A Little Taste Of Deep Seduction And Getting Her Hooked

Hey guys, been AGES since I posted anything [first for the year also]. I feel like I’ve let y’all down.

Alas! Here’s a post for you guys which I’d posted to my social media earlier today.

It’s all fun and games until the girl you’re hooking up with becomes an emotional toll.

This chick here, I’d picked her up on Facebook a little over a month ago (total stranger). We’ve since been hooking up.

Almost instantaneously, she began throwing all this shit at me, cussing whenever she thinks I don’t text her enough. 😱 Not to mention we’re just hooking up.

Anyway guys, if you want to learn how to turn a girl into a stalker, get her hooked and chasing for days; Always try to mix things up by giving the girl a multiplicity of angles and range of emotions by being (a bit) distant at times, elusive, busy, uninterested and jerkish.

However, I caution you that you will NOT want to turn a girl into an emotional baggage because she’ll drain you like a battery!

Nevertheless, with this girl, any every other girl I seduce and go on to hooking up with, I strategize my Game around 1 familiar theme: Being Vague, Elusive & Hard To Reach. I call that the 3 in 1 principle of Kenny’s Seduction Method.

The more available you are to a woman, the faster her attraction and emotions for you fizzle out and die! Contrarily, the more you put her off (whether on purpose or not); the greater the chance that she will begin to chase you and fall deeply for you…as long as you play it right! This can be done before hooking up with her, or after (in order to keep her around).

With this chick here whom I’d only known for about 5 weeks, my vagueness and the fact that I try not to be so available when she reaches out [I told her I’m busy], only drove her crazy (essentially deepening her feelings and attraction for me).

Would I consider this playing with women? NO! However, it’s a necessary strategy in order to keep women around, keep them hooked and keep them submissive. But along with that comes the toll of being haunted, stressed, chased, stalked and harassed: my worst nightmare when it comes to dating.

Anyway, so here’s the latest episode from today with this chick.
[Her txts in white]








The Cling Of Death…Girl 1 [Product Of Deep Seduction Part I]

“The Cling Of Death”

Of the women I pick up online, 3 in 10 are liable of becoming full-fledged stalkers, and or get super clingy and needy.

This girl here, I had picked her up- on Facebook- some weeks back, but haven’t been able to meet up with her.

Here are some random screenshots (in chronological order) from over the past week, just to illustrate how needy and clingy this girl has become. I’ll give my breakdown and deliberation at the end of it all.

Enjoy the clinging. πŸ™‚

[Her messages in gray]

Okay, so that is all straight forward, clinging to an annoying degree.

Since I picked her (got her #) about 3 weeks back, plans to meet up with her had fallen through on 2-3 different occasions.

She’s been dying to finally meet me, hang out and to hook up.

In addition to that (dying to meet up), she’s been stalking my every movement on Facebook. If I post a status and she sees other women, particularly those hotter than her, commenting on my stuff, she gets annoyed, and in turn will message me, inquiring about the possible relationship between the commenting girls and me.

It gets really freaking annoying to say the least.

I hear from this chick first thing in the morning like clockwork!

Whenever I don’t respond promptly: she makes a fuss!

Besides wanting to bang me, this chick comes off as if she were my damn mother keeping tabs on me!

This is really depressing at times!

Am I contributing to this clingery?

I wouldn’t say so.

If I were to take any blame here, I would for exhibiting the kind of game that gets women deeply hooked.

By all means; she is a very sexy girl. I can imagine she could get any guy she wants. Yet she’s getting all obsessive, possessive and needy over a guy (moi) whom she’d only met 3 weeks ago- ONLINE- and never met in person…yet.

Powerful stuff isn’t it?

It is the type of shit men wish for (to have girls chase them to death). But when it doesn’t happen, you realize quickly just how mentally draining it is to have a girl blow up your DM or ring your phone like a mad person.


More Reasons Why You Should’nt Ask Girls Whether They’re Single Or Not

One of my favorite-nefarious pastimes as of late, is what I like to affectionately call: Exposing the Beta-Males.

You see, no matter how many times I scream and shout, rant and rave, preach and teach: guys still don’t get it.

What doesn’t guys get?

The fact that a girl doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether she’s single or taken. She having a boyfriend/man shouldn’t be of another guy’s concern if he’s looking to hook up with her.

