Real Example Of Women Being Attracted To Womanizers + Making Girls Chase With This 1 Texting Technique [09-07-16 Online Pickup]

Hey guys, another great example of thinking on the fly and making a girl chase you by employing this 1 simple technique of mines [building the anticipation then say “bye”].

Also, another salient example of how and why women- the hot ones- are attracted to womanizers, assholes, badboys and pickup artists.

I added this chick few weeks back on Facebook; someone with the prettiest set of lips I’ve laid eyes on in a while (pictured below).

I messaged her on Sep. 1st (about a day or so upon adding her).

The vibe I employed here (the opener) was the badboy vibe, which you can see from my opener.
[My messages in blue]

[Above] How was her reaction to my no-bullshit opener, and asking if her lips are real? She laughed! A sign that the girl respects my value and my approach.

Also, my opener was original and ballsy, a stark difference from the chody shit you’ll see AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps) sending women.

Furthermore, the most important text-game strategy of them all within the screenshot above, was my last message: “I’ll let you know in just a bit. Kinda busy”.

I waited until the girl got hooked/invested; then I took away my attention by bursting her bubble!


Powerful stuff! Did you get that? Make the girl invest then bail on her! Wait until she shows reciprocation then tell her “bye”! This fucks with her reality of how things are supposed to be. Men aren’t supposed to hit girls up and tell them they’re busy. Women are supposed to do that to men, since they’ve been doing so since the advent of the mobile phone! So, whenever you can flip that script on women, it shocks them to the core…thus attraction is either born or deepened.

This was all strategic on my part. I never just “wing it”, though my entire text-game is fluid and free-flowing without a thought going into my texts beforehand (it has all become hardwired).

Now, will she take the bait and come chasing me? September 1st when I first contacted her was a Thursday. She then hits me up on the 6th [5 days later], upon me bailing on her. [Her messages in gray]

[Above] She reopened me, wanting an answer as to what I said about her lips (“are they real”?) This is the effect of the curiosity-loop technique which I taught you guys in a recent post. Now she’s hooked wanting closing/answers as to why I insinuated that her lips were fake. This is also a stealth Neg by the way. Negs work best when done stealthily and indirectly.

I then changed the subject on her, denying her closure/answers.

Let’s continue. [My messages in blue]

[Above] Humor is key…as always. Learn to make women laugh and you’ll have a much easier time gaining access to the body parts which they conceal 😉 . Hence the line about we should get married, and that I’m in love with her lips. Why don’t women ever get weirded out when I say stuff like that, that would otherwise blow out an AFC Beta-Male? Because they (women) know that I am humoring them! They know that I am fucking around! But therein lies the attraction. The moment she senses seriousness in your tone; you are done!!! And there is where scores of men go wrong.

Anyway, so how did she take to that? “Cute”. She thought it was cute and funny. She also assumed it was 1 of my lines. 🙂

Why would she even think that I use lines though?

[My messages in blue]

[Above] What would most guys do? Cower down and deny that they were using a stock line. I don’t cower down from it, because I knew that doing so, would’ve reduced my standings in the girl’s eyes for backing down. But then I toyed with it (more humor) by saying I thought it was top secret (my “lines”).

She went further to confirm the obvious: she sees/reads my posts, although she never commented once, neither hit like once, on any of my posts. Yet she is well aware of my schtick as a Pick-Up Artist. Now, most guys- the dumbed-down majority- would surmise that it would’ve been an automatic deal-breaker to admit to being a PUA: let alone if the girl were to discover this. However, if you’ve been around these parts for any time now, you would’ve known that women are attracted to men who openly deal with lots of women.

[Above] I then told her that she gets points for recognizing that I’m a PUA. Again- what was I doing here? Setting the frame, that I am the prize, and she is the one playing the game, trying to score points in order to win me over! That is the frame you set by saying to a girl, “You get points for that”. Very key. Very subtle. Very simple. Very powerful!

I then went all playfully romantic again with the “I love you”, and that “it is not a line”. More humor game.

[Her messages in gray]

[Above] She assumed that it was 1 of my lines to tell her that I love her. She’s correct! But I bantered with it.

She then went on to indirectly compliment me on my verbal skills with women, by saying I’m a guy who knows how to use words to get what he wants. 🙂 😉 So, in essence, just as expected with all women in my Facebook friend list, she has seen the plethora of posts which I post to Facebook, of me chatting up women, screenshots of text game, etc. So she’s well aware of my verbal charmery. That is a HUGE plus! But again; if you’re the average guy who’s been poisoned by the mainstream-dating culture and Cosmos, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that a girl would find it remotely attractive that a guy charms women up on a regular basis.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Never compliment a hot girl on her looks/hotness!!! I’ve been teaching you that ad nauseum for years! Hence, “your sense of humor is attractive”. I complimented her on having a sense of humor. Not her fucking looks! This sets me apart from 99% of the chodes who would be gawking and slinging cheesy-ass generic compliments back and forth.

I then set another powerful frame which will come in handy for future tense, when I asked her if I come across as a guy who sugarcoats things. The answer is a resounding “NO”! But I asked her that [without a question mark] in order to set the frame that neither does she have to sugarcoat anything. So I lead; she follows by accepting my frame/position. So, what effect did this have (me setting a “no filter” frame)? She admits to liking guys like myself who appear blunt and outspoken. “BINGO”! My frame won! This is more than enough confirmation I needed to confirm that this girl was already full-on attracted to me.

Moreover, she mentions me and game, by citing that my game works. Whenever a girl says your game works in a general sense, it is a sure IOI/SOI.

[Her messages in gray]

[Above] She doubles down on why she likes guys who are straight up…such as myself. Remind you: had I foolishly set the frame from the get-go that I were a good boy who would never say anything remotely forward to a total stranger, she would’ve likewise adopted that same frame, and start singing the tune of, “I love men who aren’t forward”, etc. Therefore, it is also wise to set the frame right from the gate: “I am forward, straight up and untamed”!

With that, I threw my classic and well-timed gambit: “I want to fuck the shit out of you and get you pregnant“! She laughs and calls me silly. Why was I able to get away with such a forward and sexual line? Because of everything I just explained to you about frames and setting them correctly and early! I got away with telling her that my intention is to fuck her and breed her, because I skillfully drew her into accepting the frame that she should accept a forward guy who speaks his mind. Since she had fallen into the frame-control trap I set just a few messages prior, she was forced into accepting me saying, “I want to fuck you”, without taking offense to it.

Everything I do is masterfully strategic and automated. I don’t think. I just shoot! When you become good at this, you will no longer need to think before sending that text. It’ll all come naturally as it is now for me.

