Are All Black Men Good With Women: Myth Or Fact?


I will begin by unequivocally stating that all black men do NOT have game, and aren’t good with women!



It’s a HUGE myth and urban legend that all black guys were dragged from the womb having game.

It is equally as mythical that all black guys have game in general.

Who’s responsible for spreading this myth to begin with?

Those evil bastards in Hollywood and the entertainment industries.

Well truth is; 96% of black guys have no game (I’m basing that percentage on what I’ve observed, women I speak to and other social variables).

Just as the case with men of all races and ethnicities; most black dudes suck shit at getting laid on a semi-regular basis, let alone consistently.

The average black guy gets lucky or gets hooked up with the overweight friend of the family just as every other guy of every other race meets his girlfriend and future wife…he got hooked up through relatives or mutual friends, his peer group or a coworker who had pity on him.

As for the media and the entertainment industries- pop-culture in general- those entities are largely responsible for the propagation of this myth, often with mal-intention as to portray all black men as marauding, womanizing players…but that’s for another post.

The audience and viewing public, those outside of the black community, who doesn’t know better and aren’t in-tuned with the going-ons, buy into the “black men are better with women” fallacy.

However, those of us who actually live in black communities, such as myself, are well aware of the true dynamics on the ground, that the average black guy sucks shit at attracting women and getting laid, just as any other guy is.

Our (black people’s) perception and reality of this aren’t swayed and persuaded by what we see in the media or popular-music videos which depict those black Rap and Pop artists as debonair ladies’ man who are swimming in pussy.

Surely those black entertainers and athletes are swimming in a pool of vagina, but those are the spare exceptions, just as it is with non-black entertainers and athletes in comparison to the average Joe’s of their races.

Spectators on the other hand, like those who subscribe to watching music videos, they somehow get lured into the fallacy where fact from fiction cannot be discerned.

Here is the big question though: “Do black men actually feed into this fallacious hype and run with it”?

Are black guys contributing to this myth by trying to act the part just to keep the myth alive?

The answer is YES! Black men are keeping this myth afloat instead of dispelling it.

In the defense of such guys who propagate this myth [all black men were born having game], I can understand why fellow black guys neglect to clear the air on such a social stigma and myth.

I mean, if there’s a rumor out there which depicts your social standings in a somewhat positive light: why would you want to change that and dispel that rumor?

Case in point: “All black men have big dicks”.

Another rumorous fallacy which is only thought to be factual outside of the black community.

However, most black guys aren’t packing a huge shlong, but a dick which ranges from below average to average. Not that I’ve seen any other dick besides mines to make this claim on averages, but the truth will always be known on the ground when women talk.

In light of that, to have society and women in society thinking that as a black dude, you’re packing a 10-incher, that is a huge plus as far as dating and mating are concerned!

With that, the average black guy milks this myth to death by giving women (those of other races and ethnicities that is) the impression that he’s toting an anaconda-sized cock in his pants.

He’s being disingenuous in most cases, but since it works for him (upholding this myth) and women buy the myth, he doesn’t feel that it’d be productive to dispel it.

Ironically, only non-black women actually believe this myth.

Black girls who would have slept with some black men, can attest to the fact that the average black guy has an average-size phallus. And that a guy with a 10-incher is few and far between, just as the case with white dudes, Middle Easterners, East Indians, etc. the huge cocks are the exceptions.

In any case, we cannot expect black guys to squash a stereotype and rumor that is working for them.

How so that it is “working” for us?

Well- there’s no imperical datum to support the following declaration I will make, but I’m gonna go out on a limb to say that of those white and Asian women [specifically post-1980’s] who decide to sleep with black men, the greater percentage was influenced by the “all black men have big dicks” rumor, or that “all black men are masterful lovers in the sack”.

Such rumors made them curious to want to try out the “legendary-black cock”, if for anything, just to see for themselves whether these rumors were indeed factual or mythical.

Hence, you have a case where because of a rumor which underhandedly hints to a positive (black men being masterful lovers, all having huge cocks and are good with women), non-black women are seduced by it, and a large number of black men run with it, hoping to capitalize off of the public perception.

On the flip side, you definitely have social stigmas which present hurdles for some men; such as Oriental men having tiny penises and are weak, Beta and submissive.

Such unfavorable perceptions do no favor for Oriental men on the dating market.

In any case, because of these myths and fallacies surrounding black men when it comes to dating, lots of us try to live up to this stereotype and hype by playing the part of the ardent ladies’ man.

Most times; we fail! And this isn’t just with women of other races but with black women themselves.

I can’t begin to count on my hand how many epic fucking fails I come across on a daily basis- on Facebook alone- where fellow black dudes tool themselves out by going about picking up women the wrong way, just as most guys of every ethnic stock do. So I’m in no way singling out the brothers as game-less tools. The vast majority of men suck shit at attracting women…regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality.

However, when a black guy fails, it fucks with his outlook on things even more devastatingly since he’s trying to make the stereotypical grade.

If a Chinese guy fails to pick up a girl, regardless of her race, he can always feel comforted in knowing that he wasn’t expected to succeed anyway since his dating and social perceptions weren’t that of someone who’s classically good with women.

Thus, less social pressure is on the Asian to have to win. More pressure is placed upon the black guy to have to win or else the jig is up, and the “all black men are good at game” myth becomes debunked.

This all begs the following question: how then does the average black guy get laid or get a girlfriend, if he’s not out there slaying everything with his innate ability to game girls?

As I touched on at the top of the article: most guys get laid, whenever they do get laid once in a blue moon, by stroke of luck.

Additionally, most guys find a girlfriend by being match-made through either a relative, coworker or their peer group of friends.

In non-elaborate terms: they were hooked up.

This isn’t just the case with black men. It is the case straight across the board through racial lines.