Women get really annoyed whenever guys ask them their relationship status: single or taken?

The following screenshot depicts that annoyance from a female friend of mines on Facebook.

Image 1

On the surface, it seems to be an innocent and reasonable question a guy should ask a woman in whom he’s possibly interested.

However, that is just another case of guys using guy logics to try to interpret chic logics.

It just won’t work!

What seems normal and fair for a man, is likely to come off as weird, annoying and a turn off for a woman.

For a guy [and also logics would have it], it is reasonable to ask if a girl is single or taken.

For the girl on the receiving end of such a reasonable question: she interprets it as a matter of, “If you like me, why the hell would you care if I have a boyfriend or not”?

In a sense: women are right!

If you like a girl, why the hell should you care to even ask her if she has a boyfriend?

Why should the fact that she has a boyfriend deter you from proceeding to get to know her?

It shouldn’t!

Hence, that is the reason why girls will punish you by rejecting you once you begin to pry into her personal business of whom she’s fucking and whom she’s dating.

It is none of your business guys!

Women will fucking cheat!

I said that a gazillion times already.

Women with boyfriends will cheat on their boyfriends.

Then why ask?

Why continue to piss girls off by hitting them up online asking if they’re single!?

Take a look at my comment on the same status update.

Notice how the girl agrees with my take on such a matter?

Image 1

I can imagine all the Betas who might have hit the girl up about her relationship status, feeling all butt-hurt that I showed them up to the girl like clueless idiots. 😦 😦

At the end of the day: the girl will choose to hook up, not with the guy who genuinely cares to ask about her status, but the guy like myself who doesn’t give a shit about her status, therefore doesn’t ask.

The girl will volunteer than info on her own at some point during the chat.

You don’t have to fucking ask her!

Plus if you’d been following my writings, you would’ve accepted the reality on the ground which I’ve been preaching at nauseum: “All girls have boyfriends”!

Hence, to ask a sane and hot girl if she has a man, is akin to asking a physiologically normal girl if she has a vagina. 😯 😯


All normal and sane-minded girls have a boyfriend or 2 for that matter.

Asking her the obvious [especially over the internet], will have ticked her off royally.

You have to remember guys; you aren’t the only dude hitting up the girl asking the same lame-generic ass questions.

Twenty other Betas have asked her those same questions…that same day!

How much you think a girl can take before voicing it and putting you guys on the spot like school kids?

Wake the hell up!

I’m sick and tired of having to shame my fellow man as if he were a wet-behind-the-ears lad who hasn’t gotten a clue as to the female mindset.

Asking a girl if she has a boyfriend, does NOT show how considerate, upright, ethical and respectable you are.

It sub-communicates to the girl that you’re a coward, an evolutionary weakling, a dodo, someone who’s risk-adverse and a guy who just doesn’t get it.

Now, why would she sleep with you, given the fact that she sees you in such a terrible light?

Exactly- she won’t!

She will fuck a guy like Kenny who doesn’t ask questions, but wisely makes his pitch while banking on the sale being made in the end.

A woman in general, won’t respect a man who operates as though he cares about her best interest.

As vulgarly powerful as that declaration sounds; I’ve proven this hand over fist on a daily basis.

The more you care about a woman’s interest(s), your chances of sleeping with her will have diminished.

Trying to be that Mr. Respectable Guy who wants to know from the gate whether the girl is single ot taken [in essence, looking out for her interest], will actually backfire on you.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t ask the girl if she’s single.

Just that you shouldn’t do it as your opener/ice-breaker.

In other words, if there’s a girl online whom you fancy [on Facebook for instance], the worst possible approach to take in order to get to know her or to make something big happen, is to ask her if she’s single or taken as your initial message or your follow-up message.

Always allow the girl to divulge that information on her own volition.

Chances are, and this is from my experience: 99.9% of the time, she will come clean within the initial conversation to tell you that she has someone.

Therefore, you asking makes no sense at all.

Whenever I pick up a girl, be it online or through cold approach on the streets, the furthest question on my mind to ask her is her relationship or marital status.

I frankly DGAF!

If it’s the girl I want: I go after her.

