Best Region In The World To Run Pickup-Style Game

According to the seduction-dating guru advisor, Tenmagnet’s road map of “best countries to game in” [from a Love System’s angle], cities like Stockholm, Montreal, Austin and Chi-Town are game-worthy!

Cultural, religious and geographical differences do play a part in how much play your cock will get in certain countries. Naughty Nomad, the globe-trotting gamer can attest to that.

He’s been throughout the Islamic world gaming hotties from Somalia to Oman, Jordan. And due to cultural rearing in those nations; you’ll really have to double down on your game and sharpen your logistical skills in order to meet women!

After all, in regions like the Middle East, many women are sometimes restricted by curfews (for their safety), whereas they aren’t allowed to roam after sunset without male escorts (relatives). So precision game and the ability to strike early and fast will be invaluable.

The Caribbean, And Why It’s 1 Of The Best Regions On Earth To Game Chicks

Caribbean pageant girls

Caribbean pageant girls

Apart from the juicy-black asses, afrocentricities and the fact that the legal age of sexual consent is between 14-16 [in the entire Caribbean except Dominican Republic], there are other factors which make this region game-worthy [nothing beats the low-sexual consent factor though].

Now, let me make this clear right off the bat: no matter to where you venture on the globe, guys who are native to those countries do still have game.


What the average guy may lack however is Seduction skills.

The Caribbean is overflowing with players, respectively known as “Gyalists” in the local-English dialect.

These “Gyalists” (players) run your typical-player style game, but they lack the killer instincts to seal the deal fast.

I mean, it’s the same as “Naturals” as we in the Pickup community would call them.

They are natural players in that they’d “naturally” learned how to get girls, opposed to Pick-Up Artists who had learned Game by studying Game (then applying what they’d learned).

Saying all that to say, the Caribbean does have loads of players and naturals (“Gyalists”), but just as your average lady’s man in any other country, his liability is the fact that he doesn’t have a system nor method to what he does, nor can he logically break down what he does to get women.

Not that you need a system, but it would be of help for back-checking purposes.

With this liability of the natural player, the PUA gamer has an advantage (although he has liabilities too).

The Missing Neg:

Men in the islands aren’t keen on negging. Whenever they do neg, it’s tantamount to an Atom bomb blowing everything the fuck up…including the conversation.

Now, negs aren’t necessary in every interaction with every girl (especially the ones who hover around the HB7 mark).

In the Caribbean however, Negging is almost a prerequisite to getting into her panties.

The PUA has an advantage over the local “Gyalist”, in that the PUA knows how to defuse a potential neg gone wrong from detonating in set.

He also knows how to calibrate his negging skills according to the girl or situation (whether to land a soft neg or hard neg).

Fucking Shitty Logistics!

The 1 advantage of the local “Gyalist” is logistics.

Irony is, no matter how much skills you have in the Game, with poor logistics, all of your stunning work will have been in vain [read: Poor logistics are the enemy]!

The most simplistic example of the “Gyalist” having great logistical advantages to his favor:

• He knows where to take the target,

• He knows the hot spots,

• He knows the town,

• He knows the quickest routes to get to the girl’s place (or his),

• He knows the layout of the land if he has to take the girl to a nearby motel, whereas the visiting PUA would waste valuable time trying to figure out to where he shall take her.

So it’s like home court advantage favoring the local player as for logistics!

The PUA Must Work On Logistics:

An intricate part of your pre-gaming activities should include working out logistics.

As a visiting PUA practitioner, before you do go out (for instance: Night Game), familiarize yourself with the geographical points of the town or city.

There’s nothing worse than trying to take a random club-girl home @ 5 AM, but you’re left to flap around like a fish out of water, not knowing where is South from North, up from down, this hotel from that hotel…

To avoid this happening, take the following preemptive measures as you touch down in the islands:

• Get a literal map [Google map may not function depended on wi-fi availability]

• Walk around the town to familiarize yourself with the town

• Locate where the hot spots are (map it or take a mental note)

• Make note of where you are (your temporary dwelling place), in contrast to where the night spots are

• Get to know a cool-local guy who can possibly be your quasi tour-guide to show you where you can get weed, speed and where the hottest girls are

Your logistical challenges are now handled…ahead of time!

Your quasi tour-guide can be your designated-logistics guy.

