Picking Up The Hottest Girls On Social Media

[Post below: originally posted to my social media about 2 weeks back]

“Quintessential Pick-Up Of Arguably 1 Of The Hottest Girls On My Facebook”.

Okay fellow seductionists, I get a lot of guys who ask me, “Kenny, how do I DM a hot girl on social media and get her to want to meet up with me for a date or something…and get her digits”?

This post/chat will give you one of the simplest formats of mines in order to make this happen: Set up a rendezvous and number close the girl [get her phone #].

It all comes down to 3 simple things (mindset shifts): your Framing, Vibe and Exit Strategy. 

You will see me do just that in the chat (execute those 3 things) in unison…congruently and flawlessly. 

Firstly, when it comes to a super hot girl, you will have first needed to do some ground work in order to register on her radar.

What do I mean?

Comment on her stuff/posts!

Additional, post the type of stuff that grabs women’s attention.

Remember; the women on your Facebook read/see everything you post…even if they don’t comment.

Post lame shit; your chances are nuked!

Post provocative shit; her antennas are raised! 

Once you will have done that (create a certain rapport) by commenting on her stuff and posting high-value or funny stuff that gets women engaged; you now have a solid framework from which to proceed to inbox/DM.

Remind you: you can cold inbox the girl without having done this (I do so 50% of the time). But it just makes your job a tad bit harder. 

Now, with this girl right here (whom most would consider an HB10), I built that quasi-rapport with her for about 2 weeks prior to inboxing her.

Timeline: so, I added her on FB, she accepted. Instead of jumping into her inbox right away like 98% of foolish guys on social media do; I exercised patience, and used my strategy to reel her in for 2 weeks by commenting on a post or pic of hers every other day…for 2 weeks [humorous comments of course].

Additionally, I posted my usual provocative stuff, knowing that it would grab her curiosity. But what makes this waiting game of mines so potent on a psychology level, is that it throws the girl off.

Since women are used to every guy they add rushing to their inbox within 60 seconds of accepting their friend request, when you can be that 1 guy out of 4,000+ who DOESN’T follow the predictive script- who doesn’t inbox her right away- you immediately stand the fuck out!

You stand out as:

•1.) The guy who gets it (Game)

•2.) The guy who understands women

•3.) The guy who isn’t uber-desperate

Those 3 things which the girl notes and notices about you, will generate curiosity, intrigue and interest on her part for you.

That is why I (strategically) wait whenever looking to game girls who have lots of fanboys and groupies (as she does).

Waiting that 2 weeks alone had set me apart from the pack of desperate losers. 

Furthermore, whenever you wait, just as I did in this case, the girl then says to herself either curiously or anxiously:

“Why isn’t this guy inboxing me? Why is he so different from the rest? What makes him different? I must not be his type! But if I’m not his type, then that must mean he dates/fucks girls way hotter than me”!

That’s what goes through the minds of hot girls, whenever days, weeks and months go by and you elect not to inbox them (yet).

Along with questioning her value and looks, she begins to see you [in this case ‘me’] as the prize!

The high-value guy! 

With that, she just salivates and wishes for the moment when you finally hit her up. Hence, when I hit this sexy-ass chick up- arguably the hottest girl on my FB- I bet she was shocked, relieved, excited and interested to finally get hit up by that non-desperate, high-value guy who only comments on her stuff (in a cheeky manner)…but never inboxes. 

Therefore, the stage was set and the girl was ripe for the plucking by me. So…that’s when I inboxed her for the 1st time since adding her on FB about 2 weeks ago.

Having all that value that I passively built, simply by not inboxing her right away, I didn’t have to waste much of any time doing small talk or building attraction in the typical sense.

She was already super attracted to me [my vibe] because of what I did [strategically waiting and baiting]!

Thus, the reason I went straight to the point in trying to set up a meet up…right off of the opener/1st message!

Oh- lastly- from the chat, I want you to examine my overall vibe and tone (i.e. frame): was I coming off as a low-value guy speaking to a girl who’s out of my league? Or was I operating from a frame of, “this is the program, this is how it’s gonna go, you can take it or leave it”?

Clearly my vibe was assertive, confident, assured, boss-like, business-like and decisive! 

Also take notes on how I got her phone #. I didn’t beg! Didn’t ask!

I assumed the fucking sale! I gave off the vibe as though getting her # was a forgone conclusion, and that I was entitled to getting it! So there was no chance in hell that she would deny me the number!

