Most-Important Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Get (For Men): “Don’t Let Her Tame You”


A tamed animal is a lame animal!

Ok, bad way to start off an article by drawing a reference between men and beast.

What I wanna share with you guys today are some very powerful insights when it comes to relationship management.

If you’re not in a relationship now- still read on!

You will eventually find yourself in 1, so it’s best you take heed ahead of time to avoid bawling your eyes out later.

What is a chick’s # 1 goal after she gets her man (whether she’s aware of this goal or not)?

To tame him!

Getting tamed doesn’t necessarily means that you as a man were once a wild-fucking animal off the leash before you met your girlfriend (or wife).

Merely being a super-cool guy, outspoken and sociable, would classify you as someone who needs to be tamed…that’s according to the modus operandi of most girlfriends.

Would girls in general fess up to wanting to tame their boyfriends?

Of course not!

Therefore, it’d be very stupid to ask your girlfriend if she’s trying to tame or change you in some way or fashion.
She won’t say yes (as you’ve already figured).

Why She Would Want To Tame You

This really boils down to survival, preservation and a little craziness.

She will obviously scheme to tame you so as to keep you off the dating and mating market as much as possible in order to have you for herself.

This isn’t bad in theory!

I mean, it’s actually what every woman should do in order to try to keep their mates around.

However, it gets deeper and more sinister 😈 .

The thing you should realize as a guy is that being “Tamed” is synonymous with the following adjectives and states:










Very Dependent



I can ramble the fuck on and on with a day’s worth of negative connotations associated with being “Tamed”: but I’ll stop there.

Now, does any of those adjectives describe someone a woman would find attractive, sexy and relationship material?

Fuck no!

I don’t have to be a woman to bet on this 1.

Those are all negative qualities when attributed to a man. And men displaying those qualities are often shunned by hot chicks and tossed into the dreaded pit of courtship better know as “the friendzone”.

To draw a reference, if you were standing at a bar brimming with the above qualities while hoping to get laid or find a girlfriend: you will have been disqualified within the first 2 seconds of being in the venue.

You wouldn’t have a real shot with quality women [not even the ugly ones].

On the flip side, let’s say that some of the following qualities were oozing out your frikkin’ pores like sweat after a grueling workout:















Now you’ll begin to look attractive, desired and very much like boyfriend material.

The problem this guy will encounter whenever he gets into a relationship, is the 1st. order of the day on his new girlfriend’s agenda: to actively try to strip away those positive qualities and turn him into the guy who has the 1st. set of qualities (negatives) highlighted above in pink.

She will do whatever she has to in order to reform you.

As put by the Pickup gurus, it’s her gender role to get the man domesticated and tamed.

Whether it’s her job by nature or something she’s adopted is up for debate. But the fact of the matter is: she will try to change and chip away at the guy she was once super attracted to, who had all the qualities she truly desires [the ones in blue].

Sounds pretty backwards when you think about it.

Some guys, even women, reading this may say: “What’s wrong with change and reformation and trying to get the boyfriend or husband to be more subdued”?

Absolutely nothing!

There’s nothing wrong with reformation and being tamed in this sense.

However, the repercussion comes next.

Read on!

What Will Happen Once She Manages To Tame You

I won’t beat around the bush on this 1.

If she manages to tame you and strip away your attractive qualities which led her to you in the first place: She will dump you!!!

Either that or she’ll use you, drive your ass nuts, cheat on you…then dump you anyways.

It’s pretty much that simple.

If you allow her to have her way in the sense of introducing you to her likes, her desires, her hobbies, her taste in music, fashion, her lifestyle, her ideal type: She will fucking ditch you!

If she can literally shape you into her ideal man (excluding the physical aspect), 9 in 10 times, it’d be someone completely different than who you are and she’ll begin to have regrets.

Hey guys, ever been dumped or had your girlfriend wanting to take a break/space from the relationship, even when things were going ok?

Well the culprit just might be your taming (perpetrated by her).

Whenever a girl requests a break/space or some time to clear her head and so forth; she’s obviously bored, jaded, fed up or a combination of the 3.

Her feelings stem from the lack of attractive stimulation after she was able to subdue and change you from the once attractive Alpha guy to the now passive, go-with-the-flow, non-confrontation Beta male.

She now resents you as a fucking man!

She can’t believe she’s with you!

Albeit she was the 1 who insisted on changing and taming you 😆 😆 !!!

Ways In Which She’ll Try To Change/Tame You

It is mostly subtle and flies beneath the radar like stealth bombers!

Fortunately for you, having read this article, you will see it all coming and know from whence it came and the purpose.

Ok, some quick template scenarios of a girlfriend or wife attempting to tame you for the proverbial kill (albeit unintentional):

* She tries to get you to watch the programs that she watches on TV (granted they are lame programs).

* She insists that you cut your hair or shave a certain way…although the haircut you had when you first met her, was sufficient enough to attract her then.

* Tries to get you to ditch the boys by demanding or requesting more of your time.

* Demands more explanations from you when it comes to trivial matters.

* Wants you to lose weight while simultaneously altering your diet by introducing you to fatty foods.

* Gets you to take her out more often.

Those are just the tips of the iceberg, and you can probably come up with some other ones you might be familiar with.

Now, don’t mistake these signs for simple suggestions and recommendations from your girlfriend.

There’s a thin line between the 2 [trying to tame and simply recommending something]. But you’ll be able to sense the subtle innuendos beneath the surface.

In essence, taking suggestions and sharing ideas, thoughts and so forth are great things for peer bonding.

However, you as a man, will have to sift through what is genuine, risky or disingenuous.

On a deeper level, what I’m about to say may come off as very sexist and disturbing to many. And without a doubt, the feminist machine will be out to crucify me once and for all due to such declaration- but it must be said.

Women aren’t meant to lead!

They aren’t meant to be leaders.

That isn’t their role and never has been at any point in history: pre or modern.

A man who allows a woman to lead, for instance in an LTR (relationship or marriage), is essentially handing the wheels over to a blind, deaf and mute person on a freeway…going 90 MPH.

If you’re looking to careen off that bridge to a crashing death: then fine!

However, if you want to live, or in this case, preserve the relationship while maintaining your testicles: then you must take the steering wheel back which you shouldn’t have given her in the 1st. place!

A woman leading or dominating a relationship or the man in the relationship, is the most expedient way to bring it to a premature end!

Most men not being privy to this nor to the female nature, when faced with such situations, will shrug their shoulders in agreement to allowing the women to maneuver the relationship, under the impression that he’s being relieved of responsibility, duties, calls, decision-making, etc.

