Seizing My Opportunity With A Fashion Model [Gaming Chicks With High Social value]

To set this up with a little prepper: she had posted a status with a caption quotation from Hillary Clinton. The status was confusing to me, so I commented on it (with no intention of anything further). Instead of replying to my comment on her post, I get an inbox message from her minutes later.

I actually read her status wrong, under the impression that her mobile-service provider [Flow] had sent her a text urging her family in the US to vote for Hillary Clinton. So that’s the set up here as to why she messaged me (on the surface).

I’m just going to post the screenshots without any breakdown (in the interest of time) until the bottom of the post (pic of her below).

[Her msgs in gray]

Reminder: “Flow” is the name of a cellphone-service provider in the Caribbean.

[My msgs in blue]

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[Her msgs in gray]

[Her msgs in gray]

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

[My msgs in blue]

Okay, so what were some of the main themes there of my game?

Firstly, I paid no mind to her being a fashion model for a retail-store outlet (on and off line).

Guys tend to gawk and get all overly anxious once faced with women of high-social value.

They make a big deal about the girl’s career, her work, the fact that she’s a model, etc.

I never did that! I remotely mentioned that she does modeling from what I can see.

That’s all! I didn’t kiss her ass about it!

I still maintained my higher-value position of someone who isn’t impressed by the fact that she does photoshoots for a large-retail chain on the island.

That was a mute point to me.

Secondly, I do my usual schtick: SEXUAL and forward from the gate!!!

I don’t waste fucking time talking that friendly shit!

I get forward from the gate with every woman!!!

Additionally, I got to the point about wanting to meet up for drinks.

Again guys; always get to the point of your communique!

Quit having these conversations to nowhere, texting back and forth without making your pitch for a rendezvous!

There should be zero ambiguity in the girl’s mind about meeting up.

In any case, how was my vibe overall?

Was I coming off like a low-value beggar?


Also, you should bear in mind what happened from the get-go here: she messaged me first.

That’s the grand theme here.

Women on social media, don’t initiate texting with guys.

If a girl happens to do it, for whatever reason, it is a huge IOI (Indicator of Interest).

Take it as such!

Take it that the girl wants you! Don’t just assume from face value that the girl had messaged you for the purpose stated and so forth.

For instance, this chick contacted me under the guise of clarification on a Hillary Clinton quotation she made.

That is bull had I took it as just that! Instead, I took it to mean that it was her way of finding an excuse to message me.

With that, I wisely seized the opportunity to lay my game down, sensing that she was attracted to MY VIBE, arguably from my posts/statuses.

Also, I never complimented her…at least not in a cheesy way. I complimented her sexually.

Another thing I want to point out is the somewhat uselessness of getting phone numbers nowadays, when you could text and set up plans via Facebook or any other DM method on social media.

A phone number is kind of useless in that being able to communicate with the girl via inbox, is just as good as having her #.

Guys mainly go for the # close as an ego boost. I do too. However, I’ve come to the realization that I am able to get girls to meet up, solely by communication via messenger. So having the girl’s # is pointless in that sense.

Whenever I do go for a #, it is mainly because I choose to hit up the girl on Whatsapp…in which I would need the girl’s phone number.

With this chick, I didn’t even attempt to get her # because of her lightening receptivity and quick-response time. So what I would actually do is, as next weekend draws nearer, I would hit her up on messenger about midweek just to re-confirm our plans while charming her up a bit.

You don’t need a # to do this, as long as you’re able to communicate with her by other means.

Lastly, I believe that the biggest verbal tactic utilized here on my part was at the start of the chat, when I mentioned something to the effect that I never seen her on Facebook before…though we’re friends on FB.

What this does is that it neutralizes her hot-girl blasé and high-value perception.

I mean, which guy doesn’t notice a super-hot girl? Whenever you ignore a girl who sees herself as hot (or ignore her hotness), it makes her self-conscious and doubtful of her worth, sexiness and or value.

Do the opposite- shower a super-hot girl with compliments/attention- and she will blow you off.

Hence, always try to downplay a hot girl’s value or hotness, by doing/saying something that does just that…as I did by telling her that I never seen her on FB before.

This is very subtle and powerful!

That is how you get a hot girl’s attention, and get her to want to meet up with you.

Treat models and girls of other so-called high-value categories, as though they are average Janes.

You also successfully do this by either not mentioning her job at all. Or mention it in passing and glancing fashion while continuing to game her up.

All in all guys, I hope that you’d taken note of my overall vibe, which isn’t different at all from my style with other women.

I charm the girl up while getting her attracted by giving off a carefree, “I say what I wanna” vibe. I then throw my pitch as in “let’s meet up”. And then I go for the number exchange if the situation warrants it.

That in a nutshell is my game/approach.

Now, it is way more complex than that since there are tons of psychological tricks and tactics embedded into my dialogue. But a solid pickup of any girl on social media, doesn’t take me any great deal of time.

One of the plethora of problems that most guys have (on and off line), is that they either try to close too fast, or they fail to close at all by having these conversations to nowhere.

You want to find that sweet post after the hook point as we’d say in the seduction community.

Once you got the girl hooked on your vibe or game, you should look to make plans, or at least secure a # ASAP…in order to make plans!

This has to be done after the hook point. To prematurely try to close [set plans or exchange #’s) before reaching the hook point, the girl will reject you!!!!

That is the mistake that 97% of guys make; whether over the internet or during street approaches: they try to seal the deal [get # or set plans] before the girl is significantly attracted/hooked.

Rushing to close before reaching the hook point will make you look desperate and socially inept.

In the same token, taking too long to close, will also make you look stupid and socially inept.

Now, if you follow my method, I am not telling you that it is incumbent upon you to pick up the girl during the initial chat.

I often game girls online in intervals and short spurts over the course of days and weeks before actually establishing plans or getting a #.

However, I would’ve already had the girl so bought in, that the eventual pickup would’ve been academic.

Lastly, I just want to end by touching on the sexual vibe.

I was sexual from the get-go.

Chunks of the interaction was laced with sexual innuendos and blatant-sexual come ons, as when I mentioned dancing, stripping, etc.

Always drop sexual hints and statements into your conversations!

You may say, “But Kenny, whenever I do that, girls get offended, creeped out, scold and reject me”!

The reasons for this are bad calibration and in-congruence in your vibe.

For instance: if you tell a girl “I want to fuck you”, but then she browses your profile and sees posts, shares and memes which read, “Jesus is my lord and savior”,for example, then that is a HORRIBLE example of congruence and good calibration!

There’s a huge disconnect there between “guy who wants to fuck me”, and what she reads in your profile which isn’t forthcoming of a guy who should be telling girls he wants to fuck them.

This is why you should be giving off a bad boy, rebellious vibe from the get-go. So whenever you say something forward to the girl, she wouldn’t dare take it as something truly offensive. But that’s a topic for another day.

Swift & Easy Online Pull Of A Super-Thin Bikini Model…Testament To My Facebook Pick-Up Model Being Superb…Bar None!

Two weeks ago on Facebook, I picked up an HB9 with who I’d created an attractive vibe from the get-go (pictured above).

I friend-requested her perhaps a month and a half ago. But I was just too busy gaming other girls on social media, to have sufficient time in order to game this one. So I had to put her on the back-burner for a later time.

