“No more no less: the best way to get a chick turned on” [Guest Post By The Nononsenser]

[Guest post by The Nononsenser]

Don’t you sometimes have that urge to make your girlfriend/sex partner go crazy? Just for that one time, have sex 5 or 6 times during one night, using all your energy to make her moan and get her as wet as it gets. With any one-night-stand I try to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before, that way I’m sure she’ll remember me as that incredible fuck she once had (I talked about it with some buddies of mine and it seems that we all do that…).

Once these crazy days/weeks of wild sex are behind you and the boredom of the relationship starts to take over, turning her on can become a pain in the ass. Throughout the years I’ve tried different techniques from the most obvious and inefficient stuff that most of the guys still think work (paying for expensive restaurants or jewelry. Once you’re there… There’s no going back!) to the much more efficient stuff (mentioned below). Just to be clear: buying expensive stuff works but what’s turning her on isn’t you anymore but the pricy shiny watch you just bought her.

There are many techniques to turn on a chick but I’ll focus today on the one that brings the most results (at least it’s my opinion): whispering dirty stuff in her ear.

Women LOVE dirty stories; whispering in her ear what you’re about to do in detail will make her go crazy. It’s definitely more efficient to talk about the stuff that you’re about to do than to actually do it for real. You won’t even need any foreplay if you do it well: her pussy is going to be so wet that it’s just going to slide right in.

A few years back I was on the phone with whom used to be my girlfriend. We were both inexperienced, I was her first. I don’t know what got into me, I was such an unconfident teenager (the God of sex whispering in my ears what to do?) but I described what I wanted to do to her with as many details as possible. Keep in mind that she had almost no experience; she was still a virgin a few months back. You can imagine the result with a chick that has more experience (more experience=easier to turn on).

Here is how the conversation went (it was years ago, some details I’m not so sure of, they might be distorted from reality but the end result isn’t):

Me (I’m skipping the first part of the conversation: you don’t need all that boyfriend-girlfriend BS):

“I want to do dirty things to you”

Her: “Ho yeah, what?”

Me: “First, I’m going to kiss your lips very gently, my tongue will run on your lips while your lips are staying still, I’ll run my tongue from the bottom of your neck to your earlobe. Once I get there I’m going to softly bite it”

Her: “Continue…”

Me: “I will run my hand underneath your shirt from the back of your neck to your hips. While I’m in the middle of your back and caressing your hair with my right hand I’ll undo your bra with my left hand”

Her: “Continue” (her voice starts to become more sensual)

Me: “I’m going to take off your shirt and your bra at the same time. You’ll take off my shirt. Your breathing becomes heavier. My tongue slides from your neck to your right nipple. I ‘m licking and softly biting your nipples. After a few minutes my tongue goes from your breasts to your belly button, your body shivers. My tongue goes down south and I use my teeth to open your fly”

Her: “Continue” (she’s ready to get it on. But why stop there?)

Me: “I’ll remove your jeans & socks, all you’ll have on is your underwear. You’ll remove my pants and you’ll notice that I’m ready to get it on. My hands will caress your inner thighs and while I’m switching from your left to your right thigh I’ll slightly touch your underwear… it’s soaking wet. I’m still kissing you, harder this time. My right hand is sliding underneath your underwear for a few seconds. I’ll run my tongue down your body to take off your underwear with my teeth. I’ll ask you to lay on your stomach, you’ll obey. My tongue will run up & down from the bottom of your neck to your lower back until it gets closer to your butt. My tongue runs between your butt cheeks. You have no more control over what’s about to happen. You… ”

Her (interrupting me)

“… I want you now” (We stop with the bullshit and have phone sex. It was the first time she ever masturbated). She admitted 5 years later (we weren’t dating anymore) that it was the horniest/wettest she ever got. And I wasn’t even physically there!

Remember: you start sensual and end sexual (you don’t start sexual). Notice that I avoid saying “pussy”, “dick” or “fuck”.

This method is about 100 times more efficient than anything else (sexual or not). Last week I pulled a similar stunt except that the girl that was next to me had much more experience and we… weren’t on the phone: she stopped me half way through my speech and we fucked right away. She couldn’t wait: too turned on.

I’d like to know how you get chicks turned on, can you share your methods?


About TheNonsenser:

I’m in my mid-20’s, European, and I try to bring a new approach to seduction, sex and relationships with women.

I don’t see seduction as the only interaction we have with women. I try to focus on all kind of interactions that we can have with women: seduction, sex, friendships, love, hate etc.

I have no problem picking up women but that’s not what defines me, I’m just looking for a passionate relationship with the right girls without losing the grip over the relationship. I have been sharing my thoughts & strategies made of articles such as the one above, interviews of women, of pick-up artists on a blog that I created a few months ago: Nonsenseaboutwomen

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Fuck Her Like An Animal!!

I plan to release 3 e-books by year’s end: “How to bang foreign girls”, “My Facebook Method”, and “Sexually Ravage Her”!!

The main theme throughout “Sexually Ravage Her” will be “Dominance in bed”.

“Dominate and ravage her”!

I’ve had more women return to my bed for sequels ever since I adopted some of what was taught in “The Sex God Method”, by PUA dating coach and expert Daniel Rose.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t keep a woman sexually gratified if you don’t beat her up(sexually).

However, you have a much solid chance of keeping her around if you dominate her in the sack; especially in these times where grandma-sex just doesn’t appeal to the up and coming sexual generation.

Sex Should Be A Dramatization!!

Sex should be more drama-filled than actual intercourse.

The actual act of putting dick in vagina isn’t what gives sex that extra edge.

It’s what you’re doing overall to the girl’s body that blows her mind.

Guys hate when the topics of biology and evolution come up, since they just fly right over their heads which are made of a solid matter called “Ignorance”.

In pre-historic times/caveman days, the manner in which the men had sex with their females were rough, dominant, savage-like: bruises, cuts, bites and marks.

Such sexual genetical record is encoded in every woman’s DNA.

It’s no secret that most girls prefer rough, dominant sex.

Sex in a sensual way was never part of the plan.

Sensual is great!

But you shouldn’t be sensual with a girl you’re shagging for the first few times.

An excerpt of what will be in the book, and what I generally advocate when it comes to sex:

How to sexually dominate her to keep her returning

Dominant Kiss: Your 1st. kiss in a seduction location (before fucking her), should be dominant!

• Rather than tilting her chin upwards with your finger to kiss her; tug downwards by the back of her hair to tilt her chin up instead.

• Complete the kiss with a nibble on her chin!


Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

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