PUA Jargon List

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There are many acronyms and terms used in the seduction community, however, just as most Pick-Up Artist, I regularly use a selective amount. The following you’ll regularly come across on this blog.

Socialkenny PUA’s Favorite Seduction Terms

•# Close: Getting a girl’s phone #

•AA: Approach Anxiety. For example; the act of being scared to approach a girl.

•AFC: Average Frustrated Chump. A guy who doesn’t know much about women.

•A I: Approach Invitation. When a girl gives you a cue to approach her [for instance a smile, wink…]

•Alpha Male: The top dog, leader of your social circle or someone with leadership qualities.

•AMOG: Alpha Male Of The Group. A guy who’s trying to cockblock you or pick up the same girl you’re after.

•AMOG Tactics: Anything from the act of cockblocking to tooling another guy in order to make him appear stupid to the girl.

•AMOG Destroyer: [Same as the above].

•ASD: Anti-Slut Defense. Example: when a girl is feeling slutty (due to something the guy done or said), she shuts down by activating her ASD.

•Asshole Game: Verbally aggressive, semi-rude sort of tactics to pick up girls.

•Attraction Switch: Something that attracts a girl to a guy suddenly (as a light switch suddenly switches on-off).

•Attraction Material: Something, a skill, story, statement, move,etc. which attracts a girl.

•Backwards Rationalization: it’s a way for a girl to cover her ass and relinquish responsibility for any wrong doing. If she sleeps with you while having a boyfriend, she may afterwards backwards rationalize the situation with a would-be-rational excuse as to why she cheated.

•Bar Game: Seducing women in bars.

•Bitch Shield: Bitchiness. In concert with her ASD, a girl’s Bitch Shield becomes activated, for instance if the guy is coming on too strong, she may put up her bitch shield.

•Body Rock Out: To strategically position yourself as if you’re angling to leave (perhaps your shoulders are rocking backwards as if you’re about to say bye and leave).

•BT: Buying Temperature. A state of sexual arousal, horniness and intense liking for the guy.

•BT Spike: Buying Temperature Spike. An intense sudden rush of arousal in the woman caused by the guy.

•C&B: Crash and Burn. Failure. When a guy does everything to pickup a girl to the point of failure.

•C&F Line: Cocky Funny. A remark/comment made by the PUA with a cocky and funny intonation.

•Calibration: The act of redoing and working on timing in relation to the seduction process. One may say: “I need to calibrate(work on timing) when escalating.

•Canned (Canned Routine): A sort of pick-up line.

•Canned Opener: [Same as above]

•Cat-String Theory: A concept of a cat chasing a string. Whenever the cat gets close; the string is yanked away. Whenever the girl gets closed to you; withdraw! She wants to kiss; go in for the kiss then pull away. Essentially teasing her.

•Club Game: Seducing women in nightclubs.

•Compliance Test: A move or suggestion made by the guy in hopes that the girl he’s tryna seduce will comply. For instance, I say to the girl, “come with me to the dancefloor”. I’m testing her to see if she’ll comply. If she complies, I’m in a good position to laying her.

•Congruence Test: When the girl does or says something in order to see if you’ll back down or stand firm to your manhood.

•Day Game: Seducing women during the day time hours.

•DHV: Demonstrating High Value. When a guy does something that makes him appear high valued or cool.

•Direct Game: Approaching a girl and letting your interest be known directly, whether that be by a compliment,etc.

•DLV: Demonstrating Low Value. When a guy does or says something that makes him appear uncool.

•EC: Eye Contact

•E-Mail Close: Getting a girl’s e-mail

•Escalate: To escalate by touching the girl.

•FB: Fuck Buddy. A booty call.

•F-Close/Full Close: To fuck a girl.

•False Disqualifier: A statement by the PUA which (falsely) disqualify himself as a potential suitor. For example: PUA jokingly says to girl, “I hate you…you’re so annoying”.

•FR: Field Report. A post written by PUA’s documenting his time with women, on dates, socializing,etc.

•Frame: The reality of the current situation, the state of affair, one’s mindset and beliefs.

•Frame Control: The person who’s dictating the interaction/conversation has the stronger frame and most leverage, thus he-she is controlling the frame.

•Freeze Out: The concept or act of strategically ignoring a girl by not contacting her at all by any means. You’re essentially becoming cold and frozen towards her. The point is to get her to chase you as she’d miss your communication.

•FTC: False-Time Constraint. Strategically saying to the girl as you approach her and begin conversing: “I can’t stay long, I have to get back to my friends…”.

•HB: Hot Babe. A girl/Target.

•Hired Guns: Female bartenders, waitresses, cashiers, strippers,etc.

•Hook Point: A point in the interaction where the girl gets hooked and is totally into the guy.

•In-Direct Game: Seducing a girl in an in-direct manner: not complimenting her, not telling her you like her,etc.

•In-Field: The act of being out, or in a local where women are.

•In-Set: The moment you’re talking to girl(s).

•In-State: To be in “the zone”. To be in a pick-up state of mind.

