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In this episode, which was recorded June, 26th. 2013, I break down the fundamentals of winning in online dating!

By winning, I mean the fundamentals, tips and tricks in order to get you more #’s, dates and pussy than a rockstar!

•How to set up your profile

•What to put as your job-description

•Generic profiles (with generic info) will get you nowhere

•How and when to send your first message

•What should your first message consist of

•Should you compliment as an opening message?

•How to almost guarantee a reply from the girls you inbox

•How to get a 90% reply rate

•The types of messages to NOT send (the ones that would have her screen you out fast)

•How to appear genuinely interested by the way you structure your first message

•Using negs is a great weapon when sending that first message

•Why sending canned or mass messages is a recipe for “No Replies”

•Women on dating sites can sense instantly when your messages are mass texts or personally for her

It’s an hour and 22 minutes of the best out-of-the box online-dating tips you’ll ever get!

This episode will be available for download via iTunes shortly. In the meantime, you can listen to it via the video embed below!

Download the Socialkenny PUA Podcast Show episode #9: Best Online Dating Tips Ever [44 MB, 85 minutes]

In the 8th episode of my PUA podcast show [released in December 2012], I explore the topic of mojo, and why we lose it (in dating), and how to crank it back up!

As we men age, our mojo and propensity to pull ass like we used to, will have waned and slackened off.

Why does this happen?

Numerous reasons which I talk about:

•Age in itself
•Social Anxiety
•Our careers


The sheer recognition that you lost your edge with the hotties is enough to get your snap back.

Check out the show by downloading it directly from the link below [45 MB, 33 minutes]!

Download Socialkenny PUA’s Podcast Show Episode #8: Mojo.

Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #7 [10-21-2012]: “Kill your social anxiety”

I’m back with my podcast show like a fat kid at an all-you-can eat buffet…

In the 7th. episode of the Kenny’s PUA Podcast Show, I share some crucial insights on social anxiety and approach anxiety and how to get rid of it.

From my upbringing of being an anti-social introverted coward who was scared shit to participate in any activity at school.

And the many years I failed gym class because of my social anxiety [who fails gym LOL?]!

So my social anxiety was probably the most extreme case.

And if I was able to eliminate it from my life; the average guy who suffers from approach anxiety and social anxiety can over come it also.

You will learn in this episode:
* How to be social.

* How to get rid of social/approach anxiety.

* How to get yourself in state to chat up the hottest girls in the venue.

* How to not give a shit what haters think about you.

For the average guy who wants to become a social-fucking machine like I am (with women or just in general), this episode is for you.

Click the following “download now” link to instantly download the 24 minute episode to your mobile device or computer.

Alternate download:

For the iPhone/iPod users, the episode will be available in the iTunes store shortly [as usual, Apple is full of shit]. In the meantime, you can click the iTunes image for previous episodes until the latest one appears.

Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #6 [06-17-2012]: “Latest Seduction Product Reviews”

Download mp3

[This post was originally written on June 17th. 2012]

Episode 6 of the show, I’m podcasting from a hotel balcony; saying goodbye to the tedious in-house recordings that everyone does.

I’ll be reviewing few seduction/PUA products which has recently come out : including e-books (free and paid), DVD sets and audio programs.

Some of the products I’ll be reviewing:

•”The Night Game Blueprint”, free e-book by the PUA “Warped Mindless” of Real Natural Seduction.

• “Meet More Women”, paid e-book by “Date Masters“:John Robbie & JD Serrano.

• “Minimal Game”, the book by the controversial Aaron Sleazy.

• “She’s 6 Steps Away”, audio product from Eric Disco of Approach

I can’t guarantee that all reviews will be positive and to the liking of the product creators…

Will I take some cheap-shots at gurus and pick a fight with Sleazy(as usual)?

Well, check out the episode [it’s 23 minutes long].

Download episode here

IPhone, iPad users can download it directly from the itunes app store by clicking the image:

This episode may not show up in iTunes until a day or 2 [apple sucks!!!], so you may just wanna download it from the default links.

“Minimal Game” by the controversial seduction coach Aaron Sleazy.

Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Ep #5: “Her Phone # Is Just The Beginning Of The Game”

Lot of us are under the delusion that, “getting a girl’s phone #” is cause for celebration and popping the champagne bottles.

Little do they know [AFC’s/average guys]: it’s just the beginning!!

#-Closing the HB10 should be no reason for gloating, hi-5’s and celebratory hugs…

Check out the podcast and download it directly (one click) from the following link:Download mp3

SocialKenny’s PUA Show-Podcast Episode #3:Text Game [dos & donts]

In this episode,I talk about “Text Game”, or in other words, “How to text women”.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

•The Dos & Donts of texting.

•When to text…

As usual, you can check out the podcast from the embedded flash player link below.

Or download it from either of the following links:
Download mp3

SocialKenny’s PUA Show:Podcast Episode#2:On Twitter-Troll Ferdinand Bardamu[4-29-2012]

In this 2nd.episode of Kenny’s PUA Show, I talk about:

•Ferd aka “The Turd’s” trolling
•His wack blogs
•How he turned me down as a contributing poster: but now regrets
•He being offended that I exposed Douche & Moist aka Roosh & Roiss.

If the pop-up flash player doesn’t work, you can always download the mp3 version of the show @ the following link Download.

SocialKenny’s PUA Show: Podcast Episode #1Debut[week of 4-22-2012]

My 1st. ever podcast!! Let’s toast to that [preferably some Vodka shots]!

In this 20 min. podcast, I talk about the controversial PUA/Gamer “Chateau Heartiste aka Roissy”, and my nagging hunch that his blog is more rigged than an Afghan’s-road side bomb. Let’s hope that the IED doesn’t detonate.

Just listen to the fucking show!

If the pop-up player doesn’t work, you can download the episode in .mp3 format, directly @ the following link: Download mp3.

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