Jeffy Allen’s Response To The Haters [video repost by Socialkenny]

We all remember the infamous Jezebel story from 2013 where they branded the PUA guru, Jeffy Allen (aka RSD Jeffy aka JLaix) of San Francisco, as a mentally unstable pick-up artist guru who drives around in a rape-van looking to snatch up innocent little kiddies, etc, etc, etc.

Prominent Pick-Up Artist drives a rape van and harasses women on Ok Cupid.

It even made the San Francisco Weekly: Close encounter with Jeffy; our local rape-van pickup artist.

Say what you want, but the van is creative as hell though

Say what you want, but the van is creative as hell though

Well, Jeffy never formally responded to the haters…until a year later, through a video response.

Unfortunately, the video originally posted to his Youtube channel, seems to be restricted to certain regions, viewers and even not available for mobile devices.

As for me, I’m unable to watch the original video due to this restriction by Youtube, so I instead uploaded it to my channel which will enable me and others who don’t have access, to check it out.

Very interesting video by the way, as Jeffy clears the air about the situation, the rape-van, trolling fat girls and how masses of feminists wanted his head on a silver platter for the Jezebel posting.

Pull Like A Boss

I love this video where Julien sees his student fucking up and being a bitch, so he comes in and totally steal away his student’s girl…and possibly could’ve taken her home.

A great lesson in how and why you should man up.

Day-Game Night-Game Ultimate PUA Infield Video Documentary – 4 Hours Of The Realest-Pickup Footages Ever!

Ok guys, the arduous-video project has been completed and just now posted to Youtube without a hiccup.

It’s been 3 whole days of non-stop editing, splicing, merging and tweaking over 100 video clips [over 8 Gigabytes worth edited down to 2.0 GB].

Arguably the most time-consuming task I ever embarked on in my entire 32 years of physical existence! 😯 …all in the name of equipping you guys with the tools and mindset to being social with strangers (women), picking them up and creating instance romantic connections which leads towards dates and sex!

The recording took place on foreign soil [a Caribbean island] over the weekend of September, 19th, 2014, as I decided at the last minute to take a trip via ferry in the name of Pickup/Seduction. — – – ->>>

25 + Things You Will Learn From Watching This Lengthy Video:

   *How to create instant romance and attraction within minutes.

   *How to make a super-bold move.

   *How to social vibe.

   *How to never run out of things to say again!

   *How to chat up and pick up girls in banks.

   *Street-game pickup and how to pick up “Moving Targets” (girls who are hustling).

   *How to turn around sets which seem rocky at the start.

   *How to handle yourself when a girl tests you.

   *The best and simplest opener(s) EVER…which I came up with on the fly…with a 95% success rate of hooking the girl’s attention!

   *Rejections and blowouts don’t exist.

   *How to play the #’s game

   *How to get phone numbers, Facebook exchanges, etc…and when to go for which means of communication.

   *How to spike a girl’s buying temperature within minutes and signs which indicates that she’s sexual aroused for you.

   *Hot girls are NOT bitchy but actually super friendly.

   *Competition from other men does NOT fucking exist!

   *How to pick up sexy MILF’s.

   *How to attract and pick up girls half your age!

   *How learning another language helps your pick-up skills and helps you get by in life [I was able to get a free meal (pizza and soda) @ an Arab/Syrian pizza joint.

   *How having a sense of humor and making girls smile/laugh is your ticket to getting the girl.

   *How to pick up sexy-black girls.

   *Using your foreignness to attract women.

   *How to run tourist game and how portraying yourself as a tourist is a huge DHV and attraction spike.

   *How to get instant dates and how online dating is unnecessary when you can get dates by simply running street-game pickup.

         *How I deal with rejections and how you should deal with them.

What you will not see in this video is me being (ultra) aggressive and running much physical game. 😦

I’m a very physical guy in terms of touching women.

However, since I record in the 1st person- meaning that the recording device(s) is actually in my hand(s), it’s almost impossible to execute KINO (physical touching) properly since I’m essentially rendered handicapped by the recorders.

It’s also 10 times as riskier to get physical while holding the camera/phone/device as the chances of getting caught recording by the girl will have increased with any 1 erratic movement.

With that, I’m reduced to a (lot) less physical style while displaying a more verbally aggressive game but with a physically smooth touch.

Hence, you’ll see more finesse game than anything else…though I prefer to be physically pushy and aggressive as when I’m not recording.

As for video quality and the quality of women; the Day-Game sets recorded are obviously in better quality than the night sets which at times were shot in poorly lit areas…however still very discernible.

The physical quality of the girls is HOT…to societal standards!

However, I didn’t just want to showcase how to game “super-thin women” [which I don’t like to be honest], but I also picked up perhaps 1 girl on the thicker side.

Anyway guys, here’s the long-anticipated video…and enjoy the documented process of meeting random strangers on the streets which will be your guide to becoming a social and attractive guy!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to Youtube’s criteria, the video is deemed too long to post as 1 video, so I was forced to splitting it in half. So here’s part 1.

Part 2 which is a direct continuation to part 1, will be posted in the post within the next hour.

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