Get Laid Easily On Facebook With…This Stalker App

Many years ago, I pondered the following question:

“Why doesn’t Facebook have a straightforward feature where you can see who viewed or is currently viewing your profile”?

My search led me to the following conclusion (out of consensus) that it’s a privacy issue (and may be seen as a breach). So Facebook isn’t too keen on divulging that piece of information to its users (who’s stalking them).

Every now and then though, I would come across some stupid link saying, “download this app to see who’s checking you out on Facebook”. Almost all of the times, it was a dud…or spam.

Eventually, I just let it go: “What big deal is it anyway to see who’s stalking my profile”!

Years later, days ago actually, some chick posted to Facebook about having stalkers and how shocked she was to find out that certain individuals were checking her out the most.

Out of curiosity, I read further read the post and checked out the comments and it was exactly what I was looking for for years now: an actual app- no spammy link or virus- that could tell me who’s been viewing my Facebook profile.

All consensus by the commenters say that this is legit.

I left a comment on the post, inquiring about the name of this stalker app. Once received, I went straight to the Play Store in search of this application.

I read a few reviews on the app from people who had downloaded and purchased it. Ninety percent of the reviews were encouraging.

Thus, I went ahead to download it.

Surprisingly, the results of who were stalking my profile seemed legit as fuck.

Why I say that is because of the first 25 people who mostly view my profile, 20 of them I suspected that they were actively reading my stuff (such as the guys who read my pick-up related posts).






Someone was also saying that this is total bullshit, that the app simply selects random Facebook friends.

I see no evidence of this, because as I said, 20 of those on the list would admit to reading my posts. So this is not just a random selection of people.

Also, I would hear some posters say, “such apps just select the people who mostly comment on your posts. So it’s just an algorithmic thing”.

Sounds logical but it isn’t so.

Of the top 25 Facebook friends listed in the app as my top stalkers [sorry guys 😉 ], only about 3 of them regularly comment on my Facebook statuses. So this debunks the claim that the app merely chooses the most active commenters.

Whichever way you can find out who stalk you on social media, if I were you, I would use that as a shortcut to getting laid.

How would I do this?


Just find out who stalks you. And if they pass your proverbial boner-test, then message them.

The thing is, since these girls are already stalking your profile, there is at least some level of interest there.

However, since girls aren’t active chasers and courters of men, no matter how much they find you interesting, they won’t blatantly message you.

Having fount out who’s checking you out, it shortcuts the entire process.

It’s like having a cheat code to the game. 🙂

Only downside to this is if all your stalkers are men and ugly girls. 😦

Update About The Biggest-Mega-Infield Video In PUA History

Since I stepped foot back on the island where I call home, the task to put together this massive infield video had begun…Sunday afternoon.

I literally haven’t slept since Sunday and going back to Thursday when I first landed in foreign territory. So I actually haven’t rested since last Thursday.

I am piecing together the relevant infield clips and trying to place them in chronological order from the 1st girl I picked up (Thursday) till the last (Sunday).

There’s over 80 clips (perhaps 100) which I have to work with and sort them out.

My uncle’s laptop which I’d borrowed, almost crashed a few times while I worked due to the intense labor I’ve been inducing on this mammoth project.

I have clips and sets which were recorded with 4 different recording devices while on the trip: Blackberry phone, iPhone, digital camera, covert-recording Sony device.

Therefore, I’ve currently been having to convert those clips to the relevant video formats which I can use in my video/movie maker software.

I’m also using 3 different video-making softwares to edit over 100 infield clips (day and night game) which were recorded from Thursday-Sunday while on the undisclosed island of *********. 😉

The purpose of this video when it’s all said and done…and ready, is to illustrate to you guys that pickup is easy and how to actually do it.

I picked up girls left to right, #’s, makeouts, Facebook exchanged, instant dates, rejections, etc.

