Friday Night Field Report- Subtle Blockage @ The Lounge + Social Violators

Friday night, I hit my favorite spot, made it to the counter, order a beer for myself and a juice for an elderly lady whom I know.

I ordered myself something to eat while at it.

The lady left so I made my way to a sit-down area, sat and scoped out the scenery for targets.

Quite many girls were in the venue so there were lots of targets to chose from.

The set of girls [3 set] who sat to my right was hot enough, so my scanning stopped there.

I got up and took a few steps over to the 3 set. Since the other 2 girls were engaged in deep conversation with some guys further to their right, my target was essentially a lone wolf, hence there was no need to address the group nor to engage them but my target.

I honestly can’t remember what I opened with, but it was a very snarky, cocky and ballsy ice-breaker…per usual.

Whenever I deliver my snarky openers, they are always done in a way which communicates lightheartedness: even when I have a semi-serious expression on my face.

Chicks know when you’re just screwing around and being humorous, hence they rarely ever take my snarky, cocky shit the wrong way.

Anyway, whatever I said, the girl rebutted [playfully] with her hand in my face as she exclaims:

“If you really want to talk to me then just say so! If that’s your way of starting conversation then that’s lame. Just say you want to talk and we can talk”!

That was invitation to sit and engage her…which was the reaction I wanted, so I took the cue, sat and proceeded to spit my charming gambit. πŸ˜‰

For about the first 20-25 minutes, the convo consisted of back-and-forth banter, balls-busting, finger-pointing and push-pull.

That’s how I like it at first.

I like to create drama and friction, and then slow things down.

I start from the top then slowly descend into cooler, smoother conversation.

Why so?

The reason I do this is very ingenious and shifty yet simple.

If you kick things off on a rocky note, you will have already gotten the awkward stuff out of the way within the first seconds of conversation. So if it does get rocky later on, it would not have that awkward feel to it since you already got that out the way.

Therefore, whenever I approach a girl, especially in a bar setting, my ice-breaker is always something testy that has the potential to lead to an argument. But it never does because of the reasons I mentioned earlier: I de-escalate and take a few steps back [verbally]. Plus my tone and facial expressions are non-confrontational.

I like to get the rough shit out of the way ASAP!

Anyway, so the rapid-fire vibe de-escalated about 20 minutes later where I transitioned into flirty, sexual and romantic…yet dominant.

Every other minute, the vibe would spike up into a push-pull situation. This was also in a literal sense where I would take her hand and shove it away playfully while she playfully slaps me on the shoulder and playfully pushes me away.

In the grand scheme of things; this is flirting 101.

This all went on for a good hour: flirting, getting extremely close, talking in each other’s ears, body-to-body brushes, pinching each other, etc.

Her 2 girlfriends were locked into conversations of their own, so I hardly had any interruptions from them.

Here comes a group of people- perhaps 7 of them- strolling towards us, everyone greeting everyone. Apparently, they all know each other, so my target got dragged into the welcoming fest.

One of the guys- someone who apparently knows her- sits in the vacant spot to her right. So the dynamics were set up to where he and I sandwiched the girl in the middle.

Since he had way more rapport and social value in comparison to me- a mere stranger- the girl was forced to engage him while I sat there waiting my moment to get back into the conversation.

Are You A Social Violator?

Here is the thing when it comes to such sets involving acquaintances. If someone interrupts- someone whom the girl already knows- and you are the stranger in the mix, the already-acquainted intruder will have naturally had more value than you do.

Being that he has more value by virtue of knowing the girl already, the girl cannot just not pay him any mind.

This guy instinctively knew this [the value disparity between him and me]. So that’s why I feel that he positioned himself in the set in a more assertive and active way rather than passively sitting there sipping his beer.

Hence, I was close to being completely shut out because of this guy’s power play!

In such a situation, most guys in my position would either leave, not wanting to be the 3rd-wheel, or stay and do nothing but look like a weirdo in the process just sitting there gazing off into space.

I chose to stay seated while fiddling with my smartphone just to not look and feel awkward.

Anyway, they chatted for a bite then I chimed in.

This was a very risky move on my part [butting in…even though I was there first].

Why so?

