Random Hot Girl Desperately Wants Her P***y Eaten + Women Are Sex-Deprived Pt.II [NSFW]

Hey guys; another FB pull/pickup in the bank yesterday.

Not that I really ever keep count, but over the last 4 days or so, I’ve picked up about 8 random strangers (albeit hot ones) on Facebook by utilizing my now notorious “Facebook Bang” method (at least notorious among PUA and seduction circles).

In fact- here is the deal- I never actually make a conscious decision to hunt women online (i.e. Facebook). It just happens by virtue of being online and browsing and posting my usual controversial statuses.

In the friend-recommendation field which is recommended by the FB system, while browsing it, I would spot a hottie who passes my boner-test, then decide to open her via inbox message.

That’s it!

Therefore, I never actually make a concerted effort to go out of my way to “search and pickup” women on FB.

It just happens whenever I browse my feed and post my statuses.

With this big-boobed hottie whom I picked up on FB yesterday (she lives on an adjacent island); the script as far as my mindset was the same. But this approach was heavily based on a sexual one, and not so much of my customary-asshole approach.

With no further ado; here is the pull in its entirety with a few commentaries below each screenshot collage.

Bear in mind that this is a random stranger. I first opened her with my usual gambit (assumption opener, then quickly suggested we meet up for drinks [that part however wasn’t included below].

The chat reads from left to right, top to bottom rows [girl pictured below].

Big-boobed HB


Above: If you recall the latest FB pull prior to this one, I spoke about shocking a girl with a strong-sexual statement early…so that’s what I did after I opened her with an assumption opener then my usual drink and meet-up proposal. Again- when a girl says “you’re crazy” in a context like this 1, it is usually a compliment. Most clueless guys take it as a negative, thus get offended. She then sent me a voice note of which I can’t recall the content. But I believe it was something about wanting her pussy eaten, and that’s about it she would allow me to do.



She insists on sending voice notes which indicates that the girl is invested and highly interested (since vn requires more investment).


Above: I went for the # hard-core, sensing that she was already sold and hooked on my vibe. In 1 of her voice notes above, she mentioned never having a guy ejaculated in her mouth nor on her big tits before…to which I call her a liar.


Above: in her previous voice note, she mentions that dozens of times per day, random guys would inbox her about wanting to fuck, suck, lick, etc. but she unfriends and blocks them because of that…within a heartbeat.

Now here’s the question: I did the same thing as every other guy does. But why didn’t she block me like she does to every other random pervert? Game (my method of picking up girls on Facebook) and psychology! 😉

I also sought to end the conversation before she did…as I always advise you guys to do: Always say bye before she does! It’s a psychologically powerful move whenever you say bye to a hot girl! It fucks with her mind and sense of value!


Above: She now feels a bit inadequate and self-conscious that I was possibly brushing her off for another girl…my girlfriend whom she only assumed I have since I never mentioned having a GF. So a bit of jealousy is also in the mix to deepen the attraction and her desire for me.

Below: Since exchanging numbers, we then made the transition to Whatsapp which I view as 1 step further before the pending meet-up.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



Above: Well- that was self-explanatory. We end up sexting a bit later last night while having phone sex (though I only pretended to have played with myself] ;).

Few things I would like to touch on based on the dialogue, the girl and seduction.

She mentioned (via voice note) that dozens of “weird” guys would hit her up like 50 times a day wanting to have sex with her. Some guys would even offer money in exchange for sex and she routinely blocks dozens of guys on a daily basis. She also considers strangers (men) who message her as perverted weirdos [her words].

However, as I mentioned earlier: I also randomly inboxed her (yesterday), so why am I not lumped into the perverted-weirdo box and subsequently blocked?

Is it because of my stunning looks?

Of course not! I don’t have such!

I clearly never asked her why she didn’t reject and block me, because I’m well aware of the reasons I wasn’t rejected and blocked, and why other guys are.

Hence, what is my secret?

Psychology, Sub-communication, Game + the approach.

My sexual boldness does not come off as pervertedly weird but enticing yet shocking in an interesting way.