As for “getting lucky”, you have situations where average Joe scores because of a drunk girl at a party who incoherently landed atop his dick.

He was merely at the right place, right time.

I know of tons of guys who scored that way (via luck). They did nothing at all to aide or kill their chances, but having been at the right place, right time with a girl who’s judgment was impaired…or so it would seem.

Those guys however only score through luck…which only occurs about once a year…if they’re lucky. So relying on luck to get laid isn’t a feasible tactic for any guy at all.

Apart from the luck factor, as for meeting a potential girlfriend, most black guys meet her through someone who knows someone who knows someone…and guy gets a lucky break [again- the luck factor plays a part].

Honestly; think about it!

How about your uncle James? How did he meet Jenifer…his now wife?

They were introduced through aunt Sally, through her coworker, through her coworker’s coworker who had a friend who recently got dumped by her boyfriend. So aunt Sally played the middleman between your uncle James, her coworker and the overweight girl who was then single because her player boyfriend had dumped her.

That is how most guys meet their girlfriend…regardless of race!

In some way or another they were hooked up by someone they knew, who knew of a girl who was either recently dumped or had been single and lonely for quite some time!

Another aspect to this is a friend of the family for instance. A large percentage of men meet their girlfriend through such a mean. Their girlfriend was a friend of their family, perhaps through a sibling, sister, etc.

This is all-too-common and very well known might I add.

Therefore, when you distill this down to its rawest essence, you quickly realize that black guys have no built-in edge over any other man in dating.

We get laid just as sparing, and our game is just as shitty as every other guy out there!

In the black community, just as it is in white societies in the western hemisphere, only about 4% of men is sleeping with the women within those societies.

In other words: only 4% of men get laid consistently, while the remaining and whopping 96% don’t get laid unless by chance and luck…or prostitution.

Hence, the same 4% of guys are fucking every girl who is sexually active.

Women are being passed around among the meager 4% of men who are players and womanizers.

At the end of the day, I hoped to have dispelled this myth once and for all.

The vast majority of black guys struggle to get laid just as men of other races.

Aside from struggling to get laid, most of us know nothing about what is required to attract women (in other words: game).

Roosh Press Conference: Firing Back At The Media…And He Actually Makes A Great Case

All along I knew that this was a case where the media, as usual, twisted and took things out of context.

In spite of my issues with Roosh (unrelated to what he teaches), I had never slandered the guy, nor had I ever gotten the impression for 1 second that he was a pro-rape individual.

A day or so ago, he held a press conference in Washington, DC (where he resides) to clear the air on this whole media firestorm.

I think Roosh did himself justice and exposed how the media is bias, stupid, uninformed and intentionally mislead…but we all knew that, right?

By the way, my buddy Josh Bar gave his take on things.

Fat Girls With “High Standards” Really Need To Re-Evaluate [Dating-Marketplace Value Reality Check]


“How politically incorrect to refer to ‘BIG’ girls as fat girls”!

All pun aside; I am learning to respect “BIG” girls in a brand-new way, hence my toned-down rhetoric over the last year or so where fat-shaming has virtually been eradicated from my writings.

In any case, plus-size women naturally face a conundrum in the dating marketplace, simply because they aren’t regarded as society’s idea of beauty.

Now, beauty is personal to each individual who’s judging what beauty means to him or her.

Beauty is subjective! It is truly to each his own. So I am not disregarding that at all!

However, the reality on the ground- in the dating-market place- is that the heavier you are, the more baggages you carry [no pun intended].

Plus-size women are by no means blind to this reality.

In the same breath, they are somewhat naΓ―ve to their perceived handicap in dating.

Earlier today, a plus-sizer, a distant acquaintance of mines on Facebook, posted a status about why guys on Facebook just see her as someone to “netflix and chill” with, rather than to wine and dine and take out.

I refrained from being blunt as possible on her post [that the reason for this is because she’s on the heavier side of things and guys don’t feel that they should invest as much], but I did chime in after another plus-sizer had commented about standards, and how big girls who have high standards should maintain those standards.

Here’s the screenshot.


Now- my argument was very simplistic without being blunt: Women should lower their standards and expectations in dating.

I stopped short of saying “fatties should lower their standards”, but realistically speaking, the more physical baggages [pounds] a woman has, the lower her standards should and must become if she wishes to get some play in the dating-market place!

Not to mention that the woman who had posted that status is plus-size, but has kids and is 43 years old.

Those are 3 strikes against a female when looking a suitable lover and potential long-term mate.

This isn’t news-fucking flash by the way!

A woman on the verge of infertility [menopause] does NOT and CANNOT wield the same influence in dating as a girl in her sexual prime!

The younger the woman, the more bargaining chips she can afford to play with, and the more leverage she wields in dating and mating.

Some women- a great portion of them- seem to turn a blind eye to this truth by wanting to believe that they can push their weight around and be demanding in the dating-marketplace, while having baggages in the form of children, age and pounds.

Plus-sizers and older women, fail to realize that their stock and market value will have depreciated and devalued over time: with age, and according to the pounds they pack on simultaneously as they age.

Big girls, though recognizing the disadvantages and devaluing of their market value, often choose to live in denial about this…though they know better.

Thanks to social media and thirsty men who don’t get laid, plus-size women can now take to the internet and live an alternate reality- a virtual reality- where they get validated all day long by such men, disingenuously being told how pretty they are, generating hundreds of likes on their lame-ass selfies and so forth.

With a hit off the validation pipe (the internet), big girls now feel that they are competitive enough in the dating world that they can make the same purchasing demands as women who are half their body size.

Every now and then, they receive a reality check once realizing that the vast majority of guys truly don’t desire a relationship with them, but just a “netflix and chill” 1-off encounter of anything.