He can sleep while at the wheel (so he thinks).

Little does he know, ceding power over to the woman will be the biggest relationship mistake he’s ever made.

The only 2 likely outcomes to a woman taming you and having more leverage in the relationship are as follow:

1.) You will have become a giant pussy of a man with no say in the relationship, reduced to a role of passively accepting everything.

2.) She will cheat on you then dump you. If she has an ounce of heart in the reserve tank: she’ll dump you without cheating.

Take your pick!

Tale Of An Exciting DJ Reduced To Naught

There’s no greater teacher than personal-reference experience and looking at the examples of others around you.

I have an older-male cousin who’s about 40’ish [in retrospect: we laugh about it to this day].

He’s been with his girlfriend (now wife) for about 18 years. Just as with any relationship: ups, downs, splits, reconciliation, bla, bla, bla…

Now the thing is, prior to meeting her, he was a local-rockstar Reggae DJ throughout New York City. As a kid, he would take me on the road with him to perform at YMCA’s, PAL events, clubs, Caribbean-theme weddings, etc.

I mean- he was the fucking man!

My cousin was like a black version of DJ Pauly D
My cousin was like a black version of DJ Pauly D

He was getting so much pussy and groupie-loving that I actually almost lost my virginity to 1 of his groupies who was just too much for him to handle.

She virtually tried to rape me but I got let off the hook due to situational-erectile dysfunction 😆 !

Anyway, ironically enough, his girlfriend (now wife) happened to have been 1 of his groupies whom he met at a Hip-Hop DJ event in Manhattan.

He seen something in her which set her apart from the other fans, and vice versa…I guess.

As expected; she was in love with the hype, the gloss and glitter, wild lifestyle, women, aura, music, lights, club-hopping, etc.

My cousin, the DJ, was her ideal man!

Fair enough!

Fast forward nearly 2 decades; he no longer DJ’s, no longer goes out, gave up his social life practically, has no other women in his life…

He was essentially domesticated.

He didn’t give up his life passion of DJ’ing because he wanted to. Nor because he felt he was getting too old and wanted to quit to do something less hectic (he’s only about 40 years old currently).

He quit because she suggested he do something more productive and laid-back which didn’t draw so much women and attention.

He wrestled with the suggestion then decided to quit.

Eventually got a cushy job at **********.

With that, he was no longer the “cool DJ”.

He was so much on autopilot mode that he didn’t even question anything or changes she recommended.

She felt he was a bit too heavy, started feeding him what she liked: his diet changed.

Now bear in mind the likely 2 outcomes I’d mentioned above which culminate after a woman tames a guy:

1.) He will have become a giant pussy of a man with no say in the relationship, reduced to a role of passively accepting everything.

2.) She will cheat on him then dump him. If she has an ounce of heart in the reserve tank: she’ll dump him without cheating.

Seventy five percent of the time: she will dump the guy [that’s if the relationship hadn’t reached marriage].

If it’s a marriage, there’s more social pressure on her to stay, plus she might not want to go through a drawn-out divorce, so she’ll stay but dominate, eat away at the guy’s soul, and periodically enjoy some extramarital affairs 😉 .

In fewer cases of relationships [25%], she will stay with the guy once he has been tamed, neutralized and conformed and no longer considered a threat to her well-being and survival since she doesn’t have to worry about competing women and so forth.

Anyway, so the girl decided to stay with my DJ cousin, but she since has sole control of the relationship (now marriage).

She wears the pants. She calls the shots.

Nowadays, he’s virtually friend-less while she still has her male and female friends. She has her cake [being in a relationship where she dominates] and is eating it too [still has a social-circle of friends and options in men].

My cousin’s situation isn’t unique by far.

It’s actually the norm.

This is the classic case of the no-lifer boyfriend turned husband who’s reduced to playing in-house poker with the husbands of his wife’s friends.

Typical night in the life of a married slob
Typical night in the life of a married slob

You see it potrayed in sitcoms all the time.

This is your typical-marriage dynamic: the wife remains jovial, elegant and social. The husband is restricted to a work-to-home routine while life blows by him. Has no meaningful hobbies but watching men grind on men [the NFL] once a week.

He become a specialist in arguing sports with the other Beta-ized husbands who’ve been castrated.

We all know lots of men like this!

More than 50% of your male coworkers fit this criterion, or will once they get into serious relationships or marriages.

You have uncles like this.

Your father is or was probably 1 😉 !

The downfall of these men [most men for that matter] came about once they passively allowed their girlfriends and wives to tame them, reform and remodel them into new men with new outlooks on life.

Think Adam and Eve for those who subscribe to Biblical stories. She expedited his downfall by suggesting (subtly leading) that he consume a certain-forbidden food.

The unsuspecting men in these situations never thought anything of it, just as most of us wouldn’t.

To really hammer home the point with some icing and cherry on the cake: the twisted irony of everything I’d written in this article is, once she remodels the guy by stripping away all of his perceived coolness which had attracted her in the first place, instead of being content with the new man she’s made, this new-tamed and controlled man, she begins to resent him and her attraction for him dies.

Also guys, please don’t get the impression that I’m only referring to marriages or long-term relationships here.

The mission of looking to tame and subtly dominate you will commence from the very instance your cock penetrates her vaj!

This can be as early as a One-Night Stand.

The day after; you will be fucking tested!

This is all assuming that she sees you as possible-relationship material.

By the way, I am no exception to any of this. My girlfriend has been covertly trying to tame me and sway the relationship since we met 🙂 .

How To Not Get Tamed And Controlled

When I first met my current girlfriend 4 years ago at a wedding party, we eventually hooked up.

Bear in mind- I owe this girl nothing at all- and vice versa.

We obviously weren’t dating. Just a one off!

The day after hooking up for the first time, she calls me over to her place and we hang out a bit.

She says to me:

“I smell cigarette on your breath. Didn’t know you smoke”.

Me: “I don’t smoke at all. Never have”.

GF: “How come I smell cigarette on your breath though”?

Now, she wasn’t questioning me in a controlling-contentious manner since technically she had no right to even question me.

This was all subtle-innocent chitchat in a semi-sarcastic joking manner.

Lots of guys would see this as charming and flattering:

“Yes! I got her hooked now. She’s dick-whipped! She’s mines”!!!

I didn’t read much of anything into it.

Oh, the reason I had cigarette scent on my breath was because I was making out with a girl who smokes whom I was just banging prior to stopping by my near-future girlfriend 😉 .

