Quick Sunday-Afternoon Online Pull Of A Big-Boobed Hottie: Girls Want To Be Taken By A Pick-Up Artist [NSFW]

Just another Facebook pull of a total stranger, albeit to my liking.

This chick here, I’d added her on Facebook about 3 days ago, never really had any intention to pursue her any time soon.

She’s definitely fuckable! But way too much is on my plate already, so I merely added her as formality with the intention to game her later down the line (months later).

However- and this happens from time to time- she’d posted a sexy-ass cleavage shot today which really captivated the attention of my Johnson. So I decided to open her earlier today.

Brief note: she lives in an island town just south of me (20 minutes away), so that’s close enough, which is why I will have pursed the pickup. Before gaming a girl, I ensure to find out that she lives within fuck-distance. Hence, I do not waste my time gaming girls who live overseas or out of reach.

Anyway, so upon seeing her pic which was posted this morning, I hit her inbox ASAP!

[My messages in blue]

Needless to say, she wants to full-on sext with me later on tonight (Sunday)….which I don’t mine by the way.

The thing is, with about 15% of the girls I game and pull online, I end up sexting with, and go on to bang within days or perhaps 2 weeks the longest.

In any case, what I wanted to highlight here is just what I spoke to you guys about in the previous article with the nerd girl: girls want to be gamed, seduced and taken by a lady’s man.

Here’s also the thing that gets me, and it’s kind of comical: girls always claim that game doesn’t and cannot work on them, when it actually does.

The ones who claim that they’re impervious to game, are always the easiest to get gamed and to fall…such as this chick.

This is why I could openly tell girls that I’m a pick-up artist, they would assume that I’m using some sort of trick, yet they still end up being pulled.

Why so? Because women want to be gamed!

They want to be led by a guy who knows what he’s fucking doing!

Also, I strategically told her that I had to go (shower). Why did I do this? This goes back to what I told you a few weeks back: always end the conversation on the girl! It will keep her from thinking that you’re some desperate chode. So you want to push-pull: attack then retreat.

As for the #-close (grabbing her #), I strategically passed up on going for her phone number, simply because it isn’t necessary.

I briefly touched on this the other week where I talked about the uselessness of getting a girl’s phone number when you already have means of communication with her via social media DM. So having access to her inbox or DM is just as good as having her phone number; especially since you have the option to ring her though apps such as Messenger. A phone-number exchange is becoming obsolete in my book; though I still opt for the phone number 95% of the time.

Be as it may, with this chick, given the fact that she’s so DTF, my ultimate game plane is to set up a rendezvous with her sometime next week, granted my schedule allows me to do so.

With a chick who’s ultra-DTF, it is best to try to seal the deal ASAP, or else you run the risk of losing the girl once her DTF status wears off with the passing of time.

Anyway guys, feel free to drop your questions in the comment section, or e-mail me as usual with any online-game question.

More pulls to come!

Bringing The Wild Side Out Of Hot Nerd W/ Badboy Vibe: Give Her The Forbidden Adventure She Craves [NSFW]

Hey you fellow seductionist maggots, Kenny here with another interesting and insightful post on pulling random strangers (hot ones) on Facebook and into the sack…ultimately.

Okay, so this seduction goes back to the very end of October, where I’d picked up this nerd chick whose profile I came across in the “people you may know” field on Facebook.

She passed my proverbial boner-test, so I added her, she accepted, and that’s where the game began.

Below is our initial conversation in its entirety: from start to finish.

By the way, she was first to message me. This got started because I strategically left a cheeky comment about her sexy tummy on 1 of her posts. It was a way for me to bait her in…and it worked apparently.

The screenshots read from top left to top right on down.

[Her messages in gray. Mines in blue]

Below: we exchanged tons of voice notes which led to sexting. 😉

Below: she asked about some blog links I posted to Facebook, wanting to know if it was my blog. Apparently, she’s down for having me blog about her, just as long as I run the post by her before posting it. 😯

Below: using pre-selection to get her a bit jealous and feeling inadequate.

Needless to say; we hooked up not too long after 2 days of texting and sexting.

Note: the interaction may have seemed long-winded to you, especially give the fact that I advised you not long ago, that you shouldn’t have drawn-out texting sessions with women.

