Back-stabbing ass wingman!!!

Ever had a wingman who virtually fucks up your sarge attempts?

Seems like I always get stuck with the rotten ones.

A best friend of mine (a natural)once screwed up 3 of my pick-up attempts 3 weeks in a row!


We were at a crowded grocery store together, and I was eyeing this HB like a hawk swooping down on its prey.

My wing happened to notice me eye fucking her.

So what does a bad wing do?

Wing: “Hey sweetheart, my friend here says he likes you a lot”!

No No No!!!!

I wanted to fucking punch his lights out but I was too paralyzed with embarrassment.

Talk about DLV’ing!

To begin with, I’m an advocate of in-direct gaming, so there’s no way in hell I would’ve opened this chic(nor any other)with a cheesy-ass direct opener to swell her head up the size of a watermelon.

Sure I could’ve regrouped and opened her despite the deliberate attempt by my wing to see me fail before I even had a chance. But you never want to start off an interaction with the target already assuming that you’re sold on her. Or that you like her from the get-go.

Proponents of direct-game may say otherwise.


When I thought it could’nt get any worse and grimier, he topped his 1st.violation with yet-another low blow(smfh)!

Ok this time, I reluctantly met up with his ass at a local-basketball game.

Seen this hot-ass British chick in the perifery with her girl group[a 3-set], so I immediately said to myself, “I gotta get away from this fuker ’cause if he notices me eyeing that set- it’s game the fuck over”!

So I schemed and plotted ways to duck and dodge the wing:

Me:”Hey ******, let’s hit up the other side of the court to see if any hotter girls there”.

Wing:”Nah, it’s cool here bro'”.

[Plan fucking B]:

Me:”Yo ******, I see this dark-skinned girl checking you out by the entrance. Let’s see what’s up”.


Shit shit shit!!!!!!

What’s the worst that could happen?

So during our boy-chat, I said to him, “Im checking out that British girl in the 3 set; the one with the…”.

So I made it known to my wing the girl I’m interested in (as to avoid any conflict of us gaming the same girl).

Abiding by the 3 second rule(after stating by intent), my wingman opted to go by a split-second rule and approached the 3 set!!!

Deja-friggin’ vu; I cant believe it!!!

Unlike last time, he didnt yell out to the girl that I like her. He actually approached and started to game my fucking target!!!!!

I stood there like a pussy on the side lines, heated that this muthfucker would dare AMOG me or try to show me up by going after my target!?

As usual, he rarely gets the girl.

His objective seemed to be to sabotage my chances: not to actually pick up.

So now if I were to try seduce this girl, I’d look like the ultimate scumbag who’s trying to go after the buddy’s girl.

To this day, I never confronted him about his seemingly-back stabbing ways.

I just dont sarge with him anymore.

The 1 silver lining to this, is that he made me abandon the 3 sec.rule to now having a split-sec.rule to approaching girls.

Since then, I’ve sarged alone and loved it as I was getting better results in field.

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