Refer to an article I wrote in reference to the year 2009 as being the year in which I slept with the most women in my life as my Pickup/Seduction skills were at their peak: My fuck-tank is on empty.

In that year alone, I had about 30 One-Night Stand pulls from the nightclub, which is mainly why I’d always dubbed myself The king of nightclub pickup!!!

Anyway, so my GF knew that I was a Pick-Up Artist/lady’s man, and it was in her best interest + her gender role to tame that beast…or cut it out of me if she could!

Therefore, when she coyly questioned me about the cigarette scent, it was her 1st. play in the game to tame me or test the waters to see how pliable and bendable I was.

Saying all that to say, the girl will try to tame you from the instance she senses that she could see herself with you in a relationship. So before she’s even your girlfriend; she’s already scheming to soften you up, test you and reform you.

Irony is, my girlfriend had managed to subdue and tamed me 😆 !

I’m man enough to admit; she had me by the fucking balls!

About the 2nd. year into the relationship (early 2011), I was virtually neutered, castrated and whipped.

My pick-up skills were shitty due to the lack of gaming other women since I was so bogged down in this imbalanced relationship where I was the lap-dog and she the master.

I was literally on the verge of being dumped so I sought some relationship advice from the Pickup gurus (Chief PUA, Madal & Kasabi) on the Master Pick-Up Artist forum. I wanted to learn how to regain dominance to possibly save the relationship before being dumped.

Some of that advice I’ll be sharing with you guys right now: scenarios on how not to get tamed and how to free yourself before you get dumped [that’s if you want to save the relationship].

You’re now well aware as to why you shouldn’t allow the girl to tame or change you (for the worst).

Oh- before proceeding, lemme share another quick anecdote.

On a more recent occasion, I’d gotten a mini Mohawk haircut as I like to call it [can’t anymore since my hair is thinning 😦 ].

At first, my GF sorta liked it, warmed up to the idea then loved it!

A week later: wanted me to cut it because she thought it made me look too “out there”.

Another occasion, I got my eyebrow pierced. She was pissed as hell and insinuated I remove it because of a potential-job interview and I should want to make a good impression at job fairs.

That made sense when I thought about it!

However, I knew beneath the surface, it was an attempt to further strip away my independence/individuality to further mold me into a passive pussy.

To counter this, I advise you to: Do it on your own time and terms!!!

Therefore, I fucking procrastinated like hell with removing my brow ring.


Just to do it on my term and my time; not when she wanted it done!

For clarification sake guys, it’s not like my GF, nor any other girl for that matter, would be all confrontational and controlling about it.

They merely suggest or hint at it.

You rob her of power and control by procrastinating on whatever it is she requests of you to handle or change.

The moment you immediately give in or instantly agree with her suggestion, it’s 1 step further out of the relationship door she’s taking…or she’ll stay just to relish in the power-trip while cheating on you since she basically fucking owns you SON!!!

If she manages to get herself into hot water over suspected cheating; she’ll just take the easy way out by flat dumping you or giving you a soft landing by saying:

“I think we need a break or space for a while”.

Quick note: if she suggests you stop doing something, and if it’s really practical for you to desist [let’s say that you’ve been spending too much cash on unnecessary stuff], then you should stop or let up but just not on her time.

She insinuates that you cease drinking by Wednesday because of her mother’s birthday party on Saturday, and she wants you to show up sober: You either cease drinking on Friday instead, or simply show up hammered just to prove a point of not conforming when she wishes or implies on the drop of a dime.

She complains that her coworkers’ boyfriends always call them 5 times a day and you only call once, basically insinuating that you should call her more; you ignore it!

Sure- talk about it! But don’t start calling her 5 times per day starting from the following day because she requests or bitches about it.

If you personally feel that you should call her more than 1 time daily, then do it on your own time and not right away, nor the following day!

Use social intelligence to gauge when is the right time.

A quick tangent, if she suggest something positive, fun, cool, rad, adventurous, sexual, etc. then by all mean you should jump on it!!!

If she suggests you get a nice shirt which will accentuate your pecks or forearms: then do it- NOW!

If she’s encouraging you to do something that would make you a more attractive man and enhance your lifestyle: then you should do it!

It’s only when she’s trying to get you to desist from, or start doing something that will make you look like a fucking Beta and less attractive to women: like calling her more, or joining a book club (that’s if it’s not your original idea), then that’s when you should drop the fucking hammer!

To illustrate how often this happens, just last week, my GF said to me:

“My girlfriend’s boyfriend brings her lunch almost everyday to work. You rarely do that for me”.

We wrestled with it: subject dropped. A week went by and I stuck to my customary 1 lunch meal delivery per week for her.

Had I immediately expressed inadequacy as a man that another man was providing more than I am for his girl, and I acknowledged it as a shortcoming so I doubled down the next day…as positive as that sounds, it would’ve been a negative for me, and a plus for her in that she gains more control and leverage, while the attraction fades and I become less than a man and more like a submissive follower without his own path.

Another scenario: she met you as a guy who had numerous chicks in his life. She knew this and seen this but didn’t have the authority to bitch about it.

Y’all become exclusive then she suggests in whatever manner chosen, that you cut off those other girls and knock off your tendency to flirt with other chicks.

The moment you do as she says (or suggests): the attraction she’d felt for you, including the chemistry will have sunken tremendously!

The # 1 factor that keeps a girl around and keeps her in check, is if she knows or at least senses that you have the option to go fuck other women or dump her for another girl!

Fuck all the hype about having a bigger cock, more $$$, cuter face, defined 6 pac abs…

Those things cannot keep a woman around, nor can they keep her from cheating, simply because those things are material child’s play!

As the NLP seduction saying goes: “If you want a girl to madly fall in love with you: seduce her mind then her body will follow”.

In other words, the mind (perception) is more powerful than the body (material/reality).

We all can attest to that.

Just as if you have someone under hypnosis: their body is rendered disabled because the mind is captured or captivated.

However, if you capture someone’s body yet their mind is free, then he or she can still devise a way to escape physically…like a prison break.

Likewise with a girl in a relationship scenario: if she knows or senses (through perception) that you can have other women, hotter, smarter younger and more fertile than she is, she will be kept in line, kept intrigued, kept attracted and kept in the relationship.

She only has to sense that you can dump her any minute for another woman (preferably better but that doesn’t matter).

Saying all that to say, if your girlfriend or wife tries to get you to stop flirting with other women (within bounds), stop being as sociable or to cut off other women: DO NOT LISTEN TO HER!!!