In the interim, once I’ve relegated a girl to the back-burner, someone whom I’d love to bang eventually, I don’t just keep her there in absentia, never to hear from me until it’s game time.

No, No ,No; I warm the girl up to my presence and give her a taste of my killer personality by commenting on her stuff, and in turn, getting her to comment on my stuff after I would’ve baited her in.

This is an integral component of my Facebook pickup strategy (getting girls to interact on my status updates, photos and memes).

With this bikini-model chick, the process was procedural: comment back and forth on each other’s stuff, then hit her up via inbox.

The beauty of my method- when employed structurally- enables you to get the girl liking you, even before DM’ing her.

Therefore, when you will have messaged her for the first time, grabbing the # becomes purely academic at that point.

With that, by the time I messaged her, she had already gotten a taste of my high-value and attractive vibe via comments.

I opened her (below).

[My messages in blue]

I wanted to re-establish the cocky, jerk frame which is the impression I gave her via comments (I’m a cocky jerk). Hence the reason I mentioned her not having any time for a jerk like me. The smiley face neutralizes the comment of mines which would’ve otherwise been misconstrued as a needy comment.

Also, by me saying to her that she has many fans and admirers, it sets me apart from those chodes. In other words, I communicated to her that I am NOT 1 of her fan or groupie since I excluded myself from that bunch.

Learn how to be witty! It is 1 of the biggest attraction gambits in my game.

Additionally, I don’t disagree with her about hating men, but in the same token, I am not a man but an E.T. 🙂 .

My angle gets set from the gate: drinks and pizza. Always try to have a clear objective early so the girl doesn’t get the impression that you’re just looking to pass some time because of boredom.

For some odd reason, she was under the impression that I live elsewhere. So I had to specify to her that I do live on island (which I thought was obvious). But I make the trek to her part of the island every other weekend.

Half of the time, this isn’t exactly true. What do I mean by that? It isn’t that I live on the other side of the island and I’m only able to commute to the other side biweekly. It is really because my schedule is already packed tight like sardines, so I use this as an excuse (living on the other side of the island) in order to buy time. Other times, I would tell the girl that I’m off island on business or something.

I gave her an indirect compliment when I asked if she’s old enough to even drink? Never compliment a hot girl directly! Hence my stealthy-indirect compliment which indirectly says that she’s young-looking. With such a compliment, a girl neither takes it as low-value, kiss-ass, weak nor generic. It shows your social intelligence.

Additionally, she laughed at my humor when I mentioned her having OJ instead of alcohol on our so-called date. This is a NEG also: very stealthy NEG. Whenever a girl laughs upon a Neg, it is great sign of a NEG perfectly delivered.

By that time, I was framing the rendezvous logistics by trying to find out her taste, what she drinks, etc. Doing this solidifies your intention (to meet up), and it also communicates to the girl that you are all business at the end of the day, and that you’re not interested in becoming her text-pal.

More humor, wits and comebacks when I responded to her message about not being a drinker. I lower her value (with a NEG) by saying if she wants a kiddie date and so forth. This puts the girl on the spot and gets her to rethink her initial position.

I doubled-down on her kiddiness by telling her to put on a tight school-girl outfit for our date. 😆 🙂

Very key here guys: you know that you have major compliance whenever the girl makes fun of herself in light of something you’d said. To my comment about wearing short-tight outfit, her response was basically, “do you see how skinny I am? I can’t wear a short-tight dress”, essentially sub-communicating that she wouldn’t look sexy in something real tight when she doesn’t have the perfect curvatures to accommodate it. 

This in a nutshell shows that my statement made her self-conscious, thus lowering her value, but instead of turning her off, it made her look towards me as someone of authority to whom she must seek approval.

I played with her insecurities (about her weight and size) by telling her to wear a flowing dress in order to cover up her bones. Now: which guy makes fun of a slender, sexy hot girl? No guy in his right mind…but a man who’s valuable, full of options and doesn’t give a shit! Here is a sexy fucking girl that any ordinary guy would go bonkers over, compliment her out the wazoo. Yet I derisively comment and neg her on her thinness. Very powerful frame!

Now here is another key in calibration: never overdo it! Had I continued about her thinness, she would’ve really felt insecure, and my jokes would’ve then come off as extremely insensitive, thus showing that I lack social intelligence. So that’s why I phase-shifted by changing subjects while complimenting her on being a good sport and having humor. Very key! This technique in seduction is called “Reward & Punishment”. Always reward the girl (with a compliment) after you would’ve negged her, made her feel a bit insecure and so forth. You then redeem her self-esteem by making her feel good with a compliment. This technique is rooted deeply in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It is very sneaky and evil yet effective in getting a girl hooked on seeking your approval.

Note: my compliment wasn’t on her physical attributes and facial beauty, but her sense of humor! Again- never compliment a (hot) girl on her looks and hotness!

I then strategically gave her an incentive to further want to met up: “you would make for an interesting time chilling together”.

She’s a shy girl- something that caught me off guard since she does bikini modeling on the side- but I then again counter this by telling her I would tone down my alphaness just to not intimidate her. What does this do? It shows my social intelligence, and it also puts me in the frame of her superior and someone of higher value. Take note of this: women historically look to men as their superiors. Also, a woman will always look to submit to a man she deems is of high value than she is. If you were to really study the interaction closely here, you would clearly see that I am operating as her superior, rewarding her with a treat here and there, punishing her with a NEG here and there, while she’s being the submissive damsel, indicative of the fact that she said “I’m shy”.

Anyway, I was supposed to commute to her side of the twin island, but we had a category 1 hurricane which rendered traveling by sea and air impossible.

Excuse me! I thought she was a nurse as far as her full-time employment goes. But she does work at a medical institution as far as I gathered from her photo uploads and statuses.

Anyway, perfect for logistics that she doesn’t work on weekends! This totally compliments my schedule.

Again, at every chance you get, use it to mention something that has to do with the pending rendezvous. Thus the reason I told her I’ll hit her up next week so we can decide on a shy date. This has a 2 prong effect: apart from solidifying my intentions to meet up, by me winding things down in telling her I’ll hit her up next week, it sets the impression that I am the one of value, I’m the one with shit going on for him and I’m the one who operates on a tight schedule. I call this the boss’ frame. A boss has shit to do so he’ll have to get back to you. A guy who sets this sort of high-status vibe, will make women submit to his will, whim and fancy! Therefore, always wind things down first and end the conversation before the girl does it!

“There’s no such thing as a girl being single”!! This has been 1 of my talking-points for years now, and I operate by it and live by it! So much so that the women who follow me on social media, are very much acquainted with this position of mine. Again, this is testament to the fact of what I’ve been preaching to you guys over the months, that the women in your friend list, see/read everything you post on Facebook! Therefore, whenever you post lame chode shit, women associate you with lame-ass chode shit. This chick here never even commented on any of my statuses about women not being single. Yet she damn sure seen it! With that: learn to have your own set of opinions! Guys make the mistake of doing nothing but post and share memes all day. Sharing memes does not give the girl a glimpse into your personality. It only says that you’re lazy and don’t have an opinion of your own.

Strategically, I pull the brakes and made it about our pending meetup when I humorously told her let’s not talk about everything now. Which guy says something like that to a hot girl? Either a crazy one, or a super-confident guy who’s of higher value.