•Inner Game: Your confidence, esteem, core beliefs, personality traits,etc. Example: “I need to work on my Inner Game in order to become more confident.

•Internalize: To make something a part of you/ your Game. For example: “I wanna internalize flirting”. Basically, I want to make flirting a core part of me.

•IOD: Indicator Of Disinterest. A sign that the girl is NOT into you. For example: she gives off signs of discomfort while talking to the guy.

•IOI: Indicator Of Interest. A sign that the girl is into you (given off by her).

•K-Close/Kiss Close: Kissing a girl (usually stranger).

•Keyboard-Jockey: A guy who does nothing but stay on the internet all day opposed to picking up women.

•KINO: Touching the girl.

•KINO Escalate: Escalating your touching.

•Lay Report (LR): A post/report documenting a PUA’s journey from meeting the girl to having sex with her.

•LJBF: Let’s Just Be Friends. When a girl tells a guy she just wants to be friends [Friendzoned].

•LMR: Last Minute Resistance. When a girl puts up resistance at the last moment before sex happens(or not).

•LTR: Long-Term Relationship.

•LSE: Low-Self Esteem

•MLTR: Multiple Long-Term Relationships. The act of having more than 1 girlfriend at the same time.

•Natural: A guy who’s naturally gifted with women, who didn’t have to learn Game from anyone nor from reading.

•Neg/Negging: A sly remark made by the PUA towards the girl he’s talking to.

•Night Game: Seducing women during the night: which also entails club and bar game.

•Online Close: To pick up a girl online.

•ONS: One-Night Stand

•Open the target: To approach a girl and start chatting.

•Opener: A sort of pick-up line but not the average cheesy ones you’re used to.

•Out Of State: To not be in a state of mind to pickup women.

•Outer Game: The following things on a whole which doesn’t relate to your Inner Game: Getting phone #’s, pickup lines, routines, flirting,

•PUA: Pick-Up Artist


•Routine: A verbal or physical display by the PUA to intrigue and attraction the girl he’s talking to.

•Routine Stack: The act of stacking routines in a row.

•Roll Off: To stop gaming the girl and leave.

•Sarge (Sarging): The act of looking to pickup girls. Example: “I go sarging twice a week”.

•Sarge Off: A quasi-challenge of who can pick up the most girls (or hottest girl). Usually between 2 PUA’s

•Screen and Accept: When the PUA verbalizes his interest in the girl and let her know (in other words)that he accepts her and likes her.

•Shit Test: When a girl tests you by saying or asking something random (usually in a bitchy way).

•SNL: Same Night Lay. One-Night Stand.

•Social-Circle Game: The concept of chatting up a girl and her entire social circle (essentially winning them over).

•SOI: Sign Of Interest [see also IOI].

•Stack (Stack Forward): To change the topic and move on to another.

•Statement Of Interest/Intent: Something a PUA says to the girl in order to make her know that he’s interested in her(indirectly).

•Street Sarge: The act of looking to pick up women on the streets (mainly during the day time/day game).

•Stripper Game: Picking up strippers and exotic dancers.

•Take aways: To purposely stop talking to the girl, leave then return.

•Token Resistance: When a girl resists a guy’s sexual advances although she really doesn’t want him to stop.

•UG: Ugly Girl

Check out a more detailed Acronym list @ PUA Lingo by Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin.


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  1. This has been an answer from GOD!! I cant piarse the LORD enough for Noel Kenny.:):) im walking with Jesus a year and a half and in recovery from drink, drugs and immoral sexual conduct. THE LORD saved me from an overdose in a field and has lifted me up to him, but i struggle with mixing with people and other than church i do a lot of my recovery on my own. ive asked others about their walk but this is the first time its been really simply explained in steps. Thank you JESUS and thank you Noel. Your a realist. May the LORD continue to bless you and help you to walk in His Spirit of Truth. psalm 25 will never be the same again. PRAISE JESUS. 🙂


  2. What is the common defect these men share that inhibits their ability to bag women on the natch? I guess it’s a kind of great foreplay for her to get her so hot for you that of course she’s gonna over look your incompetencies when the clothes come off and the fear of laughter, shame or failure starts. Your fear That a woman not under the power of seduction would easily sniff u out? Therefore ruining your self esteem and erection. Then I ask what do u do when u meet a woman of caliber thats phenomenal and unique , a keeper? You’d miss her completely because your “hold your breath with blinders on ” standard at all the FREE trouser trout n swamp taco bars go to approach that youre used to using ..wouldnt help u out here Right? And even if u did recognize her, the ” strap a 2×4 to your back and go in” would clue her in on what league you’re out and used to hooking up with . There are so many ways to bag chics but if your looking for free and only free why go to all this fucking effort? guys BE SMART there’s an easier faster guaranteed way to get laid any night for free and I will tell u that secret AND MORE SECRETS TO BAGGIN CHICKS WITHOUT THE HOMEWORK AND STUDYING AND MONEY THESE GUYS DOLE . Coming April 12th look for the link! Love your work keep it UP


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