Watching TV Keeps You From Getting Laid

As a once TV fanatic, I would’ve never foreseen the day that I would denounce television. But the unthinkable has happened: Kenny no longer watches television…and doing so was a godsend.

I’m proud to say that I haven’t watched TV in 8 months, a feat which I thought would’ve been impossible just 8 months ago.

How and why did this all happen for myself?

It comes down to global politics.

“Come on Kenny; more politics on a seduction website”!? 😡

It’s all relative, so keep on reading. 😉

As a Liberal, it was part of my unofficial duty to tune into MSNBC on a regular basis to get my Liberal fix…and so I did ardently. From 2004 up until 2013, not a night went by that I wasn’t glued to MSNBC programming such as Keith Oberman’s, Rachel Maddow’s and the Ed Schultz’s show.

One night however, about 8 month ago, I was up watching a segment of the Chris Hayes’ show on MSNBC when he gave his personal take on the Syrian conflict.

Quoting him directly, this’ what he said:

“The barbaric president of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, mercilessly gassed his own people in the village of Eastern Ghutta…”

When Chris made such a declaration on air, my heart almost stopped that the Liberal media, knowing better than to take at face value what the White House says [Bush’s Iraq WMD lies], yet Chris Hayes and MSNBC were wholesale spewing U.S. government rhetoric and lies against the Syrian president in order to make a case for an Obama intervention.

I felt betrayed!

I almost shed a tear that what I believed in so much, the Liberal media and MSNBC, had sunken so low when it comes to global politics and propaganda.

From that day on, which was 8 months ago, I boycotted MSNBC and gave up on television altogether.

I felt betrayed by the American-Liberal media in which I put so much trust in.

Not only did MSNBC lose me as a once avid follower, but I could imagine how many others were instantly turned off and disgusted by the lies publicized by Chris Hayes and others in the media.

However, it was all a godsend.

It was a blessing in disguise in that I had to find something else to fill the gap of lost TV time.

On ordinary weeknights where I would stay home watching opinion-news shows between 6 and 11 PM, I now, over the course of the last 8 months, had to find something else to do between those hours…or just go to bed and call it a day. But what a way to waste life, right?

Now, what I chose to do between 6 and 11 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, is to get the fuck out of the house and go pick up girls, take a stroll or do some aerobics at the local pier!

A no-brainer when I think about it.

On weekdays, the hours in which I generally pick up chicks are during my working hours 8 AM to 4 PM. So I didn’t feel a need to have to sarge after 6 PM since I’d already done that during the day.

Having given up on watching television, I now had more free time to dedicate to getting laid and meeting women, somewhere between the hours of 6 and 11 PM.

The irony is, over the past 8 months since I’d stopped watching TV and started to game more in street-game pickup, I’d gotten laid much more often than when I was consumed by television.

Hence, less TV means more opportunities to meet women and get laid.

Pretty simple when you think about it.

Am I the only guy who had fallen victim to television programming?

Of course not!

Most of us men in the so-called developed world, are victims of this as long as we have a TV set in the home.

The average guy lives the life of a couch-potato: from work to TV, work to TV.

Some of us break this cycle by going out on the weekends. But those are still the exceptions. During colder months, we become even more attached to TV-loving.

Personally, I don’t believe in setting aside weekends only for picking up girls or doing some sort of physical activity, while doing shit on the weekdays apart from the work to home routine.

Merely getting out of the house to take an evening stroll will suffice. So it doesn’t even have to be about women, pickup and dating.

Whichever times you usually allocate to watching TV; those times should be dedicated to doing anything else for that matter, be it dating, working out, hitting the gym, writing a blog, taking a walk, etc. Just as long as it isn’t TV or computer related.

What actually propelled me to write this post was a heated debate over Facebook yesterday between a bunch of PUA’s.

JT Tran aka The Asian Playboy, the PUA guru, had posted a status updated about not getting the appeal of Soccer.

That was a very timely observation by JT as I was dead fed-up of PUA’s from England and South America, flooding my feed with dumb shit about World Cup and Soccer- shit that I could care less about.

On the Facebook post, I made it very clear that I will begin to un-friend any PUA who post about Soccer of World Cup, whether he be a friend in person or just someone I chat with online.

Such declarations made a lot of guys go, “Huh”!? 😯

Funny enough, the guys who had issues with me saying “fuck Soccer”, and by extension, “fuck watching television”, I can bet my life on it that neither of them have someone in their life…which explains why “sports” is so much of an addiction.

