The Dreaded 1-Worders + Going 90-10 With (Shy) Girls

Sometimes a girl won’t give you much (verbally or textually), largely because she’s shy, or just doesn’t know how to process your novel approach (in this case, my approach). 

Most guys make the blunder of thinking that the girl isn’t interested because she only gives 1-liners and 1-worders. That is very true…but only if your game sucks.

Most times however, when a girl hits me with very little in reciprocation, I interpret that to mean that she isn’t warmed up to me…AS YET!

In that case; I plow a with more self-amusement shit that doesn’t make logical sense, but is funny anyway. 

Hence, that’s what I do whenever a girl replies with very little: I keep plowing with nonsense until she eventually opens up.

Nine in ten times, the girl eventually opens up within days or weeks of me intermittently inboxing her.

Also, you have girls who are naturally on the shier side. So you won’t get much either way out of such girls. So you have to plow with your stuff, regardless.

Additionally, as long as the girl’s responding, it is always the best sign!

Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 worders. The fact that she invests and expends energy and time into replying, means that there’s some level of engagement there.

Moreover, your chances are only doomed when the girl isn’t responding at all. As you will see in the chat log here between this total stranger (a pastry chef) and me, her replies are 1-worders for the most part.

However, I kept doing my stuff because I know she loves it [women in general dig lighthearted nonsense 🙂 ], but she doesn’t know how to mentally process my unorthodox approach which she finds very amusing.

All in all, don’t become discombobulated by minimal replies from the girl.

Keep amusing yourself, and keep amusing her, and eventually, the needle will tilt to a more balanced interaction which will lead to a pickup.

On a related note, in the old school Pick-up world, there’s something dubbed the 90-10 rule: the beleaguered 90-10 rule.

It essentially says that the guy is expected to do 90% of the talking (initially) as you’d seen in the screenshots above.

I did the bulk of the contribution: 90% of it.

If you can’t do 90% of the talking/texting on the initial pickup, then it’ll be real difficult for you to game, pick up and bang shy girls [total strangers primarily], or any girl for that matter, since it’s incumbent upon the guy to attract, woe, court and seduce (not the other way around).

As the girl begins to open up, things will have shifted to a more balanced flow.

Don’t Be So Fast On Pulling The “Delete” Trigger [Online-Game Pointers]

Less than a month ago, I added this random HB8 to Facebook (the chick pictured above), with the intention of hitting her up, charm her a bit, and set up a rendezvous in the hopes of sex.
Thus, I threw my opener at her back on August 25th.
[My messages in blue]

[Above] She replied 3 days later about being a hustler, which is why she’s so busy.

Weeks go by without a response from her, to my question (above) about her availability to chitchat.

This morning [Tuesday], I noticed that she was online, so I felt as though she was blatantly ignoring me for some unknown reason.

I decided to hit her up again via inbox (this morning) before 7 AM about slowing the hell down if she’s always busy and hustling.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] A very ballsy opener on my part, since at that point, she could’ve basically blocked me for being obnoxious. But that’s a gamble I took, knowing that women respond to guys who are cocky, dominant, assholish, etc. As you could see, by doing that, I was able to get a response from her again after weeks. Although I was being somewhat pushy, I wasn’t coming across as needy.

I absolutely didn’t buy her story about not having Messenger and so forth. I think she flat-out ignored me because women tend to go into auto-piloted mode once some guy inboxes them- since chances are- the guy is likely some AFC Beta-Male ready to ass kiss them.

Hence, she had all reasons to surmise that I was just another pussified chode flooding her inbox.

However, my hunch told me that she’d scanned my profile and seen how high value I was, and then she decided to engage me, upon realizing that I was Alpha. 😉

Sensing that if this girl’s story was genuine, I had no time to waste, so I acted swiftly on trying to #-close. She basically asking me “how’s eveything”, was my cue to act now before some more weeks go by without a response!

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Here’s the thing: I currently reside in the Caribbean islands, in a 2-island state next-door to each other. I work and reside on 1 island, but hop the ferry or plane to the other island virtually every weekend to date, party and get laid.

Kenny ferrying to the neighboring island about 30 minutes away

Either way, the reception was great as you seen when the girl mentioned, “looking forward to meeting you”…meaning me.

When going for a fast phone number because of stringent time-constraints, what I usually do is tell the girl that I want her # in order to hit her up (on Whatsapp or otherwise) later in the week. Why do I ensure to say “later in the week”? You want to give the girl a sense of assurance that you won’t be bombarding her on day 1 with texts and calls, upon getting her phone number. Thus, you allay the girl’s fear of that happening, by telling her that you want to hit her up later in the week, or even next week. Additionally, it sub-communicates to the girl that you aren’t needy and desperate, but high value, with other shit going on for yourself.

No need to say, but the #-close was successful…as expected.

Although I was being insistent on gaining her attention, was I needy about it? No! I was dominant but not needy.

It is very clear that this chick is up for seeing me whenever I decide to organize the meetup for drinks…which is code language for, “Let’s have sex”.

Also, what did I do at the very end upon securing her #?

One of my usual routines: I SAY BYE!!!

I told her I’ll hit her up near the weekend.

Not only does this make me appear high value and important in her eyes [telling her bye before she does it to me], but it shows her that I am socially intelligent enough to not try to keep her there messaging back and forth as if I had nothing better to do.

On a final note, another concept that I revolutionized and pioneered in the PUA community in regards to social-media game, is the concept of “waiting before nexting/deleting the girl”!

Most guys in pickup are so hawkishly dogmatic about certain theories and concepts of the game, that they fail to become malleable and flexible in their approach to the game.

I come across tons of PUA’s running Facebook Game, who routinely delete/unfriend or block girls for not replying promptly or at all.

Admittedly; I was the same! If a chick on Facebook didn’t reply to my message(s) within 1 hour, I would either block or delete her.

By doing this, I was losing a decent portion of girls whom I could’ve picked up.

That’s when I hit the proverbial laboratory and began analyzing this whole arbitrary nexting thing.

Wha I’m about to tell you will strike you as utterly contradicting on all fronts…but here goes: Women are never busy, and surely never too busy to reply to your messages! on the other hand, women have so much shit going on (online) that it is almost impossible for them to get back to you in prompt fashion!

Sheer contradiction!

Here’s the deal though: sure women get hundreds of messages on a weekly basis and there is no way possible for them to check them all. However, the messages that a girl likely ignores are the ones from Beta-Males who are kissing her ass.

Women read every message! But they only respond to the ones they find as valuable.

With this girl here, by all means, she thought that I was 1 such guy: a loser and a kiss-ass looking to scoop her poop on Messenger. However, she found out otherwise, likely via my Facebook status updates.

Again- this is another instance where posting the right shit to social media will attract women- just as I taught you in a recently published post.

Also, your messages must come off as non-needy!

When that is all said and done, it is well worth it to exercise some patience and keep those girls in the loop, even though they’ve been ignoring your messages.

There could exist a genuine reason as to why they couldn’t get back to you! But if you take premature actions towards deleting them (or blocking), then all hope is lost!

Therefore, before nexting another girl whom you suspect is intentionally blowing you off, you may want to keep her around just in case she comes around to replying.

With this girl here, it was a great example of just that. I’d messaged her since last month with just 1 reply in return which could’ve been deemed a brush off.