The girl doesn’t sense desperation and weirdness from me. Rather, she senses sexual humor and boldness.

It is hard to explain how this works on a sub-communication level, but as you advance in the game and the art of getting sexual with random strangers, you will magically find that sweet spot just as you would in any other field of life.

Moreover, Humor, Humor, Humor, is fucking underrated, and I cannot begin to stress it any more than I have already!

Girls get that I am fucking around whenever I go sexual, ballsy, arrogant and assholish. They know that I am dead serious about wanting to bang them! But they also sense that I don’t desperately need it/them, hence my humor in the mix.

This is also what most guys lack [humor] as to why they come off as weird, perverted and un-calibrated when seeking sex online.

Every girl wants to fuck! But she wants a guy who can go about it tactically and tactfully.

That is largely why the vast majority of guys get blown out on Facebook [98%] whenever they contact a girl, openly seeking sex.

They lack tact and tactics, which boil down to psychology, ability to read/understand women, and game/seduction skills.

Here is a perfect example (of the wrong approach) from a screenshot I happen to come across on Facebook today which the same girl spoken of in this article had posted [what irony].


As far as my eyes can see; this guy is well in-shape and good-looking! But it didn’t matter! He got blown out, outed on Facebook for the world to see (via screenshot and identity posted)…and blocked. 😦

Again- this shatters the “looks matter” theory to pieces since this guy looks like a handsome Football jock while I don’t [I checked out his profile pics just out of curiosity].

Though he tried to be humorous (which was a good move), he still came off as creepy, unnatural and incongruent, and got dismissed and blocked by the girl.

You cannot and should NOT beg a girl off of the opener/ice-breaker/1st inbox message, to show you some tits!

You are requiring too much fucking compliance (too soon) from her as a total stranger!

That was the guy’s main mistake among a few other mistakes I can see within that 1 sequence of a hilarious attempt to get boob pics!

You can however say to the girl (as I often do): “I wanna fuck the heavens out of you” (or any variation of it) , and it would work.

Why so? Because I am not requiring her to comply to anything. I’m merely sharing a piece of information with her (that I want to fuck her), and not requesting for her to teleport her vagina into my bedroom.

However, when you say to the girl (a stranger), “please send me a boob pic sweetie”, you are requiring her to invest/comply/act. Since she doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall, and you haven’t attracted her; she won’t comply/act, but to delete and block you instead!

In order to get a girl to send you naked pics as the girl featured in this article did voluntarily (sending me nudes); you have to firstly attract her through game!

Yes- game!

This is why I never ever open random strangers online with, “Send me a boob pic”, as all of these weirdos do.

You have to firstly gain her compliance through game before she will comply to such a request or any request for that matter!

Thus, this is exactly why this girl, and every other girl on Facebook, ignores, deletes and blocks every clown who inboxes her trying to get naked pics or wanting to meet up for sex.

These weirdos [“weirdos”, according to women] are expecting the girl to comply straight off the bat, without they having to work for it by gaming and charming the girl a bit!

This is why every random girl I pick up on Facebook always says to me:

“You’re different than other guys”

“You’re interesting and other guys aren’t”

Technically, I am not doing anything different than the next man in that I’m being sexual also! In fact, I am being more sexual, which should make me a bigger pervert and creep than the guy who merely wants nudes!

Guys are merely asking girls for naked pics.

I hit girls up for sex.

Hence, my approach is WAY more gutsy and perverted…yet random strangers on Facebook don’t reject me for such an approach, but they find me to be super interesting, different and attractive…and they fuck me for it.

Again- the only difference with my approach and the creepy weirdo’s, is that I don’t expect the girl to comply without firstly gaming/charming her up. And I also build attraction firstly before going full-on sexual.

The average good-looking guy thinks because he’s handsome, he can just randomly inbox a hot girl with, “send me some boob pics baby”, and she would just comply.

In his ignorance and foolishness; he gets branded by women as a creep, weirdo, perv and potential rapist, exposed on Facebook by the girl whom he had inboxed (via screenshots), and he’s subsequently deleted and blocked. Contrarily, because of my Facebook pick-up method and approach, girls see me as interesting and fuck-worthy, and not pervy and creepy.