This usually cuts the big girl down to size…or remove her from the high horse in which she had no business mounting in the first place.

Sure they are lots of guys who have a preference for big girls (even huge ones such as SSBBW’s). But on an innate level, no guy expects to have to fight arduously to snag a girl who’s entering the marketplace with weight issues.

To be frank, and I’m sorry to let the cat out the bag on how men think, the underlying reason why guys become chubby-chasers and go after heavies, included the guys who have a preference for big girls, is because they deem big girls easier catches.

Distasteful reality, but I had to break the news to you.

Most guys who chase big girls had only resorted to doing so out of scarcity, mild desperation, pent-up horniness, encouraged by the perception that the bigger the girl, the easier she must be.

Men, as slow as we are in comparison to women, very well know that big girls are lower down the marketplace-value chain than slim and thick women are.

Even the chubby-chaser are well aware of this truth…which is why they chase heavies in the first place (less marketplace value means easier buy)!

Whether we humans consciously see things this brash or not, dating and mating are equated to the sale and purchase of goods.

The closer the commodity reaches to its expiratory date, the more its marketplace value and price reduce.

The longer the item been on the shelf, its shelf life and value reduce.

Common day-to-day economics right there, to which the average consumer can relate.

In the area of dating, likewise, as the female ages and or packs on the pounds, the closer she gets to her expiratory date: whether that be menopause or expiration of life itself.

Nevertheless, the older she gets, the more value she loses in dating.

The amount of guys who would actually risk making that purchase still (as in to seriously date her) would have dwindled…unless it’s for a quick use.

What do I mean by “quick use”?

Instant pump and dump.

Likewise with the girl who’s been packing on the pounds, perhaps due to childbearing or hereditary factors; her purchasing value reduces as less guys would’ve been willing to take that gamble for a long-term investment.

Hence, of the guys who claim to be into big girls, the vast majority just wants to pump and dump and satisfy their sexual urges, while expending the least amount of resources (money and time) as possible on such a risky investment [big girls, and older girls]. So “Netflix and chill”, or some other low-investment proposal, is the most that the average Joe is willing to invest in a woman whom he deems to be a risky purchase (big and older women).

Now, let’s examine this on the other side of the spectrum.

Would the average guy solely shoot for “netflix and chill” with a younger and so-called hotter girl (according to societal’s standards)?

Of course not!

He would explore his options, ranging from a lavish date, shopping spree, to even a trip if the girl would only dare come along…all expenses paid…on him!

Why so? Because a younger and hotter (trimmer) girl would have been in high(er) demand in the dating marketplace!

Her value would have been out the roof!

She’s akin to the iPhone- whichever # they are up to now- fresh off the production line being shipped to retail outlets.

She’s likely to sell fast and at top price.

She can make outlandish demands because her value is congruent to her demands.

Being young- let’s say between the ages of 18-25 – trim or thick, and having no kids, she’s truly working with a monopolized hand.

Her demands will be met…and some!

As an overweight woman, withstanding the fact that you are childless and highly fertile in your early 20’s, you still cannot demand equal bargaining price as the women of smaller sizes…especially if they’re in shape!

As I touched on at the top of the article- fundamentally- women grasp this!

Big girls also understand this disparity and they cope with it for the most part!

Barring that, if a big girl wishes to maximize her buying power (and who wouldn’t ❓ ), she has to rethink and think wisely!

She should quit trying to compete with the women who are out of her league, by expecting to snag hot athletes and musical icons!

I posted a status to Facebook the other day, which I was chided out for, by saying that big girls are the only ones posting photos of jocks and half-naked men bearing 6-pac abs, whom they will never get if they were the last women on Earth.

Quite harsh but real!

Big girls general drool over guys who are out of their league.

“Drooling”, and having real expectations of dating an NFL star athlete, are 2 different things.

We can all fantasize of our ideal type. But to expect this ideal type to be desirous of us, in spite of our baggages, is pure mental masturbation.

Men also face this problem.

You have guys who are intrinsically 5’s on the attraction scale, yet desiring women who are HB 10’s on the looks scale!

Take note that I specifically wrote “attraction scale” and not “looks scale” for men, because what makes a guy a 9 or 10, is neither his facial composition, height nor build, but his fashion sense, style, attitude, personality, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.

However, as a guy, you cannot fucking become a 10 while laying up at home 6 nights a week, munching Cheetos, watching South Park, no physical activity besides fetching the remote and booze, or commuting to and from work, no social life whatsoever!

That’s not a fucking 10! No matter how handsome you are as a man!

Your stock in the dating marketplace will not be as valuable as an ugly guy who has a life, hits the gym, stays fit, has a cool-fashion sense, dresses well, etc.

Therefore, with men, what determines our date-worthiness and fuck-worthiness, isn’t how handsome we are, but everything else from the inner core to our style.

For women, since men are looks-based (visually stimulated creatures), we judge a woman’s fuckability and date-ability on her looks.

The more good-looking she is; the more we’re willing to pay for the acquisition.

The hotter, younger and trimmer the girl on a looks-base system, the more power she wields, the more leverage she has, and the more willing men are to invest more capital and time in such a fertile commodity.

With all that being said, if a guy who’s a 5 or 6, wishes to date up, he needs to get his shit together, drop the potato-chips bag, get off the couch and go get a life!


If he’s a 5 or 6 and doesn’t wish to improve his lifestyle situation; then he needs to drop the fantasy of having a drop-dead stunner- an HB10- walking into his abode with lingerie on, ready to get ravaged by him!

It’s not gonna happen brodie!

You have to become a 10 [attitude and lifestyle wise] if you firstly want to date 10’s!

For big girls, it is easy for me to say, “Just lose 100 fucking pounds and you’re golden”!

Easier to say; but not realistic.