As usual, I went on to gaming other girls, then decided to give her another shot weeks later. Lo and behold: she engaged me earlier today.

That’s how you want to work it!

Lastly, by no means am I telling you to just wait around on this 1 girl to reply and engage you textually!

Game on! Game other girls!

You’ll be amazed when your inbox goes off and it’s a message from the girl who hadn’t gotten back to you in days, weeks or months.

Also, perhaps it was an oversight! The girl might have just missed your message, or it somehow got lost in the rubble of messages she receives on a daily basis. So hit her up again days or weeks later as I did, just to somewhat ping her again and to keep your message at the top of the pile.

Are there instances where I just flat out dismiss and defriend girls on Facebook?


However, those are situations where the girl might have made some snarky, bitch remark towards me on her post, which turned me off royally! Because of her attitude, compounded by the fact that she’s been ignoring my inbox messages, I would likely unfriend her and move on!

Apart from that, I keep girls around and try to charm then on their posts until they either reply, or I hit them up again just to see what gives.

I leave you with these 2 videos of mines (related to the topic at hand).

Getting Very Shy Girl To Open Up By…

Some girls take a while to open up; especially shy girls.

This girl here is absolutely the most shy girl I ever met in my life: bar fucking NONE!!

I mean, this girl is so shy that although we know each other for about a year now, I’ve only gotten about 50 words out of her to this day LOL!

She’s shy over text and in personal!

We actually never spoke over the phone.

This leads me to Friday, I decided to finally call her.

She purposely ignored my call. Not because she didn’t want to talk, but because she’s so shy.

Here’s the thing too: whenever a girl sends just 1 worders and keeps her messages very short, it usually boils down to 3 things:

1.) Very busy

2.) Very shy

3.) Not interested at all

With this girl; I already know she’s into me because we met up once…in which she virtually ran off due to the social pressure. But either way, from my vast experience, I’ve learned that to get a very shy girl to open up via text, you can say/text far out and ridiculous shit which forces her to have to respond with more than just an “okay, good, yes, no”.

Here’s an example from earlier today (Sunday) of me doing just that with the most shiest girl I ever met!

[My texts in green]

Through my Facebook page, a guy opined that he would never use such a strategy because it virtually looks like chasing and too much investing.

I’ve addressed this point years back, that when it comes to shy girls, you have to over-invest in texting or else you run a risk of losing the girl altogether.

Bear in mind that a shy girl isn’t socially, nor internally, equipped with the goods to make or carry conversation on their own.

For crying out loud: most women cannot spark and carry a conversation (via text especially), let alone to put such a burden of expectation on an introverted lass!

If you relax on your laurels and hope that out of thing air- a shy girl is going to (actively) pursue you- you are fucking kidding yourself!

With that being said, it is incumbent upon the pickup artist to have to triple his textual investments in order to make something happen.

Therefore, you cannot afford to play this, “I don’t wanna look needy” game with the shy types, by expecting to trade 1-for-1 text messages.

It is usually terrible text game to send a girl 2, 3 or 4 messages to every 1 she sends. But with a shy chick; this rule goes out the window, simply because she isn’t going to exchange text for text of any substance that would lead to places…such as heightened attraction or a meetup.

Thus, if you’re 1 of those guys who’s adamantly against sending barrage of texts under any circumstance, then you may want to revise that, with this case being an exception.

Moreover, and let’s get real here, what kind of conversation could possibly be generated if both parties aren’t investing meaningfully?

The Pussy Will Not Just Jump On Your Dick + The Many Ways You Fail To Be A Proactive Man In To Getting Laid

Men have a tendency to let laziness reign in relation to courtship and trying to hook up.

In fact, laziness may be an overstatement here. Perhaps it’s more like inactivity, too much comfort and mis-expectations.

I call this the curse of the technological age.

Since the advent and boom of the mobile phone over the last 12 years in particular, people no longer feel an urgency for face-to-face and direct communication.

Chicks got lazy and complacent to where the bulk of their communication is done over text.

Guys also got lazy and complacent and followed the technological trend and the trajectory of women.

Prior to 2012, a great portion of men [of the Alphas] still harbored the go-getter spirit and couldn’t actually sit back on their laurels and rely on text messages to facilitate hooking up.

They had to act or get left behind as far as getting laid was concerned.

Nowadays, with the curse and blessing of technological advancements, “why the fuck should I [as the guy] have to go get laid”!?

This is why online-dating has been so popular!

It’s the lazy man’s way of getting laid without having to put in any work.

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for online dating!

I love it! And a great percentage of the girls I sleep with is facilitated through online-dating sites or Facebook.

However, if the internet were to crash tomorrow and rendered every online-dating site downed, I can still hit the streets or the malls and pull asses.

Does the average guy who owns an online-dating profile, equip himself in such a way that if every online-dating website were to be disbanded, he’ll still put up decent dating numbers?

Unlike…which is why he has an online-dating profile to begin with [an alternative to actual and real interaction].

Hence, most of us guys nowadays [in the Americas and Europe] are playing armchair quarterbacks, and attempting to expend the least amount of time and energy with maximum returns via women crawling into our beds.

Now, granted in other aspects of pickup, seduction and life in general, the Pareto’s Law is applicable [that is where you do less and get max returns].

However, when it comes to actually getting chicks into the sack, least effort and being lazy and non-proactive about it, is a recipe for continued nights of fapping yourself to sleep.

You can only do less and get more ‘AFTER’ you will have picked up the girl, and gotten her attracted to your vibe to the point where you can just do shit and allow her to chase you…but even that has its limitations.

Evidently, even if you picked up a girl online, it doesn’t at all mean the sex is inevitable…as you’ve come to learn.

You are still required to execute some activity [the bulk of it].

Be as it may, technology has been a great contributor to the Beta-ization of men [Beta-ization meaning the weakening of men from Alpha to Beta-Males].

With that, we’ve created a situation where men are no longer proactive courters.

I can’t even begin to count how many nights [over the course of a decade actually] I’ve been in the club and witnessed guys faced-down in their smartphones thumbing away while women idly sit by.

Surely this plagues women way more than men [smartphone addiction]. But that is still no excuse for a guy to justify to himself why he shouldn’t be proactive.

The reality still remains the same yesterday as today: women are the courtees and not the courters!

Therefore, it is the woman’s gender role to play passive and inactive in courtship. So you as a man cannot be so foolish as to want to believe that women in the nightclubs or bars should be approaching you.

That is NOT a part of her gender role [to approach, chat up and court men]…unless she’s an astute prostitute or exotic dancer.

Hence, you should expect to see many girls faced-down in their smartphones and waiting for some brave-ballsy guy to approach them.

It is her role to be passive!

Examples of where and how guys show a lack of pro-activity

I intended for this post to be a very long one, but in the interest of time, I will shorten it up.

Let’s proceed with a few examples of where and how guys drop the ball and fail to be proactive in getting ass.

Guy texts girl, doesn’t get a reply. Instead of following up with a phone call at some point [perhaps half hour to an hour later], he aborts it all in trying to preserve value in order to not look desperate.

Listen- thing is- most girls have tons of guys texting them.

Your text may have just genuinely gone unnoticed in the fray.

It doesn’t hurt to either send another 1 or call!