Just promise to buy him a beer or 2 and he’ll be willing to hang with you the entire night in case you need him.

For instance, you’re @ a bar spitting game at this HB10, the vibe is right, she’s falling for you, she’s wanting it, you’re wanting it, but the logistical question of “Where” surfaces at the crucial juncture.

Me: “I got these cool photos I want to show you that I brought with me from England”.

You’re trying to bait her back to your dwelling place in how many such ways- but she won’t bite.

Since she won’t come back to your place, you must have a plan b.

Not having a plan b means it’s Game fucking over; bad logistics have won…unless you’re ballsy enough to fuck her right there on the bar stool or in the restroom.

Assuming you’re not as crazy as I am, then your only recourse is to turn to your quasi tour-guide [this is where he comes in handy]

Me: “Hey bro, I got this chick ready to fuck but don’t know where to take her and she won’t come back to my spot. You know any nearby spots we can go”?

Quasi Tour-Guide: “There’s this cozy park right down Tanner street. Take her there since she doesn’t want to go to your place”.

Now, most girls will be willing to take that pressure-free walk.

Simply take her hand or use whatever routine you normally do, and let her know, “Let’s walk”.

Then you’ll take her to this “Cozy Park” that’s right around the corner.

The objective is to be in isolation and have some level of privacy to get busy.

A Key Note On Women And Logistics:

A girl (whom you’ve never lain) will NOT help you out on logistics!

She will not say to you:

“We can go to Bryan street on the 4 bus”

“Grab the strongest rum from Jimmy’s liquor store”

“Pick up some condoms from the pharmacy on Dick street”

“Then go back to my place and fuck all night”!

Those logistical issues are the man’s job!

You as the man, are supposed to have all those things hammered out prior, because she will NOT do them for you…unless you trick her into doing this (which is another post in itself).

So if you find it time-consuming to work out those locational logistics for yourself, then befriending a local guy as your quasi tour-guide will come in handy.

Why It’s Easier To Run Pickup Game In The Caribbean

Caribbean carnival festival which takes place in every island

Caribbean carnival festival which takes place in every island

Game is Game basically!

However, knowing some basic PUA concepts will give you an edge over the local “Gyalist”.

#1, the local-player guy surprisingly isn’t thinking One-Night Stand, so he’ll be inadvertently rejecting all those girls who would’ve been DTF for the SNL (Same-Night Lay).

He’s in his hometown, he probably has a girlfriend already, so his primary goal isn’t to take chicks home that night.

A Seduction-game guy on the other hand (whether local or traveling), he’s conditioned to think One-Night Stand, ONS, ONS, ONS!!!

He has limited time in his favor in this new country (the Caribbean for instance), so it’s in his best interest to move rapidly and only think One Night Stand opposed to something long term since he doesn’t live there.

Thus having ONS as your primary goal while out in the Caribbean nightlife (as a visitor), will yield you way more results than taking it slow [common sense approach].

If you’re new to Pickup, do yourself a huge favor and learn some PUA Same-Night Lay frames as in this article by John Rendon :“The fundamentals of getting same night lays”.

Having the right mindset/frame from the onset is the best approach to gaming in the islands.

Your Accent And Tourist Appeal Will Be Your Greatest Advantages (super DHV)

Women in the Caribbean are suckers for accents…women in general are!

It isn’t much the actual accent per say, but the fact that you, the visiting PUA-gamer, is a visitor and would quite naturally have an accent!

Just being a visitor/tourist alone will get you 50% nearer to your destination: Poon-Town.

The local player (“Gyalist”) cannot play the tourist card since he’s a local, which slightly works against him.

The local Jamaican “Gyalist” [photo courtesy of]

Guys who are visiting have an out-of-country charm which appeals to local women in the islands.

Local chicks have even dubbed a term for it: Fresh Meat!

Your fresh-foreign meat will be choice meat compared to the local beef.

Use Cold Readings [ESP Routines]:

Though not obligatory, a mediocre mini-cold read routine will work wonders with the local birds!

I don’t think I have to tell you that women are fascinated by the Zodiac and Astrology.

In the Caribbean; that’s on another fucking level!

For an ultra-conservative Christian society and region, women here go bat-shit crazy over horoscopes readings like there’s no fucking tomorrow!

I’ll give an on-the-fly example below of a simplistic and neat-cold read you can do with a girl @ a bar [in the islands].