Most Girls Are Sex-Deprived (self-inflicted)

This may sound somewhat contradictory since in pickup, we teach that every girl has lots of options in men and dick from which to choose.

That is very true!

However, just because she has lots of options, doesn’t at all mean she will utilize lots or any of them!

Moreover, the average ugly girl- in spite of being unattractive- can on any given night, fuck some hot guy (“some” meaning a dozen). But she elects not to do so more times than not.

An attractive girl likewise, has even more options. But she doesn’t utilize them except for a meager 2%.

This is testimony and indicative of the fact that most girls go to bed at night alone!

Even if they do have a partner (which is almost always the case), they aren’t likely to screw him every single night.

Case in point: the big-boobed hottie featured in this article.

Big-boobed HB

She’s hot as fuck! Yet she’s having phone sex and sexting, and sending me naked pics of herself (masturbating) on her own free will (this is a common occurrence BTW)!

Hence, she is sex-deprived (though it is self-inflicted)!

She is lacking sex, though she likely has dozens of options of dick to choose from!

The problem is, as to why girls don’t just fuck any guy who inboxes them, boils down to a lack of game and a lack of understanding of women on the guy’s part.

The average guy doesn’t understand how to approach a stranger for sex online.

We’ve already dealt with the wrong approach which is utilized by the vast majority of men (98-99%) on social-media sites. So it is crystal clear already as to how and why guys kill their chances for quick sex.

With that being the case (guy’s ignorance of how women operate), most girls resort to playing with themselves on an average night…just as this girl, though she’s hot enough to get dick on any given night.

Girls have tons of options but they rarely ever use them!

For the most part, most girls fuck their current boyfriends, their ex-boyfriends, or someone in their social circle.

The exceptional and sparing cases happen when a girl goes outside of that box to then fuck a guy who isn’t her current, an ex-, or a guy within her social circle.

Hence, the average Jane is NOT fucking dozens of guys [her options]! She’s fucking about 2 guys on average: her current BF, an ex, or a guy within her crew.

The exception is the Pick-Up Artist (PUA), or some random guy she met at the club while being pissy-drunk, and he ends up getting lucky by virtue of the fact that he was at the right place at the right time [the pussy landed on him…in other words].

Make no mistake about it: girls want sex! But they want a guy who understands how to go after it!

Women are so stubborn that they often put off sex for months at a time, simply because they cannot find a guy who gets/understands it…like me. 😉

They have all these dick options, but they would rather play with their vagina to sleep, than to fuck some inept chode who doesn’t get it.

Here is the interesting part in relation to the previous point: I would always hear women nonchalantly say stuff like [presently and in the past]:

“I went 2 years without having sex before”.

“I haven’t had sex in 9 months”.

Funny thing is; I never believed that shit!

“How can a chick go months on end without having sex while having dozens of guys to choose from”!?

I would say to myself.

Well- it is crystal clear now as I explained to you guys previously: a girl will rather do without sex for months and years, than to fuck some guy(s) who doesn’t get how to approach women for sex.

Therefore, all the while when I thought women were just blowing hot smoke about not having sex in 10-15 months; they actually were telling the truth! But I didn’t understand this until recently.

Since picking up and sleeping with all these random hotties on Facebook over the last 12 months specifically [innumerable amounts], I couldn’t help but ask myself recently:

“Why are all these attractive women on Facebook so easily predisposed to the idea and act of having sex with me (a total stranger), when these girls could obviously have sex at the drop of a hat with numerous guys whom they know personally…who are hotter than I am”?

It really tripped me the hell out when I thought about it a few weeks back!

Women are really sex-deprived!

In any case, with the girl anonymously featured in this article; the stage is already set.

Though she harps on the point of “getting her pussy sucked and eaten”, I know better (from vast amounts of “sex”perience) that once a girl gets oral sex performed on her, there is no way in hell she could resist the urge of having that same guy penetrate her then and there [unless he’s a guy she’s been with numerous times]!