You also should take into consideration that there do exist some women who aren’t fond of texting.

The British MILF I picked up days ago was 1 such chick.

Therefore, a follow-up call following your unanswered text is warranted.

You only appear desperate based on the content of your text messages.

For instance: you text the girl a rather decent text, she doesn’t reply. You text her again saying, “Hey Jenny, why aren’t you answering my last text”?

Now you become the needy, annoying and desperate guy because of such text. It isn’t the fact that you had texted her back to back without reciprocation.

With that, you have some guys who aren’t persistent because they don’t want to look desperate.

They wait, wait and wait and the girl inadvertently loses interest or the initial flame naturally dies out.

You’re better off risking it than not taking chances at all.

The girl isn’t just going to spread her legs and say “fuck me”!

You have to push the envelope, take risks and go for what you want!

Another fumbled opportunity I see lots of guys fall prey to are situations where girl has in earphones, listening to music or talking on the phone.

You may want to approach her but lose faith as you realize she has ear buds stuffed in her ears.

Again- women are passive beings.

She sitting, standing or walking listening to music is no reason why you as the guy shouldn’t approach and shouldn’t proactively try to state your case.

Women will do everything within their powers to stay as passive and inactive as possible where it relates to attraction and courtship.

It is her job to just dress the past, put on something attractive and hope for the best.

As the man, it is your gender role to pursue and court.

Addressing the Player Community

Please, please, please, I would love to address those guys out there who hold fast to the notion that “chasing ass” is beneath them and it is the wrong strategy.

You hear this quite often among black men, particularly the ones who subscribe to the player lifestyle as promoted through the internet by guys such as the Player Supreme whom I’ve had issues with a few years back over Youtube.

The Player Supreme is on board with 95% of what the pick-up community teaches, barring his wavering opinion on cold approaching.

He thinks that cold approaching women on the streets or anywhere for that matter, is a desperate and low-value act. For those who aren’t privy to pick-up jargon, “Cold Approaching” would mean approaching a random stranger [a girl] in order to pick her up.

Guys like my nemesis, the Player Supreme, believes that cold approaching is weak and for pussies.

The irony is really laughable when you think about it since approaching a random hottie on the streets requires balls of steel for most men on the globe. So how is cold approach for weak men?

Be as it may, such is the perception by the player society of men such as PUA’s who approach women.

However, there is no way in the world that actively pursuing women should be deemed desperate, “thirsty” or weak.

“Hoe-chasing” as guys like Player Supreme like to call it, is said by them to be a thirsty and desperate way to get women.

Again- I ask- how and when did it become desperate and weak for a man to perform his manly duties to approach women?

That is the most Alpha and manly thing for a man to do!

It’s no wonder why lots of guys out there are so passive in their approach to women.

You have guys wanting to get laid but afraid to be demonized and shamed by society and other men, while being called desperate and thirsty for playing their biological role in approaching women.

With all this in mind, you have 99% of men in nightlife venues such as clubs and bars, petrified to step to women.

Guy thinks, “If I make a move, I’ll be called desperate by the boys”. So he elects to not approach altogether, blowing his chance because of what other men may think.

There are endless reasons why men are encouraged and forced to become passive and not pursue women.

In light of those reasons, you either have to say “fuck it” and man up or scratch and sniff for some crumbs off of the next man’s table.

All in all, you have to step up to the plate and pursue women!

Just getting a phone number, though a step along the way to getting into her panties, it is just a first step along the way.

You cannot afford to just relax all because you got a phone number somehow!

What if the girl genuinely lost her phone or the dog ate it 😉 ? Would you go to her job site or pop up at her home in order to see her?

Or would that be too desperate of an act for your taste?

Hypothetically, what if you had no way to contact this whom you desire?

Why would you not show up at her place of work in order to secure that contact information through a pickup attempt?

There are many girls in retail whom I had fancied over the years. But because of time constraint, I wasn’t able to chat them up initially in order to get their number.

Knowing where they work [this could be a cash-register girl at the mall or 1 of those shop-attendants], I would go back the following day just to pick them up.

If some clowns see this as thirsty and desperate; then so fucking be it!

I do this to get laid and not to please and try to impress men!

The half-ass approach

Half-ass approaches are also a plague for most men.

I don’t only mean this in a literal sense, but we are all familiar with the guy who approaches women, gets a lukewarm response then throw in the towel under the guise that the girl didn’t jump on his dick with full-on interest.

Dude- not every time the girl you approach will do back flips because you’d approached her.

In fact, she will rarely ever do proverbial back-flips.

Shit- if I took every lukewarm or indifferent response from chicks as a sign of disinterest [an SOD], I would probably be a poor-ass excuse for a seductionist!

A lukewarm reception upon approaching some women is often a test to see how interested you are.

If you exit stage left as she gives you the initial-meanish reception, then she’ll just surmise that you’re a giant-inept pussy who wasn’t worthy of her time anyway! So persisting is a no-brainer.

I’ve carried quite many of girls home who initially gave me the “WTH do you want” vibe.

The “I have money, fancy car and or good looks”, so women should just approach me” mentality

This is a very entitled mentality for any guy to have.

An entitled mentality is great to have! But not when it conflicts with nature and human evolution.

Money, possessions and good looks were never factored into the equation of getting laid in pre-historic times.

The boldest men got fucking laid!


Women hundreds, thousands to millions of years ago, were not choosing to mate with men because of what those men had [perhaps a fancy spear, gold-plated chest armour 😉 🙂 ] .

They passively presented themselves to the males who were most fearless, bravest and risk-worthy.

Since humans yesterday [millions of years of evolving] are still the same as today [mating and courtship-wise to be specific], the courtship and mating ritual remains the same at the core of it all.

It has just been spruced up somewhat, due to things such as fashion and cosmetics.

However, what attracted a girl yesterday [at the core], still stands correct today.

Having loads of money, driving a fancy-ass vehicle, possessing Brad Pitt looks, aren’t nearly enough to grant you the luxury of just propping up the bar and having random-hot bitches approach you, begging for their turn to suck your cock.

I mean, how many guys hit the bar, flash cash and spend like their middle name was Dinero, yet they go home alone pretty much every weekend out?

I know a handful and they are regulars at the spots I frequent.

The only thing flashing money and wealth will have accomplished you in the dating-market place, is to attract gold-diggers [the wrong type of women].

In light of all that, even if you do attract women by spending big, looking great and driving the priciest car: it isn’t game in the bag!

You have to shove dick into vagina for it to be considered a lay!

Most guys, no matter their perception of how to attract women, still suffer from the curses of passivity, inaction and failure to persist.

Hopefully from reading this article you will have learned the errors of your ways [being a social wussy] and how to correct them by simply doing the opposite of what you’ve always done.

You give up too fast?

Don’t anymore!

You get turned off or turned down by the slightest bump in the road; push through the uncomfortable feeling!

Girl doesn’t respond to your text messages? After you would have exhausted every strategic avenue, from freezeouts to waiting and baiting yet no reciprocation; throw the kitchen sink at her!

What’s there to lose with going all out in the end?

Men Still Aren’t Learning – Common Mistake In Trying To Hook Up

When will men ever learn?

Earlier, I came across an interesting Facebook status post from an FB friend of mines. That post is of the screenshot below.