Since I didn’t have any social value to the girl [I was just a random stranger albeit having an attractive vibe], butting in would risk making me a social violator.

This is very important dude!

Social violators usually get blown out with the quickness!

How was I flirting with becoming a social violator?

Firstly, a social violator is someone who particularly doesn’t have social value [in a social venue], yet he barges in, butts in, intrudes and does shit than isn’t congruent with his low-social value.

Great example of a social violator is the obnoxious guy at the bar, who instead of observing social norms by greeting the group of girls he approaches, he elects to ignore the others within the girl’s circle, then try to outright hit on the girl right in front of her group.

He is a social violator.

The appropriate thing would’ve been to approach the set/group, greet everyone in it, make small talk while greeting, then address the target [the girl you like out of the group] while aiming to isolate her with somewhat permission of leave from her group.

By all means, you should NOT hit on a girl [stranger in a social venue] in front of her friends!

This isn’t just tacky but it is socially inept and you will cause great discomfort among everyone there.

You will have become a social violator!

That night [as always] I avoided becoming a social violator when I first approached this girl’s group, because she was sitting disjointedly while her group was more put together in convo. So in essence, she was alone, therefore I didn’t risk becoming a social violator by not engaging the entire group with greetings.

However, later on, since the guy whom she knew entered the venue and sat next to her and began conversing, had I just disregarded their relationship and tried to own the conversation, I would’ve been deemed a social violator and blown out the set by being ignored.

However, I took a gamble with the little social value I had and tippy-toed my way back into the conversation instead of staying there like a statue or leaving.

Slowly but surely, her attention shifted back to me. But every minute or so, the guy would drag her back [verbally] into his sphere.


My hands were tied because I couldn’t just tell the guy to fuck off or drag the girl away physically.

It turned into a thing of a 3-way interaction with the girl sandwiched in the middle.

At some point, the girl jokingly said to me, “He’s my boyfriend”.

This was likely a test to see how I would react: would I buy it and leave [blow myself out], or would I disregard it and continue conversing?

I told her, “I don’t believe you”, and that I was going to ask dude if it was true.

She quickly and playfully held me back as I was leaning over to ask dude if they were a couple.

I frankly didn’t give a shit whether they were or not. I’m smart enough to know that this was just a subtle ploy to test my Alphaness and to gauge whether I wanted her or not.

A bit later:

Me: “I wanna get you drunk and take you somewhere and fuck the shit out of you”.

Girl: “OMG! I don’t get drunk that easy! I can drink all night and still be able to think straight”!

I rapidly got more sexual as the night progressed.

The guy seemed high or something, or perhaps his bed was calling, so he was just sitting there zoned out of his mind.

Shortly after, the group that came with the guy left with him straggling behind them.

Finally got the girl to myself again!

We flirted some more then she excused herself to check on 1 of her girlfriends who was standing outside.

Minutes later, she came back in, this time with a guy who’s half drunk hounding her about how much of a good girl she is.

Guy: “You’re a good girl”!

He kept repeating as if his record were stuck on “You’re a good girl”!

She found it amusing so she laughed about it. She herself was a bit buzzed I could tell.

I got up and brought her back over to where we were.

My objective honestly was not to take her home. But just to see how far this would go.

All in all, I found this to have been a great test in observing social dynamics in social settings.

Actual independent photo from the venue that night

Conquer The Leader And The Others Must Fall [in-field video demo + mini instant-date]

The title sounds a bit radical and dark but I swear it isn’t that bad.

Fore-note: This is advance seduction tactics with the purpose of enabling you to pick up the girl you want by disarming her potential cock-blocking friend. It’s like entering the lion’s den to retrieve food from 2 starving lionesses.

Ok, so I’m back in the field like a madman for the Spring-Winter.

I put this video together primarily to demonstrate the covert art of chatting up the friend of the girl you want in order to get to the girl you want 😈 .

Sounds shady and confusing as shit but I’ll break it down.

Ninety nine percent of the time when dealing with group sets (2 or more girls): 1 girl of the bunch will be the so-called Alpha chick (for lack of a better word) or the leader of the girl pack.

There can’t be 2 leaders: only 1. The rest are followers are just passively there.