It’s a trick and a preemptive mechanism in order to tame you and secure you from other men-snatching women.

Incidentally, as she gains psychological security because you’d alienated yourself from other women as she suggested, she will begin to see you as a Beta-Male (a lesser man) who is unable to present her with any challenge: she will rebel and start a plethora of unnecessary drama just to force a breakup (she dumping you).

This happens everyday!

Most men have been in this predicament at least once or twice, where he cuts off all his options then subsequently gets dumped unceremoniously (where he’s left with no options).

Weeks later, he then finds himself phoning Jackie whom he’d cut off cold a while back.

Jackie feels betrayed and is uninterested that she was cut off due to this guy’s girlfriend (now ex) suggesting he cuts all ties with other women.

I’ve been there; and most men who get laid have been there also 🙂 !!!

Having options with women will be your biggest card to play in your relationship: your trump card…and she know it!

It will be the only thing that can keep her around, especially after your $$ has depleted, your cock gets tiring, the sex becomes monotonous and good conversation dries up.

I’ve learned this the hard way. And if you allow a girl, or your girlfriend to tame you in anyway, especially by having you sever ties with other chicks, you might as well hire some comedians early ’cause you’ll be the laughingstock of your own show.

You should only cut ties with women if it’s something you yourself felt necessary. But it’s still taking a huge risk since women want what other women want.

If you’re left without other women in your life, then your girlfriend’s attraction for you will naturally diminish since she doesn’t have the competing element keeping her on her toes.

The overall theme is, you do what you want on your time without coercion from her.

I’m also not saying that a guy should always put up a fake front and show of masculinity. Showing some vulnerability is a plus, but you have to know when and how to balance them all within your relationship in order to maintain leadership and your manhood.

Don’t let her change you unless it’s change that you personally wanted.

And if you don’t have a score of other chicks in your life: go meet other women!

I’ll leave you with a solid video from the Pickup coach, RSD Julien, as he shed some light on the same concept spoken of in this article.

Guys: There’s No Need To Keep Lying About Having A Girlfriend [A Cheating Man’s Guide]!

Download this article in PDF format!

Download this article in PDF format by clicking the pdf image above!

I had a chat yesterday with a female cousin of mines, and this was what she said [to my surprise]:

“I don’t get why guys lie about having someone. If you’re married, say you’re fucking married! If you got a girl; then fucking say it! I hate when guys try talk to me and tell me they’re single and I come to find out from 1 of their friends that they have a girl. Damn!!! Let me decide whether I want to deal with you or not because you’re taken!!! I’m grown enough to make a choice and chose to”!!!

I was frikkin’ flabbergasted!

Not because of what she said, but how much it confirms what we’ve been teaching in pickup for years, which is that women really don’t give a fuck whether you are in an LTR (Relationship) or not!

As long as she’s attracted and is feeling you; then she’ll be willing to share you with another woman [while scheming to take you from that other woman all together].

Why Do Men Who Are Taken Lie About Being Single?

Feminist-backed western society has fucked the whole process of courtship so badly, that men actually believe that hiding their marital or relationship statuses from other women is the way to go.

We can blame it on Femi-Nazism, religion and the media which brainwash men into believing that (all) women want and should have monogamy.

On an individual level however, the average guy, who unfortunately is a Beta-Male pussy, he feels that withholding the fact that he has a girlfriend, or is married, would better his chances of getting the girl whom he’s currently chatting up.

Seems logical!

However, that is men using logics to determine attraction [which doesn’t go hand in hand].

Being that men are logical creatures (when it comes to dating and courtship), we take a logical stance and viewpoint on the seduction process and say such things as:

“Which chick would fuck with a guy who has a girlfriend!!? So I best be LOGICAL and lie and say that I’m single”!

Logics and love do not friggin’ mix!

Drill that into your heads guys!

How Does Kenny Handle This?

Everyone already knows my schtick: I never lie to girls and tell them that I don’t have a girlfriend!

I know that girls are (subconsciously) attracted to men who are taken.

Read my article entitled: “The empty restaurant effect”.

I’ve been in an LTR [relationship] for the past 3 years now.

Whenever I do meet other women (even just for casual chat), I’m always straight up about my status.

I’m so confident about it [that it’s a HUGE plus], I know the fact that I have a girlfriend will only make her want me much more.

That is my mindset, my reality and my frame, which usually overpowers her mindset to get her on board [strongest mindset wins].

In that case, I’ve always advocated for guys to NEVER lie about this!

Always admit that you have someone (if you do).

It will only make your chances better with other women.

I know it sounds counterintuitive and goes against logics.

Even when I was single (prior to meeting my current GF), I discovered that saying to women “I’m taken”, made me more irresistible to women.

In the Seduction community, there are 2 schools of thoughts when it comes to this matter:

One school of pickup says that you should tell women that you have a GF (even though you don’t).

The second school of thoughts teaches that if you do have a GF (or wife); withhold that info [not by lying, but neglecting to mention it].

Obviously, I’m from the school of thought which advocates telling girls that you have someone (even if you don’t).

The Psychology Behind Telling Girls That You’re Taken

Now, I get asked a lot by aspiring PUA’s:

“Kenny, why should I tell girls that I’m taken (even though I’m really single)”?

Coupled with what I’d mentioned in the previous section, there are many reasons why this is a good strategy.

For one, women love competition and drama!

That’s their fucking oxygen!

I don’t give a shit which girl says that she’s drama-free, hates drama and all that gibberish!

Those are the types who love drama and competing for male attention the most!

This is the main reason why they watch soap operas; it’s to get their fix of drama and suspense. And they’re addicted to it like crack!

The main theme in soap operas is Infidelity (cheating) and love affairs!

Whenever I meet a girl, I present myself as a dose of soap opera: but in reality.

She can play a supporting role in Kenny’s Little Adventure or become the protagonist itself.

On the contrary, saying to her that you’re single, just doesn’t present the girl with any challenge whatsoever [since she doesn’t have to possible fight for your attention, your cock or your heart]!

As a PUA who was single, I would lie my ass off constantly to girls I’d meet, and tell them that I was married and looking to have affairs!

I would instigate this to the extreme by saying shit like:

“My girl and I just had a fucking fight and I’m pissed right now and I’m looking for a girl to cheat with. You seem like a good candidate”!

Is not that single men don’t get laid.

Is that if you’re taken; say that you’re taken and not lie and say that you’re single!

She doesn’t get that soap opera moment by hooking up with a guy who’s single.

This is the classic reason why women fuck with married men.

