Are All Black Men Good With Women: Myth Or Fact?


I will begin by unequivocally stating that all black men do NOT have game, and aren’t good with women!



It’s a HUGE myth and urban legend that all black guys were dragged from the womb having game.

It is equally as mythical that all black guys have game in general.

Who’s responsible for spreading this myth to begin with?

Those evil bastards in Hollywood and the entertainment industries.

Well truth is; 96% of black guys have no game (I’m basing that percentage on what I’ve observed, women I speak to and other social variables).

Just as the case with men of all races and ethnicities; most black dudes suck shit at getting laid on a semi-regular basis, let alone consistently.

The average black guy gets lucky or gets hooked up with the overweight friend of the family just as every other guy of every other race meets his girlfriend and future wife…he got hooked up through relatives or mutual friends, his peer group or a coworker who had pity on him.

As for the media and the entertainment industries- pop-culture in general- those entities are largely responsible for the propagation of this myth, often with mal-intention as to portray all black men as marauding, womanizing players…but that’s for another post.

The audience and viewing public, those outside of the black community, who doesn’t know better and aren’t in-tuned with the going-ons, buy into the “black men are better with women” fallacy.

However, those of us who actually live in black communities, such as myself, are well aware of the true dynamics on the ground, that the average black guy sucks shit at attracting women and getting laid, just as any other guy is.

Our (black people’s) perception and reality of this aren’t swayed and persuaded by what we see in the media or popular-music videos which depict those black Rap and Pop artists as debonair ladies’ man who are swimming in pussy.

Surely those black entertainers and athletes are swimming in a pool of vagina, but those are the spare exceptions, just as it is with non-black entertainers and athletes in comparison to the average Joe’s of their races.

Spectators on the other hand, like those who subscribe to watching music videos, they somehow get lured into the fallacy where fact from fiction cannot be discerned.

Here is the big question though: “Do black men actually feed into this fallacious hype and run with it”?

Are black guys contributing to this myth by trying to act the part just to keep the myth alive?

The answer is YES! Black men are keeping this myth afloat instead of dispelling it.

In the defense of such guys who propagate this myth [all black men were born having game], I can understand why fellow black guys neglect to clear the air on such a social stigma and myth.

I mean, if there’s a rumor out there which depicts your social standings in a somewhat positive light: why would you want to change that and dispel that rumor?

Case in point: “All black men have big dicks”.

Another rumorous fallacy which is only thought to be factual outside of the black community.

However, most black guys aren’t packing a huge shlong, but a dick which ranges from below average to average. Not that I’ve seen any other dick besides mines to make this claim on averages, but the truth will always be known on the ground when women talk.

In light of that, to have society and women in society thinking that as a black dude, you’re packing a 10-incher, that is a huge plus as far as dating and mating are concerned!

With that, the average black guy milks this myth to death by giving women (those of other races and ethnicities that is) the impression that he’s toting an anaconda-sized cock in his pants.

He’s being disingenuous in most cases, but since it works for him (upholding this myth) and women buy the myth, he doesn’t feel that it’d be productive to dispel it.

Ironically, only non-black women actually believe this myth.

Black girls who would have slept with some black men, can attest to the fact that the average black guy has an average-size phallus. And that a guy with a 10-incher is few and far between, just as the case with white dudes, Middle Easterners, East Indians, etc. the huge cocks are the exceptions.

In any case, we cannot expect black guys to squash a stereotype and rumor that is working for them.

How so that it is “working” for us?

Well- there’s no imperical datum to support the following declaration I will make, but I’m gonna go out on a limb to say that of those white and Asian women [specifically post-1980’s] who decide to sleep with black men, the greater percentage was influenced by the “all black men have big dicks” rumor, or that “all black men are masterful lovers in the sack”.

Such rumors made them curious to want to try out the “legendary-black cock”, if for anything, just to see for themselves whether these rumors were indeed factual or mythical.

Hence, you have a case where because of a rumor which underhandedly hints to a positive (black men being masterful lovers, all having huge cocks and are good with women), non-black women are seduced by it, and a large number of black men run with it, hoping to capitalize off of the public perception.

On the flip side, you definitely have social stigmas which present hurdles for some men; such as Oriental men having tiny penises and are weak, Beta and submissive.

Such unfavorable perceptions do no favor for Oriental men on the dating market.

