Repost From 2011: “Christmas Eve Sarging Field Report”

Hey guys, as much as I’m a Grinch around this time of year, it is still 1 of my favorite times of the year to sarge [meeting women on the streets].

I take you back to December 24 th. 2011 with a repost.

By the way, this field report took place in the Caribbean before I’d relocated full time.


It’s 2 AM, just strolling in, tipsy as a man on the edge of a cliff, barely made it up my flight of stairs. :sick:

Hopefully I’m sober enough to even write this field report without slurring the message, so forgive me if I get sloppy.

Ok guys, for those who follow me on Twitter [account now deactivated], you would’ve known that I was out all night at a new bar on island.

I was supposed to meet up with a Canadian girl (an HB9), but she never showed [I showed up too late I believe], so I quickly settled into a usual rhythm.

There were lots of chicks strolling the streets outside the bar, so I decided to put my iPhone to whatever good use it has to snap some pics while my buddies run some street game.

Ok, before I entered the bar, I was chillin’ with my wingmen trying to pull some hotties out of a rental car while at the Square [a popular, hustle & bustle area on the island].


* [A crew of fatties congregating] 😉


* [My wingman for the night, “Box”, calls over the hottest one of the bunch to start gaming her. Apparently, she has a pouch on the tummy. Apart from that: she’s isn’t a bad pull. She’s tall as hell though [probably 6’1]!!!


* The chubby friend of the HB-Tall girl tries pulling the external interrupt by calling her over- she obliges.

This is why you must befriend the friend of the target [crucial mistake by Box].

As I analyzed the interaction, there were major girl code being tossed around, nevertheless, my boy Box stays persistent and bust on her for being the lap-dog to her friend.

This allowed him some extra time to game on.


* Ten minutes later, “Box” is still in-set not giving up easily as most guys would.

Persistence is key here guys [burn it to the fucking ground]!

The girl slowly walks off but my wingman stays persistent.

He was getting good vibes BTW! Just that her fat-fucking friend kept sabotaging the set!!! 😡

I could’ve occupied the obstacle [the plumper], but I was more concerned with breaking down the in-field dynamics which were taking place.


* We pulled up (in the renter car) beside 2 chicks who were standing in the fucking street virtually blocking traffic [they do that a lot here where they congregate in mid road]!

One was super-slim, the other OK. Nothing much happened.


*The fellaz stayed outside running street pick up while I went solo to the bar straight ahead.


* My first time in this new bar that just opened last week [no grenades here so far].

The 2 bartenders were hot as furnaces! One white, the other black.

Wow, these girls were drinking while bartending! Now that’s progressive!


*I don’t usually game hired guns [waiters, bartenders, strippers, etc.], but I chatted them up a bit.

The black one (on the left) is from NYC and the white chick is from Toronto.

My wings for the night shortly after entered the bar, we grabbed a table, few bottles [red wine and Smirnoff]…

I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, but I went to the counter and said to the black bartender, “Do you still model”?

Must have been the alcohol talking to re-open with such a lame/AFC’ish question!!!

She gave me a “WTF” grimace so I said to her, “When we chatted earlier, you told me you modeled”.

The chat stalled, I’d C & B [Crashed and Burned]…

Adjacent to our table was a 4-set: 1 fat, the other 3 model-figured [no footage though].

I opened the set by saying to the chubby one [since she was the leader of the group/alpha female], “Hey, why don’t you be a nice girl and take my pic’? You’re taking everyone else’s pic’ in the damn bar. What happened to me”!!? 😆

That was a solid-banter line to break the ice [banter is the biggest part of my game].

As expected, she LOLs, grabs the camera from her girlie bag and took some photos of me and the boys.

Before I got to chat up her friends via introduction [I didn’t have a target in mind as yet], some orbiter tries AMOG’ing me to lower my value and blow me out of the set. But I employed the best AMOG destroyer tactic: simply ignored him!

[Note: “AMOG” is seduction jargon for cock-blocking or besting another person]

Found out that they were from the NY Tri-State area (Waterbury, Connecticut) down here for the holiday.

Before they left the bar, they told us to meet up with them at some party or club.

The details were sketchy (probably since they weren’t familiar with the island) ,so I didn’t even know where the hell to meet up with them!

* Key note here: It’s a must that you first open the leader of any set.

You cannot open a set by going straight for the target and ignoring the leader of the group.

You’ll get blown the fuck out via girl-code. So that’s why I’d opened the fat one since she was the loudest one (in other words leader of the set). So once you win her over, the other girls in her social circle MUST conform.