Additionally, she asked about my pick-up career as a job. Just another confirming piece of evidence that being a pickup artist intrigues and attracts women.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] I always verbally (or textually) acknowledge to the girl that we are on the same page. This is a subtle way of rewarding the girl for being such a good sport. It’s an indirect compliment. What was her response to me saying, “same page”? She agreed by saying “we are”.

As for my job (PUA)? I keep it vague! That’s what you should do also! Bear in mind what I’ve been teaching you for years now, that ambiguity deepens a girl’s attraction for you. Play up the vague card, tell the girl, “it’s a long story”, when she asks what work you do, or whenever she pries into your work life. Doing so will have created an aura of mystery around yourself. This is part of the Jesus Effect (a concept of mines) which I spoke about in this video of mines [“hook girls instantly with the Jesus effect”.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] No need to belabor and prolong the pickup. Sensing that the girl is already well hooked: I go for the n-close (phone-number pull). Did I ask, or did I confidently go about it? I assumed it and told her what it was going to be (“I’m gonna grab your #”). This isn’t just confident to women, but sexy!

I had to laugh though, when she asked if I were going to use her in my next project. By that, she largely meant if I were going to use her in order to showcase how pickup works. Technically, she’s right and wrong. Surely our conversation is being used to promote the advancement of the pickup cause, however, in pure anonymity. So no one gets hurt.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Again, I refrain from worshiping her body and looks by telling her about the whole package, her mind, savviness, etc. She knows I want to fuck her (no secret there), and that I’m very much attracted to her physically and sexually. But I’m smart enough to not fall into pedestalization of her physical assets [though I bantered around about her lips].

Another subtle point I wish to make is linked to her mention of wanting to get to know the real Kenny, and not my internet persona of a player. Why is this significant? It goes to show that women definitely know that this is an act. However, they don’t fucking care!!! They know that my Facebook antics are just antics. But they also know that the antics are necessary in order to attract them first, and then I can be genuine later if so desire. So, women definitely know the game! For crying out loud: they wrote the fucking rulebook to the game! We men are the ones who have to play catch-up and learn the fucking Game!

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Again, I reject her looks as attraction factors, by telling her that I’m attracted to her intelligence. I then go for the # again…without asking!

Why did she mention that I wasn’t judgmental? Well I’m not! But besides that, I don’t give off the judgmental vibe because my interaction says differently. Had I come off as a saint, or a guy who sees women as angelic beings, this would undoubtedly give women the impression that they would have to filter and watch what they say and do around me, because they’re likely to be judged (poorly). By me coming off as a rebel, there’s no way in the world I would judge her on the bad things she may do…like fuck me on the first date in some crutty restroom, or blow me under the table at a fast-food joint.

One of the reasons why you have a difficult time hooking up with girls so easily, is because you inadvertently give off this obnoxious-judgmental vibe whenever you interact with women.

To avoid this; carry an air of whimsical, carefree and erratic…or at least pretend to have such an aura!

In closing, I merely wanted to massacre the old notion in the pick-up community, that disclosing one’s PUA lifestyle to women, is a cold rejection waiting to happen.

I am actually the first first-tier PUA (or any other PUA on the coaching level) to ever advocate that PUA’s should go public with pickup, instead of hiding in the shadows from women, and concealing this part of their life like it’s a fucking cause for shame or something.

I am also the first-known PUA (practitioner or instructor) to ever publicly and actively game girls on social media.

I am also the first PUA to compose and publish an actual product on gaming girls on Facebook. Derek Lamont had a Facebook Game product some years back, but it wasn’t actually an in-depth guide to picking up girls on Facebook. But more geared towards DHV-ing on Facebook, rather than actual gaming.

When I first did this, other pick-up guys (students and coaches) were utterly besides themselves!

Some were laughing at me: believing that this couldn’t be done successfully (gaming girls on Twitter and Facebook while posting about pickup and hooking up with numerous women).

Some were rooting for me to fail miserably, just so they could say, “we told you so”!

The remaining guys were disgusted at the fact that I would “show women our hand”, revealing pick-up secrets to women, which should’ve otherwise been kept hidden among the fellaz!

I posted infield after infield of me taking girls home while telling them I am a pick-up artist who sleeps with women for a sport! 😯

It was then that these guys realized that Kenny was onto something big!

No longer was there a need to solely game girls inconspicuously on online-dating sites. They could actually game girls on Facebook while having their pick-up artist banner flashed across their Facebook profiles for women to see!

Believe me; I had dozens of professional PUA coaches (buddies of mine) inboxing me about Facebook game, and how they never knew it was possible to game women openly as a PUA.

In retrospect, this should’ve all come as a no-brainer, simply for the fact that pickup/seduction stridently teaches and pushes the concept of Pre-selection, and utilizing other women as DHV pawns in order to get the girl.

With that being the case, game should work even much more successfully on Facebook than on online-dating sites, since you’re at liberty (due to the platform’s settings) to post virtually any amount of photos you’d like. So there’s no restrictions on using pre-selection gambits (via photos) and so forth.

Facebook is the prefect place to game hot women! It is just that guys (AFC’s) use it wrong!

With all the game successes I’ve had on Facebook on a daily basis, I don’t even use online-dating sites anymore! 😆 😆

Now that should tell you something as a once avid online-dater!

Lots of PUA buddies on a daily basis would hit me up saying, “Kenny, you would get laid a ton on Tinder bro”!

I’m like, “dude, I get laid more than a ton from Facebook alone”!

I derisively scoff at the notion of using Tinder, POF,, Badoo, etc.

On a last note, I want to wrap up on a point which I made in a previous post, that women on Facebook see everything you post!

This is why you should make your shit count by posting the type of stuff which catches the attention of women!

Most guys use social media as though they’re actively trying to attract and court other men! They crazily post about sports, music and- sports again!

I mean, this is all fine and dandy if you desire not to pull ass on social media.

If you do want to pull poon on such platforms, then you MUST- and I mean MUST- post in a way that enthralls women!

With this chick here whom I’d picked up 2 days ago- a complete stranger (as always the case)- she is no exception!

If you’re a budding PUA who’s unsure of whether you really should come out publicly as a PUA while gaming girls on Facebook, for example, hopefully this post would’ve given you the cojones necessary to push forth.

Another question I get is: “should I create another account in order to game girls”?

There’s no problem with that. If you’re unsure of how to manage your friend lists on Facebook, and you’re worried scared that your family and friends will think that you’re gone off your meds- the by all means- open another Facebook account, strictly to game girls, where you can then implement my Facebook method unhindered!

Remember to grab Facebook Bang if you haven’t already!

Any clarification needed on the points of game mentioned in this post; feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.