After this project will have been completed (hopefully by tomorrow), I don’t think I’d have to make another infield video again as all the information needed will have been there.

One such clip was of myself and a sexy MILF on an instant date which I recorded about 16 + minutes of the interaction just to display social vibing and how to not run out of things to say…ever.

This will be by far the longest and most varying infield video ever published on the internet and in the PUA community.

It isn’t just “1 set” or 3 sets, but 3 fucking days of non-stop recording and non-stop gaming: from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning [8AM to midnight]!

No breaks, no rest but for the times that my recording devices were either drained or ran short on memory or space on the memory cards (I used up dozens of gigabytes on this project).

When that happened, I had to rush back to my hotel and transfered the clips from my devices to the laptop in order to free up space…then it was back out on the streets after I’d charged the devices.

Hence you’ll actually be seeing a documentary-style video or sorta like watching a reality TV show where I took the cameras wherever I went to run game (from 8AM to 12AM).

I project the video to be around 3 hours and 30 minutes long.

Not much talking but straight gaming!

That is 3 days of the most intense game crammed into a 3 hour and 30 minute video. So it’s basically akin to watching 2 movies…however my shit will actually get you laid. 😉

No recycled or used and old clips, but fresh clips from over the weekend.

Also, I refuse to break the video down into segments and parts.

If you can’t watch it all now; then later is always there to resume.

Can’t wait guys!

I’m working around the clock just to get this project out by tomorrow afternoon the latest!

No sleep, no eat, no coffee. Just toiling over a notebook computer and video-making software!

In the meantime, this video is from days prior to the trip as I got prepared and touched down in **********.

19 Step Hack/Trick To Recover Your Missing-Phone Draft Posts On Your Blackberry WordPress App

Note: This hack may NOT work on other mobile devices except Blackberry…but you never know- so read on!

The # “19” sounds a lot but it is 19 very simple steps 🙂 !

For those who enjoy blogging from their cellphones [99.9% of Socialkenny’s articles were written via mobile phone], draft posts disappearing is 1 of those hair-pulling occurrences you will face sooner or later.

For a guy like I am, who is constantly on the go and hates the shit out of laptops and its quirky mouse-pad [hence never owned 1], mobile WordPress for Blackberry and iPhone, has been my method of choice for publishing articles since launching this blog.

I’ve never actually written an article from a computer. Every single 1 of my post was drafted and written from a mobile device, going all the way back to the Palm Treo Windows Mobile phone!!!

As a Pick-Up Artist who’s constantly in the field picking up women and clubbing, I would literally construct a 1,000 words blog post from my Blackberry, while sipping a Negroni cocktail and seducing a hottie all at the same time…triple tasking 😉 !


Ok, every so often, you will encounter some anomalies in the way that your Blackberry functions with the WordPress app.

One such brain-wrecking issue is the sudden disappearance of your locally saved draft posts from your Blackberry WordPress app.

Losing your phone-draft posts could be the result of few things:

1.) Malfunction in the app.

2.) Un-plugging your Blackberry from the computer without properly disconnecting it.

3.) Errors between the media card and phone memory which cause your local-draft posts to vanish.

4.) Deleting and re-installing the WordPress app without saving your phone posts to the main WP directory.

5.) Sheer bad luck 🙂 .

Whatever the reason you no longer see nor find the phone-draft posts; doesn’t fucking matter- it’s a stressful occurrence for sure…especially if those posts were worth saving.

Preventative Measures

Alright, before I get into the hack/trick that will make you do back-flips, I first have to point out that if your phone drafts were consciously deleted by you, then this might be a lost cause in finding and recovering those posts…unless you manage to find a recovery software which can un-delete deleted files.

However, had those posts been deleted or vanished by no fault of yours; then continue reading!

Also as heads up: bear in mind to take precautionary measures in ensuring that you save your phone drafts to the main WP director on your phone instead of locally saved.