Me: “So Tasheka, you’re a Gemini right”?

Tasheka: “No Aquarius. Why you figured Gemini”?

Me: “The energy I’m picking up from you is that of a Gemini”.

Tasheka: “How so”?

Me: “Since you’re an Aquarian, that means you’re very independent and love to do things your way and hate when people tell you how to live”.

Tasheka: “Lol that’s right”!

Me: “You also have what they call an Aqua energy”.

Tasheka: “What’s that”!?

Me: “Do you believe in reading people”?

Tasheka: “I guess”.

Me: “Your Aqua energy is very deep and out there, and it’s so strange that when I stepped into the bar, I felt your energy and knew instantly that we would meet. This is how your energy, your Aqua energy works”.

Guys, the key in such cold reads is to just freestyle the fuck out of it LOL!

Remember, women are NOT logical creatures, so you don’t have to make any sense whatsoever!

Nothing of what you say has to be accurate nor based on anything!

You’re just cold reading her based on her sun sign.

You don’t have to have anything written out prior; just flow as you go and make shit up!

The reasons for the cold reading is as mentioned:

#1 Women in the Caribbean are suckers for Astrology and mysticism [the Voodoo culture is strong in this region also].

#2 You’re letting her know how deep you are, and that you can read energy and people, which sets you up as an intelligent man with a mystical and spiritual air about you [which is why women go insanely nuts for the Jesus character].

So the cold reading taps into her “love of mysticism” side, just as the Biblical Jesus character would deeply impact people whom he came in contact with via his vague-spiritual parables.

Read this article: “Jesus the greatest Pickup Artist of all time.

Why Pickup Works Like Magic In The Caribbean

The island of Barbados [photo courtesy of]

The island of Barbados [photo courtesy of]

Ok, the greatest reason why Game from a Pickup standpoint would work wonders in the islands is…Pickup itself!

Sounds like a vague tangent, but I’ll explain.

Pickup is still a rare and novel concept to dating.

I’ve been traveling back and forth to this region since 2003, and I’ve yet to come across a fellow practitioner of the seduction arts- not once!

Doesn’t mean they aren’t here! But I don’t see them!

Also, the Caribbean is an ULTRA traditional and conservative region.

Want proof?

Male-on-male gay sex (buggary) is a serious felonious crime.

The Tea Party would be considered too Liberal in the Caribbean; that’s how conservative it is here when it comes to social issues!

Moreover, the average guy still gets his dating advice from his mother or through trail and error…which is good! But if you’ve been trying the wrong shit for 15 years, you’re being severely stagnated.

The church has an iron grip on the entire English and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

Dating advice typically gets trickled down from a scammy-ass priest who doesn’t know anything about getting laid nor how to traverse the nightlife scene.

So the average person in the islands knows what he or she knows about dating from his or her parents who got it from their pastors, who got it from the religious fraternity…

Therefore, Pickup and its concepts would be VERY radical (as they are in every society), but that radical appeal is very seductive!!!

Being that the Caribbean is virtually void of PUA’s, that void presents the greatest opportunity to get laid for a visiting practitioner of seduction!

It’s like finding a rainbow-colored horse among a herd of black, white and brown stallions.

The never-seen-before multicolored horse will always stand out and get the most attention!

Game from a PUA’s angle is like that rare multicolored horse: women will be fascinated by it!

You radical approach and concepts to courtship and hooking up (which goes contrary to the church and what momma taught), will be chick-crack!!!

Rarity Factor:

Guys running PUA-style game are rare; even in the bigger countries like Canada, the (un)official birthplace of Pickup.

From sheer guesstimation, I’d say that the ratio of PUA’s to non PUA’s in a major Toronto nightclub is about 2 to 40 on a normal night. So PUA practitioners aren’t the most prevalent thing since slice bread.

However, in PUA hot spots like London’s Leicester Square, it’s almost commonplace that a girl would be approached by 2 different PUA practitioners within the same hour…running the same routine.

Basically, too many Game guys in 1 town can actually burn it out, where Pickup becomes so common, that it looses its rare and almost mythical appeal.

This will almost never happen in the Caribbean; whether running street game or at a night venue.

Kenny’s Field Tested Experience With Pickup In The Caribbean

My first and earliest experience with Game and Pickup was in the Caribbean.