My boys bounced to the club, I was too tired and had a bit too much red wine so I took my ass home instead.

No telling what would’ve transpired with the Connecticut girls (had I went to the club) but the bed was calling.

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“Shock Videos Don’t Justify Censohship” [reblogged from The Jester’s PUA Blog]

Nate Hanager aka Jester PUA of Southern California

Nate Hanager aka Jester PUA of Southern California

Glad to see other top figures in the Pickup industry join the good fight.

“This post comes via my great buddy over at The Jester’s Blog, Nate Hananger, a pickup-dating instructor.

“Shock videos don’t justify censorship- original article”

Only seconds away from making a video clip to mock those who are whining all over the web about Julien Blanc (one of the many skilled coaches of Real Social Dynamics) and their inability to do anything to end his existence or what he stands for…I had to stop and ask “What the fuck am I doing?!!”

Fighting the unwinnable fight just isn’t worth it. While I’m at it, I’ll put on my Superman costume and go singlehandedly defeat ISIS, and then go cure Ebola.

Besides, the mob participates not to help or educate others, but rather to hear themselves speak. It’s the narcissistic writing equivalent of taking selfies. So why not conform, type something up and with some luck, offend some people in the process?

Every feminist I’ve seen bash the Pickup Community chooses an easy target, they’ve never personally met, that has reached a climactic wave of publicity, and shouts, “Look at this stupid man!” Aiming at the sheep with the lowest IQ’s and shortest attention spans, they always cherry-pick a tiny snippet of his content as opposed to thoroughly reviewing their target’s entire products or services. But when it comes time to give readers something to replace his controversial concepts with equally beneficial teachings, they seem to fall short. *Still holding breath to meet the one who’ll make me eat my words.

Penis vs. Vagina even exceeds the Hundred Years War, and yet amidst it all I (and countless others involved in the community) still manage to slither through the cracks and snuggle up to a nice pink taco on a regular basis. Not too different from how I’d snuggle up to Jenni Li before hacking through her 70’s jungle-bush, spreading those air flaps and generously giving her enough orgasms just to smile at least once. After all, she deserves a little reward for giving the pickup community all of this attention. #GoDownOnJenniLi

By the way, her latest decision to sabotage the domain hosting businesses that provide RSD with their websites is more laughable than my Mom’s failed attempt to block porn sites when I was a teenager. It’s also ironically pointless since the tsunami of searches for “Julien Blanc” has skyrocketed. Even if only 1% of those searching convert into new clients, him and his associates will rake in more than enough cash to reinvest in their company.

For those who see the problem with Jenni trying to decide for us what we can and cannot read, or what websites we should be allowed to view, and want to condemn unjust censorship, it takes 1 minute to sign this petition:

Activism is a funny thing. It’s like the lazy man’s (or woman’s) attempt at getting into law…particularly the grey area of law that fights for a serious cause, but not one that might lead to corruption, impeachments, death threats or danger. While those really working (actually getting paid for it) either wear a badge and carry a gun, or wear a custom-tailored suit and pass bills…there are still those standing in front of the grocery store with petitions, taking up real estate usually reserved for girl scouts with over-priced cookies.

THEM: “Please sign Petition Meow and help us make YouTube strictly cat videos!”
ME: “If that were the case, I wouldn’t be here to buy more lotion and troll your daughter’s profile. Bye!”  

Regardless of your gender, opinions, beliefs, philosophy, color, or favorite Julien Blanc quote – if you use one person to generalize an entire class, category or group of people, you’re a piece of shit. Those who suffer from a mental illness combining hypersensitivity with self-entitlement are real tools because they think the world should change for them, rather than turning a blind eye to what they cannot control. If I hurt your feelings, go walk into traffic because evolution picks off the weak links eventually. Life is a lot tougher than a blog post or a shock-value video, cupcake.

Furthermore, if you are going to rally against not only a multi-million dollar company, but also an idea…you’d better have deep pockets and powerful friends. Most hate the idea of Priests fucking little boys, but the Catholic church is still very much active.  

Now to the gentlemen out there who haven’t been bamboozled into conforming to criticism from strangers they’ve never met…

First and foremost, get used to it. Different opinions and random mouths to voice them can be found anywhere, even when you don’t want to hear them. My personal favorites are those that don’t make sense from crackheads. If the slightest breeze is enough to reverse your personal views, such as those that are leading you to what you define as happiness, then it’s time to gauge your manliness.