The thrill, rush and the sheer knowledge that she’s doing something morally forbidden is like a fucking aphrodisiac for women!

Men generally don’t watch soap operas.

Reason being is that it’s loaded with illogics and irrationalities which men cannot fucking relate to (by nature).

Men are too practical to be consumed by the things which occur in soap operas.

Once you’re savvy enough to tap into this innate affinity of drama (which lies dormant in every girl), she’ll be willing to accept the fact that you’re taken, but doesn’t care.

The ability to cause this in women, is what separates men from boys, Alphas from Betas, masters from students.

Telling a girl that you’re single, robs her of the thrill she secretly craves: knowing that she can possibly steal another woman’s man.

And this is where being an Alpha-Male comes in.

The Alpha Male And The Reptilian Brain

Every woman is attracted to Alpha Males.

Every woman seeks an Alpha Male.

Every woman day dreams about being with an Alpha Male.

Every woman fantasizes about being fucked by a dominant Alpha!

The knight in shining armor character which you see in romance novels is an Alpha-Male.

The action hero in a movie is an Alpha-Male.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in the Titanic is an Alpha-Male.

If a girl happens to be UNfortunate and got herself a boyfriend or husband who ISN’T an Alpha (but a Beta-Male), she will become unruly, super disrespectful, cheat on him then dump him eventually for a guy who possesses Alpha-Male qualities which her current partner lacks.

A girl will almost always look to upgrade by dumping a Beta for a perceived Alpha-Male [How to not get dumped, article by Socialkenny].

It’s a fucking jungle out here guys LOL!

This all hearkens back to millions of years of human evolution: from Neanderthal man to the Homo-Erectus roaming Africa.

The Alphas were highly desired by women, while the Betas were shunned and couldn’t find mates, thus shortly died out without their legacies being carried on.

One obvious trait of the Alpha Male is that he always has women in his life.

He’s never fucking truly single [if he is single, he’s banging women regularly]!

He Attracts harems of women by the mere fact that he has other women!

[Read Attracting women via Pre-selection theory, by seduction coach, Evan Hawk.]

And women are instinctively drawn and attracted to Alpha-Males [men whom are sought after by other women].

Therefore, whenever you say to a girl whom you’ve just met:

“I have a girlfriend”.

Logically (and verbally), she will likely say, “I can’t deal with you then”.

Subconsciously though, she’ll be drawn to you (based on the Alpha-Male quality of having a girlfriend).

It’s up to you to exploit this by seducing her on a SUBCONSCIOUS level rather than a logical one.

What a woman logically wants, thinks or says [she doesn’t want to mess with a man who’s taken], is completely different than what she actually does [gets involved with a man who’s taken].

But an AFC (average guy) not having such knowledge of female psychology, would try to logically convince a girl to hook up with him, instead of playing to her illogical and emotional side, which is 100 times more powerful than the rational side.

Which in essence is the art of seduction. To Seduce means to mislead or lead astray. You cannot lead someone astray LOGICALLY. It can only be done on an ILLOGICAL (subconscious) level.

That is why we over eat, eat unhealthy, don’t pay attention to safety measures (drive and text), make bad decisions constantly, etc. All this is driven by the emotions and desires (feelings).

The portion of the brain which is dubbed the “Reptilian Brain”, governs desires, wants, likes, emotions, feelings, etc.

Once a guy can tap into this part of a woman’s brain, he can convince her to go against her previously held beliefs and her moral code.

For example:

•Get her to fuck on the first date although she might have been totally against this yesterday.

•Get her to have 3-somes although she was adamantly against this.

•Get her to perform the best blowjob session, even though she might have deemed such act as reprehensibly nasty before.

This is the power that pimps have over their hoes/hookers.

It’s also the same influence and power that a hypnotist or a magician have over his audience.

He taps into his subject’s reptilian brain, then seduce her/him.

This is the power of the Pick-Up Artist: we do NOT give a shit about seducing women on a superficial-logical level (as the average guy does).

We target the most powerful part of the woman’s brain (governing desires and lust): the reptilian brain, then seduce her accordingly.

Saying all this to say, when you tell a girl that you’re single, it doesn’t engage her reptilian brain…at least not on this matter.

It doesn’t get her emotionally invested since there is nothing emotionally challenging about a guy who’s single.

On the other hand, telling her that you’re taken, will create drama, tension, challenge, suspense, fear, intrigue, guilt, a sense of sluttiness, etc.

All of those things are fueled by emotions, which stem from the reptilian side of the brain.

Now you have her emotional (which is where you want her in order to seduce her).

A girl cannot be seduced if she’s not highly emotional [fearful, horny, sad, excited…].

Women reading this may say, “Well I met a guy last month and he told me he had a girl and I shut him down quickly”.

I know! And I believe it!

Most men are pussies!

Once the target (girl) says that she doesn’t get involved with guys who are taken, or married, most men will just lap their little tails and run away dejectedly.

Had he persisted and engaged the girl’s emotional side, he would have succeeded in convincing the girl to hook up with him anyway [since he’s an Alpha-Male].

Women may see such seduction tactics as immoral and unethical (tapping into her emotional side), but that is what every guy does who’s good with women.

It isn’t only PUA’s who engage in such tactics.

Your average-neighborhood players, macks, lady’s man and gigolos all use these techniques also.

However, they aren’t consciously aware of them, nor are they consciously doing these things [unlike the PUA who has it down to an art and science].

Any man who is good with women and gets laid often, is skilled at speaking to a woman’s emotional side, and plays to her sense of thrill and challenge.

Contrarily, guys who suck with women and hardly get laid, are doing the opposite; they are talking to women on a LOGICAL level, and engaging her LOGICAL brain, which will then force her to shut him down if he tries to pick her up.

You cannot seduce a woman on a logical level by chatting her up with logical facts!

And that is the mistake that men who do poorly with women often make.

In Conclusion [The Jesus Effect And Religion In Seduction]

At the top of this article, I’d outlined a chat between a female cousin and I, where she virtually stated that she’d be open to hooking up with a guy who’s taken. But guys fuck their chances by lying to her and saying that they’re single when they’re not [as she’d discovered later on].

Is my cousin just a slutty-ass bitch who lacks any sort of ethics when it comes to hooking up!?

Or is her stance on this the norm?

It’s the norm guys!

Most women will never admit to this; especially to men whom they aren’t related to (or close with).

However, my cousin and I share that sort of connection where she keeps it real on such matters.

She has nothing to lose by sharing this with me since I’m obviously not a potential suitor around whom she has to watch what she says.