On that note: enjoy the weekend folks!

“Why Don’t Your Womanizing Posts On Social Media Turn Women Off”?

A great question which I get asked at times is: “Why don’t women seemingly get turned off by the fact that you post womanizing and pick-up artist related stuff to Facebook, where they can clearly be seen”?

In the past, I would even ask myself that, “How am I attracting these girls when they clearly see the type of stuff I post”!!?

Then I came to my senses rather quickly upon the acknowledgement of pre-selection and social value, and how they work to create attraction by sparking challenge and so on.

In conjunction with that, you also have the little reality that women tend to interpret a guy’s recklessness as attraction.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Allow me to cite a few synopsis here.

Women are undoubtedly drawn to action heroes, rockstars (musical and otherwise), badboy types and the rebels.

What do those guys all have in common?


They are untamed…or at least they pretend to be in the case of an actor.

However, the keyword as far as synonym here is wildness.

Women are drawn to guys who have this wildness and recklessness about themselves.

I wrote a post to Facebook some weeks ago, detailing the underlying reasons for why women are so attracted to badboy types: and that is because within every girl, therein lies a maternal instinct. Her natural role is to care, tame, pamper and nurse.

In plainer language: she feels a need to fix a man!

You can’t fix something that isn’t broken, which is largely why women aren’t attracted to nice guys.

There’s nothing to fix in a quote-unquote nice guy!

He’s already fixed/tamed!

Hence, there’s no draw/attraction there between a woman and a nice guy.

With a rebellious man on the other hand, he presents women with the natural challenge of trying to fix him.

That is her duty by nature!

When you’re unbridled, you present women a challenge which hints to her maternal inclinations!

Saying that mouthful to say; why aren’t women repelled by the “radical” stuff I post to my Facebook, but drawn besides themselves? Because they see something in me that they can or should (attempt to) fix!

To be clear here- by “radical”- in no way do I mean radical shit as in “let’s go out and kill a bunch of people”! I mean radical in the sense of dating, advocating One-Night Stands, 4-somes, etc.

Those are pretty radical position points in contrast from what the romcom and mainstream media give us about what dating should be.

In any case, with that maternal instincts of females taken into consideration, you get a much clearer picture of why it is that scores of women are attracted to badboy types, assholes, jerks, aggressive types, jocks, women-beaters, you name them.

To women, those guys need nurturing, good rearing, to be taken care of, to be understood, etc.

Now- the thing is- I am none of those guys by any stretch of the imagination: I don’t hit girls, I am not a jock, not an aggressive male, not a badboy (actually an ultra-nice guy @ heart), and so on.

However, I convey these things (unhindered, bad, rebellious, asshole, cocky, jerkish) through my status updates on social media.

Therefore, you don’t actually have to be a bad boy in order to attract hordes of hot women. Just simply play the fucking part!

Your posts should reflect that of someone who’s unhinged, unbridled, opinionated, rebellious, cocky and jerk-like.

Ninety percent of my posts on Facebook are PUA, dating and sex related, yet they reek with the stench of badboyism, womanizing, cockiness, opinionatedness…you get the picture.

Do I ever get shot down by a girl because of the stuff I post?


Anyway, stay tuned guys. Some interesting posts will be coming; including the post of screenshot montage of the stuff I post to Facebook.

Accept The DHV & Pre-Selection Props That They Give You

Unlike the greater percentages of males out there, I happen to work with an all-female staff with myself being the lone male.

This dynamic can be good or bad depended on how you look at things.

For instance: women are very catty, petty and bitchy. In the workplace environment there’s no difference.

On the other hand, you can actually learn a lot about women by observing their operations as in a co-worker situation such as myself.

In addition to that, you should take note of nuance circumstances like when your female coworkers inadvertently play you up to other girls (perhaps another female coworker).

Historically; I don’t do coworkers. Not that I have anything against it, nor do I believe it’s unethical and so forth. I just don’t often have the logistical opportunity to bang a coworker (though I have in the past).

In any case, and this doesn’t have to be a coworker situation, there are times when your female coworkers, or women for that matter, will DHV you or make you appear as an attractive man to others women.

Note: this is done inadvertently and sub-consciously.

Ever had women (or a woman) say some slick, snarky shit to you, or about you, in the presence of other chicks?

Of course you have!

We all have!

Generally, guys play the ultra-defensive role in trying to defuse the snarky comment, not realizing that this may actually be a DHV in his favor.

What am I actually getting at?

Well- for example- I have 3 female coworkers who regularly bust my chops and try to play C&F (Cocky-Funny) with me.

We have like a push-pull, banterish sort of relationship.

Over the past few months, the main antagonist would say to me:

“So Kenny, how many women did you sleep with over the weekend since you’re such a whore”?


Rationally thinking, the average guy would take such a comment/question in the negative, to either play the defensive or get somewhat annoyed at the audacity of being called a man-whore.

Whenever this prime antagonist of a coworker, around other female coworkers, says that I’m a whore, I flip the script and take it positively.

I don’t tell her to stop.

I don’t back down from her assertions.

Even when I tell her that I’m an angel, it isn’t believable at all, coupled with the fact that I’m being humorous about the angel part.

Overall, you never want to get offended whenever chicks inadvertently make you look more attractive in the eyes of other women.

If a girl calls you a whore or womanizer; you don’t back down from that claim!

You own it by agreeing with her! Or play it cool while being neutral.

Here’s what I’ve been noticing over the months ever since 3 female coworkers of mines, in particular, have been trying to brand me as a womanizing player (which I am by the way): those same 3, included the others who tend to keep out of the back and forth banter, they have been coming on to me ever so slightly over the past month or so.

This means more subtle IOI’s from them, and more insinuations and sexual innuendos on their part.

Here’s the reality- and this is for guys who aren’t au-fait with what we teach in seduction: women are subconsciously attracted to womanizers, players and ladies’ man.

I won’t get into elaborate details about how and why this is.

As an average thinker who’ve drunk the koolaid of mainstream dating, you’re led to believe that being labeled a womanizing lad would devastate any chance of that guy ever getting a girlfriend or even just to get a girl remotely interested.

Well- top-tier pick-up artists such as myself have debunked this myth time after time.

Hence, as it pertains to the situation between my female coworkers and myself, I was smart enough to see through the facade, and in turn, work it in a way that amplifies the attraction.

Be on guard for the subtle IOI’s and when girls talk you up in the presence of other girls.

DHV & Pre-Selection Your Way Into Pulling Girls On Social Media

There’s actually a reason to add random hotties on Facebook besides trying to game them.

I really do see my Facebook as an extension of my personality and I’ll explain the benefits of this in just a sec.

