Is Pickup Manipulative?

I received the following question in the form a post on my Facebook page wall [Master Seducers], from a guy who’s a regular follower of mines.

My address to his question:

Is that manipulative?

Yes and no.

Shocked!? 😯

I’ll explain!

Manipulation: to manage and influence someone or something skillfully.

That is the most general and primary definition given for “Manipulation” in any online or physical dictionary.

Doesn’t sound so crafty and nefarious does it?

Within the confines of the true definition of manipulation: yes- we do manipulate women in pickup, just as guys outside of pickup, also practice manipulative tactics.

The trick now comes in where AFC’s and Beta-Males who oppose pick-up ideology, put a negative spin on the word manipulation, and then tag that label onto pickup.

Believe whatever it is you want, but we all manipulate!

The world itself is a grand manipulation!

In fact, if you don’t manipulate others, you get nowhere in life!

Everyone of us is subjected to manipulative tactics, and everyone of us attempts to use manipulation upon others.

How about women who wear makeup and mascara?

Isn’t that manipulation?

Isn’t that an attempt to make oneself appear (more) youthful than she really is in order to attract those of the opposite sex?

Isn’t that very manipulative?

How about wigs and false hair?

How about lipstick, botox, liposuction and high heels?

Are those manipulative tactics?

Of course they are!

However, we don’t hear Beta-Males and “good men” crying foul about such manipulative tactics which are used by almost every girl in the so-called developed and developing world.

Hence, why the double standard?

Why do some men see chatting up women as manipulation, but women wearing skin-tight outfits to the nightclubs in order to seduce men, are taken with a grain of salt?

The answers are besides the point.

What is very relevant is the reality that both sexes MUST and DO manipulate the other.

Women aren’t called out on this because ass-kissing Beta-Males want to remain servant-boys to women, so it’s best to ignore manipulation of the part of women in order to not upset their positions at poop-scoopers of women in society.

Even he- the “good guy” Beta- is the biggest manipulator there is in the virtual-dating marketplace!

So-called “Nice Guys” are the real assholes.

Their entire strategy is the manipulation of women!

They try to “friend” their way into pussy!

Their niceties and benevolent gestures are all done in hopes to get laid!

The so-called “good guy” isn’t being nice to women just for the sake of spreading love!

His agenda is a hidden motive which is all to get his slimy ‘self some poon-tang.

However, since he’s a social coward, afraid to advance on this goal of his [to get laid through false pretense], included the fact that this is the only way he knows (or been taught), he conceals his ulterior motives while berating the bolder men who don’t mislead women into thinking that their sole purpose for “talking” is just for friendship sake.

Hence, whenever I receive those oft-familiar comments and e-mails from guys who sparingly get laid, saying that “pickup is manipulative”, I chuckle and say, “Sure! It is! But don’t for 1 minute think that your ‘nice-guy shit’ isn’t manipulation in the worst way”!

At least as someone who does seduction/pickup, I can pride myself on the fact that I don’t lie to women, I don’t mislead women, I don’t give false hope and make false promises, I don’t “befriend” women in order to get laid, I don’t come off as someone who’s providing a shoulder to cry on while trying to fuck her at the same time!

Those are all crass-manipulative tactics of the average Joes, the Beta-Males and weak men!

They provide a shoulder for the girl to cry on in moments of distress while trying to finger her vagina as she sobs on his shoulder.

Very creepy muthafuckers are those so-called “Good Guys” who label PUA’s as manipulative and tricking women into bed!

A PUA does NOT provide a shoulder for any chick to lean on and to cry on!

A PUA does NOT make promises of relationship in hopes that the girl gives him sex under the promise of a relationship in waiting!

Speaking of that, I posted the following screenshot to my Facebook yesterday of a chat I had with a girl dating back to 2013 after I picked her up.

When I picked her up, quite naturally, my intention, which was stated to her, was solely a casual affair.

In other words; I was NOT looking a relationship- merely sex!

Now, this chick had fallen for me so hard within 2 weeks of meeting, she begged me to be in a relationship with her!

I turned her down!

I was NOT in the business of misleading women via false promises of exclusivity just to get laid.

Realizing that I wasn’t going to budge, she tried to put me in the friend-zone as a way to keep me around in order to entrap me into an unwanted relationship with her [women are brilliant tricksters].

Again; I declined to be her friend since that was NOT what I was after!

Thus the following messages she sent me upon my refusal to agree to anything serious or mere friendship.

Now, there are some guys out there going:

“Kenny, why the fuck didn’t you just agree to the terms and promise the girl a relationship in order to sleep with her”!?

Again; that would have been the worst kind of manipulation, playing on a gullible person through false hope and false promises.

That is an anti-PUA tactic, and we frown upon men [stereotypical players] who have to lie and mislead in such a way in order to get laid!