Now the dilemma you’ll face when chatting up 2 or more girls, is that if you don’t win over the leader of the group; then you won’t be getting any action.

To simplify, you cannot enter a business establishment and have your way with the employees unless you first get accepted by the boss.

Therefore, once the boss/head honcho has accepted you as a cool individual who’s part of her inner circle; the employees will and must conform and take a liking to you also [whether this is a token/fake show of liking].

This is the essence of group game.

Once the leader of the girls accepts you; her friends must…or at least put up a front that they do like you.

Ok, in this video, while parading my favorite strip looking to pick up some girls, I spotted this sexy-Spanish chick and immediately approached and opened.

Apparently, she wasn’t alone. Her friend (the bossy-bitchy leader) re-emerges to see me chatting up her friend (the Spanish chick).

At this point in the game is where you must transition to talking to the friend (the leader) by introduction of some sorts.

Most guys fail at this juncture and blow themselves out the water by not creating a good impression on the leader of the pack by literally ignoring her.

With this being the case, all the leader has to do and say is:

“Hey Carrie; let’s go”!


Game fucking over!

I see this happen all the time…and you have too [that’s if you really analyze male-female interactions]: in the clubs, bars, streets, stores…

What the guy fails to realize is that whenever the girl’s friend comes back, it’s imperative on him to talk to the friend also.

You cannot just game 1 girl from that point on. You have to game the group by giving less attention to the girl you want.

Confused even more πŸ˜‰ ?

It’s quite elementary in theory: if trying to pick up a girl who’s there with her friend, you cannot just ignore the shit out of her friend. You’ll be creating a negative impression and you’ll come off as socially unskilled and quite frankly: rude!

You also have to gain and maintain the attention of the group in order to keep them interested. How you do this is to use hand motions, verbal and physical enunciation, hand gestures ,etc. when talking to them.

In this video, I break down the entire sequence (voice-over narration) with overlay texts to give you a greater sense of what is taking place.

So, we walked off in the same general direction (all 3 of us).

As we reached a certain juncture, I suggested we hit up a nearby antique-art gallery which I usually frequent.

These girls apparently had nothing to do, so they jumped on the suggestion and I led them to the art gallery.

Key phrase: “I Led Them”.

I wasn’t following these chicks. They were following me in essence.

With this, I demonstrated that I was the true leader: the Alpha of all Alpha’s πŸ™‚ .

Also take note of the body positioning: I am virtually always walking in front of the girls instead of in back.

This is very subtle yet powerful.

As the guy, you want to always lead the group by walking slightly in front or beside, but never in back of the girl(s)…unless you’re wanting them to stop, which would be a good strategy.

These little tweaks and signals you should always bear in mind.

You might not give a shit about where or how you walk, but on a subconscious level- the girl does.

Therefore, always walk in front of them or side to side as I am in the video.

Now, another key thing you should realize is how much more I seem to be interacting with the friend (the dark-skinned girl) opposed to my target- the caramel Spanish one.

As I explained above, what I’m actually doing is making a good impression on the friend (the leader), in order to advance onto her friend (the follower) where I’m able to full-blown pick her up.

Anyway, I led them to the art gallery where I was able to chat up my girl a bit more πŸ˜‰ .

Another tangent:

The point of “leading” girl(s) around is to gauge and test their willingness to comply and to be led.

If a girl refuses to go with you outside of the bedroom (to be led by you), then she damn sure isn’t gonna go with you to bed…at least not that day.

In other words, if I say to a girl: “Let’s hit up this coffee shop”. If she adamantly refuses to come with me, then there’s zero chance of getting her to come back to my apartment.

Hence by throwing out these little compliance tests to see if the girl is willing to go with you, it gives you a realistic sense of how willing she’ll be to go with you back to your spot or perhaps on a date.

That was the main reason for me leading them and suggesting we hit up the antique-art gallery, just to see how willing they were to come/follow my lead.

This is advance seduction stuff and it will take time for you to master.

You ‘WILL’ fuck it up when first trying to lead girls around on the streets.

The key is to be assertive, light-hearted and own your fucking shit!

As you can recall from watching the Justin Wayne videos I’d posted over the past days, he always “LED” by telling the girl:

“Hey let’s go to this juice spot right around the corner”.