What is really feasible and doable though, is if she simply lowers her standards!

Just as I’d said in the screenshot at the top to my plus-size acquaintance, too many women are walking around with these high-ass standards and expectations when they don’t qualify!

You can’t expect a 10 when you’re a 4!

You can’t be grossly overweight and expect to snag a guy who’s a goddamn 10 (this is general advise BTW, and not directed at any specific big girl πŸ™‚ )!

It isn’t congruent to your marketplace value!

You cannot realistically want a guy who’s a 7, 8, 9 or 10, if and when you are borderline menopausal, have 1 or numerous kids and are overweight!

Your standards and expectations of men cannot be sky frikkin’ high!

That’s like me trying to convince someone to buy my old iPhone 3G for $500 USD!

That’s insane!

The only way I could get it sold for that price, is if I hustle and swindle someone into buying it!

Do fat girls- I mean “big” girls- try to hustle and swindle guys into making a serious purchase, albeit a risky one?

Sure they do!

How about showing a little bit more cleavage than slim girls do in those selfies?

Some inducements, huh?

In any case, lowering one’s standards in order to find a potential mate, shouldn’t be an undignified blow to anyone’s self esteem.

Telling a girl that her standards in men are too high and she should rethink that strategy, is akin to fighting words nowadays…for most women.

However, it is a wise strategy in my estimation. And most women who claim to be single (though truly single women don’t exist) are so, as products of their own high expectations in men, and high standards which don’t align with their dating-marketplace value.

If you’re a big girl, and can’t seem to find a jacked guy who’s built like an athlete, willing to take you on for more than just a 2-week fling; then just maybe dammit- your standards are too damn high! And that checklist needs to have fewer boxes!

Ever thought of that!?

Why not settle for the guy who’s a bit pudgy around the waist; who’s respectfully in your league but a tad bit higher?

If the verb “settle” doesn’t sit too well with you, why not “reconsider” the guys whom you’re putting yourself out there for?

Instead of futilely chasing after the 10’s, why not give the 7’s and 6’s a meaningful shot without putting up this bitch shield or titanium, sending guys running for the hills?

Does PUA Tactics Work On Black Girls?

One of the greatest debates in the pick-up/seduction community since its inception is the question of pick-up tactics working on black girls: “Do they or can they work on black girls”?

If you’ve been following my work , the answer to this is a resounding yes!

Now, for clarity sake, a PUA’s approach is different than that of the approaches made by so-called players and the average Joes on the streets.

Hence, that is 1 of the reasons why there exists skepticism and questions about the viability of pickup on certain women and not others. But pickup works on any girl irrespective of race, nationality or ethnicity.

The tactics we teach work on black girls just as they do on any other girl!

In fact, 95% of my pickups, in person and online, consist of me picking up black girls. So that question should be a thing of the past.

On a related note, this actually goes deeper than skepticism.

Check out my latest video on this topic. The vid’ also includes a pickup of a black girl using advanced PUA routines and tactics…my own creation actually.

Do Looks Matter? The Final Say On Looks

The debate on looks have got to be the most mulled about in the dating world over the past 10 years.

If you’re privy to following the mainstream media and Hollywood, then it’s quite natural that you would hold the opinion that looks do matter greatly, and if you happen to have not been blessed with GQ looks at birth, then you don’t deserve a certain caliber of women in society.

In brute language: ugly men shouldn’t expect to date hot women.

In our ignorance as men; we accept this false reality without daring to test its credibility.

Hence, it would’ve appeared to us that women are really that shallow and that the looks paradigm has been verified.

This is NOT the case!

Guys who believe that looks matter, are usually the ones who can’t get laid to save their life!

In order to rationalize their failure to attract women, using “lack of good looks” is seen as an acceptable cop out.

For clarity sake here, when we think of looks, we factor in solely the physical composition and makeup of a person’s appearance: skin tone, complexion, build, nose, eyes, hair, cheeks, overall facial structure, teeth alignment, etc.

Whenever someone says “Looks”, he/she is referring to those physical attributes, and not to someone’s clothing, attire, style, and not necessarily to his or her fashion sense.

Looks are purely what you were born with and cannot reconfigure…unless through reconstructive surgery of course.

As for the way men see women, looks commonly include: breast size, butt, cuteness, weight, hair color, facial blemishes and lack therefore…just to name a few things.

Now, given those factors, what the media and western society have managed to crammed down our brains, is that if a guy doesn’t fit a specific mold of what beauty is- for instance, his nose is too long or too broad- then he is deemed less attractive and should expect a more difficult path to dating and women.

Ninety-five percent of us have eaten that up: hook, line and fucking sinker!

As a caveat here; this is a western problem as most looks-based issues in dating are!

Western media are so corrupt that they have managed to convince men that in order to become date-able, they must have good looks, money, cars, finest clothes and a myriad of other material possessions.

In Eastern societies where the media don’t try to dictate who is date-worthy and who is not, looks are rarely ever a fucking factor in the dating process!

Thus it is the norm in those parts to see so-called ugly guys toting beautiful lasses on their arms.

Now, the hidden beauty in this, in spite of Hollywood’s programming of our minds, is that women inherently understand that a guy’s physical composition- his looks- don’t mean shit!

Yes- as shallow as women are- something deep within forces them to realize that a guy’s personality has more stock than his outer appearance…as far as the things he cannot change without cosmetic distortion.

However, due to societal influence [and the media], she is bamboozled into believing that looks have more value than a guy’s personality, character and ability to lead and cooperate in the production of healthy offspring.

This cluster-fuck leads to everything from dead-beat-dad-ism, fatherless kids, broken homes to death even.

Most relationships [and marriages] in the western hemisphere fail ultimately because of this: women choosing to date men based on their [men’s] looks!