I won’t be that foolish as to create unnecessary obstacles for myself such as asking about a possible boyfriend or husband, which will only cause the girl to feel slutty and as though she’s doing something wrong…like cheating on her significant other.

Allow the girl to make her own decisions!

On a final and related note, there also seems to be a great portion of men out there who stridently believe that they will win some sort of brownie points if they only appear to be considerate.

These guys are effectively conjoined with the so-called Nice Guys, who in reality, are actually the biggest-deceptive scumbags of Earth.

They only appear to care about integrity and principle. But present them a real chance to fuck a girl who has a boyfriend, and watch them hop, skip and tumble to get their peckers into that awaiting vagina.

Hence, so-called nice guys and the moral crowd who say stuff like, “I respect a girl’s relationship and I wouldn’t try to sleep with a girl who’s taken because it’s just wrong”, are more often than not, just saying so in order to win points in the ethics basket in hopes that some woman will find pity on him, thus rewarding him for his outstanding moral code…by sleeping with him of course.

Not only do women see through their deceptive game like sparkling marbles in a glass jar against a black backdrop, but girls often reward them with the friend-zone and platonic-relationship status. πŸ™‚

How’s that as a reward for being a self-righteous prick?

I just want to leave you with a last bit of insight on female psychology.

Women rarely ever give consideration and credence to men with moral and ethical positions on dating, sex and relationship.

In other words; your upright outlook on such matters won’t at all sway a girl in your favor, rather the other way.
The reality is, dating isn’t a field for the feint of heart.

It isn’t a pleasant arena for those men who harbor such beliefs as, “Women are innocent and adorable creatures”.

Dating in the 21st Century is a cold-fucking world!

Women are slicksters beyond the average guy’s comprehension.

It isn’t that women have game.

They have tricks.

A huge difference between the 2.

Stay tuned for the next post where I shed some light on girls having shitty game and what you as the guy should do in light of that.

Cheers to the weekend!

The Unforeseen Backlash To Trying To Stop And Ruin Pickup Via #TakeDownJulienBlanc

Feminist sluts like Jenn Li, aren’t too bright are they?

Jenn Li, fem-nazi activist

Jenn Li, fem-nazi activist

How about the pussified gender-traitor Beta-Males who support the #takedownjulienblanc movement?

Aren’t too bright neither!

You see, what these buffoons fail to realize is that men looking to get their cocks into vagina, has been an endeavor accompanying us since the dawn of mankind.

I am here as a product of dick in pussy.

You are here as a consequence of the same act.

Sex will never fucking get old!

Men will forever seek means and ways in which to get laid with expending the least amount of resources and energy possible [think hookers]!

This is why online dating is so huge!

Both males and females, are actively looking a shortcut from meet to sex.

Both sexes would like to shorten the amount of time and effort it takes to meet someone and become intimate with that someone.

Simply bumping into someone (i.e. a soul mate) by sheer chance one day, just isn’t a viable option for most sane people who possess a dormant libido and would like to re-engage it in the form of fucking.

Pickup aka Seduction as we teach it, is just another avenue towards fast and easy sex.

It eliminates the need for a drawn-out courtship culminating with sex: 5 dates before, rendezvous with the girl’s parents, spending on gifts and treats, etc.

All those things are bypassed once one follows the PUA’s handbook to meeting women.

No one wants to wait on what they can have now [we live in a world where everything is ‘Instant’].

Instant sex drives all of us!

These fucking white knight Beta-Males [weak men] and self-professed nice guys who constantly pander to unattractive women; they too desire instant sex!

White-knightery at its best

White-knightery at its best

However, as ardent manipulators these so-called nice guys are, they are conscious enough to conceal from women their sexual desires to whom they pander.

Hence, they peddle the impression that they’re such respectable gentlemen who are willing subscribers to the “wait first- sex later” policy!

This couldn’t be any further from the fucking truth!

If it were up to the so-called nice guy (had he possessed the skills to get laid fast), he would elect to take the instant-sex route while scoffing at the notion of a prolonged courtship.

He simply does not have the tools in his toolbox to make manifest instant sex [his thought processors are severely limited because of the antiquated-mainstream dating advice he was duped into digesting].

Men like these [I really prefer to call them manginas], or a minute fraction of them, are actually the primary customers and patrons who frequent the pickup-seduction dating advice world.