Since she writes in Caribbean-English vernacular, I will translate the status into standard English for clarification.


I hate friggin men…Y’all need to pay attention to your damn woman and leave me to hell alone shit…seems like y’all listen too much Kranium [a Reggae music artist] chupz [sucking teeth]. Don’t tell me shit about nobody will know caz I’m not interested

Ok, so her rant is pretty much understood.

On a daily basis, I would come across such vents and rants from female friends of mines on Facebook, expressing their displeasure with the AFC-Beta mindset of most men.

In non-pickup language, an AFC Beta-Male is your average Joe who doesn’t know much about how women work…which is + 96% of men in the western hemisphere.

Girls, whether over cyberspace or in real-space, are dead sick and tired of Average Joes pretending to be players in order to get poon.

Now, based on what you’d seen in the screenshot, you may ask yourself [or even ask me]:

“What is wrong with telling a girl that no one will know/find out if we hook up”?

Well- to be honest- that is the right approach to take as a guy.

If you have a girlfriend/wife and are trying to hook up with another hottie, logics would have it that you [the guy] should assure the other girl that confidentiality is the name of the game.

However, since women don’t operate on a logical and transparent plane like men do, the guy must exercise more covert and inconspicuous tactics when trying to convince a girl that they should hook up without anyone knowing.

If you’ve been reading my stuff for any time now, you would have known that 1 of my many talking-points is this:

“Women respond to the un-obvious and subtle, while men respond to the obvious, transparent and overt”.

In other words, chicks operate on a plane of subtleties while men operate on a more logical basis of what we can see and hear.

Therefore, saying something overt to a girl may turn her off [since she operates on a subtle plane]. While being covert and indirect would have the opposite effect in getting your point across without disrupting the girl’s perception in a given situation.

Ok, so with that in mind, let us reexamine the screenshot just a bit so you will see exactly where 98% of guys go wrong when trying to hook up with a new girl.


I hate friggin men…Y’all need to pay attention to your damn woman and leave me to hell alone shit…seems like y’all listen too much Kranium [a Reggae music artist] chupz [sucking teeth]. Don’t tell me shit about nobody will know caz I’m not interested

Now, do you get why the girl was ranting?

She wasn’t necessarily pissed that guys who already have girlfriends/wives, are trying to hook up with her.

She was pissed because they [the guys] “OVERTLY” said that “no one will find out”!

“Overtly” is the operative adverb here.

A girl may very well want to rip your pants off and suck your cock in the middle of traffic!

However, the fact that you [the guy] OVERTLY mentions it [“Suck my cock in traffic”], it will have disrupted and ruined the entire thing while turning the girl off in the same process [the sexual anticipation will have dissipated].

Again, when trying to convince a girl to hook up with you [for the 1st time that is], you MUST be verbally covert and subtle about it!

By saying to a girl, “nobody will know”, will automatically activate her Bitch-Shield, and in conjunction, her ASD [Anti-Slut Defenses].

A girl’s biggest fear is to be perceived a slut.

You’ve heard me preach that a lot around these parts.

The sluttiest of sluts, still don’t take light to being approached and treated like easy-breezy sluts.

Therefore, to directly say to a girl whom you haven’t yet banged; “Nobody will know if we hook up”, is just as terrible and inept as saying to a new girl, “Let’s fuck without a condom…you won’t catch anything”.

How fucking foolish can you guys get!? 😯 😯 😡


You must learn the art of communicating with a girl through her subconscious mind- her hind brain- through subtleties!

You must learn how to say something to a girl by not mentioning that “something” at all!

This not-so-clever art is called “Insinuation” and “Suggestion”.

You should learn how to “Suggest” your intentions rather than voicing it.

Marketers and advertisers use this subtle strategy all the time on consumers in order to trick them into buying and spending.

A good television or radio advertiser would rarely ever say to the viewers/listeners, “We want you to spend your money with us. Please come spend”!

However, they will subtly suggest and hint at the idea of you buying their product [be it food or gadgets]…without actually saying, “Buy or Spend”.

What does this have to do with getting pussy?


A guy who gets laid a lot, such as myself, NEVER says to a new girl whom he hasn’t yet shagged, “I know you have a boyfriend…but if we hook up, nobody will find out because I’m a secretive and confidential dude”.

Sure that is a SUPER GREAT fucking line!

However, it is too OBVIOUS!

It is too transparent!

It is too overt!

It is too direct!

It is equivalent to me selling penis pills through an infomercial while saying, “If you buy the pills, take them and your dick grows 3 inches, your girlfriend won’t have a clue that you’ve been taking something artificial to get size”.

Such a sales pitch is too direct on the angle of achieving an outcome [which in pickup: this would be dubbed “outcome dependent”].

Though you may desire a bigger cock in 2 days. It isn’t something you would feel super comfortable about in the event that someone catches wind of it.

Likewise with hooking up with new girls.

Though she may very well be on the prowl for new cock, she doesn’t necessarily want this piece of information thrown back into her face by some guy high off clueless, saying to her, “Let’s go fuck…nobody will know”.

Now, when you look back at the screenshot of the friend of mine, you will clearly see why she got so upset.

It wasn’t because men [some with girlfriends] wanted to hook up with her.

Horny men hitting on girls is something that every half-way decent looking chick has to deal with on a daily basis.

This girl in particular is super-fucking hot! I NEVER ever rate girls as 10’s. But she’s a fucking 10 straight out of bed! So she gets thrice [3 times] the amount of guys hitting her up for sex!

She actually looks like a prettier version of the singer Ashanti, but with a shapelier body…and bigger boobs. 😉

However, these guys operate without tact…which is standard operation for 96% of men in the western world.

Why do men repeatedly fall into such holes of ignorance when trying to get laid?

They simply know no better.

The average Joe doesn’t understand females.

He actually believes in the fallacy that girls are just like men in how they respond to externalities and everything else.

Since men in general believe to themselves that women operate similarly to men, a normal-minded guy approaches the idea of women as though women ought to react the same way as men do.

This obviously is where most guys go dead wrong.

Women are subtle creatures.

Men are overt creatures.

A great example of this is:

Men “OPENLY” check out girl’s asses on the streets.

Women “SECRETLY” check out guy’s butts on the streets.

Both parties definitely love the same thing [ass, buns and watching buns]. But they go about expressing this fondness in different ways.

Likewise with sex and hooking up.

Both parties are enamored with the idea of flesh-to-flesh communication, i.e. sex!

However, men go after it openly and directly.

Women respond to it indirectly and with more stealth.

Men should understand this.

Women have no trouble in seeing and accepting the reality that men are different and they operate differently…which brings further credence to what we teach in pickup; which is that girls are way smarter and socially savvier than boys.

Men on the other hand, we have major difficulties in seeing that women are different and that they operate differently than we men do.

Ok, so let me backtrack a bit to “insinuation and suggestion/hinting”.

As I advised you earlier: when it comes to girls whom you haven’t yet slept with, you must operate with them through insinuations whenever trying to hook up.

Let’s focus on the screenshot again:


I hate friggin men…Y’all need to pay attention to your damn woman and leave me to hell alone shit…seems like y’all listen too much Kranium [a Reggae music artist] chupz [sucking teeth]. Don’t tell me shit about nobody will know caz I’m not interested

What would I, Socialkenny, have done differently in order to hook up with this chick…presuming we both have someone in our life [which I do]?