I mean- I’ve been through this dozens of times over the years, where I would meet up with a girl under the guise that it’s “oral sex only”, and it would lead to sex ALWAYS, after I would’ve gone down on her.

I would perform oral sex on her to the brink of climaxing then pull back! I would tease her snatch to the brink of climax until it hurts. She would then beg for me to insert the cock inside of her.

Hence, with this chick; it will be no different come weekend [that is if I don’t get tied up with other plans, i.e. other girls 😉 ].

A girl will rather verbally commit and agree to having a guy go down on her, than to verbally commit and agree to having a guy fuck her.

In her mind: having oral performed on her, is less slutty than having a guy fuck her [blame chick logics for this fuckery].

This is part of the girl’s ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) mechanism, whereas for her to say, “just oral sex”, she avoids looking slutty because she didn’t agree to full-blown sex.

It’s all psychology on the girl’s part.

It take a savvy guy to sift through the bullshit and play it cool like a cucumber as if he’s been down this road hundreds of times.

On a final note, if you’ve been following my posts over the weeks, you will have noticed 3 styles/game of mines which often overlap with each other:

1.) Asshole/Badboy game

2.) Sexual game

3) Deeply Passionate and Romantic game

The 3 styles intertwine quite often.

On 1 hand, you would see me approach and pick up a girl over Facebook by being a dick, prick and an asshole.

On the other hand, you would see a more sexual, forward and dominantly sexual approach.

Or, you may see a haplessly romantic type of game where I go heavily and deeply on passion and romance.

All 3 styles work!

I never really use 1 style completely independent from the others.

All 3 styles overlap whenever I approach a girl!

However, depended on certain factors and signals that I read from the girl, I choose 1 of the 3 approaches to utilize in order to pick her up, seduce her, and sleep with her.

This is called “Calibration” in the underground-seduction community.

Depended on the girl, I calibrate my game/style/approach and proceed accordingly with either of the 3 styles, but heavily relying on 1 particular style, all depending on what I see/sense from the girl as I scan her profile at first sight.

For instance: whenever I come across a stranger’s profile, I would scan it briefly (even just her main profile pic), and would be able to tell within a nanosecond, which of my 3 approaches would be best suitable to work on the girl.

If I sense that she’s the dominant type; I would utilize my asshole approach.

If from scanning I sense that she’s a romantic type; I would go all crazy romantic with deep deep romance game as if it were love at first sight…however with tact and strategy.

It works!

If however she’s showing some cleavage in her profile pic [as was the case with this girl]; I go hard-core sexual [sexually dominant]!

Therefore, I have 3 main styles in which I utilize depended on the girl, her pictures, her posts and the vibe I sense from her on an instinctual and ethereal level.

Most of my approaches online are based on intuition and a hunch.

With practice, time and continual experience/exposure, you will have garnered a sixth sense for reading women just by looking at their smile in their pics, the position of their limbs, their entire body in the pics [reading body language], etc.

Hence, I can just scan a girl’s profile pic alone, and like some sort of clairvoyant wizard, I can tell whether she’s DTF or not, how to make her DTF, and which of my 3 styles to utilize in order to get into her panties.

With time and exposure to women: you gain this uncanny ability!

At the moment, this same big-boobed hottie is hitting me up by the minute, dying to talk and text, anticipating the weekend’s action, dying for some oral performance and to get laid 😉

Big-boobed HB

Her position has now changed from strictly oral, to oral + penetration, or oral with a friend + sex. 🙂 😆

Powerful, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for the next article which will deals with “Cunnilingus” and taboo in these parts.

You will get a greater understanding as to why great portions of the girls I pick up in the Caribbean (where I’m currently located), are heavily desirous of oral sex.

Note: bear in mind though that once you have picked up a girl by utilizing the strong-sexual approach as I demonstrated here, you want to always slow it down prior to meeting up, or else the sexual-anticipatory pressure will have been built up so intensely that the girl freaks out [though she loves the vibe] and ends up flaking and standing you up.