The average fucking dumbed-down Joe!

We’ve all been him at 1 point [those who have transformed their dating and social lives through pickup]!

These men aren’t fucking dying out in the least!

Actually, as I’ve declared many of times over the years throughout my material:

“97% of men in the western hemisphere [inclusive of the Orients though in the East], are fucking Beta-Male jelly-backs”!

Who are to be blamed for this emasculation and pacification of the western male?

*Western media

*Western women


Very few of these men [the 97-%ers] can successfully be aroused out of their quasi stupor.

The ones who do (like my former self), will have likely found resonance within the message of pickup…which is that men are to be dominant, have the power to be selective in dating, and create an atmosphere of fun, fun, fun for women he encounters.

Guys who think like that are usually demonized and castigated as misogynists, assholes and sexist pricks.

Who are some examples?


*Julien Blanc

*RSD Max

*PUA’s on a whole

I mean, if the above still-shot of Julien in Japan, which has caused massive controversy everywhere (except in Japan), makes you feel outraged and uncomfortable in your seat as a man, then you either have severe-pent-up sexual issue, or were sexually abused by a male priest as a teen boy coming up [quite unfortunate if the latter is the case].

Who in their right minds, would see this as sexual harassment, abuse against women or rape tactics!?


The thing is, once you as a guy dare to step outside of the box of ‘expected behavior’ and begin to do shit outside of the purview of ‘perceived norm’, others of weaker frames [the sheep], can’t help but to become threatened and uneasy by the wolves, as you’re essentially threatening their very reality and outlook on things and how things should be.

Therefore, whenever one of these 97%-ers [weak men] encounters a socially uninhibited individual such as myself, romping around the place seducing women and giving them a great and spontaneous experience and jolt of fun, the sheeple tend to get real uneasy whenever they behold things which aren’t registered within their limited-mental framework.

These dumbed-down and emasculated men, then proceed to lash out against what they cannot comprehend…hence men who run full-steam ahead to the defense of feminism and ridiculous causes such as #takedownjulienblanc …to their detriment though.

Pure fucking white-knightery!

However, there’s an inherent backlash to all of this, which Ms. Jenn Slut Li and her minions of Omega-Male trolls, must have been oblivious to…which I’ll get to in just a bit.

Ok, let’s look at prostitution under the proverbial microscope as a mini case-study.

There’s a reason why it will never die, and has been dubbed the oldest profession on the planet and will always be here with us!

Why has this so-called vice of a profession flourished throughout the centuries?

Simply because men crave sex!

If consensual sex were made unlawful today; men will seek any avenue possible to contravene and circumvent that law in order to fucking fornicate…likewise women.

Prostitution enjoins with it the same lure for men who cannot seem to get their dick wet without coughing up cold-hard cash.

If men cannot obtain it [sex] free of charge; they’ll pay for it…which I have no qualms with whatsoever!

Hence, prostitution will never die as long as there exist emasculated men in the western world [the 9%-ers], who have zero skills in seducing the opposite sex without flaunting cash, wealth, property and material gains.

Get where this is going in correlation to ‘Game’?

Likewise with Pickup and the art of Seducing women: it has always been utilized, and it will continue to be propagated and practiced as long as men exist and have the urge of conquest of sexually available females.

Call it by whichever colorful euphemism you wish: Playerism, Pimping, Game, etc. It’s a lifestyle with the lure of quick and easy sex that the unfortunate-sex deprived male [Omegas and Betas] will always ponder…into which a minuscule fraction of them will dare to venture.

Therefore, it’s fucking laughable when ugly bitches like Jennifer Li and her crowd of trolling men, think that they’re exposing or ruining ‘Game’ for even a fraction of a second. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Not even a dent in the proverbial armor of ‘Game’ they’ve successfully managed to pull off.

No amount of protests, phony-rape stories in the media, Twitter bans, nor the circulation of Julien Blanc’s so-called detestable videos and photos, will ever stop men from seeking out the easier avenue to get to poon-town.

Now, that is the goddamn unforeseen backlash that slut-bags like Jenn Li, didn’t see coming…probably because the jizz in her eyes from a BBC gang-bang was too thick to allow for clear vision and clarity of mind. πŸ˜‰

Moreover, sheeple lack foresight…regardless of gender!