Well, the obvious point of contention for this girl is the line of “nobody will know”.

I’ve already explained to you why and how such a line is stupid, amateurish and lame…though it is the correct idea in nature nevertheless [sounds contradictive…I know].

You definitely want to communicate to the girl that “no one will find out if we hook up”.

However, you don’t fucking verbalize it directly like an idiot!

You hint at it!

You hint at the fact that “no one will find out if we hook up”.

How do you do this by not saying it directly but by hinting?

Through a little bullshit story, you let the girl know how much of a confidential dude you are.

Make up a story about how some crazy chick tried to blackmail you for money after y’all had hooked up. She threatened to tell your girlfriend about the cheating if you didn’t cough up $1000 in 3 days. Long story short: it led you to having trust issues with women from thenceforth.

With such snippets/stories that you can share, you won’t ever have to verbalize to any girl that she can trust you.

If it has to come to the point where you’re telling the girl that “nobody will know if we hook up”, it means she already doesn’t trust you.

Hence, you want to get this out of the way before even suggesting to hook up.

If you want to convince the girl that “nobody will know”, you firstly and solely convince her that you’re a trustworthy and confidential guy through a statement/story…whether in person or through text.

Hence, if I meet a new girl today and want to hook up with her by tomorrow, I would be saying things to her such as:

“I hate girls who can’t keep their mouths shut about hooking up”

“It sucks when girls put their business out for all to hear and see”

“I hate people who kiss and tell”

“Are you a girl who I can trust”?

I would also pepper in there the blackmail story just to build a more solid theme.

Do you get the point?

Before you even get to the stage of trying to take a girl to bed, you should have already been pumping into her head similar statements to the examples I cited above.

Such statements/comments/lines will fester in the back of the girl’s subconscious mind until the time/day comes to hook up.

She won’t ever have to question whether you’re a chatterbox or someone she can entrust with keeping her sexual escapades a secret.

She will have recollected the texts you sent her about hating girls who talk about the guys they hook up with. Or the time some crazy chick tried to blackmail you after hooking up.

That is how I tackle beforehand, any possible objection to hooking up with a new girl based on the question of trust and confidentiality.

If you have to directly tell a girl that no one will find out that y’all had hooked up, it means:

1.) She doesn’t trust you

2.) She won’t ever hook up with you…until trust have been built…which most guys aren’t able to build

Therefore, always remember that women are like ninjas. And you as the guy should operate likewise in getting your point across in relation to hooking up for the 1st time with a specific gal.

Also bear in mind that you should handle the objections ahead of time, before they even surface [trust issues and so forth] through little statements which show that you’re a guy she can hook up with, without trepidation of being scandalized, defamed, shamed and talked about around town as a wanton slut.

At the end of the day, if a girl who seemingly likes you, elects to not sleep with you, it is likely your fault…the guy’s fault.

On a further yet related note, another reason why a girl would get upset in such a scenario [overtly selling to her the idea of sneaking around], is the simple implication that hooking up is something wrong and should be kept on the down low.

Once again, saying to a girl, “no one will find out if we hook up”, such a statement implies that you two “hooking up”, is essentially wrong.

Do you see that?

When trying to hook up with a girl whom you haven’t yet slept with, you should NOT come off as though “hooking up” is something that should be done covertly and in secrecy.

Now, I know that this sounds very contradicting to you. On 1 hand: I’m telling you that women want confidentiality. On the other hand: I’m telling you that the guy shouldn’t make hooking up seems confidential and secretive.

However, women aren’t interpreting things through the same lens as men are…once again.

On 1 hand: the girl does want to know that you’re a confidential guy who won’t spill the beans.

In the same breath, she needs you to appear as though you’re not actively hiding and concealing what is to take place.

This again all comes down to insinuations and subtle suggestions.

You want to insinuate that no one will find out. And you also want to simultaneously insinuate that hooking up isn’t some nasty, dirty and divisive act.

As someone who has a girlfriend [myself] yet often sleeps with other chicks, I’m routinely faced with situations of congruence-testing where girls would go:

“But you have a girlfriend already. Why would you want to hook up with me”?

The worst possible way to handle this question [bearing in mind everything I touched on previously], is for me to say:

“But my girlfriend won’t find out. No one will know because I’m a confidential guy”.

“BOOM”! 😯

Game fucking over!

From that simple retort (which is similar to the screenshot), hooking up would’ve been seen as something shady and wrong, indicative of the fact that I had to voice that “my girlfriend won’t find out”.

What I regularly do/say instead, is to downplay the significance of my relationship and to make cheating seem fair-seeming. 😈 😈

Hence, if and when a girl says to me (which is almost inevitable):

“But you have a girlfriend already. Why would you want to sleep around or sleep with me”?

I respond with:

“My relationship isn’t prison. When I got into it, I didn’t sign a contract to do away with all freedoms. My girlfriend understands the type of guy I am”.

That’s it!

I didn’t foolishly say to her that “my girlfriend won’t know, so we should hook up anyways”.

Neither did I frame the idea of me cheating with her to be something nefarious, bad, wrong and unethical.

My answer in retort, sets the frame/position of me sleeping with her as something that is okay, expected, accepted, and doesn’t require me to hide and play cat-and-mouse games…because after all; I’m a man in control.

When you lay out things in that way, the girl whom you’re trying to fuck behind your girlfriend’s back, won’t see hooking up with you in a negative light.

However, the moment you come off as though you’re concealing something from someone else [i.e. your girlfriend/wife], the girl you’re trying to hook up with, will have felt offended, slutty and used.

Hence, the female friend of mines who had posted the status earlier today [Friday], she got pissed at guys for those 2 reasons:

1.) They made hooking up seem evil, wrong and an act of cheating

2.) They indicated a lack of trust in the process by neglecting to ensure that the girl trusts them


I hate friggin men…Y’all need to pay attention to your damn woman and leave me to hell alone shit…seems like y’all listen too much Kranium [a Reggae music artist] chupz [sucking teeth]. Don’t tell me shit about nobody will know caz I’m not interested

Most men who have significant others yet are looking to creep around and hook up, go about it wrong by setting the theme as though they’re doing something wrong.

The girl is left no choice but to reject your advances.

With guys who are single and looking to hook up, they too go about it wrong by making “hookup” too obvious of a goal…and by neglecting to build trust without actually saying that they can be trusted.

It is all in the way you handle things as a man. If you approach her in a scary and cowardly way; she will react towards you with disdain and scorn…hence the screenshot in question.

Once guys begin to realize how women operate, hopefully they’ll desist from idiotic blunders such as posting compliments on girl’s Facebook photos, begging for dates and trying to VERBALLY convince a girl to hook up under the guise that “nobody will know…it’s our little secret”.

My Personal Sticking-Point In Game And Courtship

As someone who offers radical advice on the subject of getting good with women and approaching strangers, it’s very common to be held in such a standing, particularly by readers who are less skilled, which seems to communicate that I have my shit all together.

Well- I’m here to break the news which is long overdue: I do have sticking-points of my own- some of which I deal with and others that I procrastinate on.

The most nagging sticking-point of mines that I wish to share here and now, is Eye Contact.