Well- the thing is- this had only carried on because it led to sexting and I wanted to gauge whether I could bang her the next day or what…which I successfully did. So in a way, it comes down to the vibe and how soon you’re looking to full close (i.e. meet up for sex).

Is there a lesson here?

Well, when dealing with a so-called good girl, shy or nerd, the badboy vibe is a sure winner.

Give her that adventure by feigning the badboy.

Coupled with the badboy vibe is the player vibe.

This chick clearly knew I’m a pickup artist. She checked out my blog and what have you. But that wasn’t a turn off in the least, but it deepened the attraction which facilitated the eventual hookup.

Furthermore, gone are the days when a PUA believed that he had to hide his lifestyle from women if he desired to ever get laid.

I was actually the first mainstream PUA who went public, gaming girls while telling them that I’m a pickup artist.

I mean, with the knowledge, realization and belief that women are instinctively attracted to men who get laid a tone, there should be zero fear in exposing this aspect of your lifestyle to women.

Every girl I pick up on social media knows what I do. If they didn’t already know (from browsing my timeline), I ensure that I break the news to them ASAP!

Also, I want you to bear in mind the forbidden-adventure aspect that reels women in.

Girls want to be taken on a ride: an emotional rollercoaster!

A high!

Hence, you want to structure your seduction in such a way that attracts the girl through a combination of things: badboy, good guy, charming, asshole, sweet, jerkish, cocky, funny, loving, etc.

Give her a range of emotions!!!

Lastly, I get tons of guys asking me, “How do I get girls to send me nudes”?

Honestly, I don’t even have to ask girls to send me nudes. They voluntarily send them just as this chick did.

Once you get a chick invested enough, and you as the guy steer the ship down a sexual path, she will take that cue and send your nudes without having to ask her.

I’ll delve deeply into that in a future post.

On that note: more Facebook pickup and lays for you guys.


Instant Pickup To Sexting With Horny Big-Boob Cougar Who Likes My Player Vibe [09-10-2016]…NSFW

Last Saturday (the 10th), I came across the profile of a sexy-bodied Cougar who passed my proverbial boner-test.

If you didn’t know it by now: I have a mean thing for women over the age of 40. So this was a great recipe for something special (Cougar pictured below).

By the way, this one is about 46-years old with a magnificent rack! 🙂

Before reaching out to a total stranger on Facebook (via inbox), I firstly ensure of 3 things:

1.) Her account is a real account

2.) Her photos make my cock tingle

3.) She lives in the same town or a nearby town

This Cougar happened to pass those 3 prerequisites; though I was a bit confused whether she’s located in Jersey or the Caribbean islands (where I reside currently). Her profile indicates that she lives on the island, but it says she’s from Jersey…or something to that effect.

Luckily for me though, before I was able to contact her, she sends me a message almost instantaneously upon friend-requesting her.

It almost always puzzles me whenever chicks make the claim that they like/share my posts/statuses. I mean, from my understanding of seduction; I comprehend why this is. But what always baffles me is that the stuff they like/share is game/pickup related, and is rather womanizing, sexist, chauvinistic, assholish and advocates a player lifestyle.

I mean, I post stuff like: “Men should be allowed to cheat on their girlfriends if it means making the relationship stronger”. That totally doesn’t make any sense (and it doesn’t have to), but it sticks…and they (women) love it!!! Isn’t that a mind-fuck?

I was a bit perplexed about her location. But what I gathered is that she lives in the state of New Jersey [in the USA for those who aren’t familiar with the American landscape]. But she routinely returns to the island. So though she’s not here on island currently, she’ll return shortly.

Anyway guys, here’s the plethora of screenshots without much interruption from me…until the end. 🙂

As you’ll see in the screenshot below, she’s eventually called me for some sexting which lasted 25 minutes.

Anyway, that entire sequence was from start to finish- the same day- all screenshots include the entire conversation. We went on to chitchat a bit on Sep 11th and we exchanged #’s also…which was a mute point to say the least.