In any case, because of these myths and fallacies surrounding black men when it comes to dating, lots of us try to live up to this stereotype and hype by playing the part of the ardent ladies’ man.

Most times; we fail! And this isn’t just with women of other races but with black women themselves.

I can’t begin to count on my hand how many epic fucking fails I come across on a daily basis- on Facebook alone- where fellow black dudes tool themselves out by going about picking up women the wrong way, just as most guys of every ethnic stock do. So I’m in no way singling out the brothers as game-less tools. The vast majority of men suck shit at attracting women…regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality.

However, when a black guy fails, it fucks with his outlook on things even more devastatingly since he’s trying to make the stereotypical grade.

If a Chinese guy fails to pick up a girl, regardless of her race, he can always feel comforted in knowing that he wasn’t expected to succeed anyway since his dating and social perceptions weren’t that of someone who’s classically good with women.

Thus, less social pressure is on the Asian to have to win. More pressure is placed upon the black guy to have to win or else the jig is up, and the “all black men are good at game” myth becomes debunked.

This all begs the following question: how then does the average black guy get laid or get a girlfriend, if he’s not out there slaying everything with his innate ability to game girls?

As I touched on at the top of the article: most guys get laid, whenever they do get laid once in a blue moon, by stroke of luck.

Additionally, most guys find a girlfriend by being match-made through either a relative, coworker or their peer group of friends.

In non-elaborate terms: they were hooked up.

This isn’t just the case with black men. It is the case straight across the board through racial lines.

As for “getting lucky”, you have situations where average Joe scores because of a drunk girl at a party who incoherently landed atop his dick.

He was merely at the right place, right time.

I know of tons of guys who scored that way (via luck). They did nothing at all to aide or kill their chances, but having been at the right place, right time with a girl who’s judgment was impaired…or so it would seem.

Those guys however only score through luck…which only occurs about once a year…if they’re lucky. So relying on luck to get laid isn’t a feasible tactic for any guy at all.

Apart from the luck factor, as for meeting a potential girlfriend, most black guys meet her through someone who knows someone who knows someone…and guy gets a lucky break [again- the luck factor plays a part].

Honestly; think about it!

How about your uncle James? How did he meet Jenifer…his now wife?

They were introduced through aunt Sally, through her coworker, through her coworker’s coworker who had a friend who recently got dumped by her boyfriend. So aunt Sally played the middleman between your uncle James, her coworker and the overweight girl who was then single because her player boyfriend had dumped her.

That is how most guys meet their girlfriend…regardless of race!

In some way or another they were hooked up by someone they knew, who knew of a girl who was either recently dumped or had been single and lonely for quite some time!

Another aspect to this is a friend of the family for instance. A large percentage of men meet their girlfriend through such a mean. Their girlfriend was a friend of their family, perhaps through a sibling, sister, etc.

This is all-too-common and very well known might I add.

Therefore, when you distill this down to its rawest essence, you quickly realize that black guys have no built-in edge over any other man in dating.

We get laid just as sparing, and our game is just as shitty as every other guy out there!

In the black community, just as it is in white societies in the western hemisphere, only about 4% of men is sleeping with the women within those societies.

In other words: only 4% of men get laid consistently, while the remaining and whopping 96% don’t get laid unless by chance and luck…or prostitution.

Hence, the same 4% of guys are fucking every girl who is sexually active.

Women are being passed around among the meager 4% of men who are players and womanizers.

At the end of the day, I hoped to have dispelled this myth once and for all.

The vast majority of black guys struggle to get laid just as men of other races.

Aside from struggling to get laid, most of us know nothing about what is required to attract women (in other words: game).

New Social Experiment Idea

I have an idea for a new-social experiment: Crotch Bulge!

Checked out a few of those videos on Youtube where women buldge watch guy’s crotch on the bus and trains. This really goes to show how women are huge perverts too…which I already knew.

Be as it may, I plan on going out tonight with something crammed down into my crotch area to give the impression of a super hung guy…just to see the reception I receive.

I will also try to record to catch girl’s gaze to see where they’re actually looking.

Very interesting experimentation.

Couple with the fact that my girlfriend tells me that she watches guy’s crotch area for a bulge, and it’s actually a very common thing like guys checking out random girl’s asses.

Keep you posted guys.

Remember: women are huge pervs. Some of you guys just can’t believe it.

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