You can continue to save locally for easier access, but ensure that you also save that same post to the general WordPress account as you would when publishing an article via Blackberry app.

Since discovering this trick on my own, I now double save my posts: locally and to the main draft.

Wish I was doing this all along :(.

I Was Also A Self-Inflicted Victim

Personally, I’d lost locally saved draft posts on about 6 different occasions.

I virtually bawled my eyes out and was so distraught that suicide was actually a viable option…just fucking around! But you get the point…right? :shock:.

The previous 6 occasions in which my posts had vanished, I wasn’t able to recover any of them simply because I hadn’t discovered the hack…until now.

Had I known what I know now; I could’ve tediously recovered perhaps 80 or so local-draft posts.

Fuck it! No crying over spilled milk!

Fore-note:This will be a very tedious process but worth the time. I’ll also include personal screen-shots to give you a much better sense of where to go and what to do.

19 Step Procedural Hack By Socialkenny

Assuming you’re a total novice to the functionality of your Blackberry, I’ll direct you step by step.

If you’re a more advanced user; sorry for drowning you with the meticulous details. You can skip most of the steps :).

Ok, you first have to locate your WordPress folder in your Blackberry.

Depended on the model you have, the path may slightly vary but still the same process.

Presuming that your WordPress app is saved to the media card and not to the local device i.e. phone memory; do the following:

* On your BB, open up the “Media” folder from the home screen or wherever you have the folder located through customization.

The “Media” folder application highlighted in blue

* Then left click the BB home key to get the main menu to pop up.

* Down scroll to “Explore”, then click on it.

* Open up “Media Card”.

Depended on the configuration or customization of your phone, you may have to execute another set of procedures to get to the WordPress folder on the Media Card.

Assuming You’re unable to see the “Hidden” folders.

* Left click the menu key, click on “Show Hidden”, which means you’ll be opening the system files and hidden folders.

* A set of grayed-out folders should pop up. Click on “Blackberry” in order to open up that hidden folder.

* Scroll down until you see the “WordPress” folder (as in the screen-shot below) and click on it.

You’ll be presented with the system folders of the WordPress Blackberry app.

I advise you to NOT fuck with anything as far as deleting and relocating. That’s advice for the novices.

* Now click to open the first folder which has the scrambled number-letter codes.

Depended on your settings in the app, it could possibly be the 2nd or 3rd folder where your missing-drafts are located.

If you’re not sure, then click on all folders.

What you’re looking for is the lost draft posts which is the reason you’re here in the first place.

You should then be presented with the following screen in which you click on “d”.

Once again, depended on your settings, the hidden posts which you’re searching for, might be stored in “p” instead of “d”. So I advise you to search both folders.

What you’re looking for [your missing posts] should look like the files in the screen shot below.

You will NOT see the posts by their original titles but a set of #’s as you can see from the screen-shots.

These are your missing-draft posts which are unrecognizable.

These are your missing-draft posts which are unrecognizable.

Now, if you try clicking/opening 1 of those files, you’ll get the following error message due to the fact that the files (in their raw forms) are NOT compatible with the phone, nor do they even have a file extension, so they won’t open as readable files.

Now that you’ve at least located the once missing posts, you’ll have to do some file-extension hacking…which is pretty simple. But if you put the wrong extension on the file; it won’t open.

You want to convert the file whereas it becomes readable by your Blackberry. In this case, you’ll have to alter/hack the extension, which means adding the file format after the name of the file.

Sounds confusing- I know. But it’s a super-simple trick.

What an extension is, is the usual 3 letter sequence with a . preceding it, which appears after every file, whether on a computer or mobile phone.

For instance: .mp3, .pdf, .JPEG/.jpg, .jar. ,.xml, .bitmap, .html, .AVI, etc.

Those are all file extensions which appear after the name of the files.

For instance, a song would generally appear as: “I wanna fuck you.mp3”, or “Pick-Up Artist.WAV”.