The reason she said, “well I’m living in ***** lol”, is because I went for the # close by firstly putting the area code (1268). So I briefly explained to her that the reason I do this is because I go back and forth to New York City, so whenever I call outside of the U.S., I have to put the area code before dialing.

Anyway, she didn’t quite get that I was angling for her phone #, so I cockily and confidently told her that I won’t ask twice for her #. Again- which guy does/says this to a very hot girl? No guy would! But here I am treating a hot girl as if she has zero value, giving her chances and shots at giving me her #.

She claimed I’d never asked for the #…which I never did…technically. She then coughed it up. I call this getting a girl’s # without even asking. Very powerful on a sub-conscious level!

Whenever a girl asks your name upon the # exchange, it is a surefire IOI (Indicator of Interest). If she weren’t interested, and were just giving you her # in order to get rid of you, she wouldn’t care for your name: whether it’s correct or incorrect. So, a very telling sign to look for.

Whenever women comment on my stuff, I always abbreviate their names. Same thing I did with this girl by calling her ****. She then claimed that **** is her pet’s name.

She prefers me to call her by her given name. I prefer not to do so! Hence I said to her, “**** [her pet’s name] sounds best…so I’ll stick with that”.

She then send me a voicenote of her name, which I couldn’t pronounce just by reading it.

End the conversation before the girl does! The one who ends it first has the most perceived value and the upper hand!

Just a little humor to end things off when I made mention of her style being similar to mines. Clearly she didn’t buy that since she’s well aware of the opinionated, scandalous and attention-grabbing stuff that I’m accustomed to posting. 😈

Anyway guys, that was just another textbook Facebook pickup.

I saved her digits to my Whatsapp, and dubbed her as “Slim HB”.

As far as following up, I can’t say when I will.

Literally too much on my plate. There are girls whom I’d picked up as far back as May, but haven’t been able to squeeze them in as yet. So based on that projection, since I’d only picked up this bikini-model 2 weeks ago, I may end up actually only having time to meet her in December or January of next year. 😯

The only thing I “may” risk by waiting that long is that the attraction could fizzle out. But there’s only a -10% chance of that happening since I am masterful at keeping chemistry alive.

Also bear in mind that I generally operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. I generally prioritize based on the order in which I meet the girl. The only how I break this rule of mines is if I met the girl outside of the internet (i.e. on cold approach), if she lives nearby (as in the same neighborhood, if she’s extremely DTF, if she’s a tourist of sorts and is set to leave in the matter of days, or if my other leads flake out on me.

I would’ve loved to meet up with this girl this weekend or the next, bang the shit out of her and add her to my proverbial fuck-list. But I’ll have to see how that materializes.

Remember: as you become good in the field of attracting hot women, no 1 girl becomes more important than another!

Presently, operating from a scarcity frame as you do, you only put hot girls on a pedestal because you lack options, you don’t have variety and choice and you cannot pick up other women at will. Hence, operating from this scarcity mentality, you tend to push all aside just to accommodate a certain girl based on her outer beauty and hotness.

When you begin to operate from an abundance mentality, and getting lots of women, a girl’s hotness: banging body and beautiful face, no longer impresses you. You require more from a girl than just her hotness! And women sense this, so they act accordingly.

Lastly- and you well know what I’m about to say- Looks don’t fucking matter 1 bit! I’m going to put this out there right now: any guy who comments on this blog from now on, saying, or even remotely insinuating, that looks matter, will be blocked and barred from commenting on this blog from now on. I will NOT harbor chodish and AFC guys with their Omega mindset around this place, to hamper all the good works that I’ve managed to accomplish thus far in making guys believe that looks don’t matter! I’ve since cracked down on such Beta comments left on my Facebook page [Master Seducers], by deleting the comments and blocking the guilty individuals, just to show that I mean fucking business!


It is always the guys who buy into the “looks matter” bullshit, who are the ones not visiting poon-town regularly (or at all)!

Guys like myself who can give 2 fucks about looks, are the ones getting all the hot girls! So if you want to spend your time pontificating on why looks matter; take that shit elsewhere because I will no longer entertain that sort of low-value rubbish around here; whether in the form of a question or comment!

Day after day I keep showing you guys how looks don’t matter, yet I’m still being bombarded with emails from chodes saying: “Perhaps it’s my looks why I can’t get girls. Only if I were taller, didn’t have pimples, and didn’t have this fat nose”!

For crying out fucking loud: I am balding in my hairline area!!!! And I don’t hide this because I rarely wear hats or anything covering my head! I don’t give a fuck! The women whom I game and pick up on social media (and in person), clearly see my thinning hairline, but they don’t give 2 fucks since I don’t give 2 fucks, because I know it isn’t about that, but it’s all about the vibe and sex-worthiness I create!

No matter how hot a girl is, what she does for a living or sport, nor what she thinks of herself as far as she being the shit, my frame remains the same: I am the shit! I am the prize! not her!!!

I carry and exude such a mindset whenever chatting with the hot ones and the not-so-hot ones.

Also, did I pay 1 iota of attention to this girl’s attractiveness (pictured below)?

Nope! Not a mention of it!

Did I get carried away and besides myself, knowing that she’s a part-time bikini-model, and guys go bonkers over women like these?

Nope! Didn’t even mention it!

Everything I do is to prevent giving the girl the impression that her beauty fazes me in the least.

The hotter she is, the more icy I become in that I withhold compliments as if I were guarding a fucking pot of gold!

When you see me interact with women whom I pick up on Facebook for instance, do you ever see me make my shortcomings factors!?

Do I come off as a guy who seems unsure of himself, his worth, hampered by his lack of good looks? Or do I come off entitled to getting the girl! And do I ultimately get the girl who every other guy fails to even get a reply from?

The answers to those questions are crystal clear: I get the girl 98% of the time, while the so-called attractive guys get blown out 90% of the time!

Once you act the part; women will buy into it!

On a final note, if you look back at the previous post where I spoke about “10 things I never care to ask women”, from the interaction with this bikini-model, you would’ve realized how religiously I adhere to my 10 points.

I never asked this HB9 any of the following:

“Do you have a boyfriend”?

“Do you like me”?

“How old are you”?

“What’s your religion”?

“Do you have kids”?

“How’s your day”?

“What work do you do”?

Never had I asked her any of those questions, simply because they are not important and not helpful to ask/know! So I don’t just preach this shit. I adhere to it!

I don’t care whether she has a boyfriend or not! I know she does because all women have some guy in their life whom they hide their activities from (such as a boyfriend)! But that has nothing to do with moi, so I never ask women about their relationship status!

If you have any question on how to instantly attract and pick up hot girls on social media, drop me a line in the comment section of this post, or email me @ .

If you’d like to learn my method, step-by-step, then grab your copy of any of my Facebook game method, which you could find in the sidebar or directly below this article.

With that, I leave you with this video of mines on why you suck at picking up girls on Facebook.

Here’s a video from the throwback Julien on the mindset of being entitled to getting the hot girls. This hearkens back to the point I made throughout this post, that my approach to hot women is as if they weren’t hot at all. So no matter how unattractive you are, if you carry an air of entitlement and actually own that shit by operating accordingly; women will respond to it (as I prove time after time)!

Chode Shit: Telling Girls To Smile More

Low-valued activities from men, really tick me off!

Not only do they tick me off, but women are also fed up of the chodery and the Beta-Male behaviors which are exhibited by the vast majority of men.