This #takedownjulienblanc shit is laughable to me and to anyone who can decipher major bullshit.

They, the female-feminist activists and their Omega-Male bandwagonists, have only succeeded in doing the complete opposite of what they intended…which was to ruin RSD (Real Social Dynamics), Julien Blanc and the underground-pickup industry on a whole.

This ludicrous and outright stupid attempt on their part, has inadvertently propelled the underworld of Game into the spotlight of the world media [can I hear more caching ching please]. $$$$ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

You see, it’s 1 thing when you’re stupid and ignorant but mindful that the joke’s on you.

However, it’s pretty sad when you’re stupid and ignorant and cannot see that you’ve been bamboozled, and the fucking joke is squarely on your forehead [ala the cunty Jenn Li].

It’s akin to thinking that you’ve won the lottery jackpot with ticket in hand, until you go to collect your winnings to then find out that you’ve been pranked and duped by a group of friends who’d rigged the ticket with the winning numbers from the previous week while replaying a recording of that night’s numbers.

That must fucking hurt! 😑 😑

Thus the story of #takedownjulienblanc .

The femi-nuts and those spineless manginas who’ve been calling for Julien’s expulsion from country to country, have been duped into the greatest sham since the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

RSD Julien Blanc had hatched this over the past 2 years, with an elaborate attempt to play to the sheeple’s stupidity and gullibility.

Julien wanted to go big as it will have helped his cause…and his pockets more importantly.

Hence, his over-the-top tweets, Facebook statuses, photos and videos, were all carefully structured for shock-value purposes, just to push the right/wrong buttons until the shit boils over.


It has now…and Julien Blanc is #winning as he’s 10 times more known today than he was last week!

What a way to go big bro! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Sure- Maximilian (one of RSD’s coaches) got slapped by a femi-cunt at an Australian bootcamp. But what’s a little slap from an ugly bull-dagger when your company will have grown 50% overnight by such a public display of hatred from vigilantes?

Rsd Maximilian

Rsd Maximilian


Banned from a hotel?

Book another 1!

As a spill-off effect: the pickup and game world is also #winning, as our name has now been pushed to the mainstream, which prior to this incident, those who now know about pickup, probably would’ve thought ‘PUA’ was an acronym for ‘Public Utility Agency’ and not ‘Pick-Up Artist’.

With the media blitz, coverage and publicity, the sheeple are making our job 10 times as easy, and is also indirectly doing our promotional work for us…for free might I add. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Since this incident broke, my phone coaching and consultant gig has been inundated with more customers than I can possibly handle, itching to purchasing my service.

There’s an old saying in advertising: ‘Any publicity is good publicity’.

Thanks Jenn Li!!! πŸ˜‰

We should cut you a PUA check darling.

On a further note, what these nimwits fail to understand, is that the pickup lifestyle or ‘Game’, is NOT a fucking boys club or monastery for those who wish to attain Nirvana through meditative means and spiritual invocation!

It’s about fucking hot bitches!!!!!

Get it!?

No guy enters the field of pickup, under the pre-conceived notion that this shit is rosy, peachy and free of controversy.

No would-be customer browses the internet in search of a PUA bootcamp or Pickup seminar, expecting to be debriefed with a slew of talking-points about how proud his friends will have become that he decided to take up pickup.

Hence, to try to defame something [getting laid] that is already deemed unacceptable, deplorable and shameful by society, is just utterly stupid and backwards!

Trying to defame a PUA company, instructor or practitioner, on the basis that it, or he, promotes misogyny and sexual deviance, is highly fucking hilarious…and actually works in the favor of the company or the pickup instructor! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

News fucking flash you cunts!

Guys wanna get laid!

If that means coughing up a cool $2,000 just to learn that art from a womanizer; so be it! Guys have been paying and will always pay to master that skill!

Hence, no amount of bad press can ruin something which has always had a negative reputation and bad press [picking up women].

Furthermore, any guy who desires to sleep around with lots of women, will undoubtedly be branded a misogynist by men in society and unattractive women alike, who aren’t getting any play time/attention.

We get that! And we live with it!

This little lame-shit orchestrated attempt by Jenn Li and company, doesn’t kill pickup in the least [quite the opposite]!

