Probably The Most Straightforward Rejection I Ever Got + Re-Framing Rejections [PUA Field Report Feb. 25th. 2016]

“Rejections Don’t Exist”!

With every post I post about rejection, I find myself having to have to put an avowal claim at the head of the post just to keep guys in focus of the grand picture when it comes to meeting strangers.

Anyway, so last evening while taking a walk, I came across a super-hot stranger at an intersection:

Me: “Hold up, hold up”!

I exclaimed from across the road.

Girl smiles and stops as I jauntily approach.

Girl: “I can’t really stop because I’m in a rush”.

Whenever a girl says that to you, always acknowledge what she said, that she’s in a rush, and throw a false-time constraint out there so that she knows that you don’t intend to keep her back for long.

Me: “Oh cool, I realize that you’re in a rush. You’re probably headed to the bar up the bloc to get hammered”.

I then motioned for her to walk while I take the lead by walking off as she follows.

Girl: “Hammered!? I haven’t gotten hammered in ages. Like 9 months”.

Me: “Just 9 months!? You made it sound like 9 months is a long time”.

Girl: “Long time for me”!

The whole time we were walking and talking.

I prefer doing this, especially when the girl is busy or claims that she’s in a rush.

This shows that you have social intelligence and empathy.

Most guys would try to keep her there indefinitely. I believe in moving the set while chatting up the girl on the go.

We came up on another intersection:

Girl: “I’m going left”.

Me: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I know you have to go and I have to go too”.

At this point, I motioned with my hand for her to stop and I also came to a stop which led her to halt right away.

Me: “Alright, lemme not beat around the bush…I want us to keep in contact and hang out when we have the free time…hopefully soon”.

Girl: “I’m always busy. Very busy actually”.

Me: “You use Facebook”?

Girl: “Nah. Not anymore. I don’t have the time for Facebook. All my time is dedicated to my boyfriend”.

Me: “Cool. Y’all live together”.

Girl: “He doesn’t live here. But I’m just so busy doing other things too”.

Me: “Alright. No free time I guess. It’s like that sometime”.

Girl: “To be honest…and let me not even beat around the bush about this. Even if I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t want to hang out. I’m just not the type who keep many friends. I like to be alone”.

Me: “That’s cool. I’m the same. I roll solo”.

Girl: “I just think I have to be honest with you”.

Me: “That’s fine. Catch up then”.

I smiled about it, took it lightheartedly then parted ways.

By the way, this was all done pleasantly and not in a bitchy tone. She wasn’t rude at all at any point of the attempted pickup. She was super cordial, nice and smiling all the way throughout.

Note: although I did everything right here, it still ended in an unsuccessful pickup.

Hence, it wasn’t my approach or style which was wrong, but other variables which were out of my control [I’ll speak more to this a bit later in the post].

Did I take this so-called rejection personally?


Did I even take it as a rejection?


How to handle rejection from women

Whenever a girl rejects me- and this is a piece of advice for you- instead of seeing it as a rejection or taking it to mean “I’m ugly, I’m not her type”, or some other low-value coping mental Jujitsu, I re-frame this so-called rejection to mean that the girl just wasn’t in the head space at the time.


A simple re-frame!

“The girl was NOT in the mindset to be chatted up that day/night”.

Women are creatures of transitive moods.

We understand that.

Case in point; you can meet a girl tonight who rejects you, yet meet that same girl 2 days later and she totally buys into your frame and allows herself to be swept off her feet and picked up.

This is why you should never take a girl seriously!

Therefore, whenever I get rejected, I simply re-frame it to mean that the girl wasn’t in the mood that time: on that day.

Furthermore dude: everyone has his or her personal issue.

Why fucking take rejection to mean that the girl isn’t into you, or that she has something against you!?

She could’ve just been dumped by her boyfriend!

She could’ve just gotten into a fight with her boyfriend or her mom had pissed her off minutes before you had approached her!

You don’t know what she’s been into!

You don’t know her current situation!

Thus, you never want to take rejection personally because you might have just caught the girl at the wrong time!

Will you have another shot?

It all depends.

If you’re in a big metropolis of a city, then chances of running into this same girl again may be next to nil.