The other day on Facebook, this female whom I know, posted the following meme about smiling.

Seems innocuous.

Here was my response.

Men are indeed full of shit when it comes to things like these!

Give the girl something to smile about instead of trying to tell women that they need to smile more.

I generally hear this complaint a lot from scores of men over the years.

They perceive that a non-smiling girl is a bitchy girl, hence their unwillingness to approach the girl who doesn’t have a cheery expression plastered across her face.

Furthermore, why do men wish for women whom they come across to smile (more)?

It (a smiling face) signals to coward men that they have an easy target, thus having a shot.

If you are guilty of such low-valued expectation as a man; then you are a social coward and an Omega-Male graveling at the bottom of the totem pole, unable to climb.

Sure we all wish that every woman had a pleasant and inviting grin on her face, because that would somehow be encouraging for us to approach her. But whether the girl is smiling or frowning, that shouldn’t discourage you at all from approaching her.

Quit going for the perceived easier targets in women who smile a ton. Looking approaching by having an inviting-facial expression, doesn’t at all indicate how receptive a girl is or will become. So if you believe that telling the girl who works the cash register, that she should smile more, would make your day (or your chances) easier; think again brodie!

I spoke about this a long time ago, and it still rings true to this day: I’ve had more successes with approaching girls who looked bitchy and aggravated than I did (and do) with approaching the ones who were all cheery-looking.

I then accepted the realization through experience, that the girls who appeared to be icy and cold on the exterior, are actually sweethearts once you approach and open!

Go out and field test it!

You’ll be amazed to discovered that the ice queens are often times charming souls just waiting to be greeted. Instead, you either cowardly prance on by them, or make an equally coward move by remarking that they should smile more.

Upon approaching a girl, the absolute last thing I take into consideration is how inviting (or not) her facial expression is.

I can literally care less whether she’s smiling or sulking. So you’ll never hear me ask a girl, “why don’t you smile more”?

Women hate to hear it! So quit saying it because it makes you look low value!

You’ll Attract The Hot Ones & The Not-So-Hot Ones: The Unintended Consequence Of Having High-Value Game

This is pretty much how I handle girls to whom I’m not attracted.
[Her messages in gray]

I wouldn’t say I was being a total dick.

One thing that kept irking me though is when she insisted on calling me Joseph, after I told her I don’t like being called that.

I was also wary of the catfish factor since she only had like 4 generic pic in her profile. But I knew she couldn’t have been a catfish- because who in their right minds- would use an unattractive girl as a catfish?

Anyway, so how often or infrequently do I attract these sorts of girls whom I don’t deem attractive? Once per day I would get such a girl ardently chasing via inbox.

I hardly ever block or delete them. I just tolerate them and ignore them for the most part…and hope they’ll go away.

Don’t Hesitate To Call Things Off + Having High Value =’s Getting Away With Breaking The Rules

Remember I mentioned having 7 girls lined up for this weekend [Fri-Sunday], which means I would have to disappoint 4 of them because I cannot possibly see 7 girls in 3 nights?

Well- I’ve already disappointed 2 over the last few days. And here is the 3rd of 4 whom I had to disappoint this morning in not so gracious fashion.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Ok, so what had happened was, I was at a lounge last night into the early morning, so I sorta sent her what could be considered drunk texts (though I only had 1 beer) around 2:30 am.

This is a chick whom I’ve been ignoring for the past 4-5 days [really because I was gaming other girls so I had to put her on the back-burner]. So that’s why she responded with “I’m alive”, as tongue-in-cheek sarcasm because I haven’t contacted her in a while.

Oh- I just want to briefly clarify something here, which was a good question posed by a recent commenter about the time of day (or night) that I chose to text girls.

Generally, it is a bad idea to text a girl after 10 PM and before 10 AM: unless of course she initiated the texting.

Why is it a bad idea? It makes you look needy, lonely, bored, low value and socially inept…in other words: retarded.

However, I often break this super-sound rule of texting, by texting girls before 10 AM, and as I did with this girl, I texted her after 2 AM this morning.

Why wasn’t I deemed a lonely, needy, socially retarded prick, thus punished by this girl (or any girl for that matter)? Because IDGAF!

Nah- just kidding…partially kidding. 😆 🙂 😆 🙂

Why I get away with breaking fundamental rules of game (in this case text-game) simply boils down to value.

As I’ve touched on throughout the week, whenever you are perceived by women to be someone of high value, high status, importance and so forth, you can and will get away with breaking rules which would otherwise be an automatic rejection for the average guy who doesn’t have social value to women.

You think a girl will be perturbed, weirded out, jaded or furious if Brad fucking Pitt, Will Smith or Justin Beiber were to text her at 2 AM!?

Would she throw a fit, agitated that she was awakened by their text messages at such an inappropriate time of the day/night?

Would she block and restrict them from contacting her subsequent to this?

Hell frikkin’ NO!!!!!!!

How come? Because those guys have perceived-social value to her, and to others in society.

Nevertheless, you don’t at all have to be a celeb to command this sort of fucking respect from women neither…ala Kenny.

You merely have to give the impression and perception that you’re highly valued, well-wanted and pre-selected by women other than her…and you are good to go!

I regularly accomplish this primarily through asshole, badboy and jerk-style pickup.

What takes guys fame, wealth, money and stardom to accomplish [the adoration of women], I accomplish simply by being an ass with women.

Hence, whenever I break sensible rules of the game [like: “don’t text a girl after 10 pm”] and contact a chick at 4:30 in the morning, I never EVER get chided out, dismissed or rejected for it, like some little low-value street urchin. Rather, I get the celebrity treatment. The girl either contacts me right as she’s awakened by my text. Or if she doesn’t wake from my 4:30 am text, she’ll reply first thing in the morning with polite comportment.

Therefore, if you have low to no value in a girl’s eyes, then it is HIGHLY advisable that you stick to the script, or else you will blow yourself out and ruin your chances within 1 swoop from 1 deviation of the rules.

Same goes for disrespecting a chick and calling her out of her name.

Would an average Jane or any girl for that matter, get upset if the rappers Lil’ Wayne, Drake or Justin Beiber were to call them a bitch or refer to them as bitches?

Certain not in the least…unless she’s an ugly Feminist on a crusade to emasculate all men!

Nonetheless, as you’re perceived to be somebody in any respect, women will often excuse your impudent behavior, shortcomings and audacious ways.

You don’t have to be wealthy to be “somebody”. You only need to give off the impression that you’re somebody, and people will buy it Hook, Line and Sinker.

Moreover, humans are very gullible and susceptible to believing what they hear and perceive [not necessarily what they see]. You can ask Jim Jones about that.

Anyways, when you become good at reading women, their motives and what makes them tick, you will have been able to notice patterns and ways in which you can deviate from the norm and get away with doing so.

With this chick whom I’d cancelled on, I basically rejected her because I didn’t quite like her tone from our previous texting session.


This is the type of shit girls do to guys wantonly, and always get away with it because women have more perceived-social value than men do [blame so-called nice guys for this value disparity].

They make plans then break them just to get a psychological kick of validation from snubbing another low-value turd.

In order to get fair treatment from women in courtship, as unpopular as this may sound, you have to play dirty ‘ALSO’!