With such comments, I struck lots of nerves as I was exposing spectators and separating them from the guys who actually lead interesting lives. 😯 😡

Many of the pro-Soccer commenters jumped down my throat as expected, in defense of watching Soccer, and not thinking there’s something fundamentally wrong in one posting to Facebook all day about Soccer, basketball and sports in general.

It was appalling to see fellow men, who are supposed to be avid pick-up artists, defend being lame and doing nothing all day but posting stupid Soccer World Cup related links.

I was shocked to find my only ally being Erika Awakening, the female-PUA guru with whom I’d had prior conflicts. But as a woman, she can attest to the reality of men being enthralled by sports to the detriment of their relationships.

The Soccer argument is no different than guys who are obsessed by the NBA, Lebron James and the Miami Heats.

With that, I had deleted a handful of PUA’s. Not because they were mere Sports fans and Kenny hates Sports. But the mindset of most men, who will go out on a limb to fight for trivial and meaningless shit (like sports), while their sucky lives are going down the drain by the minute.

I was once sailing in that dreadful boat being consumed by television, not realizing that I could’ve been doing other shit with my time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that watching TV is inherently wrong. But how many hours per day one dedicates to such futile pastime, is the problem.

On a related note, guys who have major problems getting laid, seem to not realize that 1 of the culprits, or the main culprit, could very well be linked to television and how consumed they are by it.

It also lulls you into spectator mode where instead of “acting” or “participating”, one becomes satisfied with merely being a spectator to sports and TV watching itself.

This reminds me of guys who watch hundreds of hours of pick-up videos on pick-up theory and live demonstrations.

What are the percentages of guys who actually watch pick-up videos and get out there to practice and become proactive?

Arguably less than 10% I would confidently say.

Watching hours of Youtube videos is no different than watching hours of television or sports, essentially playing the part of spectators.

I find that most of us, irrespective of gender, aren’t willing to make, neither accept sacrifices, cutbacks and little to grand changes.

For myself, I haven’t owned a personal-desktop computer, neither a laptop since 2010, when an electrical-power outage during a hurricane, had fried the power supply. 😯 😦

Due to the global recession when funds were tight, notwithstanding I’d gotten laid off, I had to prioritize. Getting a new PC or even repairing the damaged 1, was not a priority when I had more important shit to worry about.

Had I gotten a new computer, my going-out hours would’ve drastically reduced, partying reduced, fucking new women reduced, hours in which I handled physical fitness- reduced…you name it!

Since 2010, I haven’t used a computer besides borrowing my uncle’s whenever I had to edit infield-pickup videos for my Youtube channel…which is very sparing.

I insist on not purchasing a computer, simply because I know it’d only serve as a regressive agent to keep me back in life.

Hence, hard changes such as quitting television and reducing computer use, are necessary!

A mobile device, such as my Blackberry and iPhone, comes in super handy in that I can blog while on the go or at the nightclub, whereas I don’t have to stay at home and blog from a computer.

I stated this a while ago to the amazement of some, “I’d never written a blog article from a computer before. Everything is done from my mobile devices”.

One good example of the pluses of being mobile, is that I can chill at the pier and blog from my phone while simultaneously picking up chicks without logistical errors.

Toting around a laptop or notepad is just too clunky to effectively operate while skillfully meeting women. So browsing the net from a smartphone while out and about would prove to be more practical.

In an effort to remain steadfast, I’d given away my television set some months ago.

Are you willing to ditch sports, television and your personal computer in order to step up in life?

Perhaps you don’t need to [good for you]. But most of us should quit being content with being mere spectators and start to perform in life.

The Top 10 Best-Natural Boobs In The Entertainment Industry

Kenny hates fake boobs with a fervent passion!

The quickest way for a hot girl to turn me off is to tell me that she’d had cosmetic work on her breasts.

Thank heavens I never slept with a girl who had “work” done!

As part of Breast-Cancer Month [perhaps it was last month :?:], I present my top 10 natural set of boobs in the American-entertainment industry.

[Note that these photos are not taken into account what these girls may look like presently].

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Maria Carey

Maria Carey

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

There you have it folks!

The Mexican-born actress, Salma Hayek, takes the cake for the best-natural tits in Hollywood…according to Socialkenny.

Feel free to leave your indelible mark in the commentary section as far as your thoughts on boobs, natural, implants, etc.