For instance, since I’ll be meeting up with this girl on Friday [presuming nothing comes up on my end], it would be ill-advised of me to steamroll into Thursday and Friday with sex, sex, sex as the main theme of our conversation.

The girl already knows that we’re going to fuck. It’s already a foregone conclusion.

With that being the reality, there is no need for me to pound sex, sex, sex from now until Friday, or else the girl will freak out due to high expectation and performance anxiety.

Thus, by tomorrow, I will have slowed the vibe down by making a transition into normal conversation (rapport-building stuff), and totally abandon any talk of sex.

Just as men suffer from performance anxiety prior to sex: women do too. Therefore, always slow things down about a day or so before meeting up with the girl or else she will freak out 65% of the time.

I’ll speak in depth about this crucial piece of pre-date insight in a future post.


By the way, I implore you to re-read this article (mainly the dialogue between the girl and me) just to drill down the vibe in which I embodied: my humor, precision, the moment in which I decided to grab her #, how I grabbed her #, how long before I went for the #, how long the dialogue/pickup lasted, my overall tone, when and why I ended the conversation, when I laughed (LOL), etc.

All those pointers which deal with calibration/timing, are fucking invaluable! So re-read the chat-log!

Oh- Not to belabor the point, but I implore you to learn my entire method of how to get laid through Facebook like a boss.

Grab your copy of the infamous Facebook Bang bonus product at the link below!



It’s been making its rounds around pick-up and PUA groups on Facebook such as that of RSD’s (RSD Inner Circle), the leading pick-up company on the globe.

Don’t Worry: She Will Come Crawling Back For Sex [Trust In Time]

First off: I must make it clear that this article is NOT a “how-to” on getting your ex back!

Frankly, as I’ve stated many times in the past: any guy who tries to get his ex back, needs to be dragged to an open field and burned at the stake Medieval style…or stoned to death! 😯

What this article will actually deal with, is getting back a fuck-buddy, fuck-friend, booty-call, friend with benefit or whatever you want to call it.

A fuck-friend doesn’t last forever.

Depended on the girl’s situation (or yours), it can last perhaps 2 weeks and abruptly die.

Since women hop from boyfriend to being single then back to boyfriend as though it’s a trend (which it is), there will come a time when she says to you:

“Hey Tom, I’m back with Gary now…so I’m not gonna be able to see you like that…if you know what I mean”.

“Like that” refers to the booty-call/friends with benefits situation.

Therefore, booty-calls aren’t indefinite and they usually die out quickly.

Generally, I just let it run its course and move on to the next chick [I think most of us do].

However there will come a time or 2 where you meet a fuck-buddy whom you just want to continue banging a little bit longer.

You aren’t quite ready to let go as yet.

Since it’s a world of free wills; irrespective of wanting to continue a fuck-buddy fling with a specific girl, you can’t force her to comply [unless by rape] so the good thing will come to an end.

Now, this article basically outlines getting that fuck-buddy to come back.

It isn’t strategic but much of it is left to the fat bitch karma and time itself.

How do you get a fuck-buddy to come back?

Move on!

Ignore her!

Same strategy in getting an ex-girlfriend to come back or getting your girlfriend to comply when she starts to act rebellious and disrespectful towards the relationship by treating you less than a man.

Throughout my PUA years, I’ve had many fuck-friends, too numerous to count!

However, 2 of them mainly stuck out as women I’d wanted to continue banging but not date [it isn’t wise to go exclusive with a fuck-friend].

I’ll highlight the main one for the purpose of making the case here.

I met a girl some years ago, we hooked up the same night we’d met [nothing strange there], she had a boyfriend but were on a break [yea right], so our One-Night Stand progressed into a 2 week fling where we might have shagged down 5 times…if my memory serves correct. ❓

After the 2nd week, as anticipated, she hit me with the “me and my boyfriend are back together” story.


I hit her up maybe a week and a half later for a quick booty-call but she wasn’t available [claims to still be on splendid term with the BF].


I really wanted to fuck this girl few more times although I was still sleeping with numerous other girls as expected as a seasoned PUA.