By “dirty”, I don’t particularly mean any nefarious tactic nor anything that will cause any harm to anyone [dammit I have a heart 🙂 ]. But dirty in the sense of canceling dates, getting even and punishing women for their opportunistic ways and bitchy attitudes.

With this girl however, I didn’t exactly cancel of her just to be an idiot. I had to narrow down my so-called date prospects from 7 girls to 3. I elected the most DTF 3 out of the 7. Though she was DTF for sure; the other 3 whom were chosen were even more DTF.

Oh well!

East-Indian Girl I Hooked Up With Months Ago [screenshot breakdown]

Thursday evening, I got a surprised-inbox message from an East-Indian Hindu girl whom I picked up and hooked up with a few months back [perhaps 4-5 months] in a neighboring island [girl photos below].


Her sexiness speaks for itself. 😉

I had picked her up off of cold-approach after spotting her while shopping…if my memory serves correct as far as where we met.

I got her number, did my usual text-game and attraction gambit and was able to sleep with her in no time…not to mention she had/has a boyfriend 😉 …but as I’ve been preaching to you guys over the months: having a boyfriend means nothing to most girls.

Anyway, for whatever reason [I really can’t remember since I’m constantly meeting and hooking up with random and new women], I stopped talking to her and deleted her from my phone contacts as my mission was completed: taking her to bed.

I think we might have hooked up twice.

She’s a very gamey girl who’s always attempting to 1-up me, so I want to believe that that had contributed to my lack of interest in a prolonged-sexual fling or any drawn-out communication whatsoever.

On a related note, as I wrote about some months back, I have a thing for East-Indian girls.

It is also ironic that black men in general, have this warped idea that East-Indian women don’t do black guys.

Over the last 7 years, apart from Blacks and Latinas, I’ve slept with more East-Indian chicas than women of any other racial and ethnic stock…outside of blacks and Latinas.

Limiting beliefs, low-value mentality and the media, are what convince men that women of other races are unattainable and not interested.

As a veteran seductionist and pick-up artist, I know that it is pure mental-masturbatory bullshit. And I also know [from vast experience] that Indian women love black cock. 😉

Unfortunately, it is just that guys- black guys- fall for the fallacy that Indian women living in the western hemisphere only desire white men if not Indian men.

I’ve been preaching to you guys year in and year out that game and social skills trump racial, ethnic and religious differences.

The guys who subscribe to my method will find this to be factual. The doubters will continue to believe that their race, skin and religion are setbacks.

Anyway, so about 4-5 months have passed since I first met and forgot about this Hindu chick after hooking up with her. So she hits me up this past Thursday evening through Facebook [granted she had to track me down since we were never FB friends].

The plethora of screenshots which follows, breaks down exactly [per screenshot] what is taking place from a seduction and psychological standpoint.

You will have also learned how to hook a woman, how to keep her coming back by putting you on a pedestal while snubbing other men who do not register on her radar because they are low-valued.

[Her FB messages in gray. Mines in blue]


•Ok, so it’s clear to see that she’d contacted me first…which is almost always a sure sign that a girl likes you and is attracted to you.

•She calls me “sarcastic ass”, which goes to show that hot women are attracted to men with balls and guys who give them shit! I was always giving her shit from the day I picked her up and banged her. Her hotness didn’t make me cower and supplicate and play things safe like a pussy.

•Also, she mentioned she hadn’t heard from me “in a while”. This goes to confirm that I next’d her and forgot about her after we hooked up. Why was this such a powerful play on my part? Hot girls [girls for that matter] aren’t used to men snubbing them and forgetting about them. So if you can do this to a (hot) girl, she will feel a blow to her hot-girl ego and she will become addicted to you out of this world!

•She asked if I blocked her on Whatsapp, which I didn’t. It was just a way to justify to herself the fact that she had contacted me first.


•Here it is that she’s qualifying by saying that she can handle me. I then banter with her about her game.

•She then looked for me to qualify by suggesting that I missed her presence in my life…though we had only hung out and gotten sexual twice. So I don’t know how that constituted a presence in my life.

•Again she tries her best to play the “I was so special to you” card by saying I couldn’t get enough of her.

•Whenever a chick seeks to gain value on you [as she’s doing], always seek to end the conversation on her…that’s why I told her I had to charge my phone and I’ll get back to her. Again- hot girls aren’t used to guys ending the conversation on them.

•She then tries to 1-up me by saying she doesn’t have time to wait so “good night”. This obviously was BS since she kept the convo going.

•I called her a “big bitch”. Again asserting my dominance and IDGAD persona by calling her a bitch. Guys of low value would never do this because they are afraid to lose the girl. Since I already had her; there was nothing to lose.

•Some little back and forth banter about bad girls and fucking each other up. 🙂

•I play the high-value card by saying to her I would give her another chance. Question: who says that to a hot girl other than a guy of perceived value?

•I bust on her about not being able to take my dick [‘because I fucked her like an animal].

•The reason she said that “you’re not the chosen one” is because she actually sees me as a high-value guy and a “chosen one” 😉 . My vibe with her was always that of a guy whom she must chase.

•Again I reinforced high value by telling her I had to go and charge my phone. So I am effectively rejecting a hot girl rather than allowing her to reject me. 😉

•Again I banter with her by saying she doesn’t listen well. Once more, flipping the script and treating her like a little-annoying brat.

•I love how she tries to save face and play difficult [trying to preserve value] by implying that when I get back to her, she probably won’t respond in a week…or whenever she decides to check her inbox. This is a hot girl trying to assert her hot-girl power…to no avail. I banter back by playing hurt in saying I may catch a heart attack if she doesn’t respond to me later on.

•She then doubles down in trying to make me feel as though she has high value [qualifying herself] by telling me that she had 259 unread inbox messages. Hence, it means she’s valuable and well wanted, so I should chase her and appreciate the fact that she’s giving me the time of day when she’s snubbing 259 other men.

•Again, it is laughable to me that she would say by tomorrow, my messages will be lost among the 259. I know it is all bull so I smiled to myself as I read that.

•”I ain’t able to go through that shit to get to you”, she said. An attempt by her to further try to convince me that she’s valuable and should be put on a pedestal.

•From her other message saying that I have her now, it is clear to see that she’s seeking my approval and time, by insinuating that I should continue to talk to her instead of doing my own thing [heading to charge my phone].

•She keeps attempting to convince me that I will or should beg for her time, so she says “good luck getting through to her”.

•No surprise that she actually has 259 unread messages since she’s a hot girl.

•Guys, you must also realize that out of all the messages/inbox at the top of her list, mines was the only 1 she read…though she texted me first. So this goes to emphasize that hot women are attracted to men who do NOT chase over text but are skillfully baiting them into chase them. Hence she ignored 259 low-value losers but couldn’t get enough of me 😉 . Why wasn’t she treating me with disdain as the other guys? Apart from me already hooking up with her, it is the content of my messages. I wasn’t begging for her time, nor was I sending low-value “hi sweetheart” texts.

•What irony: she says I’m not any more special than the 259 loser chodes yet she’s chasing me for conversation while ignoring them…so this completely contradicts her statement and goes to show that I ‘AM’ more special in her eyes than the others.

•Already sensing that she’s trying to hook up with me again [which is why she’s chasing so hard], I indirectly credited her for being a player…for playing the rest while chasing me.