While in conversation, I have zero issues maintaining eye contact with the girl.

I am fully adept at that.

My issue is NOT while in conversation but while out of conversation or before approaching the girl to break the ice.

Like if you watch those movies and music videos of guys eyeing down the girl from across the room- I generally have trouble doing that.

It makes me feel as though I’m staring and stalking like a predator, so I avoid eyeing a girl down altogether.

On the approach, I do seek eye contact though.

It is when I’m not approaching the girl as yet, that I get uneasy with looking her in the eyes.

Now don’t get me wrong, by no means am I at the bar with my head and gaze lowered to the floor in order to avoid eye contact with people like a passive anti-social dude!

My head and eyes are always up in the air. However, instead of looking women directly in the eyes, I would elect to scan the room instead by slowly sweeping my eyes and head in various directions.

Ok, so that is my sticking-point which I have been aware of for the greater part of the last 5 years.

Yep- I said 5 fucking years!

Granted I never made a serious effort in correcting this apart from acknowledging the handicap and knowing that it is something I wish to fix.

By the way, this inability to look women in the eyes if I’m not approaching them, only occurs in venues such as nightclubs, bars, stores, restaurants, etc.

If I’m at a fast-food joint ordering a burger and there’s a hottie across the room eating or waiting in another line, I would check her out for sure, but avoid eye contact if I don’t have the logistics to approach her.

If we do lock eyes, I would generally look away.

This is somewhat human instincts by the way [to look away and not stare] which dates back to the pre-historic man…in my hypothesis.

Getting caught staring at another Homo-Erectus’ woman (especially if he’s an Alpha-Male), might get you spared or stoned. So over time, humans becoming self-preservation oriented, began taking measures to appear more non-threatening.

Again- this is actually my theory but sounds plausible. 😉

Anywho, so looking away whenever someone catches your eyes isn’t an abnormal neither rare occurrence.

It’s actually the norm to look away…especially for women since fear and safety are bigger factors for them.

Nevertheless, I would love to eye-fuck a hottie from across the bar counter without feeling like Ted Bundy.

This is something I’ll continue to work on and hopefully master it by year’s end.

I have been making strides over the past week by solidly looking women in the eyes whenever I pass them on the roadside and am unable to chat them up [poor logistics].

Lastly, my sticking-point goes to show that none of us are immune to having glitches in our game.

None of us are too advanced to having flaws neither.

Thus, hopefully you guys will have become comforted by the revelation that Kenny does have sticking-points and he doesn’t have his shit all together.


The “Girls In My Town Aren’t That Easy” Excuse

I typically get into online fights with other men [AFC’s out of everyone] on the subject of girls, how easy or difficult are they, and whether that “easiness or difficulty” depends on where the girls are located…as in nationality.

First off: trying to argue with men who don’t get laid and never had a meaningful relationship in their life besides the kiddie-crush romance in elementary school (which doesn’t fucking count BTW)…arguing with such men is a futile battle which I now realize.

It’s akin to arguing with someone who’ll stick to his guns even though he’s out of bullets while being offered a loaded rifle in a gun fight.

It’s just no way to win!

Listen- whenever a guy says to me, “Kenny, I can’t get laid because the women in my country are too stuck up”, I just want to throw the TV set, the kitchen sink and the oven at his head and put the waste of semen out of his misery [now, I know that was a tad bit extreme]!

This is nothing short of self-loathing miserable excuses.

“Women in Britain are bitchy and cold! They won’t give me the time of day”!

That is a common theme I get bombarded with by guys in the U.K.

The most classic is this [plus a way to dig at my pickup method it seems]:

“Kenny, I don’t think your stuff would work on women in my country. I tried what you advised but it didn’t work. Women in my country are not just going to leave with a random guy whom they don’t know”.

Really!!!? 😯

Such excuses are usually hurled my way by guys who have never seen a vagina, never had a date, never kissed a girl before, and have only been practicing Pickup/Seduction not even for a month good.

Do you see where the disconnect comes in, when being challenged by such a person who has zero experience when you have more real-world experiences and examples that would give Wilt Chamberlain a run for his money?

Excuse-makers will almost always gravitate to excuses whenever they fail to execute a task successfully: such as getting laid or getting a girlfriend.

The problem is never them, nor the fact that they’re so inexperienced in the field, mishaps and mistakes will naturally ruin their chances.

Nope! Most guys who strive to get better with women yet fail, always seem to blame the teacher, his curriculum and his method. And in the same breath, they inadvertently hoist women atop a pedestal of chastity by saying shit like;

“Kenny; girls in my country don’t sleep with guys on the 1st. date”.

“Girls in my country who have boyfriends wouldn’t cheat”.

“These are good girls in my country. They’ll make you wait 15 dinner dates to even get a peck on the cheek”. 😆

Now the last quote was just a fabricated pun…but you get the picture.

It’s always about how the women in their cities don’t do this or don’t do that. It’s never about them- the men- not being able to convince women to follow their lead.

I’m here to set the record straight that if you cannot meet women or cannot get laid rapidly and fairly regularly in a Westernized country (even Eastern ones to a large extent): it generally boils down to 2 factors:

    1.) You’re probably having an off night, off week or off month, where your skills and mental fluidity aren’t calibrated properly [this happens time to time to the best of us].


    2.) You suck! Plain and fucking simple!

If you were never good with women to begin with, then “off night” should be ruled out…which means that “YOU SUCK”…quite naturally.

“Sucking” isn’t a bad thing [we’ve all been there].

Most guys who embark on their journey into dating, have this grand “ill”-lusion that they’ll be building a harem of women within a week of studying pickup theory, chasing women through cyberspace, while never actually going out to hit on real women with real faces…and vaginas.

If that doesn’t work out [And It Won’t]- blame it on Kenny and the Pick-Up Community for scamming gullible guys [though they are shady-pickup outfits]. Or better yet: stroke your fragile ego by latching onto such beliefs as, “Not all girls do One-Night Stands, hence the reason why every girl I try to take home, rejects my proposal”.

Sure- not every girl has had one-night stands.

I get that!

But if that’s your mindset entering the dating field, that women don’t sleep with guys on the same night they meet, then the self-fulfilling prophecy will be wielded into existence and you will NEVER get to take a girl home.

Not to get all Zen-like and woo-woo; but every guy ultimately creates his own fucking destiny and reality based on his preconceived notions about the world and what works and doesn’t work!

If you believe that women in Lincoln, Nebraska [USA], your hometown, would not fuck on the 1st date; then how the hell do you expect to get laid on the 1st date!?

Even if the girl were to spread her legs and say, “Daddy- fuck me now”! You still won’t believe it’s that easy, and your mind will fuck you out of opportunities because of your pre-programmed hardware which tells you that “sex on 1st date isn’t possible with Nebraska women”.

Self-fulfilling prophecy.

I hear the following excuse so often that my ears bleed: British women are hard to fuck, flaky and are notorious for standing guys up on dates…or making you wait ridiculously long to finally get the sex.

From my experience with British women [white, black and Indian]; they are the easiest set of women on Earth to take to bed! And they love Same-Night Sex/One-Night Stands like a fat kid loves candy.

Regardless of race, ethnicity or hotness, as long as she’s a westernized Brit: she ranks at the top of the list of easy fuckables…at least in my experience.