Instantly I knew there was something about this that will get me massive amounts of results with the ladies…and other men weren’t privy to it.

I was right! I was the lone Pick-Up Artist in a pool of women

I was hitting these girls with an approach they’d never seen before:

• Negs


• The Cube

• Deliberate Sexual Eye Contact

• Consciously Forcing IOI’s

• Qualifying Game

• Making out on the spot

• Ignoring the target

• Strategically leaving set then return

• Hitting on other girls in front of the target

• Not complimenting

• Not ass-kissing

• No drink-buying

• No supplication

• No LTR frame

• No # closings

These girls were witnessing seduction for the first time in their fucking lives!!!

They were faced with a guy who presented a challenge for the first time! A guy who wasn’t gonna sell out just to get a conversation!

During my 2009 stay in the Caribbean, I’d pulled so many ONS (One-Night Stands) from bars, that I swore my cock would have fallen off from unprotected sex with so many random strangers!!!

Did these girls know I was mechanically using a system?

I doubt it.

Would they care?

Fuck no!

Summarized Recap For Island Game:

• Work out logistics of the town,

• Befriend a cool-local guy to be your quasi tour-guide,

• Have a One-Night Stand mentality,

• Use negs when in conversation,

• Cold read her (based on her astrological sign)

• Bounce her. If she doesn’t want to go back to your place nor hers, then suggest a walk

This is your blueprint of running night game in the Caribbean islands.

It’s an uncharted territory by Game-guys, which makes it that much more easier to getting laid (as a local PUA or visiting PUA on vacation).

These steps are somewhat universally applicable, however the blueprint laid out in this article is specially tailor-made for the West Indies/Caribbean region based on the cultural and social variables which vary in every region.

Nightlife on the island of St. Maarten

Nightlife on the island of St. Maarten

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Travel Tips To Cuba [For Spring Break] From Simeon Moses, The Pick-Up Artist

Is that time of year again when lots of people are looking to travel to tropical regions, and college-going girls are obsessed with creating “Girls Gone Wild” moments for themselves.

One such place you’d want to travel to (for Spring Break) is fucking Cuba!

Don’t be fooled by the slanderous-American media; Cuba is a great place with an equally great nightlife and it’s virtually crime free!

You’re more likely to get struck by a rogue lightening than to be robbed or kidnapped by some marauding thugs.

Friend of mine, Simeon Moses, winner of VH1’s the Pickup Artist 2 reality show (back in 2008), had posted a post on Facebook yesterday about his recent trip to Cuba.

I thought it was pretty insightful and encouraging since I’ve been planning on heading over there but keep procrastinating.

This is what Simeon posted (below)

Simeon Moses from the Pick-Up Artist season 2

Simeon Moses from the Pick-Up Artist season 2

Now taking questions on Cuba:

Since I have a lot of people asking me questions about my trip to Cuba and my experience I am going to post answers on this thread. So if you would like to know anything about my trip or observations on Cuba please comment on this post and I will
answer in the same thread.

Here are some FAQs.

Q. Isn’t Cuba dangerous?

A. This is an emphatic NO!

I’ve visited over a dozen countries in my lifetime and Cuba is by far the safest country I have ever traveled to in terms of worrying about violence robbery.

There is virtually no violent crime and very little crime committed against tourists. The biggest danger in Cuba are poorly maintained sidewalks that could cause you to trip or fall into a hole.

Same goes with kidnappings: this is not Mexico or Colombia. There are 0 kidnappings here. As a tourist you are safer here then most every place in the United States.

Q. Is it expensive?

A. For the most part is very affordable.

The only exception to this are the expensive luxury hotels in Havana and the resort town of Varadero which I have dubbed “Canadian Cancun” To give you an example the cheapest food I had were 20 cent pizzas (20 cents in US dollar equivalent or 5 pesos Moneda Nacional) and cheapest drink was 4 cents for sugarcane juice.

Even at most restaurants for tourists I paid less than 10 bucks. A good fish dinner was 5 bucks in many places.

A group of British next to me at a beach-side bungalow restaurant paid 6 bucks for an entire 3 pound lobster cooked with sides. There are more expensive tourist traps if you want luxury food.

In terms of housing, I paid on average 20 dollars per night to stay in Casa Particulars which are Cuban homes who rent out an extra room to tourists like a bed and breakfast but smaller.