By the way, the jury is still out on whether Jenny McCarthy’s boobs are real or plastic. They’ve always appeared real to me :).

“Nice Guys” Can All Learn A Lesson From Watching: “MTV’s Friendzone”

Never TRY to friend your way into a girl’s heart or into her panties!!

It doesn’t work!It will never work!

MTV’s “Friendzone” Excerpt

For those without TV’s, or you’re just too damn old-fashion and stuck in a time warp watching reruns of M.A.S.H…

*‘Friendzone’ is a reality show series which features “Friends”, who break the shocking news to the other friend, that they wanna take their friendship to the next level (dating, sex, relationship, etc.).

Now check out an excerpted transcript from tonight’s show:

Guy says to his female friend:

“I know we’ve been just friends for a while, but I actually have feeling for you”.

Girl say:

“Wow!!!! I’m shocked!!!

Guy says:

“Wellll…I wanna know how you feel“.

Girl says:

“This is really awkward. I don’t know what to say [awkward chuckle]”.

Guy says:

“You gotta have something to say. I mean, I wanna go out with you as in a date date”.

Girl says:

“To be honest…I don’t see you in that way”.

“You’re like a brother to me. Going on a date with you would be weird”.

“I don’t have such feelings for you. I really can’t see myself considering you my boyfriends when you’re like a brother to me”.

Hey Marcy, I know that we're only friends and we've been friends for 2 years now, but...

Hey Marcy, I know that we’re only friends and we’ve been friends for 2 years now, but…

*We guys (who are pretty dumb socially), must realize that chics do NOT fuck their male friends!!

*Too many options in the dick-pool for her to chose from.

*So there’s no benefits to banging some ‘A-Sexual’ male friend who reminds her of Jimmy [her little brother].

*When a girl LJBF’s you (puts you into the friends basket) :you’re relegated there for life!

If you meet a girl whom you like: the worst possible move is to befriend her in order to get to her sweet vagina.

Best possible thing you can do: “TRY BANGING HER INSTANTLY”!!

Weeks ago, I’d picked up the lead-news anchor woman [a hot cougar] for the ABS TV network in Antigua and Barbuda.

An actual recent photo of the hot MILF-news anchor for the ABS TV network in Antigua & Barbuda...

An actual recent photo of the hot MILF-news anchor for the ABS TV network in Antigua & Barbuda…

We exchanged Facebook and added each other on BBM.

In spite of her high-social and celebrity status on the islands, I treat her as I would any other chic.

During our chat yesterday,she said to me:

*MILF-News Anchor: “What’s your thought on sex with girls you just met”?


“I believe in sex first: getting to know her and relationship comes later”.

*MILF-News Anchor:

“What! I totally disagree”!


“I’ve never met a woman who agreed that sex should be first. But 95% of the girls I hit it off with: had sex first with me”.

*MILF-News Anchor:

“Well I believe it should be friends first then build on that”.

BTW, She knows my schtick as a Pick-Up Artist, and that I was including her in a blog post with pic and text excerpt (with her consent of course)

BTW, She knows my schtick as a Pick-Up Artist, and that I was including her in a blog post with pic and text excerpt (with her consent of course)

*Now,as we teach in the seduction community: “what a woman says and what she actually does, is as different as a peer of nice boobs and 2 oranges [well I added the boobs part…].

*The point is: a guy should always situate himself as the guy who’s looking to give her a good time, i.e. good sex.

*Not the fucking nice guy who’s looking to be her best friend to provide a shoulder for her to cry on!!

*If your desire is to have sex with her: Then bang her ASAP!!

*If your desire is to make her your girlfriend: Then have sex with her fast as possible to attain that goal!!

*If your desire is to marry this chic: Then fuck her instantly after meeting her!!

*The longer you wait to have sex with her: the greater the chances of her saying to you LJBF (let’s just be friends)!

*The more you come off as a friend- she will put your ass in the friends basket, which means; No poonani for you!!

HBO’s “Game Change” Movie Review

Palin brought McCain down

Palin brought McCain down

Let me start off by saying: This was the best film I ever seen EVER! Hands all the way down!

I’m not really fond of movies. In fact, I don’t watch them (unless based on true occurrences). But so much positive hype and anticipation was drummed up behind this film (by Chris Matthews of MSNBC)- I just had to see it.

Plus my love and affection of everything politics, made watching this a “must-see” event. I even put aside a night of seducing hot chics at the bar, just to see “Game Change” [now that’s critical]!

What did I learn?