Without those 3 words extensions at the end; your computer or mobile device will not be able to read nor open/play the media file.

Duh…I guess!

So now, you just have to append the correct extension to the existing file: the missing-draft posts.

What I did first (out of sheer curiosity) was to experiment with some extensions I can use as hacks in order to open the missing draft posts.

I added “.PDF” as an extension to 1 of the draft posts in order to open it on the Blackberry.

To no avail; it didn’t open 😦 .

An error message will pop up saying that the file cannot be read…or something to that extent.

Doesn’t matter; you just have to find a readable extension.

Notice how the files [your local draft posts] are only #’s (numerical names) but have no extensions on them (as in .mp3, .mp4, .PNG)?

Well in order to open and recover them; you must put an extension.

How To Change The Extension To Open Missing Posts

Alright, you’ll have to alter the extension by re-writing it or adding 1. So this is what you do:

* Left click on the home screen Blackberry key.

* Select “Rename”.

The option will pop up prompting you to rename the file.

You don’t have to change the name of the file from, for instance: 30, to “my hidden post” or anything like that.

You can still keep the # but make sure to add the extension on the end.

.HTML or .htm

In the “Rename” field, add .HTML or .htm after the # or name of the file.

In other words, 22 should become 22.HTML or .htm

Remember by all means to include the . (dot) in HTML to become .HTML or .HTM

The .HTML file extension code will enable you to see your missing post :).

After successfully hacking/changing/inserting .HTML to the post, it will appear like the following screen-shot shows:

As you can see from the screen-shot, the files/posts which you haven’t renamed, cannot be opened.

The ones with .html at the end are good to go and will open.

You’ve just successfully hacked the system and recovered your missing-phone draft posts.

Note: You will not be able to automatically re-send your draft posts to the WordPress app from this point, so you will have to manually copy, cut and paste.

Now click on the file/post you had renamed with .html

You should see your post open up as in a makeshift browser as the screen-shot below of 1 of my missing but now found post.

A draft post of mines about fitness and who gets laid more: skinny or buff guys...

A draft post of mines about fitness and who gets laid more: skinny or buff guys…

Now you’ll have to meticulously do this with each post you wish to re-save.

You won’t be able to see the original name of the post until you click on the new file.

In order to get this rough draft back into your Blackberry WordPress app, you’ll simply have to select-copy the entire post (by clicking home screen button to look for start selection or select), open up the WordPress app, create new post, then paste the drafted post and save it!!!

Do not make the mistake again of solely saving the post locally, but save it to the app itself which will automatically save the draft to your WordPress desktop folder where you won’t have to worry about draft posts disappearing again.

If you’re confused as to the steps: re-read the article and follow accordingly.

4 ways to get lots more Youtube video views without the dirty gimmicks

Don’t waste your time with the gimmicks and trumped-up videos promising massive amounts of youtube video views.

They are just that: Gimmicks!

Everyone’s looking for the magic pill to easy youtube views and how to go viral. The thing is; having a viral video merely comes down to luck.

That’s it!

Now, if you’re looking for tips (practical) on how to get tons more “REAL” Youtube views without spending a dime; my 4 methods and tips will be your savior.

What I also came to find out from doing research, was that most artists were buying [FAKE] Youtube views in order to bolster their credentials, which is why your typical entertainer always has a viral song/video with over a million views. They purchase their views. Plus they have the $$ to do so.

Paying for FAKE-Automated Youtube video views is just fucking tacky, disingenuous and down-right lazy! How can one feel a sense of gratification knowing that they’d bought video views? It’s like sleeping with a hooker and then patting yourself on the shoulder for having skills and game when all you did was to pay for the vagina.

The thing is, getting massive amounts of REAL video views takes work and effort. Nothing strenuous however. But it does require sharing, asking, typing, befriending and networking within your social media framework.

Majority of these Youtube videos of “How to get more youtube views”, are laced with pie-in-the sky promises of instant hits.

