RSD Madison: Make Girls Think You’re Hot

RSD Madison

An interesting video I came across from RSD Madison, which was posted a few weeks back.

BTW, I had no clue that Madison was from Canada, though we’ve been shooting the shit for a while now through various PUA groups on Facebook.

RSD Tyler/Owen also chimes in with some game theory.

Presenting Manish aka Deepak Wayne: A Former Student Of Justin Wayne Turned Pick-Up Coach

The biggest buzz right now in the pickup/seduction community as far as in the Youtube sphere, is Deepak Wayne aka Manish, who’s an Indian PUA turned pickup instructor under the tutelage of Justin Wayne out of NYC.

There are tons of guys who would tell you that Indian men cannot get laid with western women (particularly white ones).

Most Indian guys in the west actually harbor this limiting belief.

Guys such as Manish squashes this myth to show that looks and race don’t mean shit [as I’ve always preached] once you know how to attract and interact with women.

Props to Justin Wayne, my friend out of NYC, for transforming Deepak into a ladies’ man.

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