A month went by, I totally implemented some freeze-out tactics by ignoring her completely then I got an unexpected text:

“Where are you? I wanna see you tonight”.

I knew this wasn’t to talk about politics or how has life been, but it was all about the booty-call. 😈

We hooked up that night- went our separate ways.

The fling behind her boyfriend’s again back continued for about 2 weeks then discontinued.

Once again I was clobbered with the “I’m back with my boyfriend” line. 🙂

By the way guys, this is typical shit!

It’s very common for a girl to “CLAIM” to have broken up with a BF just to fuck a guy on the side [hopefully you], then put that guy on the side further to the side while “CLAIMING” to get back with her secret boyfriend.

This is common shit you’ll face on a day to day basis when getting to meet lots of chicks.

This also underscores a point which I’ve been hammering to death for years and that is: all women have fucking boyfriends!

There’s no such thing as a girl who’s single!

If she claims to be single today, she’ll claim to have a BF next week. If she has a BF today, there’s a strong possibility that she’ll play the “I’m an independent woman” card a week later…depended on whom she’s addressing.

So if you do meet a girl who says she’s single, check back in on her in 2 weeks time and you’ll be shocked to find out that she now has a boyfriend or has since reconciled with an ex [an ex which she failed to tell you about].


Anyway, for some strange reason, this chick’s vagina had a hold on me.

It wasn’t “hooked” neither some crazy-ass irrational infatuation of sorts, nor was it ONE-itis being that I didn’t want this girl for myself as in an exclusive situation.

I could care less that she was fucking other guys and had a boyfriend. I just wanted to get my fuck’s worth out of that vagina.

Some months of zero contact went by this time [think it was about 9 months] then the all-too-familiar script played out again:

“Hey, can I come by you later”?

Me: “Who’s this”

Girl: “Sabrina. What you don’t remember me now”?

Me: Lol “Shut up! Ok cool. Shoot me a txt before you pass by so I can get this place in order”.

We fucked that night…as expected.

Our nefarious fling continued for 2 weeks or so- then ended…as expected.

Now, this particular girl and I have been fucking on and off for the past 5 years: 2 weeks on, 9 months off, 2 weeks on, 6 months off, a week on, 8 months off, etc.

This fuck-buddy relationship has been the longest I ever had with 1 particular chick. I’ve virtually been fucking her for the past 5 years with huge chunks of off periods.

What is really satisfying though, and you might have to face this also, is when a falling out occurs (instigated by her) then she comes crawling back for some good-old cock. 😉 🙂

There’s no greater feeling of justice in the world than to have a BITCH [and I used that word deliberately and justifiably] hit you up out of the blue (after some months have elapsed) in order to hook up.

In 2 instances with the same girl, we had fallouts because she’d taken offense to some minute bullshit I said about something that I can’t even remember what they were…so she hung up on me and sent some unflattering texts to put the icing on the cake.


Time is on my side.

About 6 months later of no contact, the familiar text message buzzed my phone:

“You’re free later”?

At this point, I was left with 2 option:

1.) Hold a grudge for her bitchy actions 6 months prior and turn her down.

2.) Take retribution on her pussy by fucking the living daylights out of her.

Me: “Yep I’ll be free later”! 🙂

The points I wanted to get across here was just to get you guys up to speed with the way in which fuck-buddy situations are structured, how they run, why they run the way they do, why they die off and how to revive it in due time.

There’s no quick-fix technique in getting a fuck-buddy to come back for more sex [at least, I haven’t discovered it yet].

She is fucking other guys and probably have a boyfriend as you might have known, so there exist variables which change the dynamics of time and when and why she would crawl back.

The main reason, the underlying one, why my fuck-buddies would come back, was first off NOT the sex!

I repeat: girls do NOT come crawling back to Kenny because of good sex!

Honestly- I’m terrible in bed! And that’s being real [from a penetration standpoint mainly]!

What gets women hooked to me sexually that they have to come back be it after 2 weeks or 2 years, are the theatrics and the rituals apart from penetration.

Sex is 90% non-physical (as for myself)!

If she just wants and needs a guy who can penetrate her; dildos are there for that.