My 4 tips aren’t original. They are commonly known! They aren’t even mines!

However, with the advent of instant this and instant that, people have abandoned these 4 methods for the tricks and gimmicks.

These 4 methods are the quick fixes and instant results to getting instant views to your videos.

What goes into recording (in-field) videos; from a PUA’s angle

Kenny's in-field recording gadgets

Kenny’s in-field recording gadgets

How to record (in-field) videos

This is sort of a “how to” of shooting hidden-cam videos.

I get tons of e-mail and private messages on seduction forums from students of the Game, who are curious to know how I, or any other PUA for that matter, record in-field videos.

Everything from:

“How do you get away with it”?

“Have you ever gotten caught”?

“What technical devices do you use”?

It’s actually not that technical and pretty inexpensive.

It requires balls and social awareness more than actual technical gadgets.

Pretty much anyone who owns a cellphone which has a camera and video-recording capability, is already 90% there to recording.

There are tons of video-recording apps which facilitate the process.

Ethics of secretly recording women

I get asked this at times (by chicks also):

“Don’t you think it’s wrong to record what you do”?

The simple answer is NO!

I am however mindful of what I record. Meaning, if the chick is someone of importance, high status, etc., I would probably reconsider posting the video if it means jeopardizing her rep or social status.

Lately though, I decided to blur the faces of some of the girls I record.

Apart from that; it’s fair fucking game! No hindrance of ethics there.

“How do you manage to pull it off without getting caught”?

I never said I don’t get caught!

Well I don’t actually [:twisted:]. But I do get curious questions thrown at me while in field recording.

Some girls would say to me:

“Why do you have your phone in your hands”?

“Why is your phone camera pointed towards me”?

“Why are you taking my picture”?

That’s the closest it ever gets to being caught 😆 but I always manage to come up with some lame-ass excuse to wiggle my way out of it.

“What devices do you use to record”?

For the actual recording, I use 2 devices: my iPhone and Blackberry Curve.

Blackbery Curve 9380

Blackberry Curve 9380

Pros and Cons

what I hate about the iPhone is that it’s so elongated (compared to the Blackberry), whenever I record with it, it always seems so conspicuous and obvious while trying to hold it the right way.

Now the Blackberry is smaller, more compact and enables me to record with a good grip of the phone where I don’t have to worry about being too obvious.

With the iPhone, I can record longer duration sets without having to worry about space and memory as in the case of the BB, where my memory card virtually has no free space.

Another “con” with the iPhone is that if I’m in an open wifi hotspot zone, let’s say an airport or public school, incoming notifications from Twitter or Facebook will automatically cause my recording app to suddenly crash.

So I always have to remind myself to either:

•Turn off all notifications

•Deactivate my wifi setting

•Or disable the Facebook/Twitter app while I record

I remember a while back recording near a college campus, chatting up a Jewish chick, and about 20 minutes in, the iPhone recording app suddenly crashed as a Facebook notification came in.

FUCK!!! 😡

Another thing I love about recording with the Blackberry (opposed to the iPhone) is its sound quality.

With the BB, the sound recording is absolutely crisp and loud- even if the other person who’s being recorded is standing about 15 yards away.

The iPhone however is full of donkey shit when it comes to video and audio quality!

The best contrasting thing about recording with the BB (apart from the crisp audio), is the video quality.

It’s great for recording in low-lighting spots like a darkened bar or secluded area of a nightclub.

The fucking iPhone ain’t worth shit when it comes to recording video in poor lighting or @ the bar!

Basically, since those are my 2 video-recording devices, and they both serve unique purposes, both having pros and cons…I almost always take both with me, then decide in a split second which to whip out to record with.

Other video recorders

Most guys who do in-field videos actually use digital cameras, like my buddies over at Saturday Sarge London.

If I’m correct, my love-hate-Asian buddy Enthalapy uses a digicam to record his sets.