Additionally, who ended the conversation, I or she? Of course I did!
I always do 🙂 …just as I taught you the other day (“always end the chat on the girl”)! No matter how hot the girl is, and no matter how intense the urge is to fall into “cuddle mode” by messaging back and forth with the girl all day; ALWAYS end the convo within minutes of inboxing her!

I stress that point religiously…and I live by it!

Again, watch me execute all of that with no effort whatsoever. And watch how she instinctively tries to prolong the convo, even after I indicated “farewell”.

Bear in mind: women in general, especially the hottest ones, are NOT accustomed to guys ending the chat on them! 

Anyway, check how it happened: in, out, rendezvous set up and digits collected…all within minutes.

Oh- BTW- notice what I do/say when I got her number.

That is 1 of my favorite #-close gambits by the way.

What is that?

When grabbing a chick’s number, I almost always tell her that I’ll hit her up later in the week, next week or just “sometime”.

With the hotter girls; you want to do/say this.

Again, this serves to give off the impression of nonchalant, blasé, casual and non-desperate.

Most guys, if they’re even lucky to get a hot girl’s #, would call or text her almost immediately!

If you’re smart and shrewd like I am; you let her anticipate it! 

By the way, do you think girls of hotter caliber give any random old wuss over social media their digits?

Of course not!

Not a chance in hell!

I can guarantee you that this girl here blocks about 100 dudes per fucking day; let alone coughs up her # and set up a so-called date as she easily did with me. 

What gives?

Why wasn’t I ignored, laughed at and blocked for dare thinking that I stood a chance to just cold inbox this chick (basically a stranger) in order to set up a so-called date for Saturday coming?

Game & Strategery!

Everything I said in this post is what makes the difference.

Follow my online-game format and this will become a piece of cake for you too!

By the way, this all took place on a Tuesday, and I haven’t used her number yet.

I will do sometime tomorrow (Friday) just to finalize the Saturday meetup.

Also, when setting up a rendezvous, try to always aim high first!

Example: Suggest her coming to your place [which is a tall order].

If she objects; just aim lower…as for drinks at a bar or something.

Luckily for me, this chick’s okay with coming by my spot since I’m gonna be in her part of town Saturday.

Is there a chance of flaking?


There’s always a chance of that. But I doubt it. Even if flaking does occur, this is still the most effective way to get to meet up with a super hot girl via online game (I’ve been down this avenue many many times to know that it works).

[Post originally posted to my social media about 2 weeks back]

How Not To Comment On A Girl’s Social-Media Pictures

How Not To Comment On A Girl’s Photo…Unless You Intend To Get The “You Don’t Even Exist” Treatment.

When it comes to commenting on girl’s pics, as you would’ve already known from following my stuff, the worst thing you could possibly do/say is to tell her how beautiful she is. 

Whenever I comment on a girl’s pic, it is almost always a NEG or something cheeky or smart-ass!

I bust chops! Not kiss ass with some generic-ass compliment that gets guys ignored. 

Once you realize that women hardly respond to niceness from men (nice compliments, etc), you’ll begin to see the light; which is that women respond to cheekiness and rudeness from men.

It grabs their attention while niceness (generic lame-ass compliments) don’t even register on women’s radars.

Once you become “that guy”, most women will respect it and act accordingly. 

It’s about the attitude: the “IDGAD about being on your good side” attitude.

Most guys play the nice-guy shit with women because they’re afraid to get rejected and shut out.

Hence, they leave comments on women pics saying, “You’re so gorgeous”!

Little do they know, such comments/compliments won’t make the grade.

Therefore, in order to get a girl’s attention online, you ought NOT be afraid to give her shit! If she’s used to getting attention/compliments from tons of guys, you coming with the same-old shit as every other guy simply won’t cut it!

Case in point, this chick posted a pic earlier. As usual, I leave a snarky, smart, NEG kinda comment, knowing it would propel the girl to engage and respond.

Every other guy on the pic left the usual cheesy-ass “you’re so beautiful” comment…and they all got ignored…except me. 🙂

Game is 80% psychology. Along with that is your attitude: are you scary or ballsy?

Women aren’t attracted to men who are scary and afraid to say/do what they wanna. 

When you learn to adopt that mentality with women (on or offline)- that you won’t kiss her ass like the rest of the pack- you’ll begin to experience a shift in the way women respond to you. 

You will go from being ignored to never getting ignored again!

Do this when she blows you off on social media [social-proofing hack]

Try this method of mines when she blows you off on social media.

My latest video which I posted earlier today.

This video is also solid for guys who struggle with grabbing girl’s attention after they’d been blowing them off. 

Also great for those who wish to crawl out the friend zone. This is actually the only way to get out the friendzone. 

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