I’ve slept with more British women than any other nationality in my entire life, so I speak from real-world experience.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

Sex is normal! And I applaud British women for being so sexually liberating and allowing themselves to be consumed in the moment and by the moment.

Therefore, when I’m discredited by guys in the UK, and am told that women there are absolute frigid bitches who put you through hell on purpose just to have sex; my mind just doesn’t process such contradicting gibberish, or as they’d say in the UK: Rubbish.

The problem isn’t UK women, nor their so-called bitchy behavior. It’s the men and their lack of determination and persuasive abilities!

I’m pinpointing the ones who lack in skills and experience who also harbor a limiting belief mentality just as most men around the globe do.

Another classic I hear from Indian men living in the UK is that white women in Britain are racists, hence the reason why Indian men can’t get dates or get laid in the UK.

As a black dude who’s lived in America his entire life: I know what racism, prejudice and exclusion looks like. A white girl rejecting your advances, is not racism.

I personally prefer banging black girls yet I still seduce lots of white women and take them to bed with ease, without “racism” or “prejudices” hampering my plans.

“Kenny, that’s because the white girls you approach aren’t the racist types”.

I’ve actually been told that by an Indian guy living in Leicester, England.

If you’re an Indian living in Great Britain and cannot take white women to bed, racism is the least of your problems. Your inability to attract, seduce and lead women is the problem!

Whether you’re in America or Canada: it’s still the same fucking excuse from men who lack in experience but are expecting to get far on sub-par abilities and performances within a week’s time.

Same excuses are espoused by men here in the Caribbean.

I get laid easily in the Caribbean (as expected). The average guy in the islands, don’t get laid at all. So a difficult girl to them, is likely a walk-in-the park chick for me.

These are the 96%-ers who are crying and whining about women being difficult, hard, stuck-up and cold. Yet 95% of those 96%-ers, never approach random girls in the first place in order to chat them up (in a meaningful way) in hopes of progressing towards sex or date.

Therefore, when these guys [the 96%-ers] say shit to me like, “Kenny, your advice doesn’t work or can’t work in my town”, I laugh and commence to pose a few questions:

Me: “How many strangers [women] do you approach on a daily basis”?

96-er: “None. Maybe 1”.

Me: “Interesting”.

Me: “Where do you expect to meet women for dates or sex”?

96-er: “Facebook or online in general”.

Me: “Ok. How do you expect to get a date or sex through Facebook”?

96-er: “Make friends and ask her out”.

Me: “Is quick sex part of your reality”?

96-er: “Not really. I don’t mine waiting”.

Me: “So, sleeping with a girl the same day you meet her, or at least getting romantic right away, isn’t in the cards for you”?

96-er: “Sure I would want that! Who wouldn’t”!

Me: “But”?

96-er: “But…girls aren’t really that easy in my country”.

Me: “How do you know that? I’m telling you they are that easy”.

96-er: “If you meet the chicks in my town, you’ll see what I mean. They aren’t that sociable and are very bitchy”.

Me: “How the hell do you know that? You claim to NOT approach and chat up any random girl whatsoever. So what are you basing this on [that girls in your town aren’t easy]”?

I’d usually conclude there since it’s a no-win battle…though there’s technically nothing for me to gain since I have zero issues picking up strangers and getting them on instant dates within 5 minutes of meeting on the streets to taking them home…whether they have a boyfriend or not.

The girl having a boyfriend is hardly ever a roadblock for me and what I want to achieve (instant date to instant sex): irregardless of whether I’m dealing with an American girl, Canadian, Asian, European, white, black or green…doesn’t frikkin’ matter.

Ok, I wanna address the contentious Toronto, Canada situation for a bit.

Those outside of the PUA loop might not be privy to this, but Toronto, which is the Mecca and birthplace of the seduction community, is deemed the most difficult city in North America in which to get a date, get laid or merely to chat up women.

The excuse is always the same for Toronto: “Too much PUA’s here competing in the same venues, chatting up the same girls who’d probably just rejected a PUA who opened with the same line…”

That is the official Toronto excuse as to why most PUA’s find it grueling to get laid there.

Your average non-PUA Torontonian who happens to have difficulties meeting women, holds the widely-held belief of the 96%-ers: which is that women on a whole are unapproachable, frosty-cold bitches, non sociable and only chase after rich guys, handsome guys, tall guys, dark guys….

“Toronto women just aren’t like other women”.

As if the air over Toronto contains Prude20 while the remaining cities are polluted with some strange air which carries oxygen and a foreign agent that turns women into easy-breezy slut-bags.

Knock off the excuses!

There’s no such thing as “the women in my city are difficult to hook up with”.

There’s no such thing as “the women in my city who have boyfriends, would not cheat”.

You only want to believe that this is true just to make yourself excusable while keeping your fragile ego and esteem in tacked.

The Caribbean is an ULTRA Conservative region and undoubtedly the most conservative in the western hemisphere. Yet I get laid quite often in such a Christian-conservative region.

My main issue as to why I don’t get laid fast whenever I do have that sticking point, squarely comes down to 2 things:

   *Bad logistics [things beyond my control]

   *Bad game plan [such as focusing more on accumulating phone #’s opposed to instant connections and instant pulls]

My sticking point is rarely ever that the girl has a boyfriend/husband, or that she’s too difficult, stuck-up, bitchy, prudish, holy, celibate, etc.

As long as I get to break that ice where the girl actually talks back to me; then the ball is pretty much in my court.

The only true rejection is when the girl says nothing at all, or when she walks off…without uttering a word. And even then, I’m notoriously skilled in getting women to stop and talk after walking off [my videos prove this].

As long as she opens her mouth to me, be it in an attitudish manner, I become laser focused on my goal: to either take her somewhere [insta-date] or take her home.

Her frosty exterior is NOT a deterrent to me.

Most guys suck and get all uptight at women and the process, therefore throwing in the towel at the 1st. sight of attitude, frostiness or indifference coming from the girl.

Hence, it fits, confirms and reinforces their negative reality that women are difficult and women in their city are just too bitchy, too faithful to their boyfriends, and unapproachable.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuse!!!

Another common excuse you hear a lot from guys who are unskilled, is that girls with boyfriends aren’t easy to pick up and take to bed.

That is NOT true!

I don’t care whether you live in Hawaii, Vegas, Antarctica, Colombia, Syria, Stockholm, Japan…women with boyfriends are more easier to fuck than ones who claim to be single!

I am not just saying this from mere speculation rather from experiences with women from every corner of the globe: white, black, Oriental and in betweens.

Guys who lack the skills to pick up women regularly, accredit this lack of skills to women in their region or country being too difficult in general.

Pure hogwash and ego-stroking stratagem.

Currently, I live in the Caribbean, which is a melting pot of tourists and transients from every corner of the globe.

I regularly meet and pick up foreign women, whether they’re from China or Russia visiting the islands, I still have a great chance to take them to bed- even if they have a boyfriend.

Men who say things like “women aren’t that easy”, need to look themselves in the mirror and face the reality, which is that they suck!

A woman being deemed “Easy” or “Difficult” is subjective and depends on the guy’s proficiency to lead and persuade women.