I have a SONY digicam but I absolutely never used it- not even to take photos!

To me, it would seem extremely challenging to record with a digicam for the simple fact that the lens is so fucking big and visible, it’d created some logistical challenges.

I may give it a test run though.

Audio Recorder

My secret weapon for audio recording is a SONY voice recorder.

My Sony audio/voice recorder

My Sony audio/voice recorder

It works just like a wireless mic but in my view, it can be hidden better and literally kept in my pocket while I record with my phone.

Superman has been field testing his Sony ICD Audio recorder, which is pretty neat by the way.

The thing I love about mines is that it records in .mp3 format, which means I won’t have to use an audio conversion software in order to convert the audio to .mp3 (since it records in mp3 by default).

Putting it all together

video creation software

video creation software

This is where the technical shit comes in like: mixing, blending, merging, splicing and editing.

I mean, shooting the video and simply uploading it to Youtube via mobile app is pretty straightforward, but it leaves for a bland-finished product.

In the case of a wireless mic or voice recorder (mp3 format) being used, those files cannot be uploaded directly to Youtube, so this is where technical work is required.

A computer would be needed, an audio-editing software (converting), video-editing software needed, transferal of the audio files, converting the audio to mp3 format, trimming the audio, merging and blending the audio to precisely match the video’s speed, converting the finished product into an mp4 or .wmv/.wma format…and then upload to Youtube.

Stealth Stealth Stealth!

As eluded to @ the top of the post, being stealthy is the most important factor to recording your sets (as I demonstrated in the video below).

Having the know-how won’t cut it if you cannot do it.

Just as having all the skills in the world with women won’t do you any good if you cannot or don’t put it in action.

Everyone has a video-recording device, but not everyone is stealthy enough to not get caught recording.

Couple this with the anxiety factor guys may feel, and it’s double fucking trouble!

“Why did you start recording hidden videos in the first place”?

When I first started my blog journey, recording videos in order to display aspects of game wasn’t even in the cards for me.

Ironically enough, it wasn’t until I’d discovered the blog of Krauser PUA, whom I recently called out, that I was encouraged to start recording my sets on hidden cam.

It was sort of like that light-bulb flicking on kind of moment: “Aha; what a genius fucking idea! Why didn’t I ever think of that”!!!?

Since that moment, it was the beginning of me hitting the field to document my sets live on camera. So I guess I’d have to thank Krauser for that 🙄 [what an irony]!

“How often do you record, and when do you record”?

If I can go undercover to record everyday- I would! But it’s more of logistics than anything else.

I obviously always have my recording devices on me (cellphones), so it’s just a matter of hitting the record button…at the right time.

But if there’s nothing to record, i.e. no hot girls in sight, then I’m left to not record. So it really boils down to the availability of hot chicks.

If there’s no hot chicks roaming the town during my designated-sarge hours; I won’t record.

“What is the main challenge with recording videos of you picking up HB’s”?

Inability to KINO correctly, and less physical contact.

The biggest drawback to recording your own videos is your inability to really go KINO and escalate on girls.

For instance, there are many times that I wanted to full blown make out with girls I’m filming, but the fact that I have a camera (phone) in 1 hand and trying to keep it focused and steady, I’m unable to make that move (to kiss her) since it wouldn’t be captured.

I’m usually very touchy-feely and always looking to hug the girls I chat up, but it’s quite difficult to balance that while trying to balance the camera to catch the shot.

The crazy thing is, whenever I’m not recording my sets, I’m able to go full-blown hardcore seduction on the target since I have no hidden camera to be mindful of.

Therefore, when you see me in set (on video), it’s more like a subdued version of Socialkenny since I don’t have 2 free hands to really demo.

“Wouldn’t having a designated wingman to record while you pick up be a tremendous benefit”?

Of course!!!

The only problem with that is that I hate wingmen, and I’m a staunch advocate of sarging solo and going out solo.