She turns a blind fucking eye to his blatant in-abilities and plethora of red flags being tossed about screaming for attention, solely to put square attention on the guy’s looks!

Weeks later, she gets fucked over, knocked up, dumped and now has to resort to chasing this guy whom she didn’t have squat in common with from the get-go.

Her poor judgment and decision making were facilitated by the media, Hollywood and society.

Conversely, when you take note of the divorce rate in Eastern societies, it is astronomically lower in comparison to the west!

On 1 hand: you have a society that isn’t looks based.

On another: you have western societies which are TOTALLY looks based!

Hence the not-so-hidden reason of our relationship failures.

Ok, so to the original question: “Do looks matter”?

The not-so-unambiguous answer is: They only appear to matter.

As a guy who doesn’t have movie-star looks going for himself- just as I don’t- what is our recourse…if any?

I’m gonna share with you the magic pill that you’ve been in dire need of your entire life!

If you aren’t a good-looking guy and you still want to enjoy the luxury of banging hot pussy of hot women, then you have to firstly believe with all certainty that looks don’t matter!

That is the magic bullet here!

You have to first alter your thinking, mindset and your perception of what women want, think and to what they respond.

It’s akin to the old cliche of alcohol and drug rehabilitation: one has to first admit that there’s a problem in order to rectify the problem.

The problem here isn’t that looks matter.

It is your belief that looks matter and that you don’t have good enough looks to compete with so-called good-looking guys.

This includes approaching women from a different frame/disposition than
what you’re accustomed to.

Take me for instance. Not what society would considers stellar in the looks department.

Does this deter me from pulling hot ass?

Of course not!

I realize- or at least believe to myself- that looks don’t matter.

Therefore, with such thinking, it enables me to seduce women on a subconscious level while bypassing their consciousness which has been programmed to focus on looks and not vibe.

Whenever I approach new girls on the streets, I focus on my vibe and vibing and not on trying to present myself as Mr Handsome!

If you play into a girl’s looks programming, she will judge you on looks!

If you play up your fun and interesting personality and vibe; she will judge you based on that!


Now, do looks matter?

Only if you make them matter!

The Booze Culture In The Caribbean

Let’s toast to that!

I’ve been living full time in the Caribbean some years now [my place of birth actually]…though I obviously travel outside of the region as often as possible.

Cultural and regional differences are very noteworthy as one who travels would have noticed.

Moreover, the Caribbean is an ultra-conservative region [by far the most in the western hemisphere] as I spoke about in the past.

What actually drives this ultra conservatism in the Caribbean region?

*Religion (Christianity)

The Religious Right (Christians) virtually lobbies and regulates the laws of the land.

Christiandom is being shoved down the populace’s throat at an all-time high as of late!

If you thought Sharia Law was something to talk about; you really have no fucking clue!

In these parts: whatever the Christian clergy says- GO!

If they want to institute a ban on a certain types of music; it will happen!

Case in point just to show how much power the clergy (Anglican) wields: few months ago here on the island of Antigua, the government was (almost) forced to revise a law which would outlawed the same of alcohol in nightclubs and bars after 1 AM.

In other words, these Christian groups wanted to institute a ban on sale of alcohol after 1 AM in nightclubs.

Why…and why after 1 AM?

I don’t fucking know! Neither do I see the rational!

The government was 1 step away from re-instituting this archaic ban until the populace (including tavern and bar owners) started to cry foul.

Now, don’t get me wrong!

The laws in the Caribbean are by far more lax and lenient than those of the United States, Canada and Western Europe!

This is where the GRAND contradiction comes in!

For instance, drinking in public is totally lawful and has always been that way (no need for concealment of alcohol beverages neither)!

Sale of alcohol near schools (by mobile vendors) is also permissible.

However, there are some crazy fucking alcohol restrictions [in my book], such as: no sale of alcohol on ‘Easters’, ‘Good Fridays’ and ‘Christmas’! 😯

No establishment is permitted to sell alcohol on those days!

Read: Police pledge to enforce alcohol-sale ban over Easter

Sharia Law anyone? πŸ™‚

Hence, there exist stringently ridiculous laws, and some that would make an American want to book a flight in a heartbeat! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

In my ignorance, I was only aware of this law some months ago [on a Good Friday], when I tried to purchase 2 Heineken from a bar and grill joint and I was told by the owner that they cannot sell me beers on Good Friday.

Tried bribing him under the table away from other patrons, but he just wouldn’t bite…DAMMIT!

He made a convincing case nevertheless, that he doesn’t want to get his establishment shut down on the account of 2 beers.

Fair enough! 😦

Ok, as for DUI infractions and tickets; pretty much unheard of in this region!

You would think that with the clergy lobbying for many laws to be put into effect, that such things [DUI’s] would’ve been pushed.

Not only does law enforcement NOT utilize breathalyzer and sobriety tests, but you generally aren’t harassed and questioned about open containers of booze laying on the dashboard if happened to be pulled over!

Pretty much everyone “drink and be merry” everywhere without the fear of being harassed by law enforcement.

Socialkenny enjoying a Guinness at the harbor

Socialkenny enjoying a Guinness at the harbor

Socialkenny enjoying a Corona beer on a hot-Autumn day

Socialkenny enjoying a Corona beer on a hot-Autumn day

Girls under 18 drinking in Antigua and Barbuda

Girls under 18 drinking in Antigua and Barbuda

I’ve yet to witness or hear about someone being pulled over for public intoxication [even the pissy-drunk loud guy staggering in the road]…because there isn’t such a law.

Drinking in public is so widely common and accepted here (and in the wider Caribbean), that there are even weekly-beer fiestas and road-side events in commemoration of booze, sponsored by local and international beer companies! 😯 😯

There are even big-rig trucks which drive around the city and towns of Antigua, handing out free beers as promotion for their company.

