Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable [Inner Game Advice]

I’m not 1 for mental masturbation, but over the past week, I’ve been giving you folks some doses of tough love and advice on how to build a solid state to attract and seduce more girls.

In this video, I give you a pep-talk on social anxiety and 1 of the ways in which I got rid of my severe anxiety with women and life in general.

It comes down to being comfortable in the uncomfortable.

If there’s a paralyzing situation which hampers you in life or with women; then approach that uncomfortable situation feeling comfortable.

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The Hypocrisy Of Religious Women And Sex [plus frame control].

Ever so often, I’d reconnect (by chance) with a former fuck-buddy or girl whom I could’ve banged, but didn’t because of Shitty Logistics.

Meet “Divalicious”!

3 years ago, I picked up an HB Canadian from Toronto who goes by the pseudonym “Divalicious”.

I hijacked this photo of Kas from from her days of freakiness.

We did everything sexually imaginable under the bright sun besides FUCKING[poor logistics dammit!!]!

This chic was so raunchy that she wanted me to throat fuck her until she gags and throws up on my cock [talk about freaky].

Fast forward 3 years later to 2012

She got in contact with me somehow (last night). She added me to her BBM Messenger, and this’ how the chat went verbatim (word for word):

[Pay attention to the religious hypocrisy and how it’s used as a front]

Kas: “Hey stranger, it’s been ages”.

Kenny: “Yea I know. From what I can see: you still have the perky booty”.

Kas: “Of course. But I’m serving the Lord now”.

Kenny: “WTF does that mean”?

Kas: “I devoted my life to the service of our lord Jesus Christ”.

Kenny: “That’s good. Are you still a freak though”?

Kas: “Lol, I’ve done away with that life”.

Kenny: “Well I don’t see anything wrong with that life”.

Kas: “For you. But I’m a Christian now, so sex talk and sex is out”.

Kenny: “If you’re really a Christian: then call me Moses LOL”.

Kas: “Lol. I’m only concern in life now is to serve the lord and my church”.

[Watch how I skillfully throw her off and expose the religious bullshit/act. Strongest Frame wins as we teach in pick-up]

Kenny: “Well cool. I don’t mine you being a saint. You wont be the 1st. saint I have sex with”.

Kas: “Lol I’m not a saint. You haven’t changed have you”?

Kenny: “Nah, I’m still the same dirty-old heathen Kenny. Rotten to the core. You betta watch out”.

Kas: “Jesus is protecting me. I’m no more that person”.

[Watch how she’s trying to maneuver the chat back to religion as she’s getting a dose of “backwards rationalization”. But my frame is stronger]

Kenny: “Jesus is protecting me too. BTW, nice boobs”.

Kas: “Thank you Kenny”.

Kenny: “They seem smaller though. You had a reduction”?

[I’m skillfully transitioning back to sex, dominating her pliable frame]

Kas: “Lol no. They’re still same size”.

Kenny: “Ok cool. I enjoyed toying with them. That used to drive you crazy”.

Kas: “Yea I know”.

Kenny: “So a Christian isn’t allowed to have sex”?

[I’m now beginning to rub it in her face that she was a religious hypocrite]

Kas: “Yea, but after marriage”.

Kenny: “So I guess we were married when we fooled around”?

Kas: “That was different then. I now have Jesus in me”.

Kenny: “Cool! By the looks of it, you’re a highly sexualized girl [the clothes she wore in her pic]. Is that a sin to be Christian and sexy”!?

Kas: “No no sin there”.

[I’m beginning to covertly sexually escalate and break down the religious facade/front]

Kenny: “Well since it’s no sin for Christians to dress sexy and revealing. Is it safe to say that I’m enjoying your sexy Christian body”.

Kas: “LOL you’re killing me! It’s ok”.

[Her “Buying Temperature” is beginning to spike upwards, i.e. she’s getting turned on]

Kenny: “Lol, I don’t wanna kill you. I just wanna relive our moments which drove both of us crazy, like when I ate your pussy on the balcony” [which never happened BTW, but I’m entertaining the though just to get her horny].

Kas: “Lol that never happened. But sounds good though”.

Kenny: “But honestly, I don’t wanna tempt you and throw you off of your religious path. I’m like a devil. You don’t wanna fuck with me”.

Kas: “Lol I’m ok with the chat. I’m not so easily swayed and tempted”.

[She obviously wants the sexual chat to progress, but she’s using it under the guise that she can’t be swayed…which is bullshit since I already out frame her into talking about sex]

Kenny: “Sex is so dirty and wrong. I don’t wanna continue. I prefer to see you instead and we chat about this Jesus guy. Maybe you can enlighten me”.

[An obvious bait and ploy to get her # and hook up]

Kas: “My # is ***-***-****. Call me whenever you’re back in my town”.

Kenny: “Cool. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about this Jesus guy and for you to convert me”.

Hypocrisy in Religion (namely Christianity

Only a dummy would believe that she coughed up her # for the purpose of chatting religion.

No, she wants to fuck!

I’ve been through this a million times with a million girls; met girls who were all about it(sexually), then due to some random situation in life, they begin to profess “I love Jesus”.

Kas’ situation [I came to find out] was the same as 95% of the chics who pull this “I’m now religious” stunt.

She’s been in a bad relationship, BF dogged her out,beat her ass, treated her like trash [so they say]…

Then miraculously found GOD and Jesus.

Do I buy it?

Hell fucking no!!!

99% of the times [the cases I observed], these chics are just bluffing themselves in a ring of hypocrisy.

They’re weak, super gullible and easily mislead.

Thus my statement from an earlier article: “women in the church are the easiest in the world to seduce and bang”.

They hide behind paper-thin facades of religion(Christianity), when in fact it’s just BULLSHIT for a time.

But the real hypocrisy surfaces when Christians play this self-righteous game to say that sex before marriage is wrong.

But how many Christians in the church are virgins and will remain virgins until they’re married?

How many people in the church have had sex out of wedlock?

A cool 99% I’d say.

The Lesson

• Sex overpowers religion almost all the time.

• Women will play the religion card and pretend to be religious until she runs across a guy who “gets it”.

• Women go through many phases in life (due to emotions and hormonal imbalance), where one moment they’re celibate, religious, spiritual, man-haters, feminists, etc.

• But at the end of the day: it’s a self-delusional facade most times.

• It only takes an Alpha Male like I am to expose the bullshit for what it is.

• That is why I’m never dissuaded to picking up religious chics, because I’m socially aware enough to know that what a woman believes in, holds ZERO weight when faced with a challenging Alpha Male.

• Faced with a Weak-Beta Male (which most men are), she can convince him that sex is sinful, bad, wrong and nasty.

I respect that women wanna change and do things differently.

But do it genuinely, or Alphas like I am will be able to see through the front.

If you’re religious and Jesus’ the only man in your life: then stick by that.

But don’t play the middle.

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