However, if you reside in small-town USA or anywhere else in the world for that matter, chances of bumping into that girl again who had rejected you, is almost likely. So you do have another shot in hopes of catching her at a better time.

Therefore, you don’t want to take rejection to heart!

The reason you do take it to heart as it is now is because you’re viewing it the wrong way.

You’re thinking that the girl abhors you as a person rather than she’s going through some personal shit.

With this HB10 from yesterday evening who “quote unquote” rejected me, perhaps she was genuinely uninterested as she stated.

That is okay!

Not every fucking girl will be into you!

It has nothing to do with you as a person!

The girl may have just gotten a new boyfriend for Heaven’s sake!

A girl is way less likely to cheat on her boyfriend if the relationship has not yet reached the 6 month mark.

Moreover, she’s also less likely to take newer guys on board while her relationship is still in its infancy stage.

A relationship is most strongest at the very beginning, prior to the 6-month mark. It doesn’t matter how inclined the girl may be towards cheating on her boyfriends, she isn’t likely to jeopardize it while things are so fresh…unless she was sleeping with you prior to meeting her current boyfriend.

Hence, when you put all of this together, a chick may very well love your approach but isn’t up for taking you on at the moment.

Have a chance encounter with this same chick a few weeks or months later, you may be surprised to find that she’s totally open to taking you on board.

A while back, I watched a video from Julien Blanc where he talked about women not remembering what they did/say a minute ago, let alone days ago [I was paraphrasing there].

Saying that to say, even if a girl were to so-called reject you now, she won’t even remember doing so 10 minutes later.

This happens all the time in nightclubs.

A girl would reject me now, I make a few spins across the dance floor gaming other girls, bump into the girl who had rejected me 5 minutes prior, and she’s totally into me.

It isn’t that she doesn’t remember me (or that she had rejected me). It’s simply that she makes transitions between mental states so rapidly that she doesn’t give much life to what she had done or said just minutes prior.

Here’s a video from the infamous Julien Blanc (featuring RSD Tyler/Owen), which touches on the points of rejection and building such a state in the game.

The Mechanics Of Stopping Girls On The Streets [stopping girls who are wearing earphones]

Since it’s been snowing cats and dog on the East Coast, United States, approaching women on the streets doesn’t look like a viable option to meeting women.

In any case, if you’re willing to brave the brutal Winter in order to get poon from the streets, getting girls to stop will have come in as a handy tactic.

A common point of contention I come across in this field is the “how do I get her to stop while she has in earphones” question?

Guys find this to be an extremely difficult and nerve-wrecking task [stopping girls with earphones in and headphones on].

The fear of this task is compounded by the fact that women are rumored to stuff their ears with earphones just to keep guys away.

This however isn’t entirely true.

Women are trying to keep certain type of guys at bay: the low-valued urchins who approach entirely wrong.

On the other hand, women have no problem with being approached by a guy with the correct frame: a guy who gets it.

Here are some still-shots from an older video of mines where I demonstrated “stopping girls who have in earphones on the streets”.






The routine which was illustrated and demonstrated in the stills by me, is that of stopping the girl from head on while she walked towards me.

I simply motioned to her with a finger as if to say, “1 second”!

In conjunction with that, I stood directly in her path but about 10-15 yards away in order not to freak her out.

As you can see from the 1st still shot, I was about 10 yards in front of her while motioning with my finger by simply pointing my index at her with a curious yet pleasant look on my face.

By standing directly in her path (yet at a safe distance), she is forced to slower and halt.

This has to be done at the correct time with precision timing or else the girl will simply walk on by and leave you there standing.

Hence, timing is imperative!

A split second late; the girl continues to walk!

This is why you must attempt to stop her from about 10-15 yards away (in front of her) where she can clearly see you trying to stop her.

By standing directly in her path, it emphasizes the fact that you’re trying to get her attention by stopping her.

Attempt this too late (from any closer) and she’ll walk right on, by side-stepping you.

Another crucial tip I want to point out is that of facial expression.

Most guys do not have nor keep a pleasant and welcoming facial expression while out and about.

As men, we were conditioned and even taught to believe that we must walk around looking dominant, strong and unflinching.