Some were nicer than others. For 5 bucks they would cook you an insane amount of food.

Q. Isn’t it illegal [for Americans]?

Technically I guess it is. It’s about on par with jay-walking in a suburban street. Here is the summary of the “difficult time”

– I flew to cancun. When I got to the airport there were no flights that night so I had to stay one night in Cancun and then returned in the morning.

– I got to Cancun airport early and Cubana the main Cuban airline office was not open yet.

– Aeromexico had a noon flight to Havana so I went to their counter instead. I waited 10 minutes in line. I get to the front.

“I would like 1 ticket to Havana please. Roundtrip. Leaving today and returning March 19th.”

I hand them my passport and 350 dollars.

The counter woman hands me my paper ticket and visa. There is no comments on my U.S. passport by anyone through the ticketing process. I check-in for my flight and 3 hours later I am on a plane to Havana.

At Havana airport, I was pulled out of line for about 10 minutes. I think this was mostly because I was carrying a large camera bag.

Once they determined I was a tourist I went through with little issues.

Leaving Havana you just pay 25 bucks for an exit stamp.

On the way in, Cuban authorities generally do not stamp american passports as a throwback to the old policy that was I guess stricter about travel from U.S.

On exit they stamp your boarding
pass not your passport. So in terms of having cuban stamps in your passport its a non-issue.

Even without passport evidence of my trip I still declared my visit to customs.

This was upon advice from a frequent traveler to the U.S. who says customs authorities (at least in Miami) don’t care about illegal-Cuban travel as it is administratively unenforced for the most part.

He was right!

When I showed up in Miami from Cancun, I had my passport stamped without even being questioned despite clearly marking on my custom forms I had been to Cuba. When I went through customs I was questioned for about 30 seconds.

Here is the summary of the conversation.

Customs Agent: “Where are you coming from”?

Me: “Cancun”

Customs Agent: “You were in Cuba?”

Me: “Yes”

Customs Agent: “You flew through Cancun”


Customs Agent: “You have family there”

Me: “No”

Customs Agent: “Why did you travel there”

Me:”Cultural Research”

Customs Agent: “Do you have any alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco you brought back with you”

Me:” Yes sir. I have 10 cigars.”

Custom agent gives me a dirty look.

Customs Agent: “Don’t do that next time. There’s an embargo.”

Customs agent waves me through.

The toughest punishment I got was a dirty look and a finger wagging. I know really harsh punishment. Not sure if most people could handle that kind of draconian behavior that the government enacts if you go to Cuba.

In summary, “It’s really difficult to get in and out of Cuba because of the embargo” said no one ever who has actually traveled there.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave the rest up to comments which I will respond to for those curious about the trip or who are thinking of making the trip themselves.

Cuban beach

Cuban beach

Some Sex-Tourist Game For Spring Break [In-Field Video]

Spring Break girls in the islands

Spring Break girls in the islands

In my popular e-book: “How to bang foreign girls”, I spoke heavily about becoming a quasi tour-guide, and using the tour-guide technique/strategy in order to pick up tourists, vacationers and girls from out of town [drifters, nomads, transients, etc.].

Right now is Spring Break season, and living in warmer regions such as La Baja Mexico & the Caribbean islands are havens for adventure-seeking travelers who wanna get away for some days.

This is partially the reason why I’m reluctant to ever move back to New York City to live (which is not a Spring Break town at all).

For globally situated Pick-Up Artists like myself; this becomes pussy-paradise, and greater opportunities to flex some muscles, meet massive amounts of new people…and to fuck tons of marauding visitors!

In this video, I just showcased some sociability skills, how to connect with strangers and setting up a random future projected date…

On my way to do some business at the DMV, I spotted a 2 set/mixed set (an engaged couple) who were obvious strangers to this town [takes skills to spot these types], so I approached and opened [can’t remember what I said], I made a solid-first impression, we chatted for about 45 minutes, exchanged contact info and was given the phone # to their guest-house.

The above dialogue wasn’t recorded since this pick up was so sporadic and unintended.

The video starts off nearing the end of the 45 minute interaction/pickup.

Guys who are trying to connect with random strangers need to polish their humor tool.

In the video clip, you’ll hear how light-heated I come off with lots of laughter creating a welcoming vibe instead of a bottled-up, serious-toned approach.