Every now and then I have to remind guys that my Facebook is a strategic lure for attraction purposes.

Every guy or gal I add, and every friend request I accept, has a strategic significance.

Those friend requests which I decline or ignore (from guys mainly) are done so, because they will have served no strategic purpose whatsoever in attracting girls to my cause.

I get tons of friend requests from guys on a weekly basis (PUA’s), the bulk of them I ignore [sorry if you’re reading this and are 1 of them] for various reasons.

The most common friend requests I ignore are the ones coming from guys who either have no profile pic, or their profile pic is that of some cartoon or Hollywood character, cars, motorcycles, super heros, etc.

I frankly see no reason why grown-ass men should have Al Pachino (Scarface) or Tyler Durden (of Fight Club) as their profile picture, let alone an image of a Lamborghini or Bugatti (whatever those are).

Surely I understand the logics behind doing so [guys thinking that it makes them look cool], but it’s nevertheless lame as fuck and doesn’t do a thing in the way of FMAC [attracting women].

It’s pretty juvenile and I do NOT accept any friend request on Facebook from any such profile holder.

Apart from me holding the opinion that it is lame as hell, such profiles also do nothing to enhance my cause of DHV and pre-selection.

As for women, I never really have that issue since women aren’t nearly as lame and juvenile as men.

The worst I’ve come across is a woman’s profile pic being that of some cheesy-ass meme. Besides that, girls are generally straight forward by having their actual picture as their profile pic.

Whenever I add or accept a friend request from a male, I firstly ask myself:

“Will this dude and his profile enhance or kill my chances of attracting women”?

Will he become a pariah and a thorn in my side or someone who provides value on my posts and status updates.

From my experience, guys who don’t have an actual picture of themselves as their profile pic, almost always turn out to be trolls and weirdos, damaging my image as a cool and badass muthafucka.

You know how often I get some HB contacting me via inbox saying:

“Kenny, that guy is a weird creep leaving all those weird ass comments on your post the other day. I had to take a back seat and stop commenting because it was getting real weird”.

More mess I would have to clean up by either:

1.) Finding and deleting all those weird-trollish comments.

2.) Contacting the troll directly and warning him to desist

3.) Flat-out deleting and or blocking the transgressing troll

I wrote about 1 such comical chode the other day: a guy name Faisal.

Since my Facebook is an extension of my personality (all of us really) and what would be akin to a social circle of buddies, I cannot afford to harbor weirdos within my circle.

Doing so will not only fuck my chances of getting laid, but will also DLV me in the process [DLV meaning to lower my value in the eyes of others].

Fellow pick-up instructors for the most part, don’t screen and scrutinize the friend requests they receive (with the exception of my buddy, The Asian Playboy, who first brought this to my attention a while back).

They just accept and move on…reason being that the average guy who uses Facebook (whether in pickup or not) isn’t actively looking to pull ass on Facebook anyway. So whether or not he adds a ton of creepies to his friend list/online-social circle, wouldn’t hurt him (his chances) regardless.

On the other hand, since a bulk of my pickups and lays originates and materializes through Facebook, I have more of a reason to keep out unwanted loonies who will not add to my cause.

If you plan on pulling ass on Facebook like I do, I suggest you get your shit in order in the meantime, by un-friending the ‘MALES’ who are either trollish or weird, spewing their degenerate thoughts and ideas via commentaries across your posts.

Nothing is worse than having a girl whom you fancy, de-friend you on the account of some idiot who’s been bugging her to death.

The old cliches of: “You are known by the company you keep”, or “Birds of a feather flock together”, have damaging effects in such cases like when trying to pull ass on social media.

One clown has the potentiality to ruin every girl’s perception of you, by virtue of the fact that he’s a social-media friend of yours (this is also true outside of the net).

We see this play out [at least I do] on a weekly basis in bars and nightclubs.

The obnoxious loud guy ruins it for everyone (his friends) by inadvertently painting his social circle as just as annoying and low value as he is.

This is partly the reason I go out exclusively alone.

I am personally responsible for how I’m perceived and received by others around me.

I make or break me! Not some clownish dude within my circle who gives off a low-value vibe that rubs off on me and taints the entire venue.

When you go out alone; you direct your show.

If you do happen to go out with the guys, make sure that they’re some cool-ass muthafuckas who will serve the purpose of attracting women instead of having a repellent effect.

Ok, sorry for going off on a tangent there…but it is all relevant whether online or at the club: guys within your company can either make you appear attractive or unattractive.

Therefore, delete all the guys in your Facebook who are making you look bad.

Outside of the internet in your personal life: cut off every guy who is dimming your spirit and bringing you down with their foolishness. When I say “foolishness”, I’m not speaking of your buddies who kid around and have fun. I’m speaking of the guys who are afraid to be social, afraid of women and have no interests besides playing video games all day.

Guilty By Association: The Negative Now Plus

I’ve just discussed why you should disassociate yourself from guys who are indirectly lowering your value to women.

That was the negative side to being guilty by association.

Is there a positive?


Just as there are guys within your social circle who can kill your chances with women, there are those who can enhance your chances.

I will firstly expound on how the fellaz enhance my profile, then how the ladies also do so.

Ok, roughly 80% of male associates with whom I am friends on Facebook are either fellow pick-up instructors or pick-up practitioners/students and sympathizers, with the remaining 20% of male friends and associates being either relatives or guys with who I grew up.

With those dynamics, the greater percentage of males who comment and participate on my stuff is bound to be those who subscribe to the school of pickup.

As pick-up subscribers, you are urged to be ultra-vigilant of what you post, and whether your postings will have a high value or low-value effect.

With that, you’re likely to see more fruitful and interesting dialogue across posts since most commenters would’ve been in-tuned to what it is to become an interesting guy.

Hence, whenever I update my status there’s an 80% chance (based on my male figures) of some guy posting/commenting some high-value shit that will either spark discourse, interest or a humorous punch.

I want to maximize the chances of sparking a good discussion, hence I keep guys around who generally do this.

As I touched on earlier, the benefit of having such guys in your online-social circle such as on Facebook, is that they enhance your cause and your perception by women.

If your male friends in general are cool-ass dudes who have interesting opinions and ideals of their own, and aren’t bashful about sharing them, that could only boost your perceived stock in the eyes of women (such as those who see your postings).

On the contrary, if your male friends are generally lame-ass dudes who don’t have an opinion about anything, or they are hollow-minded individuals, they won’t do much to help your perception in a way that will attract women to you.

Truth is: women love a guy who has some depth about himself.

Most guys whom women encounter on a daily basis, are empty frikkin’ shells. This goes for online and offline encounters.