A girl whom you approach and fail to pick up and take to bed, hence labeling her “difficult” or wouldn’t cheat, may get approached by Kenny, who manages to pick up her up within 5 minutes, take her on an instant date then fuck her later on.

Now, which is really the reality?

Is it that the girl is difficult or easy, or is it that your skills to lead and persuade are poor and you just don’t have the balls, know-how and strategic persistence to make things happen?

Ponder that and you’ll begin to realize that if you cannot attract women regularly, cannot get dates regularly, cannot get sex regularly, then you- the guy- is the PROBLEM! Not the women! Neither their relationship status, nor their race, nor their upbringing, nor the region in which they reside. But you, the man, is the problem!

Also your inability to plant seeds into a woman’s mind and let them grow!

Your inability to insinuate and suggest things to women and have them bring it up later, thinking that it was their idea/suggestion originally.

Most guys give up too fast and too easily, then they complain as to why girls don’t go home with them.

They complain as to why girls with boyfriends are difficult for them to pick up.

It is simply all excuses for being terrible at seducing women!

I was once terrible at it also. But I didn’t use excuses to remain terrible. Instead, I stepped my game up a ton, began to study how women think and operate, then I started to see how easy it was to convince women to come with men and to hook up…regardless of race and from where they came.

Hot women are harder because it’s harder to sort out in your head why a hot girl would want to sleep with you.

On that note, you can download my free e-books which will help you to learn the skills it takes to pick up foreign girls and how to get instant dates to instant sex.

“How to bang foreign girls: by Socialkenny”

“Instant date manual for dummies: by Socialkenny”

And as the Pickup guru, RSD Owen/Tyler says: “Guys don’t really expect to get laid when they approach women. They say they do, but they secretly hope that the girl rejects them. That’s the real problem why most men fail to get laid: they secretly want to fail! because if the girl were to say, “Let’s go home”, the average guy will then have to fight with himself over what to do and how to do it when he gets the girl back to his place. So it’s much more easier to just approach women halfheartedly, get rejected and say, “She wasn’t my type anyway”.

Another powerful video from Owen/Tyler as he addresses why most men can’t get laid yet expect to get laid the way they are (mediocre everything).

7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Pickup

Ok, in a recent post, I dealt with why guys drop out the game so frequently.

In this article, I’ll deal with how to remain constantly motivated with a step by step plan based on my personal format to remain motivated after all these years.

Frankly- it doesn’t take anything for me to stay motivated in meeting women.

It’s natural 🙂 ! Why the fuck should any guy need to be motivated or need a plan to chat up chicks on a daily basis!?

Well I just realize that not every guy is as crazy as I am 😉 .

Realistically though, chatting up women should be a natural staple in every guy’s life just as one doesn’t need constant motivation to take a dump, bath, eat, piss, etc.

Be as it may, the average guy still crawls back into his cocoon of self-loathing after a stint in the game.

Before I give some tips, I want you to realize that progress takes time.

You must have this demarcated and stamped into your brain before you can proceed.

Also, failure with women shouldn’t be seen as failures but learning what to do and what not to do.

Alright, 7 things that I do regularly which can keep you motivated in picking up women [in no order of importance]:

1.) Read-PUA centered blogs.

*This should go without saying.

*I have probably 100 PUA seduction sites bookmarked on my phone, and I make it my business to read at least 10 pickup articles per day from sites such as that of The Introverted Playboy, UK beckster, Gareth Emery, Steve Jabba, just to name a handful.

2.) Create your own blog.

*Never in my wildest dreams I thought I’d ever blog. Few years deep and I’m now addicted to sharing my pickup advice.

*Start a blog and begin to share your ideas!

3.) Watch Pickup videos on the net.

*There are thousands of hours of free pickup videos on the tube, metcafe and vimeo (just to name a few sites)!

*On rare days where I just feel a tinkle of inactivity; I’d watch a PUA in-field video and baam- I’m ready to hit the field and pick up a set of new chicks!

4.) Keep stats.

Personally, I don’t keep stats nor track of my progress neither the amount of girls I laid, etc.

However, I can see it as a tool to keeping yourself psyched-up, especially if your stats are decent.

5.) Start to record your set.

*Rituals are addictive. Create a ritual of pickup.

*If you’re shy to record in-field videos or you’re just not savvy enough to shoot hidden-cam footage; then start out with audio only.

*While chatting up women, record the interaction from your cellphone, an mp3 player or some other source of recording, then share it with the world in order to gauge your progress. Or save them for personal analysis of what you can and should tweak.

6.) Set goals and tasks for yourself.

*Periodically, just to fuck with myself, I would set a goal for a particular evening:

“Can I pull a bartender while on her job”?

“Can I pick up a girl with her mom”?

“I’ll try to fuck a girl in the restroom of a nightclub [which I’ve done a time or 2 but never climaxed]”.

*Goal setting will keep you motivated if you need to be.

7.) Go out (nightlife)!

*Pickup was born out of the nightlife scene but there’s a huge portion of men in society who don’t like to go out and are intimidated by nightclubs and bars.

*Learn to get rid of this fear and go out!

Frankly, I need none of the above tips to stay motivated in the game.

I personally recommend them, but never had to use them in order to psyche myself up.

I don’t have a set time or set hour in which I game girls.

As long as I’m out of the house; it’s game fucking on!

On my way to work; I’m in game mode.

On my lunch break; game mode!

Leaving work; game mode!

While at work; game mode (as I’d be field testing a novel-seduction concept on my female coworkers)!

Surely I’m not always “In State” [the state of mind to pick up chicks] but regardless, I’m always ready to pick up a hot chick.

When you view meeting new people and meeting new women as a natural part of life, you begin to see it as NOT work, NOT a chore, NOT a procedure but what comes natural.

On the flip side, if you’re looking at meeting new chicks as some sort of feat or something in which you have to actively work yourself up to, then you will lose steam.

If you’re new to the Game however, it’s quite natural to feel those constant bouts of anxiety. But as you become seasoned [if you last that long], you’ll begin to experience that flow state of naturality.

Whenever I leave my casa at 7 AM to head to work, my camera/video recorder (both) and wireless mic (both) are always priorities in the case I come across a hot girl in which I want to record for learning purposes for those who follow my blog and Youtube channel.

That ritual is sort of a way I keep myself motivated in the game.

It’s a huge adrenaline rush to approach a random stranger not knowing how it would go, but power up the recording devices anyway to record the set.

Another reason why lots of men drop out of the game (especially coaches) is due to monogamous relationships.

There are tons of stories of advanced PUA’s who drop out of the game after meeting a hot girl who become their girlfriend.

Now, this is often times a stupid move because relationships rarely last!

Therefore, those guys would drop everything about Pickup, dedicate themselves to their GF’s, the relationship falls apart, they beat themselves up, jump back into the game but has to start from scratch again.

Had they just kept gaming other women, the relationship probably would not have imploded in the first place [since women nowadays only stay with men who have other women], and their pickup skills would still be at peak performance.

In retrospect, I was wise enough to not make such a foolish move to ditch Pickup when I’d met my GF in December 2009 😉 .

All in all, there’s no magic formula for staying motivated.

Women walking the surface of the Earth should be the sole motivator for any guy to continue to hone his skills in the dating arena.

With that, I leave you with this short video from “The Attractive U”, as he chimes in a bit on motivation in pickup and life in general.

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