What the dildos and sex toys can’t provide are the drama, mind-fuck, psychological stimulation and roller-coaster rides.

I put very little emphasis on the penetration aspects of sex [only 10% or less].

Therefore, whenever I have sex with a girl or leading up towards it, I will have gotten her pissed [think make-up sex], crying or wondering whether I was sane or just broken out of an asylum.

Women are fueled by drama and live on drama like a ritual!

Once you can create a ritual out of sex which drives women crazy, they will always miss that since 9 in 10 times; they won’t get it from any other guy since most guys are under the illusion that “good sex and dick size” keep girls coming back.

I have guy friends who brag about toting 12 inches (including women to vouch for them), yet these dudes are only good for 1-offs: 1 bang and go. Chicks don’t ever return for seconds.

It’s because these guys (the average male) put 90% emphasis on penetration opposed to creating some sorta drama during or before sex, with foreplay and teasing being a huge part of sex also.

Most men are so sex-crazed that once they get some alone time with a girl they’d screwed once, they virtually rape the shit out of her with without foreplay nor theatrics.

This can only take you so far.

Therefore when a girl runs back to me after 9 months or 3 weeks, it’s a confession that she isn’t getting such stimulation (sexual drama) from her boyfriend or any guy for that matter.

She isn’t running back to me because of awesome SEXUAL penetration out of this fucking world!

I’ve made girls cum from sheer dirty talk (some drama again) without even fucking them. And yes they’ll hit me up days, weeks, months and years later under the guise of missing the sex [sex we never had] and wanting to hook up.

Hence for my shortcomings in bed [simply not giving a shit about penetration], I make up for them in various ways.

The fuck-buddy girl whom I wrote about was simply missing the sexual drama and had to come back for some more.

Not only was she cheating [a huge source of drama in itself] but hinted that her boyfriend was also cheating so that gave her justification to creep with me [more drama].

Therefore the ways in which to get a fuck-friend to come back, and by extension an ex-girlfriend are:

1.) Create drama and ritual

2.) Create sexual drama

3.) Use lots of foreplay

4.) Use freeze-out tactics whenever things fall apart

5.) Let time run its course as your ally

These tips are also super applicable in cases where the girl had dumped you.

The only way to get a girl back is through freeze-outs which is the opposite of chasing and calling her.

Before I go, another former fuck-buddy hit me up earlier today [March, 10th.] virtually begging for sex.

This’ a chick whom I haven’t heard from in like 4 months. Last time we spoke, she literally blew me off and flaked due to some unknown reason then I got these Whatsapp messages from her today [my txts in white, hers in blue]:

As you would’ve gathered from the messages, she came over and we fucked.

She too has a boyfriend (as the other girl)…a husband actually. Once again, it goes to show that majority of women whom you will have met and shagged, will be taken and in relationships/marriages [there’s no such thing as a “Single” girl].

Such is the power of freeze-out tactics and giving women sexual drama and drama in general.

The only way to get a girl chasing you is by creating drama and ignoring her for extended-durations of time [unless she’s easily submissive].

Any dating coach who says that he can teach you how to get your ex back or a fuck-buddy back by remaining in constant contact with her, that dating coach or blog-writer needs to be put out of business or put to shame.

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Socialkenny freezes out his girlfriend

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Get Girls To Send You Naked Pictures [Video Tips]

Who would’ve thought that getting a girl to send a guy some nude pics was actually an art form?

Well it is, an art which often boils down to persuasion tactics.

Apart from trying to persuade her to send some tits and ass shots, there are other key factors just as important:

* Timing

* Time of day

* Feel-out process

* Reciprocation

So it’s not just sporadically asking her to send you some nude photos on the fly. That’s the quickest way to get rejected.

In the video below, I quickly run down my top 8 tips for getting girls to send me nude pictures without an ounce of trepidation.

Not to blow my own horn, but I have a 9 in 10 success rate of getting chicks to actually send me explicit photos…

#Just saying ;)!

Fuck Her Like An Animal!!