Had I not been close with her, or was a guy whom she’s interested in, or some stranger; she would definitely NOT have said that she’d hook up with a guy who’s taken.

The lesson is pretty clear guys; never hide that you have someone in your life (but looking to play the field anyway).

If you’re married yet looking to have fun: then say it!

Be truthful with women about your status [that is if you’re taken].

If you’re genuinely single however, I’d advise you to tell women that you’re NOT single.

Tell her that you have a GF even if you’re single as the numerical number 1!

If she pries further into that, and wants to know why are you chatting her up even though you’re taken, Don’t give her any logical answers!!!

Don’t engage her logical side!

Say something illogical to her like:
“I do have a GF. I love her a lot. She treats me real nice. But that’s the problem; I’m bored and I’m in search of excitement. Not just sexual excitement but an emotional one”.

Be fucking illogical guys!!!

Play that shit up!!!

Say shit that doesn’t make LOGICAL sense in such a situation if she questions you (as to why you’re chatting her up and you have a GF).

Saying such illogical things to her and withholding (plausible answers) will get her invested into the interaction.

You’ll be reeling her in!

In pickup, we call this tactical theory Open Loops [using open-ended questions and not providing answers].

And once a woman is invested [emotionally]; it’s game over!

By not giving her closure [logical answers]; she will become intrigued and confused all together (which is what you want).

[Read Hook Theory by Sasha PUA, the Israeli PUA-dating coach.

It’d be a mixed bag of emotions and unanswered questions.

Unknowing to them, this is also the reason why women love soap operas and are drawn to it like mindless zombies; they are NOT given closure.

They are purposely robbed of closure by the soap producers who designed it this way [via psychology].

The marketers know this, which is why they design soap operas in such a way as to captivate people via confusion, unanswered questions, fractionation, open loops and promises of closure in the next episode (which never comes).

This is a way some guys get women to fall in love with them and go crazy over them!

I call this: “The Jesus Effect”.

Why do you think women are so drawn to the historical figure “Jesus”, and believe in him so ardently?

It’s about PARABLES!

Jesus spoke in parables!

See the connection?

He engages the reptilian brain (of women) by speaking in parables and ambiguous terms which were very enigmatic.

If Jesus was a logics-talker, I can guarantee he would NOT have a following at all.

He was a proverbial soap opera!


He never provided anyone with (LOGICAL) answers.

He purposely withheld information and answers.

He never said anything which was easily decipherable.

He was a puzzle and a riddle, whom when questioned, would never give you LOGICAL, discernible answers.

That is also why women generally are more religious than men, attend churches and religious services more, etc.

This isn’t coincidence.

Churches use psychology on women in order to appeal to them by playing to their irrational side and their reptilian brain, thus manipulating them.

The more women they (churches) can attract (seduce), the more men will follow eventually (since men go wherever women congregate).

Same theory with the nightclub industry.

Men aren’t gonna go to cock-filled nightclubs which don’t have any women.

So nightclubs cater to women in order to bring them in, which will then bring men in accordingly.

Hence, modern religion (namely Christianity), is all a ploy to seduce women through irrationalities in order to get rich.

[Whether you believe in Jesus or not is irrelevant. The point still stands].

Men who are taken or married, can create this same effect by tapping into the woman’s emotional side.

If you’re taken and still want to play the field; then there’s still hope.

Massive amounts of it!

Just re read the article and take notes.

From this day forth, you’ll have no reason to lie to women ever again (that you’re single).

If she says that she doesn’t do men with girlfriends, fuck what she says and continue chatting her up with the format that I’d laid out in this article [become enigmatic and illogical].

You’ll be surprised to find out that she’s DTF in spite of your relationship status.

Now go get laid!

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“I Have A Boyfriend”, And “How To Not Get Dumped [for men]”

The oldest-rejection line in the book in order to send men running with their tails tucked.

Two-hidden truths about the “I have a boyfriend” line.

1.) When a girl says that to a guy who had approached her to chat her up, she’s either sending an around-the-bush message that she’s NOT interested.


2.) She truly doesn’t have a boyfriend, however said that in order to see how you’d react [will you stay the course or disappear?].

I call this the “Are you a real man” test.

Whenever the target lies about having a BF, she wants to see if you’re man enough to not give a shit[an Alpha-Male quality which women secretly adore].

Or will you let the fact that she “SAID” she has a boyfriend, derail the seduction?

The 3 main reactions a guy has when the target says, “I have a boyfriend”:

1.) “Oh I’m sorry. I apologize for that [he becomes apologetic for no reason]”.

2.) “Ok cool. I didn’t know that. Nice to meet you though. Bye”!

3.) “Ah damn, I thought you were single!! Ok, let’s be friends then”.

When a girl says to me that she has a boyfriend, do you know what I do?

* Ignore it!!

* Pretend I never heard it!

* Plow forward as if she’d never said that shit!

Women get that I know what’s up.

They realize at “that” moment of the chat that “He Gets It”.

Of course she’ll never say, “I only told you that I had a BF just for you to leave me alone”.

But chics do this shit regularly: online, in person, at the club,on the streets, etc.

She’ll say to you that she’s taken, just to blow you the fuck off; although she’s officially single.

As a man in “the know”; it’s your duty to not let this attempt to weed out the Beta-Male fazes you.

Because she’s (supposedly) taken doesn’t mean she won’t still fuck you.

Another interesting observation:

A girl who has a boyfriend, will often times trade up, upgrade and dump her current boyfriend, if a new guy presents more value than the current boyfriend.

It’s the cold friggin’ truth in the cut-throat world of dating!

Women don’t just dump their current boyfriends in order to be with some guy whom they deem to have less value or worst off than her current BF.

In other words, she won’t downgrade in value [whatever is of value to her].

She’ll always go from Beta to Alpha; weak to strong, pushover to resolute.

Classic Scenario:

• Jen meets Steve, a guy who is stylish, Alpha, good in bed, active, has great qualities, everything she can want in a man.

• A year later in the LTR, Steve becomes lazy, starts couch potatoing, neglects his style, doesn’t see a need to further dominate her in bed, etc…

• Jen gets hit on by Nate (online or in person). Nate is an Alpha male (as Steve once was), he knows what’s up, he presents her with values (which Steve, the current BF once had).

• Jen is torn between Nate & Steve (Steve’s the current BF who was all she wanted, but has slipped since).

• Her decision-making process becomes easier: she can stay with Steve the lazy slob who doesn’t dominate her in bed, nor make her laugh anymore.