Reality of this “empty shell” is evident through the fact that most guys’ social-media posts consist of either sports-related content or entertainment and media content…both of which does nothing by way of attracting women.

Therefore, you want to have guys around who will provide value on the things you post, which will in turn give women the impression that you surround yourself with guys who provide value.

Women are very simple (humans for that matter) and they broad-brush an entire canvas based on 1 minute factor.

In other words: they judge by first impression as we all do.

Thus, make her think you are way cooler than you actually are!

One way in which I achieve this is by harboring kick-ass guys who post kick-ass content and have kick-ass ideals about life itself.

If the males within your circle are preoccupied with posting about the latest NFL game or their favorite Star Wars movie, then that is no way to create attraction whatsoever but to kill it.

Remember the old adage: “You are judged by the company you keep”?

Perception is everything in this game.

As for women- the ones in which I add to my Facebook- they also serve the purpose of enhancing my product/stock.

The plus side to having women on your Facebook is that there is no downside to it like that of males.

Having women as your Facebook friends CANNOT DLV you (make you look bad)!

I remember years back, guys in pickup used to hold fast to the belief that having fatties, old and unattractive women commenting on their stuff would chase away hot women.

It wasn’t until I blew the roof off of this misconception that guys started to shift their perception on such untested theorization.

There’s no imperical datum which proves that unattractive women kill your chances with women.

I think back to a popular meme from almost 5 years ago when a few guys (my detractors) in the Men’s Rights Movement made about me “hollering at fatties” on Twitter.


According to those clowns in the Men’s Rights Movement, holding dialogue between a- quote unquote- fattie and yourself, is deemed “hollering”, thus it devalues your perceived worth to other women in general.

Again- I thoroughly debunked this myth by virtue of the fact that women of all sizes and facial dimensions regularly leave comments and have dialogues on my FB statuses, yet I manage to pull super-hot chicks in spite of the misconception that “fatties and unattractive women kill one’s chances with hotter girls”.

What men with zero experience fail to realize is that women aren’t looking at other women and going, “Well- she’s a fat girl, so this guy must be a loser for exchanging comments with fatties. Move along”!

Women see things through a different lens than men do.

Men are visually stimulated (we go after what we see). Women generally look at personality traits and other inner qualities about a guy.

A socially inept guy may think to himself, “If I’m seen talking to a fat chick, other chicks will think poorly of me and reject me”, but a woman is actually thinking, “If this guy is having such spirited and interested interactions with numerous girls (albeit fat or old ones), then he must be an interesting guy”.

Thus “Pre-Selection” and “DHV” (Demonstration of High Value).

As shallow as women are most times, women are not looking at other women and judging the worth and value of those other women based on the other women’s hotness or lack thereof.

That is what men do! Not women!

Saying all that to say: there’s no downside (DLV) in having women interact on your stuff.

Fat, old and unattractive women commenting on your posts will NOT chase younger and hotter women away!

This is a misconception fostered by men who have no real-world experience in getting ass on a consistent basis [i.e. those in the so-called Manosphere and Men’s Rights Movement] .

Not to blow my own horn or anything, but I’ve banged more hot women off of Facebook alone over the last 20 months, than most pretty boys will have ever slept with over a lifespan.

Moreover, in the pick-up world, I am ‘THE’ quasi-authority on Facebook pulling [“pulling” would mean picking up girls on FB].

Hence, I am well qualified to speak on what works and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, whenever I add a girl on Facebook or accept a friend request from a female, I do that in hopes of creating dialogue on the stuff I posts.

I dread having to add women who will have added no value to my cause.

This is why before accepting a friend request from a girl, I firstly scan her profile to ensure that she’s sociable, engaging and interactive.

How do I decide this? By quickly scanning a few of her status updates.

If she ignores the bulk of her comments; I think twice about accepting her friend request because she’s likely to ignore my comments also.

With that, I try to only add girls who are interactive on their stuff and on other’s.

Do I add random hot girls just for aesthetics (physical beauty)?


I do it all the time!

This is part of my method, where I add random hot girls, for no other purpose, besides they being hot.

Such women may not be interactive at all. But they serve as window-dressing to capture the eye of other women who lurk through my profile.

However, greater details and emphasis are placed upon the women who will encourage and spur dialogue by simply sharing their ideas on my posts.

Even if their input is a mere “LOL”, “SMDH” or emoticon: it still serves its purpose which is to get other women to see that I socialize with other women, or that there are (other) women out there who actually give a shit about my opinions and what I post.

That is the point overall!

That is the attraction factor!

That is where the DHV and pre-selection factors come in.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of DHV in the game, let’s just say that it involves anything that makes you look attractive to women (it has nothing to do with looks actually).

Example of DHV-ing is having interesting shit to say.

You have the concept of DHV stories, which is having something interesting to say but in a storied format.

Having your own opinions about thing (albeit they are interesting and thought-provoking) is a DHV (Demonstration of High Value), because as I mentioned earlier, boring people (which are most of us) have no opinions to share. And if they do, they are never worth listening to…which is why such individuals are deemed boring to begin with.

Overall, as long as you post interesting stuff, women will find you interesting.

Hence, whenever you do decide to hit up her inbox or hit her up via messenger, instead of having this, “what does this lame guy want” reaction, she has a, “this might actually be interesting” reaction.

You also must bear this little fact: before a girl responds to your first message, or immediately after she does (by being polite), she scans your profile and timeline in order to see what type of stuff you post to Facebook, which would give her a realistic sense of the type of individual you are (she also checks some of your photos just to see what your lifestyle looks like).

Remember: Facebook is an extension of your personality.

If you post lame shit in general, then you must be a lame dude in person.

If the bulk of your postings online is that of Football, Soccer, Basketball, sports, etc, then quite naturally, those are what interest you mostly offline; in your real life.

Women aren’t too excited about being in the company of guys who are sports fanatics [I don’t think I have to tell you that].

With that, when a girl scans your timeline and notices that the bulk of your postings is sports, she will flat-out ignore your message as she would’ve already deemed you an uninteresting lame.

If she does reply to your initial message(s), it is likely just to be polite (via protocol). And she’ll ignore your subsequent messages.

Therefore, you want to ensure that whenever a girl checks out your profile, she encounters posts which make you seem like an interesting guy.

Lastly, and keeping with the previous point, my reciprocation rate is anything between 95-99%.

That is, of every female I inbox/message on Facebook, I get a reply (which leads to some form of conversation), 95% to 99% of the time.

My messages are hardly ever ignored on Facebook!

With 95-99% reciprocative rate, I am almost always guaranteed to get a reply.