Hence, how are PUA’s manipulative!?

In which way?


This isn’t just a Kenny thing!

Any PUA would’ve done the same…unless he’s a rogue or fringy character…which is his prerogative! But PUA’s for the most part, are above board with the women we meet!

Sure I lie to women just as everyone else does!

I mean, telling a girl whom you’d just met that you live downtown when you really live uptown, isn’t manipulation, though a white lie.

On the other hand, telling a girl that you want to marry her, or take care of her and treat her like a princess when you only want to sleep with her, is manipulation and deception of the worst kind in dating!

There’s no hidden fucking agenda when it comes to the operation of a PUA!

The girl knows what we want!

We are not as stupid and unskilled to voice this to her. But she can very much tell within our body language, gestures [KINO and touching], voice, tonality and the subject matters we touch on and the ones we avoid like the plague.

The difference now between a PUA and a so-called non-manipulative guy, is that the so-called “good guy” hides his dick from women!

In other words, he pretends as though he doesn’t have a sexual interest in the women he meets.

Whenever a girl calls him out on wanting to fuck her, he goes:

“Oh no! Not me! I’m a good guy trying to make friends”!

However, since women possess clairvoyant abilities, she sees through this so-called good guy’s bullshit facade of deception and immediate dismisses him as just another chode-ass Beta trying to friend his way into some pussy.

Those are your manipulators in the negative sense of the word!

The so-called nice guys and “good guys” are your true manipulators, tricksters, deceptors and misleaders!

The Pick-Up Artist merely plays the mating ritual, which is a dance involving 2 persons engaged in push-pull, flirting, cat and mouse and subtle leads and gives.

Women very well understand that dating and courtship is a dance!

PUA’s also understand this!

The stereotypical “good guy” is the only one oblivious to the way this game is played, hence he resorts to manipulative tactics such as trying to buy women, buy their love, buy their affection, buy their attention in the form of gifts, drinks at the club, nice-guy chatter, flattery and compliments.

His entire schtick is to buy women!

He puts down-payments and [monetary] installments on the pussy [through favors, errands and gifts] in hopes that the girl will reward him with what he truly wants but is afraid to go after it: SEX!

On that note, to those guys out there who get somewhat defensive whenever confronted with “pickup is manipulative” talking points, take it not negatively!

Laugh it off while bearing in mind that the guys (or gals) who taunt you of this, are the true manipulators!

For crying out loud dude, I’ve been called a manipulator, rapist and evil scumbag by both men and women over the years since propagating this information through my blog.

Have those falsified labels detracted me from my 2 main goals: teaching and banging?

Of course not!

The true hallmark of an Alpha-Male is someone who doesn’t allow weaker people’s opinions of them to cause a reaction for the worse.

Reader Question: “Why Censorship Now”?

Why do I now censor names and faces in screenshots…particularly of Facebook chat conversations which I take screenshots of in order to illustrate real-world points for you guys?

To be honest, I don’t see why guys make a fuss about censorship material [namely names].

To play devil’s advocate, I do understand why guys are skeptical about material that are completely censored.

It adds an element of “he has something to hide”.

In my case however, I had no qualms with posting screenshot conversations while leaving the girl’s names and faces un-blurred.

I really hated having to waste time uploading screenshot photos to a censoring app in order to mask the girl’s name and face, so I rarely ever did it.

Why have I started to blur shit nowadays?

Three reasons:

1.) To protect the girl’s identity as much as possible (which is a given)

2.) To cover my ass in case the girl happens to stumble upon my blog and see herself in a compromising position and then sees me as a grand asshole…which I have no problem with since I embrace the villainous persona

3.) Trolls & Haters

Of the 3 reasons that I censor names and faces in my text-logs, the third is the most substantial.

A while back, I picked up, seduced and banged an East-Indian chick [living here in the islands] in stunning fashion. So much so that I felt that the pick-up itself was worthy of a lengthy article and breakdown for advisory purposes for my ardent followers. So I took some screenshots of the pickup [through Facebook] and included them in the article.

East-Indian HB

Nothing new there.

Since the screenshots were originally taken from Facebook messenger, it hinted to the fact that the girl and I were likely friends on Facebook…and we were…and still are.

About a day later, some hater of mines and quasi-troll, actually contacted the girl through Facebook and tried to sabotage things between the girl and me. 😡 😦 😡 Since I wasn’t censoring anything at that time, the girl’s full name and profile pic were visibly displayed in the screenshots, giving some weirdo easy access to stalk the hottie and to attempt to fuck me over in the process by blowing cover.

Little did he know, I had already been given the nod of okay from the Indian HB, and she was cool with me posting our text chats to my blog if it meant teaching guys how to connect with women over text [I love when a woman can see the greater cause].

Therefore, the girl was already aware of my post.