I plan to release 3 e-books by year’s end: “How to bang foreign girls”, “My Facebook Method”, and “Sexually Ravage Her”!!

The main theme throughout “Sexually Ravage Her” will be “Dominance in bed”.

“Dominate and ravage her”!

I’ve had more women return to my bed for sequels ever since I adopted some of what was taught in “The Sex God Method”, by PUA dating coach and expert Daniel Rose.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t keep a woman sexually gratified if you don’t beat her up(sexually).

However, you have a much solid chance of keeping her around if you dominate her in the sack; especially in these times where grandma-sex just doesn’t appeal to the up and coming sexual generation.

Sex Should Be A Dramatization!!

Sex should be more drama-filled than actual intercourse.

The actual act of putting dick in vagina isn’t what gives sex that extra edge.

It’s what you’re doing overall to the girl’s body that blows her mind.

Guys hate when the topics of biology and evolution come up, since they just fly right over their heads which are made of a solid matter called “Ignorance”.

In pre-historic times/caveman days, the manner in which the men had sex with their females were rough, dominant, savage-like: bruises, cuts, bites and marks.

Such sexual genetical record is encoded in every woman’s DNA.

It’s no secret that most girls prefer rough, dominant sex.

Sex in a sensual way was never part of the plan.

Sensual is great!

But you shouldn’t be sensual with a girl you’re shagging for the first few times.

An excerpt of what will be in the book, and what I generally advocate when it comes to sex:

How to sexually dominate her to keep her returning

Dominant Kiss: Your 1st. kiss in a seduction location (before fucking her), should be dominant!

• Rather than tilting her chin upwards with your finger to kiss her; tug downwards by the back of her hair to tilt her chin up instead.

• Complete the kiss with a nibble on her chin!


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SocialKenny’s “Fantasy-Raffle” Sex Game: To Keep Your Sex Life Spicy!

Woa!! I’ve been on a major spree when it comes to LTR advice. Must be reading too much of Jesse Charger’s PUA blog (which is great BTW for relationship tips).

Ok, it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist nor an Einstein-like brain to conclude that most relationships are friggin’ BORING!! More monotonous and bland than a carton of plain-white rice from Shing-Wang’s Chinese restaurant in Lower Manhattan.

Likewise, my current ‘on & off’ relationship has sucked 75% of the time (decent percentage; considering others don’t even try to liven it up). Tired of the bullshit, weeks ago, I pondered some cool stuff I can try to re-animate my sex life.

My GF, although she’s a pain in the groin most times, she’s given me 10 thumbs up for my creativity [tooting my big horn huh?]. She’s even bragged to her all female co-workers about this shit [NICE]!!

“Fantasy-Raffle Sex Game”

[Both parties must contribute and participate to keep it interesting for both]:

You’ll need:
*Sheet of paper
*hat, box, bag or plastic

1.) On 10 small pieces of paper [5 for the guy, 5 for the gal], jot down 5 sexual actions or fantasies you’d want the other to perform on you. It makes it more spicy if the person doesn’t normally perform such acts.

Example: facials, eating out, swallowing, blowjob, public sex, elevator sex, blowjob with ice cream…

2.) Feel free to inform the other person of the acts that you’d written down (so it doesn’t push the comfort limit too far). But it’s even 10 times more exhilarating to keep it a secret.

3.) Ok, crumble (individually) all 10 pieces of paper and toss those shit in a bag, hat, frying pan, whatever LOL! Shake it up, then 1 person picks out a paper [who gets to dip and pick first doesn’t matter].

4.) Whichever of the 10 acts gets picked, the other person has to perform it or partake in it [eat it until she orgasms twice, sneaky sex at grandma’s house…]

*To keep it spontaneous as it should be, only do the withdrawal(picking) when it’s about that time for sex, and both parties are horny.

*It kills the spontaneity if yall were to know 2 days prior ,that “Jim has to go down on Sandy with the cheese cake”. So only do the raffle picking when yall are actually in the mood for sex.

[Either toss away the acts which were fulfilled, or keep them(papers) if wish to resume after the 10 acts were eventually completed a few weeks down the line].

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