However, there have been calls to limit how much alcohol these beer fetes [public-beer festivals] should be allowed to give out and sell here in Antigua.

Read: Call made to ban unlimited alcohol at pre-Carnival fetes

Shockingly enough also, is that the legal age of alcohol consumption is 16!! 😯

Holy shit! This is paradise in the Caribbean!

Well, this was news to me, but commonly known to everyone else.

I will also write a future post about the legal age of sexual consent being 15 to 16 in much of the Caribbean (99% of the islands).

However, with the legal-drinking age being 16, some in Antigua and Barbuda [where Kenny resides and was born], feel that kids under the legal age (16) have been skirting the law and consuming booze.

Read: Under 16 drinking under scrutiny in Antigua

As you can see in the above photo from a public-beer festival, kids are visibly seen and aren’t exactly prohibited from being around alcohol in public.

Just that vendors are prohibited from selling alcohol to those under 16…as would’ve expected.

Ironically, in an ultra-Christian-centered society as the Caribbean, where the Bible along with the clergy rules, you would think that a booze culture would be unimaginable.

However, this plays into the contradiction of it all…I guess.

As long as the clergy gets its way via concessions and tax exemptions and so forth; anything practically goes…which I have no qualms with…though I’m opposed to the church in general.

Former Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda enjoying his beer-girls πŸ˜‰

Roaming beer promotion throughout the island of Antigua for the Carib beer company

Roaming beer promotion throughout the island of Antigua for the Carib beer company

Personally, I’m no booze-guy (contrary to popular belief).

I can barely down 1 can of beer before my eyeballs start to do somersaults uncontrollably.

What I do love about the Caribbean region though, is the limited hypocrisy placed around the laws.

Some idiot who chooses to drink while drunk and careens into other motorists resulting in fatalities, shouldn’t spell a total legal clampdown and restriction upon the citizens who are responsible drinkers.

Just because 1 dude cannot control his liquor, the rest of us shouldn’t be punished.

This is where U.S. lawmakers and policy-makers, seem to drop the balls and are oblivious to this gross mismanagement of policies towards their citizenry.

My fun shouldn’t be spoiled in the name of ‘civil obedience’ in trying to keep society in check.

My freedoms shouldn’t be stripped away on the account of law-offenders and a few miscreants.

Also, another piece of fact that seems to puzzle people.

In the Caribbean, fatalities by drunk driving, per capita, has never been high in comparison to other regions…per capita.

This leads me to conclude that just because booze and drugs are widely available, doesn’t particularly mean that they’ll be abused and (mis)used to the point of fatality.

The freedom of alcohol consumption in Antigua and Barbuda (and the wider Caribbean), has never incited, neither encouraged me, to binge-drinking.

Laws and legislation do not encourage people in 1 direction or another…nor do they encourage or discourage infraction of the law.

Hence, a non-smoker will remain a non-smoker, even if drugs were to be decriminalized globally tomorrow.

He or she won’t contemplate lighting up just because it’s legal now.

Therefore, a ban on alcohol consumption in public (as it is in the United States), is pretty much bullshit, and doesn’t serve to bring order to society as the pundits may believe.

In the meantime, the boozing continues as a new fete [huge party] has been added to the slew of already existing public-booze bonanzas throughout the island of Antigua.

There are LOL (Lots Of Liquor), the Beer Fest and others!

How Kenny Handled His Public Scandal And Outcry Over His Detestable Pick-Up Video [RSD can learn]

Back in May 2014, I experienced a very similar situation like that of RSD’s Julien Blanc.

My case was worse in that law-enforcement was actually involved from the get-go.

Had you missed that article from earlier in the year, I’ll give you the details of what actually happened which led to the public’s outrage in protest of my video.

Ok, back in May of this year, I’d posted an in-field video [hidden-cam video] to my Youtube channel as I was accustomed to doing [had 180 videos uploaded prior to that].

I didn’t think this video was anything special in comparison to my previous videos.

What was this so-called shocking hidden-camera video about?

Girls’ g-strings.

“Huh”!? 😯

Ok, I wanted to make a video which dealt with guy’s approach and social-anxiety issues.

An ingenious idea came to me for a pick-up opener/ice-breaker.

I was to record a 1st-person video with a cellphone cam (hour’s of work) where I went around running game in another town on island, while opening girls by saying to them, “Nice g-string you have on”.

This would then lead to a mini-interaction and I would let the girls go about their business.

The purpose wasn’t to pick up or seduce any of the 26 women (random strangers) whom I’d approached.

It was just to demonstrate how to be bold with women without fearing any social repercussion…like getting slapped or something…which never happens by the way.

Anyway, so I approached 26 total strangers with the g-string opener and the amateur video was captured successfully.

Edited the relevant clips, added the relevant annotations, music and so forth, then uploaded the finished product to my video channel.

All went well…so I thought.

Hours later while visiting my video page out of nagging curiosity, I noticed that the video views had skyrocketed within 2 hours of going live.

It grossed about 350 views within 1 hour!

Now, I don’t know about most guys who post pickup videos, but that shit is staggering in comparison to my other videos!

Hence, something was up as to why this video was being shared and viewed so heavily within such a short period of only 1 hour.

Can’t quite remember what exactly transpired as to how I found out about the trend, but I was contacted by Youtube some time afterwards saying that they’d flagged my video due to massive amounts of complaints over the past day or so.

My video was taken down by Youtube until further notice as they review if I’d violated any of their upload rules…which I obviously didn’t since I was able to upload it in the 1st place.

What I actually believe happened was that Youtube had caved in due to the many petitions and e-mails they’d received about my video being inappropriate and so forth…which was bullshit in my opinion.

Throughout the ordeal and through social media, I was publicly branded a rapist, sleazy, pervert and any other crass term you can conjure up.