However, when I first started recording videos, I did have a wingman to record my sets, but his inability to do so was fucking terrible!

As displayed in the following video, I’d picked up a Toronto girl in which the cameraman was supposed to record, but instead, he wasn’t on point, and ended up recording virtually the audio only.

So the plan originally was to have someone record while I game hardcore, but that fell through because of the initial fuck up.

In Closing: “Why record videos in the first place”?

It’s a bit of:





I fit in the “Adventure and Education” brackets.

When I first started, is was just to follow the trend as other game bloggers were doing it. Then it blossomed into something else.

“What’s coming next as far as in-field videos”?

I’d recently recorded a plethora of hidden-camera videos which I have stored on my cellphones and Youtube channel.

They’ll be nicely edited, trimmed and sliced in a tutorial format where I’d use voice over to narrate what’s taking place in the interaction.

Check out the latest video for an example of what I mean.

Subscribe to my Youtube video channel to watch more videos!

Socialkenny Youtube!

Dont Let Technology Fuck You Over With Women

Before I was sucked into the cell-phone craze; I got laid more [80% more] like a Rockstar on steroids.

Back in 2007, I didn’t have a working-mobile phone [just wasn’t my cup of tea], and I can’t begin to count the amount of girls I fucked that year.

In 2012, I now have 3 active cell phones, contact lists flooded, BBM messenger overflowing, iPhone chat apps at capacity with hot chics; yet a stray dog gets more ass than I do.

I have to now (post 2008), apply Herculean Game just to bang 1-below standard girl.

When prior to 2008 as a sub-technology nomad, I was seeing more vaginas than an OB-GYN.

My conspiracy-theory hunch tells me that the mobile phone was a Femi-Nazi-invented scheme to virtually neuter men, and turn us into passive pussies who no longer will enjoy pussy [without an extremely hard time], thus revert to porn and hookers!

But that’s for another post.

Guys who are NOT used to vag-banging, will totally NOT relate to my sentiments.

And this post will have flown way over their heads like a midget standing under the G.W. Bridge.

More girls in your mobile contact should mathematically mean; more pussy options.

However,in this age of online chat and messaging,more girls mean more times you’ll be jerking off per day.

I’m as more technologically savvy than any guy out there [I’ve been living on my phones for the past 5 years].

And if it’s this problematic for me to get consistent ass notches under my belt (via internet and mobile chats)…Goddamnit I’m sorry for the guy who has mediocre skills and Game.

I virtually threw all my eggs in 1 basket…and that’s the internet basket.

So starting from tonight,I’ll be deleting 85% of my BBM contacts, 90% of all women from my phone contacts, and abstain from contacting any chic via e-mail…

I’ll desist from using any form of chat app(yahoo, MSN messenger, Facebook chat, etc.).

And I’ll desist from talking to women on the phone but 1 time; and that’s to set up a meet.

Only women I’ll maintain contact with are the ones who are instantly strictly about the BUSINESS!

Every guy periodically should make such drastic move if he desires to beat the system and get laid.

5 Reasons You Should ‘NOT’ Get An iPhone!!!


Hey guys, let me begin by saying ‘The iPhone Sucks…big time!!!

Now, I know that was very heavy-handed to say, especially after the great Steve Jobs had recently passed. I applaud the man for his ‘out of the box’ concepts. But he definitely dropped the proverbial ball with the iPhone.

I was fortunate [now unfortunate as I retrospect] that a cousin of mines from Canada virtually threw a brand-spanking new iPhone in my lap-fresh out the box [yippie]!!

That sure beats having to purchase one.

Over time [2 months of Internet use], I discovered the following 5 handicaps about the iPhone (which you would not have known prior to purchase, nor from browsing the booklet) :

1.) You CANNOT…I repeat CANNOT upload files to any website, social network, forum ,etc. from the default built-in Safari web-browser [SMDH].