He isn’t suggesting that because he’s so enamored with juice spots πŸ˜† .

He’s doing it to test the girl’s willingness to follow!

This is PUA 101.

If the girl follows, then she’s for sure open game and DTF!

If she doesn’t come with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t DTF. Just that you’ll have to work harder and go through more rigorous-preliminary bullshit like excessive LMR (Last Minute Resistance), flaking, etc.

Towards the end of the mini instant-date, I was able to get some alone time with the Spanish chick (the 1 I wanted) being that I had been screened and accepted by her somewhat bitchy friend.

Sealed the # after a great flirty chat then off to the next set of girls.

Now, my call to action to you- yes you reading this [if you’re a guy], my challenge to you is to go out and try this.

Presuming you’re not a master at Pickup and you have no experience in chatting up 2 or more girls; it doesn’t frikkin’ matter! Nor does it matter if you you’re experienced.

I’m not expecting you to take 2 girls home [at least not right away].

I’m merely forcing you to get out of your head to approach and open 2 or more girls solely for reference and field experience as RSD Tyler would say.

You’re not even looking to get phone numbers.

Just do it and watch how the dynamics of the group play out where you can spot who’s the more dominant girl, who’s the leader chick, who’s the follower(s), etc.

The leader of the group is 9-10 times almost always the one with the most voice, most attitude, more “in-your-face”, more sassy, more of everything. So it isn’t hard to spot her. In rare cases; she’s the silent observer who commands the group with the snap of a finger or some other form of girl code.

Anyway, you can execute this at work, in a work setting, school, the streets, club, anywhere that there are girls in groups of 2 or more.

So get off your lazy ass and go get experienced!

Just to reiterate: if trying to pick up a girl who’s there with her friend, you cannot just ignore the shit out of her friend. You’ll be creating a negative impression and you’ll come off as socially unskilled and quite frankly: rude!

Therefore in this video, I break down the entire sequence (voice-over narration) with overlay texts to give you a greater sense of what is taking place.

Just before I go- lemme condense the main points to make it easier to follow and execute:

* Always introduce yourself to the entire group.

* Always chat up the leader of the group to create a good impression on her.

* Show less attention to the girl you want until you’re accepted by the leader of the group (if she isn’t the leader)

* Hold the attention of the group by using hand motions and gestures as you speak to them.

* Remember to “Lead” by walking in front of them or beside but never aback.

* Suggest that they accompany you somewhere.

Getting The Girl You Want By Gaming Her Friend [Social-Circle In-Direct Pickup]

It’s no secret that I’m a staunch advocate of In-Direct Pickup on every level!

I do not believe that any girl on the face of the Earth is worthy of getting a genuine compliment from me as an opener/ice-breaker.

She could be a perfect physiological composition of BeyoncΓ©, Meghan Fox and Kim Kardashian all wrapped into 1 neat package…she still couldn’t get a direct compliment out of me- solely based on having face, ass and boobs!

I’m digressing like a bastard right now!

Ok, what I’m gonna reveal to you in this article is a covert tactic on getting the girl you want by firstly chatting up her friend(s).

I displayed it all in my latest in-field video which has been getting massive amounts of buzz within such short time of being published on various PUA forums and PUA Facebook groups [over 200 Youtube views in less than 19 hours].

Those who are familiar with classic Mystery Method model of pickup, would’ve known of the concept of ignoring the target [the girl you want] while paying attention to her friend(s) instead…in order to seduce the target.

This is classic pickup!

If you’re confused as to the rationality of this concept, allow me to break it down.

“Why Chat Up The Girl’s Friend In Order To Get To The Girl I Want”?

First off: this is advanced pickup tactics!

When dealing with group sets or mixed sets (a social circle of girls or guys mixed in), you CANNOT just approach the OYD (object of your desire), ignore her friends and expect to pull this girl!!!

Read that again and let it sink the fuck into your hard-ass head!

You cannot spot a group of girls and believe that you can just single out the target, dive right in, chat to the 1 you want and ignore the rest, and believe you will get the girl!

Such approach is stupid-thinking and bound to yield you zero results- but rejection and epic fail!

The set would blow you the fuck out the water!