Whether you’re an individual, group or a company, using the sentence “______ is giving me/us a bad name.” is a self-fulfilling prophecy where you’re choosing to stand in their shadow, rather than working your way into the spotlight. One’s true strength (or inner game) is demonstrated when they’re faced with adversity.

Plus, has it ever dawned on you that even your closest friends have different opinions than you? Mine sure do, yet we get along seemingly fine and are able to coexist without choking one another.

Which brings me to my second point – choking isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing. Just ask the countless women spending over $1 Billion per year on the erotic novel industry.

Among the many ways a woman can be dominated in bed, grasping her neck firmly but gently is one of them. Just proceed with caution because too much erotic asphyxiation with land you in prison with your only blowjobs being those you give your giant cellmate. Pray he drinks extra pineapple juice.

When done correctly, I can personally testify that I’ve seen it push many women to orgasms they were quite vocal about. And by vocal, no…I do not mean they began reciting laws against physical or sexual abuse to me, or reading the latest Jezebel article aloud while putting on her chastity belt and calling the cops.

Anyone who tries to claim choking is bad for everyone clearly has little or no experience in rough sex. And it’s fine if they choose the same vanilla 3-minute romp their parents drunkenly used to conceive them…but their pointless complaints aren’t going to prevent what happens behind my closed doors.

Third, I admire and recognize Julien for successfully getting thousands of full-grown adults to throw temper tantrums on the Internet. Hence his award below.

It was one giant blob of diversity sharing the common delusion that their complaints will change something. One of my bucket list items is to start a trending controversy of my own some day. Sure it’s slightly counterproductive from a business standpoint, (which is why I understand Tyler’s apologetic response) but insecure students of pickup need shocking content to see they won’t get the shit kicked out of them just for being extroverted.

If you suffer from the delusion I mentioned, regardless of what you’re fighting for, I urge you to try and get to the source, rather than treating the symptoms. And to the critics – Julien is not the source. A smart person would’ve started giving Julien guidance relevant to their biased views back when he was a child. But guiding the kids of the next generation is hard, complicated work that requires collaborating with many different local, state and federal organizations (not to mention helping parents be responsible) and it’s easier to just type something like this and naively hope someone else does that “hard” work. Protesting against an assertive adult with self-awareness and chosen views of their own is like calling the fire department after your house is nothing but a pile of ashes. You’re a tad bit late.

One might as well go after the true root of it all and try and alter the biological programming of humans that causes men to crave vagina in the first place. I promise to send cookies to whatever psychiatric ward they lock you in.  

Think about all of the teachings and reference experiences that have sculpted this guy into who he is now. Years of countless moments. Then ask yourself, “Are my actions capable of matching or exceeding the combined influence of his total reference experiences?”

I could go all-out nerd on you (because we all know how often they get laid) and bring up an analogy about Newton’s Laws of Motion, how a moving object will keep going, unless a force of equal or greater power causes it to stop or change direction…but then I realized this was the first time since 9th grade that I actually used this stupid information.

Point is – neither side will ever win. There will never be a cookie-cutter formula to seduce every woman into closing her mouth and opening her legs, just as there will never come a day where all men are fixed and put on a leash. And if that kills your hopes, I say drive to your local Walmart and take a look at the scary trolls that were actually able to conceive offspring. Then thank whatever god you worship that your lard-ass “genetics” don’t force you to drive an automatic cart around a thrift store.

Pickup is a source of knowledge for a specific demographic, inside of which lies many different people with many different (even conflicting) goals and opinions. If any extreme activists are going to begin attacking these sites because they feel they have a right to dictate what knowledge others should have access to…basically being the Hitler of literature…perhaps these activists should go all the way to their nearest libraries, show their faces, grab all of the pro-pickup books and burn them out in the streets. Anyone got the sand to come out from hiding behind your computer?

If not, let me think whatever the hell I want, read whatever the hell I want, buy whatever I want, and attend any pickup seminars I want…and then kindly fuck off!

Also, congrats to my pal and fellow blogger, SocialKenny, for jump in guns blazing and have the tolerance to put up with all of the mudslinging being launched at him ever since Jezebel gave him a new wave of visitors. But not without a price, since Team Estrogen has managed to get his Twitter Profile temporarily suspended. Sometimes it’s a pussy full of laughs to just kick the beehive and know they devoted time they’ll never get back to typing out your name.

And lastly to Jezebel journalist, Anna Merlan, who wrote this – if you’re ever in LA, feel free to contact me since your specially made coupon doesn’t expire. XOXO!!

Check out the original article which is even funnier.

Shock videos don’t justify censorship- original article

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