Okay guys, what I want to leave you here with are few points:

A.) Sexy women love players

B.) Sexting and getting women to send you nudes is as easy as taking a piss

C.) What you post on social media will either repel or attract women (in my case: it is 1 of deadly attraction)

As for point A (“women love players”), it was pretty apparent that she knew I was a player-type since she mentioned it, and since she sees, reads, likes and shares my posts on Facebook. If you’re operating from a scarcity mentality, and are dumbed-down by mainstream dating, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that women actually find womanizers attractive. But once you learn the concepts of pickup, you’ll quickly get a dose of eye-opener upon the realization that women who are sexually active, are subconsciously attracted to guys who have other women in their lives already…in other words: players.

With this Cougar, did I hide the fact from her that I’m a player, or did I tout it?

I touted it, knowing that such a declaration would deepen her attraction for me.

Also, was I shy about going sexual with her, or did I unabashedly get sexual with her from the onset?

I went sexual RIGHT AWAY!!!!

Did she take it the wrong way (my sexual forwardness)?


She loved it!

Here’s the deal: women love guys who embrace a forward vibe. She follows your lead! I cannot continue to stress that point any further! The women you meet look to follow your lead! If you lead the interaction down the road of platonic friendship: she will follow you and adopt that frame (friendship), and you are friendzoned!

That is what happens all the time with guys who want to appear nice and respectable to women they meet. They kick start the conversation on a nice and saintly vibe, trying to persuade women that they are respecting. But then they shoot themselves in the foot whenever they try to get sexual or forward later on in the interaction! You already convinced the girl that you were a giant pussy who would never get forward with a total stranger! You can’t then 5 minutes later, try to get sexual and forward! Simply because you led it wrong! So that is why you want to start sexual/forward fast, so that the girl knows to follow your lead!

Here’s another caveat: have you ever noticed that women NEVER get offended when I’m sexual, rude and forward with them?

How come they don’t? Because of everything I just explained above: I lead the interaction down the right path: a sexual/forward/rude path.

The girl then says to herself (self-rationalization): “Well- this must be the way he acts with every woman”.

Hence, she excuses my behavior as “NORMAL” and acceptable.

With that, you want to give women the impression that being forward and sexual straight away with women, is just another day at the office for you!

It isn’t rare, it isn’t strange, it isn’t a big fucking deal because it’s normal and standardized operations for you!

Whenever I get rude or sexual with women, 9 in 10 times, their reaction/reply is this:

“You’re crazy”! 😆


“You’re funny”! 😆

That’s it! Just as you’d seen in the screenshots above with this sexy Cougar. She never got offended once by my sexual leads, largely because she sense that this is how I talk with every woman, hence it is normal.

Now, if you hit up a new chick online or wherever have you, and you set the tone/frame from the get-go, that you’re some holy roly, hands-off, respectable kinda guy, then she will in turn expect that such behavior from you throughout. And she will surmise that the holy roly facade is normal for you.

Insta-Sexting follows the same methodology. In order to get a girl to consistently sext with you, and to send nude photos, you must inspire that naughtiness within her by leading the vibe.

Here’s the reality: with almost every girl I manage to pick up via social media, I can sext with her or get her to send me nudes that same day of the online pickup.

I full-on sext with about 1 in 4 women I pull over Facebook. That means having her send me nudes, exchanging nudes, then having phone or video sex either through Messenger, IMO or Skype (as was the case with this Cougar via FB Messenger).

Furthermore, a girl literally never objects to me telling her to send me naked pics. Either she has them already, or she takes new ones upon my request if she doesn’t already have any stored in her mobile device.

Additionally,girls practically never turn me down for sexting, nor do they react negatively to the dick pics I send them.

Why so? This all stems from the vibe I create (sexual off the bat): which says that I’m an untamed, unruly, perverted (not in a creepy way) and whimsical.

Create the right vibe and women will accept you for it!

The Looks & Attraction Factors

On a final note, ask yourself this: “what attracted this Cougar to me in the first place”?

Were they my looks, or the things I said which were conveyed through my status updates?

My posts! My status updates as you can clearly see in the 1st screenshot where she mentioned liking the stuff I post.

With that, I stress the oft-repeated point: looks don’t fucking matter when it comes to attracting women and getting laid like a rockstar!!!

You may also be tempted to say: “But Kenny, it’s your height! The girl said that she likes tall guys…and you are 6’2”!!!