The men who seek the advice of guys in pickup, already know what the fuck they’re signing up for; that it isn’t some kiddie camp for which society will pat you on the shoulders and say, “Great decision Greg”!

When you decide to learn and practice Pickup; you’ve in effect, decided to become a villain and a threat to the reality and existence of other men who have not yet woken up to the realities on the ground that they’re being fucked hand over fist by society.

A white knight, as those who are calling for Julien’s head, cannot stand to see other men make moves on hot women which he himself is incapable of doing because of his deficiency in understanding how the female mind works!

When it’s all said and done, internet trolls such as those Beta pussies who reported my Twitter account to the site, will have wasted their time on a shitty cause by trying to scandalize someone who lives and breathes for drama and scandal (Julien Blanc).

Likewise with trying to defame an industry (pickup) that is inherently seedy and sexual in nature and has no bones about communicating that message.

We’re not a religious organization!

This is about sex! And men who get involved are well aware of this!

They’re also privy to the pros and cons and social backlash! But the human’s desire for fornication is stronger than that of any other existential impulse or drive known to mankind.

It’s like tryna to paint an already bad picture of prostitution in hopes that John’s and sexually pent-up guys get turned off and desist from buying pussy.

Such an undertaking would seem quite stupid! And men paying for play in the form of shagging dirty hookers, will always be a viable alternative for guys who want to get laid…especially elderly dirt-bags such as American law-makers who cannot bear to lay eyes on their ultra-menopausal spouses with thoughts of going inside of them…so shagging a hooker is a viable option to blowing a load.

Pickup/Seduction/Game comes with the same negative stigmas. But As long as men have the craving for pussy, an industry that promises to teach men how to get pussy (without paying for it), will always be a logical option for some males…which means that guys paying to access this knowledge through seminars, books, etc. will always thrive irrespective of the detractors.

I guess low-IQ femi-cunts didn’t realize sex sells. ❓

I mean- take a fucking look at the porn industry for crying out loud!

Those same manginas who are publicly crying about Julien screwing around with women in Japan, are the largest fucking consumers, buyers, users and patrons of (internet) pornography…for Heavens sake! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Religious Fapping is a way of life for these man-cunts who see approaching strangers, as something sleazy and malevolent and worthy of getting the practitioners tossed into the pits of hell and branded as rapey criminals!!!
To say playfully grabbing women and having them simulate a blowjob on the dance floor of a nightclub, is abuse against women, is actually a fucking slap in the face of women who have their own opinions and a mind of their own to discern right from wrong…for their own damn selves!

The reason why Neo-Feminazism and these other so-called women’s justice movements, aren’t popular at all with women themselves, is because of the implied undertone of their message to begin with…which is that women and their behaviors ought to be regulated, monitored and policed by some so-called entity which claims to be proponents of justice for women!

This is tantamount to ISIS jamming Sharia fucking Law down the throats of the populace! 😯

Femi-cunts think women are stupid and naΓ―ve!

Free-thinking women and the average Janes of this world, do NOT want to be, nor do they feel a need to be babysat- nevertheless by a fringe movement of crazy people – who are sex deprived and mad at the world for it!

Feminism, inclusive of confused bitches like slut-bag attention-whoring, Jenn Li, are for the repression of women!

Don’t be mislead neither folks! Women in general are privy to this subtle con-game of control being played upon them by feminists and their supporters!

Trash like blogger Jennifer Li, is akin to that 1 obnoxious-prudish girl within her social circle of female friends, who’s constantly judging others, party-pooping, trying to put a damper on everyone’s fun, while sitting there with a disgruntled look upon her ugly-fucking face as her BBF’s relish in the moment of being swept off their feet by a guy who fucking gets it…that ‘girls just wanna have fun’!

Such a woman-hater [though a woman ironically], always prompts other girls (the sane ones) to congregate among themselves and go:

“Why the fuck did we invite this self-righteous prudish bitch to tag along with us to the club”!

Such is the life of a femi-cunt; lonely and isolated.

Likewise with any male who feels he’s doing the world justice whenever he decides to play ‘Captain Save A Hoe’ to champion a bullshit cause for women…which women are against.

