Worst Thing A Girl Can Ever Say To A Guy…[advice for women]


I’m getting revolutionary with this s**t by giving women dating tips [we will have snowfall in hell]!!!

Ok, tonight I was Facebook chatting with my could-be new GF [ok it’s a complicated story], and she said this to me [as every woman does]:

“I have lots of guy friends”.


Another similar cliche:

“I don’t hang out with girls ’cause they always talk shit, so I hang out with men instead”.

Yea right, as if men are so adverse to shit-talking.

Anyway I said to her, ““That’s a frikkin’ turnoff for men”!

Funny thing is: she was shocked and puzzled that men would be turned off by this.


Of course that would turn us off and give us a bad impression of that girl!

So ladies, whenever you say to a guy, “I like hanging with guys. Women are so bitchy and backstabbing”! These are the things which pop up in his head:

*Red Flag

*She’s a slut

*She couldn’t be trusted as a GF

*She would cheat on me in a heartbeat

*I couldn’t trust her around my guy friends

*So all this guys she hangs out with, she’s most likely banging them or had banged them

Nothing positive could ever come from a girl saying that to a guy.


So ladies, if you don’t want to be prejudged you as sluts, and you want to be seen as a viable, possible future girlfriend, then refrain from telling him, “I love hanging with men. I don’t have girlfriends: just guy-friends”.

Saying that to men- the only thing he’d want from you is just SEX. Since he’d quite naturally assume that you’re slutty and promiscuous (since you love hanging with a bunch of men).

That is absolutely 1 of the greatest misconception that women have about men: that we would actually find that as a good thing in a woman, or possible girlfriend.

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