I contacted them later on that night, we met up at a beach bar fiesta, had a blast, went back to their guest-house and let’s just say that this engaged-Asian chick got her last premarital fucking…

In my short book, I also talked about a killer concept dubbed: “What happens on vacation; stays on vacation”. And “What happens on vacation doesn’t count”. Meaning, while on vacation or visiting other towns, cities and countries, cheating doesn’t count as cheating [psychologically] for most people who are taken.

Lots of women and couples would venture to the islands just to hook up with a 3rd. party guy (in this case, I was that guy), in order to live out some wild fantasy or deeply-held sexual fetish.

These people won’t take such a risk with guys from their own hometowns, in fear that they’d be exposed and have to face that other guy (very embarrassing).

Since I’m just some random guy they met on vacation, they really don’t have to worry about seeing me again, thus the sense of shame and embarrassment is nonexistent.

I’ve met lots of vacationing teenagers on Spring Break who are here solely just to fuck guys from another country!

Just as I’ve met lots of couples (married also) who want to engage in gangbangs [MMF], and some husbands who enjoy seeing their wives get fucked by some random guy [I think this’ called Cuckold or something].

This is where I come in (as that other guy)!

It takes skills and social intuition to spot these people who are open to such sexual adventurism.

It’s also super easy to spot girls who are unfamiliar with your town, which makes them ripe for the picking.

I used to run this sort of game often in downtown NYC (Columbus Circle) , where I would pick out tourists and introduce them to my town by recommending certain hot spots to go, etc.

You can also read about this in “How to bang foreign girls”.

For simple tips, insights, routines and techniques on how to attract, pick up, seduce and bang tourists and girls from out of town (visiting your town), grab your complimentary copy of “How to bang foreign girls”, by clicking on the direct-download link below!


sexy girls on the beach for Spring Break in the islands

sexy girls on the beach for Spring Break in the islands

Read This Before Traveling To The English-Speaking Caribbean Islands

Annual Caribbean Carnival festival held throughout all the islands

Annual Caribbean Carnival festival held throughout all the islands

Thinking about taking that vacation to the English-speaking Caribbean?

Perhaps a Winter getaway [since most travel to the islands during the colder months opposed to the Summer]?

Few pointers about idioms, dialect and colloquialisms of the Caribbean which will come in mighty handy.

Regular followers of this blog would’ve known that I’m based in the Caribbean islands during 3/4’s of the year. And that I’m actually from the islands [by birth], however immigrated with parents to the U.S. [NYC] at the age of 8.

While here on island though, I actually do some part-time work with the Foreign Affairs department, so I’m constantly interacting with tourists, transients, travelers and newly immigrated families.

Last week while running some day-game pickup, I was invited to have a beer with some Canadian fellas who just arrived that day.

One of them said to me:

“Hey Kenny, I went to the supermarket and asked for a certain item and I was given funny stares by the girls at the registers and the ones stacking the shelves. All I asked for was water man”!

I LOL’d then broke it down to him as to the (negative) connotations.

Thinking about it now, this article is definitely timely as I’ve been getting such inquiries over the past years whenever I’m back here on island.

Here are some terms which will aid you potential travelers in getting by a lot smoother than if you hadn’t known them.

Fore-note: The following terms are applicable in almost the entire English-speaking Caribbean: Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguila, Grenada, The Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent, St. Lucia [English-speaking part], English speaking part of Belize [although in Central America], Dominica, Montserrat, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana [although in South America, Guyana is heavily influenced by Caribbean culture and lingo].

The islands which are somewhat exempt from this list are: Bahamas (Nassau), Bermuda, Barbados, Tortola, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and St, Johns. However, with the influence of Reggae music from Jamaica over the decades, these terms are becoming commonplace even in those islands.

Bear in mind also: almost all of the following terms and words are apparently English, however they possess and connote totally different meanings as they would in Canada, The U.S. And the UK.

Let’s start off with something pretty benign and seemingly appropriate:

Water: It has a strong-sexual connotation and it references semen (sperm), or female ejaculate.

If a guy were to say to another guy, “I want some water”, he will immediately be chastised as a fag (presuming they’re heterosexual), or punched in the face!

Just as if you enter a grocery store and ask the female cashier if she has any water, she will give you a shocked and annoyed grimace as you’re essentially asking her if she has cum.