Though this took place in the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda, news of it had spread as far as Canada…thanks to the internet: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets.

I received death threats through Facebook from husbands [Beta’s of course].

Contacted and threatened with various lawsuits from about 8 women who had appeared in my video.

My telephone number, being that it was published on my websites and Facebook, I was contacted by all sorts of women threatening to shut my stuff down through petitions and protests.

The authorities had showed up at my office to find out what was going on as they’d received over 30 complaints from various women claiming they might have been filmed without their knowledge.

Irony is, I seemed to have known the law better than the cops themselves did.

How so?

Those idiots didn’t know that it was completely lawful and legal to record anything and anyone in any public domain…NO EXCEPTIONS!

They requested for me to hand over the video! πŸ™‚

Pretty laughable in retrospect as if the video was some sort of incriminating evidence in a crime.

I told them that Youtube had pulled the video or else they could’ve watched it there. And since a crime wasn’t committed in the 1st place, I didn’t see the point.

They were better off telling me that they just wanted to see the video that was causing so much public outrage.

Since they didn’t have a charge in arresting me (no law violated), they resorted to the ‘Parting Talk’ about morality.

“Hey man, on a personal note- why would you record women’s butts and g-strings and post it online”?

My answer was simple:

“I don’t do this for enjoyment, nor for sport. I teach men the art of seduction as a pick-up instructor. Part of my job entails recording amateur hidden-cam videos for my students worldwide. So this is bigger than me. So if you think I’m doing this for perverted reasons- it’s not the case”.

As you would’ve expected, they looked at me like, “Huh!? Pickup? Seduction”!? 😯

The lone-female cop there, pretended as though she was super outraged at the thought of pickup videos and how immoral ‘Game’ was.

Hence, she said to me in a semi-agitated tone:

“Couldn’t you find anything more constructive to do with your time”?

I’m like, “Lady! This is what I do! I run a business! This is part of it. How dare you criticize what I do as unethical”.

The lead officer then said: “Well- you haven’t broken the law. We were just wondering the reason for all these phone calls and reports we were getting at various station”.

Anyway, no harm, no foul..they left.

Before that, I warned them that they should brush up on the law because had they falsely arrested me over bullshit, I could’ve had their fucking precinct sued and jobs stripped!


My only true test after that was to see how I would handle this scandal and when and if it would blow over.

I learned a lot during that storm and immediately after it’d passed.

One of those realizations learned was that those outside of pickup, will never understand pickup nor agree with the concepts of pickup.

It is something that you literally have to come to on your own terms…by chance encounter of stumbling upon a PUA website or something.

There’s no grounds of reasoning and way to get through to people who have their opinions set in stone.

I’ve also come to learn that people who are involved in pickup: students to coaches, are among the most open-minded individuals you can ever find on the planet!

Hell- the reason we get into pickup in the 1st place was due to our open-mindedness and willingness to learn a novel avenue to socializing with women.

The average human is so closed-minded and stuck in his or her own ways, that there’s no way to reach individuals like those.

Feminists are among the most stubborn and spiteful creatures on Earth you’d ever meet!

They know nothing of reasoning and dialogue.

They judge and misjudge without doing their homework.

Likewise with my scandal from back in May where I was a hated man and wanted by feminist-minded women across the globe!

None of them asked, inquired or look to reason and have a dialogue about what it is we do in pickup.

They don’t want to reason!

They want blood!

The best way in which I handled this was to treat my day as I did the days prior to the scandal.

I didn’t change my habits!

I didn’t try to appeal to the mainstream.

I didn’t try to clean up my image by doing some public charity while fronting to be some reformed seductionist.

My suspended Youtube channel was taken off of quarantine status and I was able to resume uploading videos as before.

I also learned that apologizing is the wrong strategy.

Apologizing sorta adds fuel to the fire while indirectly creating the impression that you were guilty of some infraction.

Through the grapevine, Im hearing that RSD Tyler/Owen had apologized on the behalf of Julien Blanc for the so-called fuck-up.

Tyler apologizing isn’t the worst move since he wasn’t the target under heavy fire initially.

However, Julien, should go down with guns blazing by not cowering to social pressure.

You’d be respected more for going down for what you believe in than to back peddle, cower and to give some sorta public apology to appease the dumbed-down masses.

From my incident, which was worst than Julien’s to be honest, I came out more known and recognized than I was prior to the scandal.

My blog readership soured through the roof by 500%!

My e-books were downloaded through by the thousands!

My Youtube videos were in demand like hotcakes as I’d taken a break from shooting amateur videos!

I had more fans coming out of the woodworks than I could possibly thank for watching and following my stuff over the years!

Therefore, and in essence, the public protest and scandal worked to my benefit…though I never planned for it to happen that way!

More women wanted to sleep with me for the mere fact that I was the hot topic of social media for an entire week!

I had chicks contacting me dying to be showcased in my amateur videos!

Had my scandal not happen, I would just be another anonymous blogger in the crowd.

Since then, no one remembers that it had even happened.

It’d blown over within 2 week’s time.

Not saying that RSD and Julien’s issues will blow over that quickly, but it will eventually!

With a new scandal, old ones are quickly forgotten…notwithstanding that people have short-attention spans.

Being public-enemy #1 isn’t as bad as it seem.

Hopefully my bros at RSD take a page out of Kenny’s playbook in how to handle public faux pas and fuck-ups.

As for the infamous g-string video where I’d approached 26 random strangers on the basis of an imaginary g-string: you can watch it here.

Is it a slap in the face of women who might have been offended.

I don’t think so.

As I mentioned prior: this video was not to showcase how to pick up girls. But was a social experiment of sorts in showing guys that they don’t have to fear approaching women with over-the-top comments and so forth. And if you’re a shy guy, it’ll eventually rid you of your social anxieties.