In layman’s term, her friends will fuck your game up by AMOG-ing the shit out of you via shit tests and girl code.

You’ll be left standing there alone with a proverbial dick in your hand wondering what the fuck went wrong!

This typically happens in clubs and bars where women are fickle-minded and are quick to drag their girlfriends away from guys…

Lesson learned!

Covert Tactics To Infiltrate Her Group And Get The Girl

There are various ways in executing this advanced technique.

My model varies from the guru’s in that I don’t force introduction right off the bat as most seduction gurus would teach.

IMHO (and experience), you don’t have to look an instant introduction with your target [the girl you want], as you’d seen in the video.

Alright, this is what you do (after spotting the girl you want within the circle):

1.) Approach a friend of the target (someone else in her social circle).

2.) Chat her up as you’d normally do. Game her if you want.

3.) After about 5 minutes or whenever you can sense things shift for the good: start to talk about the target to her friend [as you seen me do in the video].

4.) The target [the girl you want] would then notice that you all are talking about her: then is where you begin to incorporate her into the chat [as I did].

5.) As you chat with her friend (whom you’d approach); try eye-fucking the target as much as you can just to gain her awareness so that she knows that she’s the 1 you want and not her friend.

6.) Her friend and the target will both sense this, then the friend will facilitate the hookup by stepping out of the way afterwards. She won’t cock-block her GF from getting with you.

Now, had you disregarded the previous 6 steps and approached the target right off the bat to game her, the friend will have cock-blocked you and ruin the set somehow.

By using my step by step model (by extension the classic MM model), the friend of the target will have had no reason to cock-block you and become a dick towards you since you had essentially befriended her initially.

In other words, once you’re “IN” and “accepted” by the friend(s); the target will “have to” conform and accept you also!

This is classic pickup theory here!

Being that I’d gamed the friend first and gotten accepted by her, my target had to accept me also, or she would’ve been deemed a social violator.

With that being the case, I got accepted by the friend, I was able to get introduced to the target, thus begin to seduce her without any interference/obstruction from her friend.

That is how you infiltrate a social circle of girls in order to fuck the 1 you desire.

You cannot just approach the 1 you want and think you can just whisk her away from the group to your lair!

The Friend Will Help Her Friend To Get Some Cock

Women in groups serve 2 main purposes while in social settings:

1.) They cockblock for each other.

2. ) They make sex happen for each other.

If you’re a social violator: the friend of the target will cockblock you out of getting pussy.

If you follow my advice; the friend of the target will encourage her friend to fuck you…since you’re such a cool guy who hasn’t been deemed a social violator.

As the 4 of us left the venue, I was totally gaming my target as her friend had basically stepped out the way and allowed it to happen.

Since I was accepted by the group [by executing the 6 steps mentioned previously], going home with the girls was a safe proposition as I was no longer just a stranger to them…even though I only met them 45 minutes prior, so I was totally still just a stranger :lol:!

Now, had I violated the rules and done things differently, the girls would not have invited me to their casa!

The friend would’ve simple said to my target:

“Hey Vanessa, it’s getting pretty late and we should go. We’ll catch up some other time Kenny”!


Game fucking over!

My target could not have protested since it’s her friend’s designated role to cockblock for each other [girl-code shit].

A girl values her girlfriend’s opinion more than she values her own opinion!

Therefore, if her girlfriend says to her [via girl code or txt message]:

“Girl, that guy is weird! You should stop talking to him”!

You can bet a zillion bucks that the target will become frigid as a block of ice towards you [from wanting you to hating you within a nanosecond]!

Before I mastered this social-circle technique which I’m now imparting here, this would happen to me constantly where girls would girl code each other then lock me out the set by becoming distant and cold.

Saying all that to say, once you’re “IN” with her friend(s); you are golden!

Once her friend(s) doesn’t like you for whatever reason; you are fucking toast!

This is where the average guy goes wrong; he tries gaming the girl he wants while ignoring her social circle of friends.

“Kenny, What About The Possibility Of The Target’s Friend Liking Me Instead”?

Doesn’t fucking matter!

Guys may be saying to themselves: “If I approach and chat up the friend of the girl I want, wouldn’t the friend believe I want her”?