Damage-control solution: complete the sentence by asking, “You have any BOTTLE of water”. The simple addition of “bottle”, will negate the sexual connotation completely.

Wife: As innocent and common as this word may seem, it actually means or refers to PUSSY (Vagina).

The words Pussy and vagina are rarely ever used in the English-Caribbean (unless calling someone a pussy as in coward). Wife is the standard way of referring to vagina.

Example, a guy would say, “She gave me the wife last night”, opposed to pussy or vagina.

Likewise, if walking around as a tourist and you loudly talk about “Wife”, the locals will immediately translate that to mean pussy, thus you’ll be looked at as a vulgar bastard!

Solution: Use spouse or partner instead, or perhaps, “This is the girl I’d married”, opposed to saying, “This is a picture of my wife”.

Also, as a man, to say that you have a wife would mean that you have a vagina which would mean you’re a fucking pussy or tranny.

Bud/ Buddy: Typically, a bud would mean a rose bud of some sort, while Buddy would be a pal. However, in the English-speaking Caribbean it means COCK as in Penis:

Dick is totally not used in the Caribbean. You’d hear cock sparingly, but cock generally refers to a rooster more often than to a dick.

You will hear: “Suck my bud”! But never “suck my dick”!

Want to say, “I have a nice dick”, in the islands, they’d say: “I have a nice buddy” or “nice bud”.

Seed: Balls, cojones, testicles.

Seed is a very vulgar word and term as it means testicles (balls).

If you are in need or seeds, make sure that you explicitly make it clear which kind of seeds you’re looking for: sunflower seeds, etc. But to blankly say seed or ask for seed will be misinterpreted as balls (testicles).

Partner: This is the word used for friend or buddy (pal).

The word Friend is used 20% of the times (to refer to a friend). However; “Partner” is more standard and used.

Quart: Quarter, 25 cents.

A quarter or 25 cents in reference to money is never used. Quart or a quart or 4 quartz [a dollar] are used instead.

Drinking or Beverage: Drinks, juices, etc.

Drink or drinks is rarely used to mean something to drink.

Drinking or Beverage are exclusively used and more common. Sodas, bottled juices and even beers would be referred to as “Drinking” or “Beverage”.

Example, “Do you have any Drinking”, instead of “Do you have any drinks”?

Yam or Nyam: Don’t ask me the origin of this word, but legends have it that it’s an African-tribal word which was passed down: meaning “to Eat”.

Eat is used often also, but half of the times, you’d hear people say “Yam” or “Nyam”.

Example: “I’m hungry. I want something to yam right about now”.

Bubbie: Tits or breasts.

Reminds me of boobs and boobies.

Anyway, this word is almost exclusively used in day to day convo, while breast is politically correct and used with elderly folks [just as the word Usted in Spanish instead of tu].

Just as in America you’d never hear a young person say breasts.

In this part of the Caribbean, you’d never hear a young person say breasts neither, but “Bubbie” [unless addressing an elderly person].

Mama and Papa: These do not refer to parents; mother and father, but to grandparents.

Parents are mommy and daddy, but grandparents are strictly mama and papa.

So as a tourist, if you were to say, “I’m his papa”, it’d be interpreted as grandfather instead of dad.

Mate or Maty: This term derived from “Mate” of course, however Mate or Maty means a chick you’re fucking on the side.

So if you were to say to a local, “This is my mate”, you’re essentially saying, “This’ the girl I’m cheating with or having an affair with on the side”.

Brits visiting the islands should avoid using this word totally to avoid gross misinterpretation.

Love instead of Like

The word LIKE is never used (in the sense of the verb). It’s always substituted with LOVE.

However, the comparative preposition “Like” is used: “She looks like her mother”.

You cannot say to a girl, “I like you”. She’ll be offended. I learned this the hard way when I told a girl I like her LOL!

Even if you only like the girl because you just met her yesterday, you cannot use LIKE to express that liking. You must use LOVE. Love is also used in every scenario where you’d use Like [except as a preposition comparative].

Bottom or Batty: Pronounced bat-tee. Meaning ass, butt, buttox.

“Batty” is more used than “Bottom”. Butt however is absolutely NEVER used.

For example: “she got a nice batty” instead of saying “she got a nice butt”.

Ass is used about 20% of the time.

Cook Shop: Restaurant.

