I See Shyness As The Main Thing That Keeps Guys From Getting Laid

Shyness is a social conditioning and probably the reason you aren’t getting laid!

I have a male coworker who possesses the following attributes:

• About 21 years old

• 6’3 in height

• Slim built

• Very good looking

• Has super swagger in mannerism

…Yet he doesn’t get laid…testament of his v-card which he still holds.

This dude has zero reason whatsoever why he shouldn’t be slaying lots of pussy!

He’s society’s ideal of male beauty: tall, dark, young and handsome…very inviting smile and welcoming personality.

The fact that he falls into the nice-guy bracket is another story for another time as to why he doesn’t get laid.

Ok, so after closely examining his dilemma from our many discussions on the subject of women and hooking up, it became readily apparent that the primary reason for this guy not getting laid, is his shyness…nice-guy vibe aside.

The thing that always puzzles me about shy guys is their apparent detachment from the reality of why they suck with women and dating.

They never seem to realize that their most OBVIOUS sticking-point is SHYNESS!

With this being the case, no matter how many techniques and tweaks a guy like myself can provide them [Outer Game]; the techniques still won’t profit them if they’re unable to break out of that shell of shyness.

In my entire years of teaching pickup, I’ve yet to meet a shy guy who realized and admitted that his pitfall with women was his shyness.

I get the impression that most men (the shy types especially), are expecting women to approach them to break the ice.

How do I know that this is the prevailing impression of shy guys?

My coworker in question constantly laments about women not being social and appearing stuck-up.

He arrived at that conclusion [women are stuck-up] because girls aren’t approaching him in spite of his good looks.

Though I never personally give him tips on how to go about meeting women. But even in his presence, I’m constantly approaching and chatting up strangers while we’re out on lunch and tea breaks.

Thus, this guy has more than enough evidence as to why he sucks [shyness] and what he needs to do to get positive results [approach].

Embracing Your Physical Imperfections And Insecurities When It Comes To Dating [+ video]

Growing up, I was a massively insecure kid (as probably most kids are)!!!

Fellow schoolmates laughing at me for my broken-Caribbean English, made me that much more self-conscious in life.

Not to mention I had teen acne unlike my peers, plus a deep-heavy voice which made me sound 50 when I was only 15…all compounded to my belief that I wasn’t good enough bearing all of those physical and bodily imperfections.

Little did I know: others were struggling with their own shit also.

Since discovering Pickup and coming to the realization that women bang guys who aren’t perfect [Duh]; I was able to overhaul that mindset to become a new man with a new mentality on life and dating.

I also have been balding over the past year but does it stop me from approaching and seducing hot women?


Hence, if you find yourself in this mental space that I was some years ago, this short video which I made days ago, should give you that well-needed encouragement.

Fuck Perfection!!!

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Tell Your Cock-Blocking Mind To Shut The F*** up! [Inner-Game Video]

Short video to get you in the right state/frame when it comes to dating and pickup.

Ok, “your mind is your worst enemy”!

Seconding guessing and hesitation usually comes down to your mind.

Being talked out of taking certain action by your own mind is a reality most of us face.

Our mind wanders off into a whole plethora of scenarios when it comes to the girl:

“I can’t approach her now because she looks busy”!

“I’ll wait until tomorrow”!

“My breath isn’t smelling too kosher right now”!

“If I make a bad impression; people will laugh at me”!

Every now and then, we need that reminder to put ourselves in check in order to rise to the occasion.

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Tyler: “When Is It Right To Burn The Boats With Your Girlfriend, Buddies Or School”

Another interesting hard-talk video from RSD Tyler I thought I’d share with you.

All of what was said I actually advocate to the fullest, so this video had struck me as if I were speaking vicariously through TD.

The message of the video is a simple 1 in theory but hard to apply in life, which is that if you feel that your life sucks or your GF is keeping you down; then ditch her and make a change in life.

As easy as ditching sounds; doing it is the hard part.

Check out the video from RSD Tyler the PUA guru!

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