Thus, most guys keep their facial dispositions and expressions either blank or uninviting so as to not appear weak and docile.

This however kills most men in street-game when trying to stop and chat up girls while out and about!

You must have a pleasant face! And I don’t mean that as far as your facial composition: good-looking or bad-looking. I mean that you should look welcoming and inviting in your body language and facial expression if you intend for women to stop and talk to you.

This is where the lost art of smiling comes in.

Yes- smiling!

Simply smiling when approaching and trying to stop women, will urge them to stop and hear you out as they deem you non-threatening.

However, if you’re approaching and trying to stop girls on the streets with a face of stone and aggressive body language, not only will they not stop, but if they do, it is merely because they feel threatened.

Therefore, having a smile and an inviting facial expression while stopping a girl on the streets, coupled with the fact that your timing is precise (10-15 yards away), you are likely to get her to stop out of sheer curiosity if nothing else.

On a final note, and this is just as important; you want to stop her while being directly in front of her as much as possible.

Don’t position yourself off to the side while trying to stop her or she will likely just walk by you…even if she sees you trying to get her attention.

Being off to the side (as she approaches) is the likely approach to utilize whenever the girl doesn’t have her ears stuffed with music. In such a case [the girl isn’t wearing earphones], you want to attempt to stop her from off to the side somewhat (even if she’s coming towards you).

If everything is aligned correctly, there is no reason for the girl to not acknowledge you.

If she truly cannot stop, she’ll at least let that be known somehow while walking by you.

If she isn’t doing shit- and most girls aren’t doing shit- she will stop and remove her earphones…as long as your approach is correct: pleasant, fun, humorous and or inviting.


How often do I get girls to stop while they’re “supposedly” listening to music?

A whopping of the time!

In fact; I can’t recall a situation ever, where a girl hadn’t stopped and removed her earphones upon being approached by me.

Hence, the notion that women with earphones in/on, and the ones listening to music do not want to be bothered or stopped, is just another urban legend that has men intimidated to approach.

Saturday Night Field Report – Stranger-Approach Pickup [Time-Bridging]

During the Summer season, lots of people take the opportunity to vacation to the Caribbean.

Tonight while walking home from the grocery store, I bumped into 1 such girl- a funky vacationer from the Carolinas- here on island for the Summer.

Some verbal highlights from the pickup upon the approach.

Me: “Hey, you look so familiar as if we’ve met before”!

She paused with a confused look on her face, not sure whether I was addressing her or someone else.

This is very common when cold-approaching a stranger on the streets.

I reassured her that I was speaking to her by stopping and pointing at her.

Girl: “Oh! Me! Maybe you bumped into me a while back. I was here like 4 years ago”.

Me: “That’s it then! We probably met years ago. Lemme try to remember your name. Give me a hint. What letter does it begin with”?

Girl: “C”.

I pretended as though we actually met years ago.

This technique in seduction is called “Cold Reading”.

Me: “Ok, a C? Let’s see. I’m getting closer. What’s the vowel after the C”?

Girl: “A”.

Me: “Ca*******”!

The girl bursts out laughing that I was able to guess her name correctly…which I did.

The reality is, names are very common. It’s rare to come across someone who has a name so radically different that it’s impossible to hazard a guess correctly.

Me: “How often do you have random guys like me approach you”?

Girl: “It never happens. The most that happens is some weird guys coming up to me saying how I’m cute and they love my looks”.

Again guys, this shows how important it is to approach indirectly and NOT directly!

It is a wiser move to approach a girl without indicating your fondness for her.

Me: “So why isn’t my approach weird like the others”?

Girl: “I don’t know. You just seem different”.

Girl: “I’m a very shy person so I don’t usually talk to strangers. If they approach I don’t say much”.

Me: “You don’t strike me as shy when you have lots to say here. You’ve been doing 80% of the talking”.

Girl: 😆 “Well that’s because you’re giving me something to work with instead of relying on me to carry it all”.

Me: “I do believe there’s a rebel inside of that shy girl and I want to bring her out”.

Me: “To be honest with you; I’m actually a shy person too”.