•She uses this moment of trying to qualify herself to me [and to please me] by laughing at the guys whom she ignored. This is what happens when your text-game sucks; women laugh at you to other men whom they are attracted to. She said she doesn’t respond to anyone else: which is true. This is another indirect attempt on her part to say to me, “I am attracted to you and not the rest”.

•Saying I’m “lucky” to get a friend request from her is testament to the fact that she had sent me a request…which I haven’t accepted up to now 😉 . Again- this is how you treat a hot girl. You dismiss her hot-girl entitlement behavior by treating her like a not-so-hot girl.

•I then sarcastically tell her “I feel “blessed because of all that. Every now and then you have to give her a win by feigning to acknowledge her value. You can’t be a total dick all the way through.

•I then reassert my “value” by telling her I have to go because my phone is dying and needs to charge.

•You can always tell when a girl is qualifying hard [that means trying to impress you] when she said “I’m kind of a big deal.

Ok guys, I want to touch on a few points just to summarize things here.

•Women are attracted to guys who already have other women in their life.

This girl knows my schtick as a PUA. She knew from the get-go that I wasn’t the type of guy who would stick around and become clingy and needy after sex.

With other guys; this isn’t guaranteed in their tone neither their communication as far as content of their messages and so forth.

•Women ignore men who chase them.

If you’re wondering why this East-Indian girl has been ignoring all of those guys on Facebook; well therein lies your answer.

Guys chase hot girls and kill their chances by texting some low-value crap that women simply get turned off by.

Any text or inbox message complimenting a hot girl or calling her sweetie or anything of sorts, will be a DLV [Demonstration of Low Value] and kill your chances before you ever get a chance.

Hot girls are used to guys chasing them and ass-kissing. So the quickest way to get rejected is to come off as a nice-guy Beta who’s afraid to get rejected.

If you look at my vibe- and this was the case from the day I picked her up- I wasn’t playing it safe, acting nice, ass-kissing and being a wuss.

I was forward and being a dismissive dick.

Whenever you treat a hot girl like she’s a 5 on the looks scale, it makes her feel inadequate and questions her beauty and value. The only way to get her to chase you is if you lower her value by making her feel inadequate…as I demonstrated during the FB chats.

All in all; this chick is just too much drama and head games for me.

It’s pretty hard to mentally keep up with girls who are always angling to get value points.

Would I like to hook up with her again?

Possible…but not at the top of my to-do-list.

However, I merely wanted to demonstrate how to get women to chase you [by having other women in your life]. And how having the right strategy will get a girl hooked on your vibe…and it is never about looks.

I always tell you guys that looks don’t matter! Unless you resemble Shrek or the ugly character from the Goonies; you have no worries as far as looks are concerned.

I've probably only seen 1 guy in my lifetime who was this ugly...and that was a deformity through an almost-fatal accident

I am not the most handsome guy in the world!

Socialkenny aka Kenny P


Shit- I often get called ugly by both men and women to be honest! And in fact; I don’t see myself as “handsome”! Never did! But that doesn’t deter me from getting laid more than a ton, simply because I know it isn’t about looks when it comes to getting laid, but one’s overall vibe!

Saying that you’re ugly and that’s why you can’t get laid is a fucking cop-out!

There is hardly any guy who’s too ugly to get laid!

There isn’t a shortage of handsome guys to go around. But women aren’t hooking up with guys solely based on their handsomeness! They are making themselves available to the boldest bidder!

In fact, the day that I’d picked up the girl, as is the case with every girl who’s half-way cute at least, there were guys watching, staring, cat-calling and all. From what I glanced, those guys would make me look like shit in the handsome department! But I was the one getting the girl while they didn’t 😉 .

Lastly, I want to conclude on the point of women having options in relation to guys online.

Two-hundred and fifty nine messages this chick has…all unread!

As a man, we cannot fathom that!

The average guy would be lucky to get even 1 inbox on Facebook, initiated by a girl- per year- let alone 259 in a matter of days!

With that, you have to learn how to separate yourself from 300 other men [for example]!

You have to fucking stand out!

Good looks but shitty game and shitty vibe won’t make you stand out!

Hence, you [your messages] have to be ballsy, testy, arrogant, cocky, presumptuous and reek of an IDGAF vibe!

If you have to get disrespectful in order to get a hot girl’s attention; then that is what you do!

All that nice-guy BS won’t get you anywhere with hot women!

She will receive your “nice” text/inbox but just ignore it for kicks and an ego-boost!

She feeds off of your sappy, lovely texts to boost her self-esteem! She can fire up her inbox and go, “Hey look at me! I have 300 unread messages from 300 losers! I must be important”!

You must also learn the art of dismissing women!

Don’t look to spend an entire day texting away, inadvertently sub-communicating to the girl that you have nothing else to do!

This is why I kept telling the girl I had to go. She isn’t that important for me to just sit around and text all day!

By doing this, you create prizability, and the girl instantly begins to see you as the prize-worthy one, and she’ll be compelled to chase you for conversation, sex and relationship!

However, you have to give off the vibe that she isn’t worthy of your time and she’ll have to work for your time, rather than be granted your time simply because she has ass and boobs!

Therefore, with this East-Indian hottie whom I’d banged 4-5 months ago, it is apparent that she sees me as the prize, barring the fact that I don’t have Will Smith looks, neither do I flash money, I don’t spend on women, I don’t own a car, nor do I drive for that matter!

East-Indian HB

Hence, material possessions and stellar looks CANNOT get you laid consistently…especially when you don’t know how to connect with women in order to generate instant attraction like a wizard waving a wand!

Moreover, quit thinking that because you’re Asian, black, Arab or Indian [the bulk of my clients and students], that you’re somehow dammed in attracting women of other ethnic stock!

Since I was a little lad growing up in NYC I’ve heard that India, S.E. Asian and Oriental women DON’T do black men!

“They’re all searching for the elusive white sugar-daddy”!

That may be so [though it’s bullshit]. But my cock begs to differ! 😉

In the Caribbean islands, East Indians are the 2nd most populous ethnic and racial group,second to blacks. So I’ve had my share of experiences in Indian poon.

All in all; I’ve been redundant. But stay focus, always aim to come out as the guy with the most perceived value and you’ll begin to see a drastic change in how women respond to you.

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Friday Night Field Report- Subtle Blockage @ The Lounge + Social Violators

Friday night, I hit my favorite spot, made it to the counter, order a beer for myself and a juice for an elderly lady whom I know.

I ordered myself something to eat while at it.

The lady left so I made my way to a sit-down area, sat and scoped out the scenery for targets.

Quite many girls were in the venue so there were lots of targets to chose from.

The set of girls [3 set] who sat to my right was hot enough, so my scanning stopped there.

I got up and took a few steps over to the 3 set. Since the other 2 girls were engaged in deep conversation with some guys further to their right, my target was essentially a lone wolf, hence there was no need to address the group nor to engage them but my target.

I honestly can’t remember what I opened with, but it was a very snarky, cocky and ballsy ice-breaker…per usual.

Whenever I deliver my snarky openers, they are always done in a way which communicates lightheartedness: even when I have a semi-serious expression on my face.

Chicks know when you’re just screwing around and being humorous, hence they rarely ever take my snarky, cocky shit the wrong way.