He’s really an isolated-fringe element of society who seeks out like-minded twats through the internet, who circle-jerk each other while scoffing at the notion that women should be allowed to have fun…even if that fun consists of having a random guy motorboat her boobies at the bar!

Oh no- that’s fucking harassment! 😯

This is the root motivation of these muthafucking Beta-Male manginas: to rob women of their rights to freely decide and choose whatever the hell they want to be done to their person!

These weak men are undercover misogynists who carefully cloak their inner hatred of women in a facade of “we fight for women”! When in reality, their plot is to subjugate and suppress women while ushering in a throwback to the days where women didn’t have a say.

This is an elaborate plot by feminists and their male supporters.

However, it doesn’t take Kenny to show how unpopular these loony toons are.

Any sane and rational person can survey a score of women from any walk of life, and you’ll be shocked to find out that hardly anyone- male of fucking female- agrees with feminism and their subtle suppression tactics.

It pains these white knights and gender-traitors tremendously, to know that there exist free-spirited women out there who just want to have unbridled fun and be left the fuck alone…even if that means to be chocked out by a guy whom she’s attracted to…it’s her fucking right to like! And who the fuck are you as a man, to dare tell women that they are wrong for engaging in behaviors which don’t conform to your idea of a puritan!?

If it were up to feminists and their activists, this would be what the 21 Century woman looks like

If it were up to feminists and their activists, this would be what the 21 Century woman looks like

If she meets a handsome guy who wants her to blow his weiner in the middle of a Tokyo street; she wants to be the one to make that (risque) decision of whether to get carried away in the moment or pass up on it!

Men however, do NOT like to see women make decisions for themselves!

Which men?

The same ones who are pretending as though they give a shit about women, crying for Julien’s head on a silver platter like a pack of blood-thirsty ravenous wolves!

Those male idiots who claim to defend the rights of women, are closet misogynists who are longing for the days of old when and where women didn’t have a goddamn voice nor a choice of when, where and how they wanted to be fucked!

Either she conforms or face the wrath of a humiliating-public flogging…Sharia Law style!

These closet misogynists are they who parade around classifying themselves as ‘Nice Guys’ – when in reality- they secretly detest women, detest women having rights, and are your true assholes.

Any guy who labels himself an asshole [me for instance]; is likely not an asshole!

Anyone who calls himself a ‘Nice Guy’, is likely the biggest-closet asshole whom you should be wary of.

That is the underlying message of neo-feminism and its backers (whether they be male or female); “Women should be kept in check”!

“Sexually active women are too dumb to make rational decisions”, hence they need to be policed by femi-ISIS…which by the way consists of a great number of man-hating, unattractive Lesbian bull-daggers whom no man would fuck with another man’s dick.

Now you realize why feminism is super unpopular- mainly with women whom it claims to protect in the 1st place?

It’s a bunch of over-the-hill (mainly white) women, who can’t get any attention whatsoever, even from the most undesirable of society.

This is why they gravitate to that message. It’s sort of their way of getting retribution against evil men who elected to hit NEXT button on them, while opting out for hotter, younger and more sociable women.

Stings like shit but it’s reality.

Feminists are bloodthirsty for power!

Power over men. And power over women!

The male-gender traitors who support feminism and #takedownjulienblanc , are merely looking a free fucking lunch by riding the bandwagon.

They are disgruntled and butt-hurt that life has dealt them a shitty hand.

Hence, to show solidarity for the fellow crazies of the opposite gender: they unite in hopes to berate and shame men who aren’t like them, back into their place.

If you thought the Tea Party was a crazy bunch of paranoid old people. Get a load of these Femi-nuts. They are crazy on steroids.

Nevertheless, as long as men have functional dicks and working libidos, sex will always sell!

Pickup will always sell!

No amount of fake protests, uproar, violence, vigilantism and slander, will dissuade men from chasing ass.

No amount of “rape buzzwords” tossed around, will dissuade men from paying the experts to teach them how to go about getting laid and meeting tons of women.

On that note: fuck feminists and all of their activists!

Fuck the gender-traitors!

Fuck Jennifer Li, that shit-faced whore-bag from New York City!

She’s only worth a face-fuck with a finishing touch of jizz splattered over her ugly face, paraded around town like a smutted out donkey that’s been ridden all day from hard labor.

Thanks for the unintended publicity though.