Now, these aren’t just mere replies to my initial message. I’m talking about back-and-forth text exchanges which often lead to pickup if that was the intended purpose of my communique.

When you stop and think of those numbers for a second in a quantifiable and relative manner, only then you’ll be able to see how dramatically profound they are in a positive sense.

For instance, the average Joe messages about how many random women (strangers) on Facebook on a weekly basis trying to pick them up?

Perhaps 1 or 2…if that.

Kenny messages on average (during an intense-hot week), perhaps 20 random women on Facebook per week in hopes to pick them up.

Of those 20, 19 of them are bound to reply and engage me in text conversation (hence the 95-99% rate or reciprocation).

For various reasons, I would end up only proceeding to close (grabbing a number) of about 10 of those girls.

Notwithstanding that, with the high number of random hot girls I contact on FB, a 95-99% reciprocation rate is just ridiculously stupid to say the least!

Most guys would be lucky to get 2 replies out of the 20: let alone 19 replies.

Besides “having game”- which is good enough itself- women can (and will) check my timeline just to gauge the congruence factor to see whether I’m the real deal or just a faker.

Once my game and postings align, the girl sees that I’m a man of interest and in turn, she’s poised to engage me by responding to my initial and follow-up messages.

All the girl merely wants to see is that you’re interesting and sociable and are attuned to matters which interest them.

Posting statuses related to sports, video games, movies, Star Wars, and the latest Rap or Pop song/video, will NOT make you an interesting guy in the eyes on women on Facebook!

As much as chicks dig movies and pop music and are always posting about those things, they don’t exactly look for men who enjoy those things also.

Women love drama and controversy, thus they mostly gravitate to posts which speak to relationship and dating issues.

They want to see that you hold your own opinions on the dating, mating, romancing and other male-female related topics.

Ninety-five percent of my Facebook posts are dating, pickup/game, relationship and sex related.

Why so? Because women love to talk about these things!

They are up their alley!

Contrarily, women don’t give a fuck about Football, Basketball, the World Cup, etc!

They may very well like and watch them! But they don’t particularly care for men who post about that shit!

Sports aren’t female-gravitated topics! So when she browses your timeline/wall and all she sees are postings about the NFL, video links to Mayweather vs Burto [as much as I’m a boxing aficionado], statuses about the UFC, etc. she shakes her head and moves along by either ignoring your messages (had you messaged her) or elects not to engage you altogether.

If you wish to maximize your chances of attracting women and getting laid on Facebook, you will want to grab your copy of my infamous product, Facebook Bang, where I expound on this concept in more details.

What Is This About…Girl!?

Ever so often, chicks are in the habit of playing these little mind-games, testing [congruence testing] and trying to see how much they can get away with in order to tilt the balance of power and leverage in their favor.

Yesterday morning, this Bostonian [who lives in the islands] whom I’d picked up about 3 months ago on Facebook [go figure], hits me up on Whatsapp.

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



Now- here’s the deal: ever since picking her up on FB (3 months back), our plans to physically meet up (@ my hotel) kept falling through, largely due to my hectic schedule on the weekends.

We’ve attempted to meet up on 3 or 4 occasions but it just never came off.

Having just returned from Boston, Mass the other day to the Caribbean, 2 nights ago, I texted her saying that I was to be ferrying to her island for the weekend and I would like us to finally rendezvous @ my hotel as we originally planned from 3 months back.

She texted me back and said that she already made plans with her girlfriends, being that it is her birthday weekend and she’ll be planned-out from Friday-Sunday.

“Cool”! I replied.

Now here she comes texting me yesterday morning [as depicted in the screenshot] after the subject was dropped the night before, “claiming” that I didn’t accept the fact that she had prior plans.

What really stuck out though is that she kept saying I’m a cunt, my attitude isn’t cute, I’m trying to play her for a fool…in other words.

Honestly speaking, she’s another chick whom I picked up via asshole game…simply because she’s a social butterfly and leader of her pack [which means she has very high-social value], thus using asshole/dick game is a prerequisite to getting such hot girl’s attention. So, because of that; she sees me as an asshole and I do treat her derisively like a little pest.

You must remember that hot girls, or girls whom are deemed “somebody” by their peer group, are NOT accustomed to be treated like 2nd-class citizens by men who are trying to date or bang them.

Therefore, whenever you do this successfully as I often do [treat hot girls with contempt], it fucks with their perception of reality and how things are supposed to be.

It’s like she’s saying to herself:

“How fucking dare Kenny not chase me”!

“How dare he not beg me to see me”!

“How dare Kenny not throw a fit because I told him I had prior plans”!

“How dare he treats me cunty when every other guy is scooping my poop and rolling out the red carpet whenever I come through”!

That was the case with this girl’s irrational diatribe out of left field.

She didn’t expect nor wanted me to just accept the fact that we won’t be meeting up this weekend because I contacted her on a late note.

She wanted me to throw a fit, beg and plead as every other guy would. Not gingerly accept that we can’t meet up.

On a related note, when you as a guy have options, your weekend or dating life won’t revolve around 1 girl, and whether this 1 girl accepts or declines your invitation to meet up.

Psychologically, when you have no other options and no recourse but that 1 girl, you tend to deify and pedestalize her, being that she’s all you’ve got to bank on.

Women, knowing that the average guy is option-deficient, tend to be able to predict a guy’s reaction when shut down as in the case of rejections and date declining.

However, as a guy who has abundance and options in women flowing out the wazoo [speaking of myself here], he can afford to flip the script and make it seem as though he’s giving the girl another chance at meeting up…just as I did with this girl from Boston when I said to her “we’ll hang out next weekend, granted u don’t stress me out with this bitchy shit”.


I mean- who says that to a girl who has loads of perceived social value except a guy who has more perceived social value than she does, and a guy who has abundance of women to chose from?

Furthermore, she acknowledges the fact that I have other women/options when she mentioned that she wasn’t fooly as those “other chicks”.


At the end of the day, this was just another routine attempt by a girl who has loads of guys chasing her, to try to get me to tool myself out like the rest, so she can gain validation and stroke her ego that she has managed to blow off another chode for the day.


Real Example Of How Being A Ladie’s Man Attracts Women [pre-selection theory]

Hey guys, in keeping with the previous post where I shared some insights on how to attract girls through Facebook, by posting outlandish stuff which indicate that I’m a sexual guy; in this post, I want to bring that point home with an almost real-time example from last night.

Before I do that, let me cite an accompanying post/status which I posted to my customized Facebook friend list.

