FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

“What is a PUA or Pick-up Artist”?

Someone who learns “Game”/Pickup (the skills to seduce women), primarily from online sources, then apply this knowledge of Game to his daily life.

“Can women be Pickup Artists”?

Technically- No! A Lesbian can, since her aim is to seduce women, however, a girl using PUA tactics on a guy will be a waste of time.

“What is the PUA community or Seduction community that you always talk about on your blog”?

Read it here: The Seduction community for dummies.

“Do you advocate drugging women”?

No! Date raping isn’t a part of the PUA’s arsenal.

“Who started this Pickup and Seduction stuff”?

Credits are due to 2 guys: Mystery (Erik Von Markovik) and Ross Jeffries.

“Where did this Pickup Artist thing originated”?

Canada (unofficially).

“Where are you from Socialkenny”?

Born in the Caribbean islands but grew up my entire life in New York City.

“Does Game or Pickup tactics work on any woman”?

Yes! All women are the same on a biological and physiological level.

“How old is too old to try pickup”?

As long as you have a young and vibrant mind set; it’s never too old.

“What is KINO”?

It’s short for Kinesthetics; meaning to Touch. So, KINO means Touching.

“Do you offer any free books for download”?

Yes I do. Both books can be downloaded for free at the following 2 links: 7 ways to become social with women

How to bang foreign girls

“Do you ever get catch when recording women on hidden camera”?

Never! Occasionally, a girl will question me as to why am I pointing my phone (recorded) towards her, but I’ll give some lame-ass excuse and continue recording.

“How do you record your in-field pickup videos (with what)”?

I record with my Blackberry Curve camera or iPhone camera. Simple! Nothing hi-tech.

“Do I need money to become a PUA (Pickup Artist)”?

No! However, we do encourage personal development and lifestyle improvement changes. So spending on a new wardrobe, accessories and shoes will obviously require money.

“Is there a sign up fee for being a PUA”?

No. There’s no sign up nor applicant procedure required.

“How do I become a seducer (PUA) if there’s no sign up required”?

Continue reading blogs like mines to acquire the skills needed.

Also, download my free course, step by step guide on becoming a pickup artist from scratch: Become a pickup artist from scratch: 5 step course for newbies

“Does one have to become a PUA in order to learn this”?

No! You can actually just extract what you want out of the community’s vaults to incorporate into your game without actually becoming a PUA officially. For instance, if you suck at texting, you can simply improve that area of your skill set without worrying about inner game and other aspects of pickup.

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