However, the troll being oblivious to this and on a mission to wreck my future chances of having sexual relations with this girl, went the extra mile to contact the Indian girl on Facebook to tell her that some guy [Kenny] had written an article about her in a not-so-flattering light.

Now, the girl having already known the deal, shrugged it off.

Upon the realization that the girl wasn’t budging and wasn’t throwing a fit, the troll then decided to net-stalk the girl, sending her crazy messages to her inbox, creeping her the fuck out, posting to her wall [remind you she has a husband], making the girl very uneasy as would’ve been expected. 😯

In the end, the girl remained a good sport in spite of the risks that faced her: the husband discovering that she’s had an affair with some random guy she met through Facebook.

Anyway, so the net-stalking troll had threatened to message her husband and blow the cover on the affair…fortunately for her- he never did succeed.

From that incident, I realized how practical it was to cover my ass, though there’s no risk involved for me…besides an enraged husband trying to kill me for screwing his wife. 😦 😦

All in all, I learned a valuable lesson from that 1 situation. So that is why I take precautionary measures to censor faces and names as much as possible.

Don’t need another troll trying to ruin the work I put in.

Reader Question: “Why Black Girls”?

Great question!

I am often asked by curious folks, primarily viewers of my Youtube uploads, “Why do you exclusively pick up black girls”?

Fair enough question when it’s not coming from trolls but people who are genuinely curious.

I pick up girls of all races and nationalities.

My preference however, are black girls and East-Indian women.

Being a black guy, raised among black girls, quite naturally [and by osmosis], my attraction and preference would’ve likely been for black girls. So I do prefer black girls, just as any Caucasian male would likely prefer white chicks, Arab men would prefer Arab women, etc.

The exceptions are always the interracial daters.

As depicted in the photo below: I’ve had my share of white meat.


Canadian photographer
Italian American

As for East-Indian girls, I have a fetish for them.

Don’t expect me to give a well-worded discourse on why this is so.

I’m guessing that fetishes aren’t as easily explainable neither rational. ❓

East Indian from Britain

Now, here is the other thing: location, location, location.

If you’ve been following my stuff for any time now, you would know that I currently reside in the Eastern Caribbean…where I was born actually [Antigua].

Just by sheer numbers and demographics alone [blacks being the vast majority in the Caribbean islands], there is bound to be a drastic edge towards black girls.

I mean- it is a sheer fucking numbers game.

It’s like being a black guy living in Russia and not expect that his options in women would heavily favor white women since they are the overwhelming majority…by a landslide.

In the Caribbean islands: same dynamics as any predominantly white region [but favoring blacks].

Hence, even if I had a preference for white or Asian women, they are limited in the Caribbean.

Sure the numbers of Chinese immigrants [from nearly a century ago] is vast. But still not big enough for consistent pickup if one were to only sarge Asian women in the Caribbean [and by the pick-up term “Sarge”, I mean to pursue women].

All in all, I am basically working with what I have at my disposal and what is available to me.

If I were in Latvia, I would hunt white tail…though I prefer black tail.

If I were living in Saudi Arabia; Arab ass would be the likely meal on my pickup menu…by sheer demographics and numbers.

It makes no sense to be living in Tokyo, Japan while hunting for white or black chicks.

The numbers just aren’t there to put up a significant enough lay count to even write about.

Therefore, you work with whatever the environment gives you as far as girls go.

My current region gives me sexy-ass black girls; so I wisely take them, opposed to sitting around waiting for my “ideal type”…just to use a reference here!

In closing: 70% of my street pick-ups and lays are centered around black girls, 25% around Latinas, and the remaining 5% consisted of whites and Asians.

The white girls whom I do pick up, almost always happen to be tourists, vacationers, off-shore campus students, drifters and transient types. But I would have to go to touristy spots on island in order to pull white girls…and I find that to be a huge waste of time.

Online however, I pick up a fair amount of white girls as designated bangs for whenever I travel.

When I’m back home in New York City [my 2nd home], I hardly ever game there since I’m only there for a day or 2 then back out the country.

On a final note, some guys seem to believe that I am incapable of gaming white chicks, so that is why I stick to gaming and bedding black girls to whom I’m accustomed.

Well- my many photos and videos slap that argument dead in the face!

Girls are girls.

There is no such thing as white girls are harder, Asian girls are easier, black girls are bitchier, women of this or that region is harder, bla, bla, bla!

Doesn’t exist!

Such fallacious drivel was created and propagated by mental-masturbating losers who haven’t gotten a clue as to what it is to consistently date or to interracial-date.

Guys on the ground like myself who have actual experience in picking up thousands of women, can tell you that there’s no such thing as difficult women by either race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.

On a fundamental level, all women are the same!

Sure there are cultural differences and variants, but those are just the superficial matters and not the core of a woman’s being.