“It’s ironic that the women who “fall for my pickup tactics”, are always advising me not to post the stuff I post about picking up women, ’cause it would somehow turn women off as they now know my intention [to hook up]. Those same girls who give me such advice, are always the ones “falling for my tactics”. 
Last night, I’d picked up such a girl on Facebook. The dialogue was pretty interesting as she tries to find out why and how I post about picking up women yet still manage to pick up women on FB.
What is really an irony was when she said, “I would probably fall for your bull [pickup tactics and charms] if I never saw all that shit” [my FB posts]…yet…essentially…she fell for the bull [though there’s nothing to fall for].
The lesson here is 2:
1.) Hot girls are attracted to player types
2.) The chicks who claim that pickup tactics would never work on them, are always the first to succumb to them.
She also claims that pickup tactics only work on women with low-self esteem…yet I managed to pick her up…but she wouldn’t say that she has low-self esteem issues”.


Ok, so that was a post I made to FB last night concerning this new girl [though she’s not quite new].

That was an almost perfect example of everything I spoke about in the previous post about letting girls know [indirectly] that you’re about hooking up [without actually saying it], and how women are subconsciously attracted to men who are sleeping with other women [this theory is called “pre-selection”].

Ok, so here’s the back story with this chick.

I had picked her up on Facebook back in later July and was to continue from there [through FB primarily].

Somehow [and this happens often since I’m picking up dozens of girls], I completely forgot that I was to meet up with her for “drink and snack” [coded phrase for “Sex”], so that never came off.

Last night [over a month later], I came across her profile and then it hit me- “Oh shit! I was supposed to meet up with her” [pictured below]!


Here’s the remainder of the dialogue from last night where I Facebooked her about forgetting to contact her to meet up.

[My messages in blue. Hers in gray]


BTW, she lives in a neighboring island to which I frequent for business and pleasure.


She knows I’m a pick-up artist since she seen it plastered all throughout my statuses from when we first met. Hence I poked fun at her for being a bad PUA by not exchanging #’s a while back.


When I said to her that men [I am a man] are terrible and we only desire sex, I was subconscious planting a seed inside of her head, indirectly telling her that I [as a man], am only interested in sex with her. This is a very powerful NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] tactic called “Embedded Commands”. It is planting a seed without the other person realizing it.






That’s pretty much where it concluded last night.

Since this weekend is booked up, I never bothered to propose a meet-up. So in the meantime, though she’s already attracted to my vibe, I will go ahead and build more attraction through text-game/texting and getting to know each other a bit more through some voice notes and video chatting. Then whenever the time permits [meaning- my schedule is free], I will then re-pitch a meet-up with her…perhaps in another 3 weeks since the next 2 weeks [and weekend] are booked with other girls.

Remind you, I should’ve already met up and gone out with her back in late July but completely forgot. 😦 😦

All in all, hope you would’ve gotten a better sense of how attracting women [online] works, by playing to a woman’s sense of challenge and competition.

If a woman feels to herself that she doesn’t have to compete with other women for you: she will lose attraction and interest in you [that’s if there was any to begin with]!

This all goes back to human evolution and how the females were vying for the males [Alphas only] who were known to be shagging other females in the tribe.

The tribesmen who weren’t getting any poon [the Beta-Males], were ignored by the tribeswomen and eventually died out without any progeny.

Hence, it is deeply embedded within every girl’s being, genetic makeup, and her psyche, to desire the men who other women have.

Therefore, when I post my stuff to Facebook [or any online medium], women observing [but not commenting for the most part], instantly get their biological and competitive juices flowing as they see me as that dominant Alpha-Male on the planes who has women in his life already [which is the appeal].

Additionally, and in response to the naysayers, if women were so turned off by men who are knowingly sleeping around, then why are they so enthralled by a guy such as myself…who’s knowingly sleeping around?

There must be something to it…and I just explained what that was a few paragraphs above [the woman’s biological and evolutionary system].

In my next article, I will talk about a mind-blowing observation in relation to women being attracted to men who have other women in their lives already, and why this isn’t a deterrent.

Read: The empty-restaurant effect

Eliminate Flaking By Taking Photos With Girls [Will Beck’s Concept]

Every guy in pickup is encouraged to take photo-op opportunities with hot girls whenever possible.

This is done largely for the reason of pre-selection: if girls see you in photos with other girls, they will assume that you’re a fun, sociable prize that lots of women want to get their paws on.

That is pre-selection theory in its simplest breakdown.

It is sort of a cheat code to attracting women.

Girls whom you would’ve picked up, merely wants to know/see that you’re a guy whom they can feel safe around.

If chicks are comfortable enough to be taking photos with you, then you must be somewhat of a safe guy, right?


However, that is how a woman’s brain rationalizes it.

She judges if you’re a safe guy to be around by whether you surround yourself with other women or not.

By appearing in numerous photos with numerous women, you give her that reassurance- that you’re a safe individual who is accepted by other women.

The opposite of the pre-selected guy is the loner.

Which girl is attracted to loners?


How come?

Loners are weird and cannot be vouched for in order for the girl to discern whether he [the loner] is a safe chap or some serial killer in waiting.

Therefore, women deem loners as unattractive and unsafe.

She isn’t sure about him.

This is why when you’re in a nightclub or any nightlife environment, you want to be chatting up or chatting to various people: be they the bartenders [males and females], old ladies, drunk guy, etc.

This build “Social Proof”.

It let’s people around you know that you’re safe…even though you may very well be a serial rapist or some shit.

Perception is all that matters! And people will perceive you ‘safe to be around’ once they see others in your presence, conversing with you and so forth.

Hence, this is where the routine of “taking photos with women” comes in silently handy.

You get to show women that:

1.) You’re safe [social-proofed]

2.) You’re pre-selected

Ok, so let’s get to Will Beck from Canada, a pick-up associate of mines, who’s a big-name coach in the pick-up industry.


This brings me to another aspect apart from pre-selection and social proof: Eliminating Flakes and girls standing you up on the would-be first date.

Truth is: flaking is inevitable.

As long as women have emotions and a mind, flaking [indecision] is just something that every guy will have to face.

Women stand guys up on dates and flake primarily because of indecision pertaining to the guy and the date itself.

In conjunction with indecisiveness and indecision are nerves and anxiety.

You know that terrifying feeling in the pit of your stomach guys, when it comes to making that 1st phone call after getting a girl’s number?

Well that’s the exact anxiety-filled feeling a woman gets upon meeting up with a guy for the 1st time [D2 for instance].

She’s nervous, anxious, scared, jittery and unsure about herself…which all manifest in the form of flaking and the girl standing you up.

She doesn’t logically intend to do it [stand you up]. Just that these jittery feelings and emotions are talking her out of it- no different than when you’re contemplating making that phone call, and nervousness talks you out of it.

