New Video—>The Dreaded “Maybe”: What It Means When The Girls Tells You “Maybe”

What speak about in this video:

*There are 2 types of Maybies: Maybe which means No, and Maybe which mean yes.

*Token Resistance involved in the Maybe

*Why she hits you with Maybe instead of Yes or No

*Use the Yes Ladder routine in order to figure out which Maybe applies to you

*Why you shouldn’t fight with a Maybe

Very insightful video which delves into the process of reading women’s minds.

Do this when she blows you off on social media [social-proofing hack]

Try this method of mines when she blows you off on social media.

My latest video which I posted earlier today.

This video is also solid for guys who struggle with grabbing girl’s attention after they’d been blowing them off. 

Also great for those who wish to crawl out the friend zone. This is actually the only way to get out the friendzone. 

Sunday Morning Casual Pickup Of A Security Guard [raw-infield video]

​Hey guys, another raw PUA infield video without the flash, colors and effects which accompany the usual PUA infield videos. This was uploaded directly from my Android phone.

I had intended to post the full 45 minute footage. But I reconsidered in the interest of time. Plus I didn’t want to bore you guys with the monotonous details of a normal pickup. So I snipped and chopped the footage to include some key moments.

Okay, so Sunday morning [Oct’ 9th] while waiting to catch a ferry from the city back to the other side of the island, I came across a security guard (on duty) who was sitting in a cornered-off area. Since she was virtually glued to her post, I had no choice but to chat her up from nearly 20 yards away. Because of that (great distance), you won’t really hear much of her dialogue too well. But you can hear me clearly leading the dialogue and you’ll get a great idea of what’s happening and what you should do. 

BTW, this was about 7 AM, so I totally wasn’t “in state”, but it didn’t matter since I’m always in state because it comes naturally once you become masterful at this [you won’t have to get in state per se].

At the end of the day, what I want you to take away from this raw 8 minute infield video of me picking up a random security girl on her job are these:

1.) I, Kenny, am always approaching! Instead of just sitting/standing there where there are women among you; spark up a conversation!!

2.) Learn the art of chatting away!! Chat about random shit! As long as you believe it’s interesting shit, the girl will also fall into that frame as when I randomly brought up Donald Trump.

3.) Learn how to poke fun @ women and use humor to your advantage! Attract women through humor! Be a test!! By doing this, you sub-communicate to the girl that you don’t give a shit about the outcome. Being free from outcome will tilt the pickup in your favor. 

4.) Quit being intimidated by women! This girl here said that no guy has ever approached her on her job, let alone to try to chat her up on her job. I totally believe her since most guys are pussies!
Most Importantly:

5.) FUCK LOGISTICS! You do NOT need perfect logistics in order to chat up and pick up a girl! Just as I’d demonstrated here, you can do so from across a room. 
Quit waiting for the perfect time, perfect situation, perfect setting, perfect whatever!! 

Work with the fucking environment! 

Work with what the girl presents you! 

If she cannot exactly move from her post in order to chat with you; chat her up from a distance instead of using distance as an excuse to pussy your way out of chatting to her!! 

Lastly; make note of my vibe! I wasn’t nervous and afraid to get testy. I was free spirited with an air of IDGAF because I’m the prize! Also, I hope you would have taken away another key aspect to this pickup, which is that I never ran out of things to say because I was never filtering myself to begin with. I said what I wanted, not giving a shit whether she would find it appealing or appalling. 

Now, I’m not exactly telling you to say any lame shit you want. But say anything that tests her which causes her to invest…as you see me do in the video.

BTW, I’d opened her about a can of Arizona that was left on a table.

“Be A Challenge”!

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