Both words are used, but “Cook Shop” is more common.

Shop: Store.

Store is never used. Shop is always used instead, as in: “He went to the “Shop”.

Supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. are called “Shops”.

Bull: Anal sex.

Bull is a very very vulgar word. It’s used as a verb (to bull) and noun (anal sex).

Asking a guy if he bulls is basically asking him if he engages in anal sex (giving or receiving).

So if you’re thinking about riding a bull or buying a redbull, make sure that you be as specific and enunciated as possible.

You don’t want your male taxi-driver on island to get it misconstrued.

Pump: This definitely doesn’t mean a gas pump but to masturbate.

Masturbate, fap, jerking off, wacking off are never used.

Pump is used instead exclusively.

In order to avoid ambiguity or misinterpretation: complete your sentences!

Instead of blankly asking for a pump, it’d be more appropriate to construct a full sentence like, “Do you have a pump so I can put some air in my bike tires”?

Hard-up: Horny and sexually excited.

In spite of the word “Hard”, which usually relates to a man’s cock, the adjective “Hard-up”, also refers to a girl who’s sexually aroused.

Horny isn’t used at all but it’s definitely intelligible and understood.

Trousers: Pants.

Pants is used also, but you’ll hear trousers more frequently.

Cutlass: Machete.

The word machete is never used, and it might not even be understood since it is absolutely never used.

The under 30 crowd may not know what a machete is. Just as a young Canadian or American wouldn’t know what a “Cutlass” is.

Poop: In American lingo, this usually means defecating, to take a shit, etc.

However, in the Caribbean it strictly means to fart (pass gas).

So if you were to say to a local at a resort or anywhere on island, “my son wants to poop”, it’d be interpreted to mean “my son wants to fart”.

To communicate “poo, poop or to take a shit”, use “Poopoo”.

Poopoo is exclusively used to mean defecating or taking a shit, while “Poop” is exclusively used to mean farting or passing gas.

Pickney: Baby (as in infant).

The word baby is used a lot also. It’s a 50-50 split between baby and Pickney when it comes to usage, but it’s very common to hear Pickney used instead of baby…especially in songs [Reggae, Calypso, Dancehall]

Safe: As in out of harm’s way, however it’s used to mean “Good”, nice or OK.

If someone asks you, “How was your night”? Nine out of 10 times, the response will be “Safe” instead of good or ok.

Lyrics: In other English-speaking countries, this would mean song lyrics. In the Caribbean, it means “Sweet-talking” or “Compliments” or chatting up someone.

So a girl would say to a guy, “You’re full of lyrics”. Basically, “you’re full of sweet-talk”.

Tall!: This is used as an interjection opposed to someone’s height. Its equivalent is “Hell No”!

If someone asks you if you like to eat fish, and you’re totally allergic to it, you can say “Tall” instead of hell no!

Hell no isn’t used, but it is understood.

The thing that’s interesting about dialects and colloquialisms is that the same word can mean something totally different in other regions where the same language is spoken. Or words which aren’t used here but used there.

Like in England, they use bloke, mate, bubbly, whilst, all words which aren’t used in America.

Just as in the Caribbean, the following words are used often, although they aren’t used (much) in Canada and America:

Obstinate, nincompoop, hardened (for stubborn), verandah (porch), gallery (porch), latrine (toilet), front-room (living room), meager, belch (burp), numbskull, ,constable (cop), pupil instead of students, just to name a few.

Another interesting point about the spoken-English dialect in the English-speaking Caribbean: pluralization is never used.

Everything is singular!

Pluralization is only implied.

So you’d never hear someone say cars, bottles, houses, schools, men, women, knives, hats…

The s’ and eses are totally dropped.

What they do do instead, is add the objective-personal pronoun “Them”.

For example, cars would be “the car and them”.

Girls would become “girl and them”, etc.

Pluralization with s and es is totally not used [they’re dropped] except in writing.

Just as in any other English-speaking country, written English is always standard and correctly written and taught. However spoken English isn’t spoken as we write: for instance slang terms aren’t written but spoken.

English dialect of the Caribbean is the same: written and taught in a standard manner, but spoken differently with different connotations and insinuations.

So on your next cruise to the islands, you won’t feel completely like a fish out of water once you get abreast with some of the terms I cited in this article.

By the way, some terms and words may vary depended on the island.


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