Girl: “What!? I don’t believe you. Shy guys don’t see strangers on the streets and approach them like they know them and get into a long conversation”.

Me: “True! You got me”!

Girl: “I’m the shy one…and people think I’m anti-social and snobby but I’m not…just shy”.

Me: “It takes someone who can connect with women to bring that talkative side out of a shy girl”.

Me: “I like your glasses though. They sorta give you a sexy-nerd girl look”.

She laughs and blushes as I delivered a well-placed sexualized compliment.

The spirited conversation went on for almost an hour without a pause outside of the grocery store.

We spoke on everything from Android vs iPhone, Walmart, Pizzahut, what New Yorkers like myself eat for breakfast in contrast to Southerners like herself, etc.

Unlike my usual stranger-approach pickups, I didn’t do much sexualization here, nor did I go KINO [touching].

The most I did/said along the lines of sexual, was to tell her that her glasses make her look sexier.

At another point, she mentioned that people have been telling her that she’s blossoming in the rear, so I told her that she has a fine ass.

Apart from that, I kept it flirty without being sexual [while using sexual innuendos].

Now here’s the crazy thing- but very common- she doesn’t have a working-mobile phone down here.

This is commonplace for vacationers whenever they travel to the Caribbean.

The purpose is usually to get away from bothers: work, phones, computers, technology, kids, obligations, etc.

Vacationers just want to enjoy the weather, beaches and disconnect themselves from home.

Hence, they either leave their mobile phones back in their home country, or if they do bring them, they usually cannot function unless they are unlocked whereas they can take a SIM card from other networks…but that usually never happens since it’s a hassle.

I was faced with just that tonight when I attempted to get her phone number in order to set something up for tomorrow.

As we were trying to sort this out [how we were to stay in touch], some lady kept trying to flag her down in order to get her attention.

It was her mother telling her that she was ready to leave.

Holy shit! So her mother was inside of the grocery store for an hour +…which was why the daughter was lingering outside alone. ❓

Girl: “That’s my mother checking on me. She thinks I’m gonna get abducted by aliens or something”.

While trying to hurriedly work this shit out, her mother waited for a taxi while calling on her daughter every 20 seconds or so.


What are the options here!?

I asked myself!

She doesn’t have access to a LAN line where she stays. But then again; she thinks so, but doesn’t know my number, nor does she know the number to the place she’s staying with her family.

As I was to give her my number to call me tomorrow, I realized she didn’t have a pen, neither did I. 😦 😡

She has WIFI at the place but doesn’t know my name on Facebook in order to contact me…plus no way of writing it down.


I could trust her memory, but fucks no!

Her mother calls out to her again!

“The taxi is almost here! Come help me with these groceries”!

Girl: “I have to go or my mother’s gonna kill me…but we don’t have any way to stay in touch. Do you live far from here”?

Me: “I know. It sucks! But I live down that way. Crazy directions for you to remember”.

Think outside the box Kenny!

Me: “Ok, this is what we’re gonna do. I have an idea. Meet me exactly here- right at this spot- tomorrow evening between 7 and 7:30 PM. Be here. Right here”!

Girl: “Between 7 and 7:30”?

Me: “Yes”!

Girl: “Ok I will do that!

Me: “Hey. Where will me meet”?

Girl: “Tomorrow evening between 7 and 7:30…right at this exact spot I’m to wait”.

Me: “Nice. I’ll see you”.

In pick-up parlance, this is called “Time Bridge”.

The only thing that makes this situation of mines unique and more challenging, is that I don’t have a number for the girl, nor does she have a way to contact me.

Hence, I will have to rely on and trust that she’ll show up Sunday evening at the designated spot outside of the grocery store.

Since women are inclined to being flaky and indecisive, there’s a strong possibility that she won’t show up!

However, there’s nothing to lose here on my end…besides a bit of time! But I had to try something given the shitty dynamics.

How confident am I that she will show up?

Seventy-five percent confident that she will.

Will update you guys on whether she does show up or flake.

The plan is for us to go for a stroll.

Depended on how long she’ll be here for, I will try to sleep with her rapidly.