Anyway, whatever I said, the girl rebutted [playfully] with her hand in my face as she exclaims:

“If you really want to talk to me then just say so! If that’s your way of starting conversation then that’s lame. Just say you want to talk and we can talk”!

That was invitation to sit and engage her…which was the reaction I wanted, so I took the cue, sat and proceeded to spit my charming gambit. 😉

For about the first 20-25 minutes, the convo consisted of back-and-forth banter, balls-busting, finger-pointing and push-pull.

That’s how I like it at first.

I like to create drama and friction, and then slow things down.

I start from the top then slowly descend into cooler, smoother conversation.

Why so?

The reason I do this is very ingenious and shifty yet simple.

If you kick things off on a rocky note, you will have already gotten the awkward stuff out of the way within the first seconds of conversation. So if it does get rocky later on, it would not have that awkward feel to it since you already got that out the way.

Therefore, whenever I approach a girl, especially in a bar setting, my ice-breaker is always something testy that has the potential to lead to an argument. But it never does because of the reasons I mentioned earlier: I de-escalate and take a few steps back [verbally]. Plus my tone and facial expressions are non-confrontational.

I like to get the rough shit out of the way ASAP!

Anyway, so the rapid-fire vibe de-escalated about 20 minutes later where I transitioned into flirty, sexual and romantic…yet dominant.

Every other minute, the vibe would spike up into a push-pull situation. This was also in a literal sense where I would take her hand and shove it away playfully while she playfully slaps me on the shoulder and playfully pushes me away.

In the grand scheme of things; this is flirting 101.

This all went on for a good hour: flirting, getting extremely close, talking in each other’s ears, body-to-body brushes, pinching each other, etc.

Her 2 girlfriends were locked into conversations of their own, so I hardly had any interruptions from them.

Here comes a group of people- perhaps 7 of them- strolling towards us, everyone greeting everyone. Apparently, they all know each other, so my target got dragged into the welcoming fest.

One of the guys- someone who apparently knows her- sits in the vacant spot to her right. So the dynamics were set up to where he and I sandwiched the girl in the middle.

Since he had way more rapport and social value in comparison to me- a mere stranger- the girl was forced to engage him while I sat there waiting my moment to get back into the conversation.

Are You A Social Violator?

Here is the thing when it comes to such sets involving acquaintances. If someone interrupts- someone whom the girl already knows- and you are the stranger in the mix, the already-acquainted intruder will have naturally had more value than you do.

Being that he has more value by virtue of knowing the girl already, the girl cannot just not pay him any mind.

This guy instinctively knew this [the value disparity between him and me]. So that’s why I feel that he positioned himself in the set in a more assertive and active way rather than passively sitting there sipping his beer.

Hence, I was close to being completely shut out because of this guy’s power play!

In such a situation, most guys in my position would either leave, not wanting to be the 3rd-wheel, or stay and do nothing but look like a weirdo in the process just sitting there gazing off into space.

I chose to stay seated while fiddling with my smartphone just to not look and feel awkward.

Anyway, they chatted for a bite then I chimed in.

This was a very risky move on my part [butting in…even though I was there first].

Why so?

Since I didn’t have any social value to the girl [I was just a random stranger albeit having an attractive vibe], butting in would risk making me a social violator.

This is very important dude!

Social violators usually get blown out with the quickness!

How was I flirting with becoming a social violator?

Firstly, a social violator is someone who particularly doesn’t have social value [in a social venue], yet he barges in, butts in, intrudes and does shit than isn’t congruent with his low-social value.

Great example of a social violator is the obnoxious guy at the bar, who instead of observing social norms by greeting the group of girls he approaches, he elects to ignore the others within the girl’s circle, then try to outright hit on the girl right in front of her group.

He is a social violator.

The appropriate thing would’ve been to approach the set/group, greet everyone in it, make small talk while greeting, then address the target [the girl you like out of the group] while aiming to isolate her with somewhat permission of leave from her group.

By all means, you should NOT hit on a girl [stranger in a social venue] in front of her friends!

This isn’t just tacky but it is socially inept and you will cause great discomfort among everyone there.

You will have become a social violator!

That night [as always] I avoided becoming a social violator when I first approached this girl’s group, because she was sitting disjointedly while her group was more put together in convo. So in essence, she was alone, therefore I didn’t risk becoming a social violator by not engaging the entire group with greetings.

However, later on, since the guy whom she knew entered the venue and sat next to her and began conversing, had I just disregarded their relationship and tried to own the conversation, I would’ve been deemed a social violator and blown out the set by being ignored.

However, I took a gamble with the little social value I had and tippy-toed my way back into the conversation instead of staying there like a statue or leaving.

Slowly but surely, her attention shifted back to me. But every minute or so, the guy would drag her back [verbally] into his sphere.


My hands were tied because I couldn’t just tell the guy to fuck off or drag the girl away physically.

It turned into a thing of a 3-way interaction with the girl sandwiched in the middle.

At some point, the girl jokingly said to me, “He’s my boyfriend”.

This was likely a test to see how I would react: would I buy it and leave [blow myself out], or would I disregard it and continue conversing?

I told her, “I don’t believe you”, and that I was going to ask dude if it was true.

She quickly and playfully held me back as I was leaning over to ask dude if they were a couple.

I frankly didn’t give a shit whether they were or not. I’m smart enough to know that this was just a subtle ploy to test my Alphaness and to gauge whether I wanted her or not.

A bit later:

Me: “I wanna get you drunk and take you somewhere and fuck the shit out of you”.

Girl: “OMG! I don’t get drunk that easy! I can drink all night and still be able to think straight”!

I rapidly got more sexual as the night progressed.

The guy seemed high or something, or perhaps his bed was calling, so he was just sitting there zoned out of his mind.

Shortly after, the group that came with the guy left with him straggling behind them.

Finally got the girl to myself again!

We flirted some more then she excused herself to check on 1 of her girlfriends who was standing outside.

Minutes later, she came back in, this time with a guy who’s half drunk hounding her about how much of a good girl she is.

Guy: “You’re a good girl”!

He kept repeating as if his record were stuck on “You’re a good girl”!

She found it amusing so she laughed about it. She herself was a bit buzzed I could tell.

I got up and brought her back over to where we were.

My objective honestly was not to take her home. But just to see how far this would go.

All in all, I found this to have been a great test in observing social dynamics in social settings.

Actual independent photo from the venue that night

Do You Delete Girls On Facebook? [Game For High-Value Men]

Do you have standards in the game?

I preach a lot about standards and preservation of Alpha-Male qualities.

In other words: for men to draw lines, set boundaries and to act upon them whenever a woman blatantly crosses those boundaries.

An Alpha-Male, i.e. a real man, doesn’t take much opportunistic crap from women because he places values on himself and his time.

If a chick doesn’t respect your time, then she’ll NEVER come around to the idea of meeting up with you; whether for a date or sex.

I’m reminded of a time that a young-married chick whom I’d picked up pulled an unfortunate stunt on me when we were to meet up.

This chick was totally into me, but because of her situation [being married], it made setting up a rendezvous a bit tricky.

Our sole means of communication was Facebook since we’d exchanged info and added one another.

After some months of flirting and basically having an elicit-online relationship -to put it that way- we were to finally meet up again after her husband had gone on business to Miami, Florida.

The opportunity to meet, have fun and fornicate was logistically ripe!

Her husband was slated to be away for a 3 or so days.