• Or she can dump Steve for Nate the Alpha, who has all the qualities Steve once had a year ago.

• Now, WWJD (what will Jen do)?

• She will cheat on Steve with Nate, then gradually dump him for Nate [essentially upgrade from zero to hero].

Now, what Jen did isn’t a rare exception. It’s actually the fucking norm!!

A girl will almost always upgrade to a better guy (whom she deems is better).

Why shouldn’t she?

“What Can I As A Current Boyfriend Do”?

Stay Alpha or become the Alpha-Male!


Guys on a whole, have the tendency to lapse and slack off AFTER we win the girl.

It’s as if we say to ourselves, “Hey fuck it! I already have her,she’s now my GF, I can now let my guard down and become a slouch”.

I’ve even fell into this psychological trap with my current GF of 3 years.

I noticed her interest in me faltering (because of a possible guy who’s presenting her with more Alpha qualities), so I took actions by becoming that super-interesting guy who’d attracted her 3 years ago.

Had I remained that lazy guy who felt a sense of “settled”, she would’ve dumped my ass and upgraded [rightfully so]!

What you can do today to avoid being dumped and upgraded on:

• Improve upon your fashion and style (if you’d neglected this aspect of being an attractive man).

• If the communication between you and your GF/wife has slacken off tremendously; re-ignite it by communicating more!

• Re-seduce her as if you’re meeting her for the first time[chics love the thought and rush of being lust after].

• If your life now consist of laboring on the couch with a bag of Doritos watching reruns of South Park; get the fuck out the house in search of new activities!

• If when you 1st. met her, you fucked her like an animal, dominated her in bed, in the bushes, on top of the hood, whatever…and you’re now the lazy lover who’s content with her riding you to sleep; you stand a great chance to be dumped.

• Always recreate yourself in the looks department!

If when you’d met her, you had a mullet or corn-row braids, and it’s 2 years later into the LTR(relationship) you’re still donning the same haircut; you should change it up PRONTO!

One month; get a baldy!

Next few months; grow a neat afro.

Few months later; get a fucking Mohawk!

Go flattop like my man Dj Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

The purpose is to stay recreating yourself.

You’re essentially becoming a new guy every now and again.

Women get bored and jaded pretty easily with the same shit, same guy, same shoes, same car, same food, etc.

So you wanna be that boyfriend who’s ultra keen to this.

You will never be cheated on nor dumped as long as you maintain the above 6 things I pointed out[or unless the chic is just prone to messing around].

The key is to stay Alpha!

Remain or become once again, that guy whom she fell for a year ago.

Don’t settle into a monotonous rhythm after you’ve made her your GF, or after marrying her.

My MILF girlfriend, although she won’t admit it, she’s super impressed and deeply attracted to the way I constantly recreate myself [not for her, but for my personal liking].

She has no reason to look at another man because I’m presenting her with the values which will keep her interested.

One month, I’d sport a neat, short haircut.

The next, I’d rock my signature Bill Bellamy mini-Mohawk.

Comedian Bill Bellamy

Comedian Bill Bellamy

I got my eyebrow pierced few months ago (which she protested LOL).

When I first got my brow pierced this year.

When I first got my brow pierced this year.

I shave and groom my beard different ways, which gives her the impression that I’m some novel-attractive character.

One week, I’d dress casual, then Urban, gangster, preppy (my favorite), frat-boyish, tropical(shorts, flip-flops)…

The point is, I virtually become 10 guys in one.

One moment, I treat her like shit, I purposely instigate arguments to wind her up mentally, then I swoop in as the super sensitive guy, fuck her until she climaxes thrice (make-up sex), then I’d recreate this cycle over and over again.

You never want your spouse to become too comfortable with you, to the point that she/he feels they can predict your every move.

In closing:

* Don’t back down from seducing girls with boyfriends, because she just might be looking for an upgrade.

The moral and ethical issues are always deterrents, but that’s for another post.

* Always recreate yourself as a new man, and re-seduce your girlfriend/wife to avoid being dumped.

* Related article by my man Stealth PUA out of Japan Dumped AFC Style.

The Alpha-Badboy Look [that’d leave her pussy moist]

The prototype of the “Badboy” Alpha-Male which drives women crazy and soak their Barbie panties.

*The chic-badboy look has always appealed to women since the post-Great Depression times of the 1930’s.

*Also during the World War 2 era, where real men did real work (manual labor) along with warring, which subsequently attracted droves of hot lasses.

*Picture that asshole-guy puffing away at his camel cigarette at the bar while sipping on some brandy[how appealing].

*The James Bond appeal embedded with the “I’ll kill you MOFO” look!

*Women have been attracted to the bad-boy persona types since time immemorial.

*And that’s why I advocate fucking her like an animal.

*Below are few of the ideal prototype of a chic badboy.

[Photos courtesy of Justin Chung Photography, how to talk to girls @, and Masculine Style].

*Grow your goatee with some shrubs on the side.

*Leave that hair disheveled, Mohawked or styled like The Fonze.

*Attract her by becoming her badboy, and stop being a Beta-Male Pussy!!

Fuck Her Like An Animal!!

I plan to release 3 e-books by year’s end: “How to bang foreign girls”, “My Facebook Method”, and “Sexually Ravage Her”!!

The main theme throughout “Sexually Ravage Her” will be “Dominance in bed”.

“Dominate and ravage her”!

I’ve had more women return to my bed for sequels ever since I adopted some of what was taught in “The Sex God Method”, by PUA dating coach and expert Daniel Rose.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t keep a woman sexually gratified if you don’t beat her up(sexually).

However, you have a much solid chance of keeping her around if you dominate her in the sack; especially in these times where grandma-sex just doesn’t appeal to the up and coming sexual generation.

Sex Should Be A Dramatization!!

Sex should be more drama-filled than actual intercourse.

The actual act of putting dick in vagina isn’t what gives sex that extra edge.

It’s what you’re doing overall to the girl’s body that blows her mind.

Guys hate when the topics of biology and evolution come up, since they just fly right over their heads which are made of a solid matter called “Ignorance”.

In pre-historic times/caveman days, the manner in which the men had sex with their females were rough, dominant, savage-like: bruises, cuts, bites and marks.

Such sexual genetical record is encoded in every woman’s DNA.

It’s no secret that most girls prefer rough, dominant sex.

Sex in a sensual way was never part of the plan.

Sensual is great!

But you shouldn’t be sensual with a girl you’re shagging for the first few times.