That’s what you want to happen! You want to game the friend as though you want her!

However, at the appropriate time during the process, you will sub-communicate whom you really desire.

Push comes to shove, if both girls end up wanting to bang you, then that is prime stage for a 3 some ;)!

Usually that wouldn’t happen. As long as you sub-communicate that you want the other girl [the target], her friend will just fizzle herself out, whether she likes you or not.

This was exactly what transpired during my recently filmed pickup: the friend literally stepped out of the way and allowed us to hookup (verbally, emotionally and physically).

When, Why, Where…

This advanced technique is to be executed with 2 sets or more, meaning whenever gaming within a group.

Reason for such approach being plausible is that women are rarely ever alone by themselves @ parties, clubs and gatherings.

If your mind set or game is just equipped to snagging lone wolves (girls who are by themselves), your chances of getting laid will have dramatically decreased by 60%.

Simply for the fact that chicks are rarely ever alone while at functions…especially at night.

Learning to game groups (social-circle pickup) will skyrocket your lay count!

Day Game cannot compare to the amount of ass you can bang from gaming groups of girls via in-direct pickup at nightlife venues!

It is 60 times easier to pull One-Night Stands than to get laid from girls you pick up during the day time (day game)!!!

Hence, if you’re looking easy-quick sex, you’re better off saying “fuck day game”, “fuck text game”, and dedicate your time to night game instead!

Infiltrating a group to get laid is easy…I guess easy for me to say.

The following prerequisite are required:

* Balls/Confidence

* Fearlessness

* No, or less fear to approach

* No fear of rejection

* Out-come independence

Put it all together (the prerequisites) including the info I’d disseminated for gaming groups of girls, and you’ll be able to infiltrate groups and get laid fast!

Crashing A Black-Bar Mitzvah To Then Go Home With 2 Hot British Chicks

Last night while walking pass a community center in the downtown area on the island [was actually headed to watch a local-basketball game], I heard music and laughter emanating from the center, so I decided to take a peek inside ;).

No one stopped me from entering, so I went right in and acted as though I was an invited guest :evil:.

In the video clip, you’ll see me chatting up 1 chick, leave her to then chat up a 4 set (mixed set of 3 girls 1 guy).

I picked them up and eventually we left together (to their place :smile:).

The chicks were British actually!

Anyway, there was a buffet-like area so I started serving myself, which is where the plastic cup of kosher-grape juice comes from (which I had in my hand throughout the video).

Crashed the Bar Mitzah and had the audacity to munch away at the buffet and pick up 2 of the girls that were there…and then went to their place over an hour afterwards :shock:!

While we all headed to their place, the dialogue was intriguing in that I told them I was a Pick-Up Artist.

As expected, this became an intrigue to them which hooked the set that much more!

Never lie to the women whom you’re trying to seduce about being a Pick-Up Artist or doing pickup.

Sounds counter intuitive as fuck; but I’ve advocated this for a very long time, that it’s a plus whenever girls find out you have a system to getting laid!

At the walk-home mark of the video, I had to intentionally darken that part of the video to conceal where these girls were actually staying since the signs were very visibly captured by my recorder.

This is a way of keeping the stalkers away ;)! But the dialogue was pretty clear though.

The video starts out with me “working the room” as we’d say in pickup, by fluff talking with some Harvard grad lawyer guy from Boston.

This is the hallmark of cold approaching @ parties and gaming sets!

What you will learn after you’ve completed watching the 13 minute video:

1.) How to fit in at any venue to where you weren’t invite [crash game].

2.) You should chat up men also in communicating that you’re just a well-rounded social dude.

3.) How to build social proof and social value by chatting to many ppl [yes- social proof is real].

4.) How to AMOG guys who are coming into the set (possibly to pull robberies).

5.) AFC’s (or nice guys by extension) will always fuck their chances by not being bold like I am.

6.) Chicks dig players!

7.) You can go from meeting girls tonight to taking them home within 45 minutes!

Now check out the video to see the debauchery all go down [added annotations to guide you through].

This was actually recorded last night [Thursday, August 15, 2013]. Goes to show how fast I am when it comes to shooting, editing and posting in-field content!

Subscribe to my video channel for more in-field stuff:

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