What!!! This has to be a joke!

Thanks to google, I’d googled, “is it possible to upload images and files to the net from an iPhone”?

A hundred percent of the search result articles said NO!.

The only way to upload files or images (photos) to the net from an iPhone is via app: which is time consuming, being that you’d have to sign up for iTunes (which is a hassle to say the least).

Worst of all, if the site to which you’re trying to upload doesn’t have an iPhone app; you’re fucking screwed!

General sites as forums, in which you’d like to have a photo accompany your profile, they do NOT have iPhone apps! So I fount myself having to borrow a buddy’s laptop every second just to do this [my desktop had blown]. And when my friend wasn’t available (or tired of me bugging the shit out of him), I had to phone someone (overseas) in order to upload stuff for me to forums, blogs, etc.

What a fucking joke!

2.) When you thought it couldn’t get shittier, I stumbled across another annoying handicap [SMH when does it end?]. You cannot save web pages for offline use.


You know what that means?

If you’re reading a good article and you’d like to save it for use later: you will NOT be able to do it! So whatever you’re reading at the moment, you better finish it Pronto! Or better yet: take out a pen and pad to copy whatever info you wanted.

How the hell would that translate being on the go, and having to have a pen and pad handy at all times?

3.) The 3rd. nightmare is related to the above: web pages AUTOMATICALLY refresh themselves at will!

This has to be a friggin joke!

Let’s say you’re entering some info into a field (whichever website you’re on), someone knocks at the door, your teapot is boiling over, the kids spilled juice all over the place, whateva…assuming you’d have to put down the iPhone to tend to something, do NOT make this grave mistake-please!

The web browser WILL automatically fucking refresh itself once the screen hasn’t been touched after a few seconds. So that means your info will be lost, images will have to reload, you’d have to scroll the page to look for where you left off [WTF]!

4.) As much as I love saving web pages, uploading to the net and all, it gets worst [shit!]!

Are you ready for this?

It’s impossible to download ringtones/mp3’s and set them as your ringtone!!!

You may be saying to yourself, “But this is a basic feature of any other platform/phone ever invented since 2005. Enabling a song (mp3) as my ringtone is possible on any other mobile”.

Certainly! But not capable with the iPhone!

To set a song as your ringtone (or message tone), you’d have to do this via the dreaded iTunes.

Which means you’d have to log onto a computer, have to have had iTunes already installed [a supposed simple procedure made complex by the iPhone developers huh].

5.) Last but not least, this handicap relates to the above (#4): You CANNOT download songs (mp3), e-books nor video files via Safari default browser!

In other words, if you happen to be checking out some videos online and decide to click on the download link: think again dude- that won’t be happening!

Same goes for music; you’d have to download an alternate downloader app, and the right one is almost impossible to find.

The layman would NOT be able to do this!

And guys, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The list of bullshit that you inevitably purchase once you get an iPhone is endless!

There are few hidden tweaks which enable you to work around ‘saving web pages’.

I stumbled upon few tips and tricks for this (after 2 days of intense googling).

For computer junkies like I am: that’s no prob! But the average Joe/Jane would’ve already smashed the device to pieces from sheer frustration [I wouldn’t blame them]!

Why is the iPhone so popular then?

I have no fucking idea!

Must be the Apple brand (which is bullshit by the way).

If your intent is just to make and receive calls; then cool [almost].

However, for web browsing and using the net period, you’re better off getting any other handset on the market.

The only silver lining to this is that the iPhone makes for a good wingman.

I’m a Pick-Up Artist, and for some reason; girls are fascinated by iPhones.

Just having one helps me pick up chics.

There’s a lot more I couldn’t mention here (cons):

* App crashing

* Slowest web browsing ever (despite best internet speed)

* Inadvertently hanging up

* No photo albums (so every
photo is saved in same file).

Seems like a part 2 article would be rational since there are so many cons and few pros.

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