An excerpt of what will be in the book, and what I generally advocate when it comes to sex:

How to sexually dominate her to keep her returning

Dominant Kiss: Your 1st. kiss in a seduction location (before fucking her), should be dominant!

• Rather than tilting her chin upwards with your finger to kiss her; tug downwards by the back of her hair to tilt her chin up instead.

• Complete the kiss with a nibble on her chin!


Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

“From flirt to up her skirt [Alpha-Male Style]”

The hot- Kim Kardash' letting it all hang out covertly for the Alpha-male to take flirt- advantage

The hot- Kim Kardash’ letting it all hang out covertly for the Alpha-male to take flirt- advantage

Hey guys this time round, I’m going to get into the subject of Flirting and transferring that to actual intercourse.

So from talking the talk, to actually walking the walk!

It’s not as hard as some may think, but not as easy as some brag.

Just takes mastering, and most situations are the same and require similar techniques.

Women love a flirt!!

It makes them feel great but we want to take it that step further; getting down and dirty!

First you’ve got to be in the right situation.

If the woman you want to shag is in a good mood, your chances are already high especially if she’s into you.

Women also get very jealous; very easily, and often try to win us men over (especially if she thinks there is competition for you).

Many times we don’t see things like that.

Another piece of key information I found out was:

If a girl’s stressed, it can significantly increase libido levels: resulting in her wanting to open those legs for you.

There is no stress relief better than sex [one of the perfect actions of life that makes one forget everything in that moment].

Also, many guys favourite scenario:

They’re gaming at night, having a few drinks…getting tipsy can create that extra confidence and creativeness from inside.

Women love a guy that oozes confidence.

Someone who shows that they have a strong pair of balls without intercourse.

Again, alcohol can do this for some who may be shy or non confident.

Get the girl her favourite drinks or a special cocktail, have a little grind and watch the sexual tension sky rocket!

A general route to a woman’s heart is to humour her.

We all know this! But sometimes let it slip.

Humouring her with knowing how to approach different scenarios will get you where you want to be.

In every given situation,you want to use KINO(touching):

Touch her hair,

Play a few tricks,

Neg her (make her qualify).

Just show her you’re an Alpha Male– not another AFC (Average Frustrated Chump).

Get her thinking along the lines of, “Am I good enough? Can I get him?”

This is all a form of reverse psychology. They do it to men.

I’ve seen it minute by minute when out and about; play them at their own game.

I’m going to list some rules that most guys will know but never hurt reading up on time after time:

 Learn the secret language of manhood! (Become independent, strong and on your own path, don’t try and imitate others).

 Become a ‘certain’ person (people like certainty, if you can communicate it and provide it, you’ll be more attractive. If you can’t, it’s game over. If women think secretly you’re a wuss ,that you’re only acting cool but underneath you’re a clingy, in-secure guy waiting to smother them- they will bail: and bail fast!)

 The more personal you are, the more universal you’re seen (Don’t be hung up on your hang ups).

 Stop reliving your emotional past (Becoming Alpha is about living for now and breaking old connections. Live for the moment and future whilst taking each situation for what it’s worth).

 An Alpha man has plans ahead ( An Alpha male has the ability to think for the future and the ability to work through various situations with discipline, instead of guessing or wishing for luck).

Those are some of my personal rules, and were what I strove to achieve on a personal level.

Most important thing you can do right now to attract women fast is to commit to doing whatever it takes to become the kind of guy who naturally attracts women.

Take the time to learn from guys who are great with women.

Iron out the “quirks” in your personality, and continue moving forward until you reach that goal.

Success breeds more success!!

When we achieve something;we want more. The best thing about wanting to become an Alpha male is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve perfected yourself to get rewarded.

Until next time, enjoy!


The “Occupy Valentine’s Day” Movement.


Manosphere blogger, The Private Man, had actually gotten the ball rolling first with his post [Occupy Valentines Day]. So it’s only right that I perpetuate the message.

So – we’ve had “Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Main, Occupy SOPA (those MOFOs who’re trying to censor the net)…we’ve had all kinds of “occupy movements” as of late. But I’m revving this shit up a notch!!

Betas; move the fuck over to the side!!

Men with “Game”, and pick-up artists, are quite friggin’ disgusted that it’s 2012, and there are still men out there (or wannabe-men) looking forward to Valentine’s Day with hearts, chocolates and roses on their agendas [SMDH].

Please do us real men a favor and Kill ya’llselves!!

Ok, that might’ve been a tad drastic: well-slap ya’llselves then!!

Beta-Males have been fucking it up for Alpha-Males way too long.

I’ll be damned if my GF approaches me expecting new lingeries, matching bra-panties, an expensive box of chocolates, roses…and to top it off: a romantic night on the town[NOOOO!!!!]!

*Let me make this clear: There’s nothing wrong with treating your woman/GF/wife to nice things (if she’s deserving).

The problem comes in where you have PUSSIES, BETAS, SIMPS, TRICKS, and NICE-GUYS buying girls shit for Valentine’s, when they haven’t even sampled the “ pink flesh” as yet!

We real men (Alpha’s), have to get serious, to start setting a new policy when it comes to what we SHOULD and should NOT do for Valentine’s.

If the Betas and wussy-nice guys won’t get on board: let’s throw them all in the fucking river to drown!!!

Any guy who spends a red centavo [this Valentine’s] on a chic whom he hasn’t banged yet: he should be castrated and burned at the stake for committing treason against the mankind.

Viva el Alpha male!!

Death to St.Valentine and his money-making day!

Fuck Cupid up the ass with the bow and arrow!

Have the gall and balls to occupy Valentine’s Day guys!

Get the hell off the couch, put down that bag of potato chips, call your buddies and inform them of the lock-out!

Grab your banners and placards, head to your nearest town square, mall or Victoria Secret, and let’s chant: “We Won’t Spend!! We Won’t Spend!! We Won’t Spend!!!

Notice: For those who wanna grow some balls and sign up, feel free to contact one of the following Alphas: The Private Man, Soloist , Alpha Persona, Donlak, Jordan, Krauser PUA, Bronan, Alpha Wolf,Blaze, Justin PUA, Roissy, Reema, Danny from 504

Or dial 1-800 Alphamen.

BTW, my fellow pick-up artist from Seaside Heights (Jersey Shore), Jersey Boy PUA , writes a lot about romance with an alpha touch [doesn’t know if he still updates his blog though].

Jersey Boy PUA making it happen. 20120203-151119.jpg Jersey Boy PUA at PUA Summit. 20120203-155014.jpg