1.) John McCain was actually a decent guy (as much as I hate his positions on war). His campaign team wanted to go negative and dirty on Obama, but McCain was adamantly against dirty politics, in spite of an inevitable defeat.

2.) Sara Palin was a political hot-mess on steroids!! She was a basket-case and a lose cannon, who fucked up McCain’s chances at presidency [although his team was at fault for picking Palin as his running-mate].

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie so much (which debut tonight I believed), I actually watched it twice- back to back on HBO! Now that’s a fucking treat!!

TV Match-Makers Give Shitty-Dating Advice

Commercial match-makers20111128-022336.jpg

It’s no secret that women give the worst dating advice in the world. Well actually- it is an anomaly, since everyone would assume that a woman would be most qualified to give dating tips on how to seduce a woman. But that’s a story for another time [women being shitty at seduction tips].

Don’t ask me why, but I’m addicted to watching those bullshit-ass “Match Maker” shows on cable, like Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Match Maker (on Bravo), and Steve Ward’s Tough Love (on VH1).

How many of these AFC’ish reality shows do they have on TV anyway!!!?

Just last week, I found out about another one called “Why am I still single”? The match-maker in this one is named Siggy Flicker- another female.

I like their no-nonsense approach to critiquing their clients on style, fashion and such. But in general, their advice to men is fucking horrible! Advocating pedestaling the women! What!!!

I watched an episode where Siggy scold 1 of her male clients for flirting on the date! In this regard, I love Patti, ’cause she’s always encouraging the guys to k-close the girl and actually KINO lol.

But in most case, they advocate playing it safe, pedestaling and chivalry to the max [SMDH]. Better off taking advice from watching Sitch & them on Jersey Shore bang hotties. ‘Cause it’s not in the guy’s interest to wine and dine some random chic on the first date, then play it safe and hope that she’d want to see you again: only for you to do the same pedestaling shit AGAIN!

Rather than advising guys to keep it light and crawl first, they’re prodding them to act all LTR on day 2’s (SMH). Taking advice from commercial match-makers would have guys turn into true wussbags & doormats.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Chubby celebrities I’d bang in a heartbeat!


Well- it’s no secret that chunky rules, and that 80% of the women in the western world is over weight [might be bogus figures]…so what a black man to do when the option pool is so limited!!?

Ok, let’s get the proverbial ball rolling:

Yep! The princess of…what does she sing again? Anyway: Jessica Simpson!

Something about this chubby version of her that sets my libido skyrocketing lol! She can get the business!

Ok, next on my “would-do list”…

Jennifer Hudson- the R&B sensation.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of her music [couldn’t name a song by her]. But she’s SEXY as hell though!!! Last I heard and seen, she lost a lot of weight via some popular dieting program. Nevertheless, I’d rather go to bone-down with the chunkier version (as in the pic’ above).


What would life be like without lusting after a Kardashian!!!?
Contrary to popular belief- I find Chloé to be the sexiest and most bang-worthy of the sisters. I know the average guy is probably calling me fucking nuts right now but whateva man!!! She can get it on a rainy day.

Ok next!!!


[SMDH]Ok- for the record…I hate this chic! And I mean hate with a capital friggin H! Her attitude and personality stinks like shit. Rather worst: that annoying souther accent she has(no diss to my Down South peoples).

Anyway, I don’t even know her real name-nor do I care to know it, so I’m calling her Nini(her on-screen pseudonym). Heard she was on the “Celebrity Apprentice” a while back. In spite of her shitty attitude: she would get taken to task!

Ok let’s get a drum roll for this one…………


Jersey Shore’s own sloppy duo: Deena & Snooks!
Mike the Sitch is my man, but are Denna & Snookie really that HUGE that he’d call them Sloppapotamus(synonymous with hippopotamus)?
Anywho, if I was the type of dude who dreams about ménage tois and 3-somes, which chubby chicas would be best to invite than these two!!!?

Ok, the grandaddy of em all [or grandmammy]….The queen of day-time TV. The only person in the world who’s admired by woman more than Jesus…


Yep!”The” Oprah Winfrey!

For the guys in the pick-up community who didn’t know this: I’m a HUGE MILF-HUNTER!

I never seen pics’ of “O” when she was much younger, but I heard she was HUMONGOUS HUGE!It seems like she generally fluctuates though. One minute she’s this size. Next she’s another…
She can definitely get it though. Has nothing to do with her riches.
I’m not a gold-digger !