Well dude: my profile doesn’t even indicate my height, so this chick had no way in knowing that I was 6’2. She assumed I was tall from my photos (as she pointed out). But what if she were wrong and I was rally 5’2!? Would that have instantly killed the vibe and killed the attraction?

Of course not!

Hence, it is not about looks, height and the many other superficial components which guys tend to use in order to justify their suckery with women.

Women go off of your vibe, personality (and what you convey of it) and the other non-tangible aspects of your being…as cliche as it sounds.

You may want to read this old article of minds, where I did a virtual case-study on the guys from MTV’s Jersey Shore, to shed some light on why Mike The Situation- the so-called ugly guy in the house- was attracting and pulling more girls, than the way more attractive guys in the house (Pauly D, Ronnie & Vinny).

Attitude vs Looks: Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation & Pauly D

Surely women are attracted to 6-pac abs, chest, a chiseled physique, a guy with all his teeth, clean skin, etc. Those things are deemed very attractive by women!

However, what you’ve been forced to believe is that without those physical affectations, you stand no chance in attracting (hot) women!

This is utter bullshit!

I always challenge guys on this by putting forth the following:

If you really believe that looks matter, I would be willing to set up a fake Facebook profile (for the first time), make it look as real as possible, use the photos of a drop-dead handsome Adonis, then begin to add and hit up random women on Facebook…however…with no game! Just strictly normal, bland, boring generic stuff. I would strictly rely on his looks while messaging girls like an AFC (average guy who doesn’t have game). The purpose would’ve been to discover whether solely possession stunning looks, will trump shitty game (or lack thereof). And would this super-handsome guys be able to get girls consistently from his looks alone.

I already know the answer: and that is a flat-out NO!

On the other hand, while operating the fake profile of a stunningly handsome guy, but who has no game, from my official FB profile, I would’ve contacted the same women as my fake profile did: add them and hit them up. However, I would be using my usual game (but without the stunning looks). Thus, both profiles of mines (the fake and real one) would’ve been simultaneously trying to pick up the same girls contacted.

Now, who would pull more random strangers on Facebook? The fake Kenny profile of the drop-dead handsome guy who has no game, or the real Kenny profile, who isn’t drop-dead handsome, but possesses a world of game?

The answer should be crystal clear: I would pull 10 times the women as he would.

I’ve already done this is various ways just to prove to myself that Game and attitude trump looks almost all the time!


Anyway, so with this girl, the Cougar, I cannot actually try to meet up with her at the moment since she’s living in Jersey and I’m in the Caribbean.

Generally, I wouldn’t chat up, nor attempt to pick up a girl whom I cannot realistically bang (such as a girl living in another country). But because she hit me up first, and she often returns to the islands, I pursued it.

Lastly, I know I’ve been teasing you guys over the last 2 months with promise of putting together a post which features a quasi-collage of a bunch of status updates which I post to my Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

The purpose of that post would’ve been to showcase for you guys, the type of stuff which grabs the attention of women: the high-value stuff, opposed from the low-value shit that you guys are accustomed to posting.

After all, this big-boob cougar here did take the initiative to hit me up in less than 1 minute of accepting my friend request. Also indirectly admitting that my posts were what attracted her in the first place.

On that note, if you want to learn the skills it takes to consistently pull sexy women- total strangers- on social media and online-dating sites, grab your copy of the following products of mines.




If you aren’t sure of how to put this all together, and perhaps you just prefer to dialogue with me over Skype: schedule your slot (30/60 minutes).


Most importantly guys, I want you to re-scan every screenshot, from first to last, just to get a sense of my vibing and humor!

Please- I urge you- it is all in the vibing…well almost all!

Take note of how my vibe and conversational threads were interesting, witty and humorous. Not bland, generic, tedious and lame.

You have to be able to keep a girl’s attention or you’ll have no shot of consistently laying new girls!

By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, here is a recently posted video of mines, detailing everything you want to know about gaming and picking up Cougars and older women. You also see me pick up a 45-year old Cougar in the infield snippet of the 13 minute video.

Here’s another video of mines, but this 1 dates back to over 3 years ago, where I talk about how to get girls to send you nudes.

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