw her into the chat. It’s essentially a dead-end [generic compliments]!

But if you say to the girl instead, “I like that you’re a badass”!

Such assumption compliment on her personality will propel her to say something like:

“Me!!? Badass Lol!!? Why do you think so”?

• “I’m not a badass. I’m a good girl actually”.

• “Lol I didn’t know I was a badass”!

Notice how my compliments (SPA Model) forces her to defend herself by responding with dialogue and chat.

You always wanna tailor your compliments in a way which oblige the girl to interact, rebut or become inquisitive [“What do you mean by that”?]

P.S. Eliminate the following- 4 epithets from your interactions with hot women: “Miss, Sweetie, Baby & Cutie”.

I’ve had way more success with calling girls “Shortie” (a slight neg hit), opposed to something sweet and nice.

“Miss” makes the girl feel old-fashioned [granny status].

“Sweetie, Baby & Cutie” put the girl on a virtual pedestal which she doesn’t deserve until you bang her.

Check out the accompanying video about how to compliment women (the right way):

10 Dirty Things A Girl Will Do To You For A Power Trip (Ego-Boost)

1. Not answer her phone, nor reply to her text msgs intentionally.

•She gets a psychological high to see 20 missed calls on her Smart Phone, from guys whom she’s stringing along like chihuahuas on a leash.

2. Indirectly brags to her besties about how many times you call and text her (per day).

•The younger ones go so far as to show their besties in order to have a good-old “laugh @ the Beta male”.

3. Flakes on you [stands you up] just because.

•Another way she gets a kick at the expense of weak Betas, is to flake on meeting up with you for no fucking rational reason at all.

4. Instigates a disagreement just so she can hang the phone up on you.

•Like a trigger-happy assailant waiting for his hostage to say something snarky, she will feign for the opportunity in conversation to blurt out, “Well bye then!!

5. Falsely agrees to see you, knowing she has no intentions to ever meet up.

•Similar to flaking, she will mind fuck you just to get you off her back.

•She won’t see this as lying nor deception since she gets an anomalous boost to her ego for shunning another guy who’s chasing her.

6. Deletes or blocks you from her Facebook, Twitter, BBM…

•If you haven’t had a chick delete you from her online profile, then you’re either a supplicating pussy or a doormat who’s afraid to stir the pot.

•However, chicks pull such moves as strokes to their empty egos. Another way to demonstrate that pussy-power rules!

7. Tells you to buy her a drink.

•The 1st. commandment of the PUA community: “Never buy girls drinks”!!!

•Apart from the generic reasons why a guy should NOT buy her drinks, the deep-psychological factor is even more diabolical.

•She will have you buy her drinks like a Beta sucker, then say to her BFF’s, “He thinks he’s getting some”.

8. Gives you a fake phone #.

•Every sexually-active girl has given fake #’s: even the ugly ones.

•Conning the shit out of unsuspecting AFC’s. (Average Frustrated Chumps) is a past-time for most women.

•Giving out fake digits to guys is another ego-gratifying move in the game of chess courtship.

9. Turns down your offer for sex.

•Every now and again, a guy gets pussy hungry and tow the line of begging and soliciting [this is definitely NOT advised].

•99% of women have options of dick to chose from. Mathematically- it’s impossible to fuck each guy, so she has to turn down 70% of them.

•Turning guys down for sex gives her a huge power trip.

10. Wears something really revealing, then chastise you for watching.

•This is another classic example of “Women are illogical and irrational”. They’ll show boobs, then say shit like “men are sleazy” for staring at them.

•Just another way to deflate a man’s ego while raising hers.

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