Reader Question: “How Many Girls Do You Regularly Pick Up”?


A very common question I get asked is:

“How many girls do you pick up”?

The answer simply varies due to numerous factors.

How I Manage My Rotation Of Girls

Managing one’s bang-prospects in the form of girls picked up, requires the strategic approach of an ardent tactician in his craft.

I may go a week where I deliberately pick up 2 girls.

The following week, I may pick up 20.

By “pickup”, I mean to get their phone numbers.

There are some weeks where I would be ‘On’ like a precision-guided missile, hitting up every avenue and crevice on the streets like a pick-up madman.

Other weeks, I’d be content with just 1 new number as I would’ve already been gaming up a significant portion of women to begin with.

Be as it may, on average, I pick up about 3 new girls a day during a decent week while on a hot streak.

Pickups over the internet account for about 25-30% of my overall conquests as far as phone numbers go.

If I pick up 20 girls this week, 6 or so of them, would’ve been from Facebook or an online-dating site.

However, the vast majority of my pulls are made from street pickup [cold approaches].

Now, the raw fact is this: if and when I do pick up an average of 20 new girls during a week, there’s no way humanly possibly that I or anyone for that matter, could actually game 20 girls simultaneously and still remain effective.

The numbers are just too great without enough time within a 24 hour span to grab and keep the attention of 20 new girls…not withstanding that young girls are ADD and ADHD.

What would typically happen in such a case is, I would narrow down the 20 to a workable and manageable 5-6 girls.

By a process of rapid elimination, I would marginalize or delete the girls whom I deem are more prone to flakiness and head-games.

How do I come to the determination of which of the 20 girls are into head-games?

I would have gathered this piece of information from our initial interaction.

Now, this doesn’t mean that my assessments are always spot on.

For all I know, I routinely eliminate solid leads who may have been DTF, while keeping on board flaky girls who have no intentions to ever meet up.

It is a gamble nevertheless and an elimination process must take place.

At times, presuming that most of the 20 girls picked up were solid fuck-prospects, instead of elimination 15 of them by deleting their numbers, I would keep their numbers stored in my phone for future seduction purposes where I can game them the following week or so.

Why I don’t particularly like doing this is because of the potential and likelihood that the initial-bubbly vibe will have evaporated and the girl will not have remembered who I was.

In the event that 2 or 3 of the selected 5 girls turn out to be flakes and dead leads, I can always substitute them out for 2 to 3 of the other prospects which I’d put on the back-burner to potentially be eliminated.

Be as it may, 5 to 6 new girls a week are workable…at least for me.

Presently [as of this week], I would say that I’m working on 6 girls actually.

By “working on”, I mean trying to fuck.
If by a week’s time there is no significant breakthrough with a specific girl: I eliminate her by either:

1.) Deleting her #

2.) Putting her on the back-burner by freezing her out while subbing her for another girl

If by about 10 days and a significant breakthrough doesn’t materialize in a meet-up with the girl: I basically move on, knowing that the following week, I will have met and picked up a new set of 20 girls anyway.

Hence, I have low to zero tolerance for going back and forth via text or phone convo for weeks and months on end like most guys do.

If by week 1 the girl doesn’t commit to meeting up for the Day2; I suddenly lose interest in pursuing the lay.

I also sparingly recycle girls who may have fucked around and flaked on me a time or 2.

For instance, if a girl decides to play head-games in week 1 [though all women are prone to playing head-games to some degree], I would cut her off, freeze her out but keep her number stored on standby.

Perhaps 3 months down the line, I would hit her up again to start afresh…essentially giving her a chance to redeem herself.

You have to take into consideration existential factors which might have been at play on a prior occasion.

Perhaps the girl was going through a mean breakup when I picked her up and she just wasn’t quite ready to commit to fucking another guy yet…hence her flaky and indecisive behavior.

I would put such a girl on the proverbial back-burner for about 3 months, and hope that whatever she might have been going through, would no longer be an impediment to a rendezvous together.

Hence, a quasi-recycling procedure in your overall seduction repertoire is advisable.

I’ve met girls who were cold and bitchy today, but were darlings 4 months later. So, I always try to exercise discretion and to think for the girl since it’s very unlikely that she would come clean as to why she’s being flaky, bitchy and so froth.

Current affairs can turn a charming darling into a wretched-cold woman overnight.

Anyway, so at any given time, I’m poised to tackle 5 or 6 women through a combination of texting and phone calls, with the next goal in mind being to meet up.

I see no point to engage a girl in texts and calls for 5 successive months just to make something happen.

The reality is, and from my experience, if by the 2nd week [3rd week the latest], and you haven’t managed to meet up with the girl yet, it is good as dead.

Hence, it is advantageous to get the ball rolling right away while the initial attraction is still there and at a reasonable temperature.

I’ll speak more to that in a subsequent post.

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