Having called her on day 1 of her husband’s absence: she neglected to answer my phone calls.

Day 2: same shit!

In hindsight, we only had 1 night left to finally seal the deal that has been brewing for months.

By the 3rd night, it was do or die- now or never!

As the evening came upon us, she didn’t contact me, which meant 2 days of not returning my missed calls.

I gave it 1 last shot and rang her phone to no avail.

Sent a Facebook message in the event that something might have happened to her phone.

No reply to my FB message.

This was utter lack of respect for my time and I took it personally.

I wasn’t butt-hurt.

I felt disrespected to the highest fucking degree!

By that evening, I did what was necessary, which was to delete her from my Facebook and phone book.

On day 5 when her husband was already back in town, she contacts me on Facebook, noticing that she was deleted as my friend.

She gave some bullshit ass apology and reason as to why she never returned my calls.

At that point: I didn’t care!

She had already hung herself ROYALLY!

I never did reply to her messages, and that was that.

Such women are waste of my time as this girl had proven.

The only was to redeem yourself as the guy in such a situation, is to walk.

If she gives a fuck, she will chase as you walk.

Even if that happens, from history, I’m smart enough to know that once a flake; always a flake!

Girls who disrespect you time, hardly ever turn around in ordinary cases. Hence, it is best to keep walking.

When it comes to Facebook and even your phone book, I can bet that there are tons of girl’s contact information at hand…of girls who at some point disregarded your time and value as a man.

There is no reason to keep them around.

Albeit, I operate from a “3-strikes and you’re out” policy.

However, after the 3rd time of non-compliance, it makes no sense to keep such girls around by having them in your Facebook or cluttering your mobile-contact list.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to execute your freedom to hit the un-friend button on the girls who have no regards for your time.

What You Should Do Before Friend-Requesting Girls On Facebook + Why You Should Add Girls In The 1st Place

Typically, guys go about friend-requesting girls on Facebook in ad hoc fashion: without taking other factors into consideration.

Before hitting that “Add Friend” button merely because of the girl’s physical affectations, you should first delve a bit into the girl’s online persona in order to ensure to the best of your judgment, that such an add wouldn’t come back to bite you in the ass without provocation.

What I often do whenever I come across the profile of a random girl whom I would like to sleep with, before sending that friend request, I would click her profile and skim her timeline some.

I basically do this in order to get a better idea of what the girl is like, what she likes, hates, what she posts about, etc.

This is the background work that almost every guy neglects.

I learned a great lesson about 4 days ago when I neglected to follow my own method/advise and I went on ahead to add a hot girl without skimming her timeline…simply because she was smoking hot. 😦

Her posts flooded my feed, which is a customary occurrence I’ve notice whenever you newly add someone.

Talk about fucking virtual cat-fights and bitchy drama!

Everything this chick posted was either a call out to some chick whom she thought was hating on her. Or it was a post on how many bitches she wanted to beat up for looking at her wrong.

Holy fucking shit!

I deleted her ass with the quickness!

That had to have been a record-shattering moment for the fastest de-friend ever pulled on a girl by a guy in Facebook history.

That sort of shenanigans from a drama-queen I really wasn’t about to entertain on my feed.

Adding the wrong girl doesn’t just manifest itself in the form of a hoodrat hoe who cusses 24/7 on the internet.

There are cases where guys mistakenly add women who harbor pro-feminist ideologies.

Such women are usually staunch opposition against pickup and the idea of guys hitting on women over the internet or in the real world.

They see pickup as sexual harassment.

You don’t needs these types of women in your midst, i.e. in your friend list.

However, had you done the least amount of background work before adding her [by browsing her profile], you would’ve undoubtedly come across such postings which call for the subjugation of men, and how women are being harassed daily by cat-callers on the streets of NYC and why cat-calling should be unlawful…as they have already pushed in some quarters of NYC as of late [Those femi-nuts won again]! 😦 :mad:.


Apart from the femi-cunts and drama-queens, you have the ultra-religious girls…or at least the ones who pretend to be religious.

Nothing worst than adding a girl to then come to find out that she’s a champion for Jesus…which is her right to have those religious views.

As someone who doesn’t subscribe to religion [namely Christianity], it is an instant boner-killer whenever I open up my Facebook app and all I see is “Hit like if you know Jesus loves us” posts and memes.

Now- don’t get me wrong- I am accustomed to seducing and fucking these so-called religious girls, simply because I know that 90% of them are hypocrites who will give up Jesus and religion upon encounter with a master seducer such as myself. 😉

Hence, I am not opposed to adding and shagging these religious hypocrites.

In fact, a great portion of my lays consist of such women.

However, for the average Joe who isn’t skilled in the art of seduction, trying to override the frame of a religious girl in order to convince her to fuck you, will have been a futile mission.

Therefore, I urge you to not add those girls who are all high and mighty on the religion drug.

You can save yourself the headache by firstly ensuring that you browse the girl’s profile and timeline before hitting ‘Add’.

If her profile is restricted whereas you can’t see her public activities on her timeline, then you can always hit the ‘About’ field where you may have access to viewing her background, schooling and some thing(s) about her hobbies and so forth.

If those are even restricted, then there is usually a photo or 2 [mobile album] you can view which may give you some insights into the kind of girl she is [such as the memes she posts].

Thus, to put this all together, you want to run this little background check before adding a chick, in order to avoid friend-requesting:

1.) A Femi-Nazi

2.) A Hoodrat/Drama-Queen

3.) A Religious Fanatic

Ok, so now that we’ve gotten the not-so-good stuff out of the way, let’s tackle the good part of adding girls to your Facebook.

Why You Should Add Girls…And How To Use Them

Whenever I add a girl to my Facebook- particularly the ones in whom I have zero to low sexual interested- I use them as pawns in the game of pickup.

Sounds nefarious as shit, but nobody gets hurt or damaged from this.

Now, the thing is, I don’t have to advise guys to add girls.

Guys add girls at random without the advice of anyone.

What they do with and about those new additions is where the problem comes in.

Adding a new girl just to take up space on your friend list is pointless.

You want the girl to work for you indirectly if anything. Whether you’re trying to fuck this girl or not shouldn’t matter.

You can use her as a pre-selection or social-value tool. 😈

Most of us have girls in our Facebook who never comments on our stuff and vice versa.

This is useless when you can have those girls draw other girls in and boost your perception stock in the game!

The more variety of people you get to participate on your statuses, flips that social-value switch inside the heads of women, setting you apart as a man who commands an audience…which is an attractive quality to women.

With that being said, whenever I’m trying to set a great impression as a leader with Girl A, I use Girl B [by baiting her into my status] to engage me on a particular post of mines.

Girls B just might be an unattractive girl whom I have no intention to hook up with.

Women don’t see other women in the same light as men do.

In other words, a guy will judge a girl’s worth solely based on her outer beauty or lack therefore: an ugly girl has less value to a man.

For women, this definitely isn’t the case since women aren’t looks oriented when it comes to value and worth.

Hence, I scoff at the ignorance of men who believe that you can’t use an ugly or fat girl as a social value or pre-selection pawn.

A hot girl will feel more threatened and uneasy by a girl who is of less beauty than her as opposed to someone who looks better than her.

Therefore, you can use the unattractive girls in your Facebook to attract the hotter ones whom you’re trying to hook up with.

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