By the way, I video was recorded in the Caribbean.

You can also read the original article in detail from back in May: Women in uproar over Socialkenny’s infield video.

Support For Pick-Up Artist Coach Julien Blanc [RSD Julien] Against The Feminist Machinery Trying To Take Him Down

The Feminists win again!

Bwahahahaha! 😈

…they’re trying at least.

Off the heals of the infamous, 10 Hours walking NYC as a woman harassment video, which had grossed over 15 million views within a day or 2, femi-nazism has won a significant battle again against men who game up women.

RSD Julien aka Julien Blanc, a renown PUA instructor who works for the seduction company, Real Social Dynamics, has gotten what he’s been asking for…well in a sense. πŸ™‚

The thing is, Julien Blanc loves this shit!

He lives for the movement and gets a euphoric high off of drama.

We all know that by now!

This latest round of drama and infamy, had him booted from a hotel in Australia where he’d planned to run a seminar and workshop for some pickup students there.

Under pressure from the many petitions which was brought to its desk, the hotel decided to pull the plug on renting RSD Julien a space in their establishment.

Who exactly was petitioning this move?

Feminists themselves…disguised as spokespersons for all women under the sun.

Some news articles had highlighted snippets from Julien’s recent videos in order to paint an awful picture of him…though I know Julien is an awful man. πŸ˜‰

“If you’re a white male in Japan, you can do what you want. … I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick”.

Such declarations are seen as blood-boiling to the women who are outraged at Julien Blanc and the pickup/seduction world on a whole.

Such videos of Julien led so-called femi-nazi activist, Jennifer Li, to strike up a petition through

This move also led to the hashtag: #takedownjulienblac , which has caught more steams than a railroad train busting out the fucking gate!

The femis got their panties in a bunch over idiotic claims that Julien Blanc is advocating rape, physical and psychological abuse and harassment of poor innocent girls all around the world.

Such imagines as RSD Julien playfully choking a girl, has been the cornerstone of the femi-cunts’ rage.

Do they even fucking understand the concept of “Playful”?

Probably not!

Now, I’m not just trying to be a dick here in supporting the bros no matter what.

Is Julien’s teachings esoteric and ‘out there’?


Most of us in pickup are!

However, advocating abuse and misogyny?


At the end of the day, Julien Blanc’s angle is just the same as any other instructor in the field of Pickup:

Teach men how to meet lots of women and get laid easily!

Yes- that’s the awful crime and social injustice here which have these dyke-leaning brutes up in arms.

You see, men aren’t to learn the seedy art of seduction…from the standpoint of women who aren’t getting hit on: i.e. unattractive feminists.

As I stated in my latest video, men are expected to remain in a self-contained box [and for the most part, they do]. And to accept the proverbial crumbs thrown to them by way of an unattractive girl who decides to ‘give them a chance’.

In the pickup and seduction: we don’t believe in fucking chance.

We’re proactive in the women we desire.

We are the goddamn choosers!

That is the fundamental message of what Julian Blanc and any of us coach in the genre preaches.

Empowering men to be selective. Just as the average Jane has the game rigged for her, that on any given day, she can swat away groups of men like bothersome flies, while selecting the choice ones whom are to her liking.

This is selectivity!

We men deserve a piece of this pie too [how unbalanced when femis claim to fight for equality]! πŸ˜‰

Hence, in spite of the Feminist’s warmongering machinery which has been out in full forces as of late (in order to destroy Pickup), we in this underground community of men, should not look to throw Julien under the bus as was the case with my buddy Tenmagnet, a PUA coach out of Canada, who tossed another Pickup coach [Jeffy Allen] under the bus for a guts-spewing display for all to see.

However, that was just an isolated case of PUA politics and infighting as sporadically occurs.

Oh- I must commend though, my buddy Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin, for being the 1st to have brought this to my attention (indirectly) through his social-media postings.

Not surprisingly, he sees no harm in Julien Blanc’s style of Game/Pickup…nor do I.

RSD Julien Blanc

RSD Julien Blanc

On that note, many of us have been rolling out the hashtag in support of the bro Julien while fighting the fem-nazis:


Any guy in Pickup who’s not in support of this quasi movement to rally behind Julien Blanc, should double-check downstairs to see whether he really has a pair or not.

Let’s not be naΓ―ve here.

We know what the hidden agenda is of the few women who push the anti-PUA rhetoric:

To keep men in check!

I don’t know about you. But I don’t sit well with the idea of being penned in by anyone.

Femi-nazis like Jennifer Li of, do NOT speak for women on a whole…not even a fraction.

They only dream to have such power.

The average gal on the ground is generally amused by the subculture of Pickup and that there’s a medium out there seeking to transform men to better men at connecting with women and building a more interesting and emotional vibe.

Most women secretly root for men to learn game!

Why so?

Because the more men who learn the art of pickup, the better the dating experience becomes for women on a whole, who are tired shit of the pussy Beta-Males at the bar who are waiting for women to approach them and make their night…which never happens by the way.

Hence, the average Jane is for Game!

It is actually other men who don’t want you to learn pickup, out of fear and vanity that you’ll begin to get laid like a rockstar, while they remain lame, sex-less and stagnant, with nothing going for them on a weekly basis besides being spectators to sweating men running around on a playground- in other words- watching sports on television!

Therefore, let’s get out there and learn fucking Pickup and support Julien Blanc aka RSD Julien in the push back against Feminism which is designed to ruin men on a whole!

Get your hashtag game on!


On that note, I leave you with Julien’s latest video which will get you in the right frame when it comes to game and picking up women!

Another video where Julien displays game with random strangers.

In the meantime, check out Julien’s newest site for a read up on his journey to self-transformation.

Pimping My Game