In essence; you flaked on the girl by delaying that call and electing to not call her at all when you knew it was the right moment!

Therefore, now you understand why women stand guys up and why they act flaky towards meeting up and so forth.

Now, what does this all have to do with taking photos with girls whom you’d picked up as what Will Beck advises here?


The girl having taken photos with you, gives her the impression [psychologically] that:

1.) She already knows you

2.) You’re safe

When the girl whom you’d picked up can go through her smartphone and see herself with you [via photo], it not only gives her the impression that she knows you already, but it helps to kill the nervousness factor which is bound to pop up in any future date proposal.

You won’t seem as much of a stranger to her.

Humans only get that weird and jittery feelings when around someone whom we don’t know.

This is akin to what we feel when going to a job interview to meet with people whom we don’t know.

Had the interviewers been someone we were familiar with, then the nervousness factor would not be as great if at all.

Hence, you want to give the girl the impression that she already knows you, thus there’s no reason that she should become panicky at the thought of meeting up, coming to your place or going for a drink/date.

One such way to achieve this is by always seizing the opportunity to take photos with the women whom you’d picked up.

This’ largely why I almost always take pics with the girls I pull.

It isn’t for show!

Surely I enjoy having pics of women in my media archives in order to reflect on the quality of chicks I pull. But that is just the psychologically gratifying part for me and not the greatest reason.

As for making this happen; it is very simple guys.

Upon picking up the girl (getting her #), you simply say to her: Let’s take 1 of those lame selfies for memory!

Whichever way you put it, there isn’t much to object to.

Most girls will nonchalantly oblige to taking some pics with you as long as you own it and not come off as if you’re nervous while pitching the proposal.

At the end of the day, when it comes to seeing the girl again, she won’t be saying to herself, “Who is this random-stranger guy that I never actually been around”?

Cheer to the weekend!






Some Guys Simply Don’t Get It

Upon posting my previous post/status to Facebook about the secret society of pickup, I received a number of inbox messages from fellow PUA’s [mainly newbies and inexperienced guys] such as the following:



Now, part of me really gets annoyed whenever I’m challenged by guys who have no clue of what attraction is and how it works.

This guy- like many others- holds the view that pick-up should remain classified.

For all intents and purposes: it is!

Whether I like it or not: pick-up will NEVER go mainstream, nor will it ever be accepted by the mainstream- male or female- as a viable tool in dating.

Therefore, there’s no way that pickup could become overexposed and subsequently loses its savor and dies out.

Furthermore, there are those who believe that if pickup gets talked about, women will be on guard against the man-whoring seducer and all will have failed.


As the leading PUA in online-dating and getting laid through Facebook [moi] , I am definitively qualified to say that girls finding out about pickup will NOT ruin a PUA’s chances whatsoever!

Contrarily, it will actually increases his chances of attracting girls and getting laid…whether through online media or through hand-to-hand combat (i.e. street and club game).

This is classic pre-selection theory once used correctly.

This’ why I post my pick-up related content to my personal Facebook, ensuring that girls see that I’m an assholish, rebellious, womanizing chap.

Whenever I pick up a girl during day game or anywhere outside of the internet, I immediately add her on Facebook, knowing that my postings/statuses will indirectly attract her even more.

Hence, my statuses work as my de-facto wingman in aiding me to get laid. So the false view that pickup hurts your chances once exposed, is a fat misconception.

Therefore, there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

There’s no cover to be blown!

The more you hide what you do [pickup], the more creepy you’ll come off as the “hidden agenda” seeps through your pores like a saturated sponge.

Every girl whom I add on Facebook gets quickly acquainted with my man-whoring persona.

It’s like “BAM”! Right in her face!

I’ve yet to have a chick un-friend me upon the revelation and realization that I utilize seduction tactics to get laid.

However, I’ve dealt with and fixed lots of cases involving guys who were blocked and un-friended [unskilled PUA’s] by girls for double-timing them and misleading them.

Seventy percent of my social-media posts can be rightfully miss-classified as sexist.

Ninety-five percent of my posts consist of things which most guys would see as a NO NO…me making out with random girls, in bed with women, picking up girls on the streets, etc, etc, etc!

Hence, there is zero ambiguity about my pick-up tendencies and lifestyle.

I don’t hide it from women on the internet nor outside of cyberspace. And without blowing my own horn: I am the undisputed king of getting laid from Facebook.

The connection is very simple: Women are attracted to men who are self-expressive.

It is akin to what RSD [Real Social Dynamics], the pick-up company, teaches…which is to “Be un-stifled”.

The more you hide what you’re about, the more women will punish you upon the discovery of your seedy-little tactics.

Thus, it is the wiser approach to put it out there [that you’re into women] via social-media postings for example.

Additionally- here is the hidden beauty to silence any critic of such an approach.

Note: women do NOT and CANNOT process nor see pick-up tactics even when they are staring them in their face [negs, pre-selection, freeze outs, push-pull, etc]!

Look- 70% of my pickups, online or outside the internet, consist of the girl thinking that, and assuming that I’m using some sort of tactics/game to get into her pants…or merely to get her phone number.

In spite of this ‘Hunch’: 95% of them still allow themselves to be picked up, i.e. cough up their number.

Saying that to say- even if a girl knows or perceives to herself that you’re using some sort of tactics on her, or that you’re a member of some shadow organization dedicated to getting laid- it still won’t deter her from partaking in the process of the seduction…albeit she’s attracted to and by your vibe, energy and skill set.

Furthermore, It’s impossible for me to count the amount of times I’d taken a girl to bed (via pick-up tactics) while vehemently promising to me that “my tactics” would and could never work on a girl like her. 😈

Therefore, girls don’t even see tactics when they’re coming at them.

Why so?

A girl’s idea of “pickup tactics” are what?

“Pickup Lines”! 😆 😦

The moment a girl hears “pickup artist”, she thinks “pickup lines”. So she’s expecting slick pickup lines to come her way.

However, most people outside of pickup, aren’t even aware that PUA’s are adamantly against the use of pickup lines…the cheesy ones you hear in sitcoms or come across on Youtube prank videos.

Pick-Up Artists do NOT use (stereotypical) pickup lines…EVER!

We view them as cheesy, lame and highly unproductive!

A woman expects pickup lines whenever I proceed to chat her up.

Little does the girl know, I’m picking her up without pick up lines and seducing her without fanciful words.

In conclusion: fear not guys!

Stop acting like little-fucking chodes afraid of being exposed as the sex-loving beings you are!

No amount of pick-up blogs will ever over-expose the craft. Just as posting pick-up related material to Facebook won’t kill your chances with women, nor will it put women on the defensive.

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