Read: Girls on vacation are easiest to bang

Saturday Night Field Report – Pulling 2 Chicks On The Streets [night mission]

Last Saturday evening, I went out with 2 goals in mind:

1.) To fuck a pregnant girl


2.) Pick up a teenager…above the legal age of consent that is

Generally, I never make for myself a virtual to-do-list before leaving the house.

I just go into the field and follow the winds.

That night however, I wanted to test myself to see how well I was able to commit to a pick-up goal and actually bring it to fruition.

I hit the streets of the town about 7:20 PM on the prowl for an elusive preggo whom I can potentially seduce to bed.

By 9 PM: that had stalled as I literally couldn’t locate a girl who was seemingly pregnant.

FYI; I have a pregnant-girl fetish. In other words, it gets me massively excited at the thought of fucking a girl who’s bearing a human being inside.

Twisted…I know. 😉

Additional, this is sort of the apex of game IMHO.

Two types of girls are deemed ‘Hard’ to pickup:

1.) Married

2.) Pregnant

I’ve already debunked the “married women are hard to lay” myth since about 40% of the women I slept with over the years, happened to have surveyed as “Married”.

As for preggos, I can recall sleeping with 2 of them in my entire life…all within the last 6 years. So I’ve experienced this however rare it is. But I still find it to be the greatest feat that a man can pull off as far as dating and pickup go.

Anyhow, Saturday night was a dud and I didn’t manage to find myself a preggo to try to shag.

Plan B: “Teen Poon”!

My 2nd objective/goal of the night was to pick up a very-young girl.

Why is this such a big deal for me?

It actually isn’t.

For me, it is sorta like stepping out the box and pushing my comfort level.

I’m into MILF’s, Cougars and women who are older than I am [33]…always been.

Girls who look youngish really don’t excite me in the least. 😦 😯 😦

Therefore, for me to actually and actively pursue the bang of a girl who looks to be under the age of 23, is a fucking headline in and of itself!

In addition to that, I’m not nearly as groomed, looking like a wolf that escaped out the cage- plus I have a few gray whiskers so I wanted to disprove to the naysayers who subscribe to the fallacy that young-hot girls find men with grays to be unattractive and weird.

This challenge or exercise would be interestingly fun!

Not only am I turned off by girls with limited-sexual experience, but I was out to dispel some bullshit.

Ok, so after 9:30 or so, I came across 2 seemingly young lasses at an intersection and I proceeded to kick my seduction program into gear. 😉

After a while, I almost managed to pull. In non-pick-up jargon, “Pull” means to take a girl home…or to merely pick her up in some cases.

These girls were both 18 by the way. Well, the other was 19 while the one I pulled had just turned 18 a few months prior…and yes she provided proof of age.

Anyway, so the 3 of us hung out and screwed around for about 3 hours.

Truth be told: I did not fuck!

That wasn’t quite the mission [to full-close], but merely to prove to certain guys that you can be not-so-young and still pull teen-poon without coming off as a weird-old creeper.

We took lots of pics included makeouts, fondling and so forth.




Caressing my abs

Unfortunately, half of the photos I took weren’t auto-saved…but it is what it is.

The underlying reason for this post- which I never intended to post anyway, which is why I haven’t since Saturday- is to quell any future argument that any e-mailer or subscriber has pertaining to the attraction of younger girls.

Yes you can be 30 or 40+ and still attract girls in their upper teens to mid 20’s.

It is all about your frame and outlook on things.

If you believe that you’re too old and unattractive: you stand no chance!

For crying out loud dude: I’m over 30, graying and balding!

That shit doesn’t stop me from attracting, seducing and shagging girls of varying ages! So your excuses are just bullshit!

Looks don’t matter unless you make them do!

I’ve been preaching that to you weak-framed AFC’s [Average Frustrated Chumps] for the last 5 + years and you guys are still flooding my social-media inboxes crying about your looks!!!

The only how your looks [facial composition] will ever be a handicap and a turnoff, is if you resemble a mangled creature or someone who has terrible-facial scaring due to an accident, fire, birth defect and so on!

Moreover, I’ve yet to come across a man who was that fucking ugly that we can all write him off as a lost cause!

Therefore, if you are ugly, you’re never that ugly that you can’t get laid!

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