Real Example Of Women Being Attracted To Womanizers + Making Girls Chase With This 1 Texting Technique [09-07-16 Online Pickup]

Hey guys, another great example of thinking on the fly and making a girl chase you by employing this 1 simple technique of mines [building the anticipation then say “bye”].

Also, another salient example of how and why women- the hot ones- are attracted to womanizers, assholes, badboys and pickup artists.

I added this chick few weeks back on Facebook; someone with the prettiest set of lips I’ve laid eyes on in a while (pictured below).

I messaged her on Sep. 1st (about a day or so upon adding her).

The vibe I employed here (the opener) was the badboy vibe, which you can see from my opener.
[My messages in blue]

[Above] How was her reaction to my no-bullshit opener, and asking if her lips are real? She laughed! A sign that the girl respects my value and my approach.

Also, my opener was original and ballsy, a stark difference from the chody shit you’ll see AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps) sending women.

Furthermore, the most important text-game strategy of them all within the screenshot above, was my last message: “I’ll let you know in just a bit. Kinda busy”.

I waited until the girl got hooked/invested; then I took away my attention by bursting her bubble!


Powerful stuff! Did you get that? Make the girl invest then bail on her! Wait until she shows reciprocation then tell her “bye”! This fucks with her reality of how things are supposed to be. Men aren’t supposed to hit girls up and tell them they’re busy. Women are supposed to do that to men, since they’ve been doing so since the advent of the mobile phone! So, whenever you can flip that script on women, it shocks them to the core…thus attraction is either born or deepened.

This was all strategic on my part. I never just “wing it”, though my entire text-game is fluid and free-flowing without a thought going into my texts beforehand (it has all become hardwired).

Now, will she take the bait and come chasing me? September 1st when I first contacted her was a Thursday. She then hits me up on the 6th [5 days later], upon me bailing on her. [Her messages in gray]

[Above] She reopened me, wanting an answer as to what I said about her lips (“are they real”?) This is the effect of the curiosity-loop technique which I taught you guys in a recent post. Now she’s hooked wanting closing/answers as to why I insinuated that her lips were fake. This is also a stealth Neg by the way. Negs work best when done stealthily and indirectly.

I then changed the subject on her, denying her closure/answers.

Let’s continue. [My messages in blue]

[Above] Humor is key…as always. Learn to make women laugh and you’ll have a much easier time gaining access to the body parts which they conceal 😉 . Hence the line about we should get married, and that I’m in love with her lips. Why don’t women ever get weirded out when I say stuff like that, that would otherwise blow out an AFC Beta-Male? Because they (women) know that I am humoring them! They know that I am fucking around! But therein lies the attraction. The moment she senses seriousness in your tone; you are done!!! And there is where scores of men go wrong.

Anyway, so how did she take to that? “Cute”. She thought it was cute and funny. She also assumed it was 1 of my lines. 🙂

Why would she even think that I use lines though?

[My messages in blue]

[Above] What would most guys do? Cower down and deny that they were using a stock line. I don’t cower down from it, because I knew that doing so, would’ve reduced my standings in the girl’s eyes for backing down. But then I toyed with it (more humor) by saying I thought it was top secret (my “lines”).

She went further to confirm the obvious: she sees/reads my posts, although she never commented once, neither hit like once, on any of my posts. Yet she is well aware of my schtick as a Pick-Up Artist. Now, most guys- the dumbed-down majority- would surmise that it would’ve been an automatic deal-breaker to admit to being a PUA: let alone if the girl were to discover this. However, if you’ve been around these parts for any time now, you would’ve known that women are attracted to men who openly deal with lots of women.

[Above] I then told her that she gets points for recognizing that I’m a PUA. Again- what was I doing here? Setting the frame, that I am the prize, and she is the one playing the game, trying to score points in order to win me over! That is the frame you set by saying to a girl, “You get points for that”. Very key. Very subtle. Very simple. Very powerful!

I then went all playfully romantic again with the “I love you”, and that “it is not a line”. More humor game.

[Her messages in gray]

[Above] She assumed that it was 1 of my lines to tell her that I love her. She’s correct! But I bantered with it.

She then went on to indirectly compliment me on my verbal skills with women, by saying I’m a guy who knows how to use words to get what he wants. 🙂 😉 So, in essence, just as expected with all women in my Facebook friend list, she has seen the plethora of posts which I post to Facebook, of me chatting up women, screenshots of text game, etc. So she’s well aware of my verbal charmery. That is a HUGE plus! But again; if you’re the average guy who’s been poisoned by the mainstream-dating culture and Cosmos, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that a girl would find it remotely attractive that a guy charms women up on a regular basis.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Never compliment a hot girl on her looks/hotness!!! I’ve been teaching you that ad nauseum for years! Hence, “your sense of humor is attractive”. I complimented her on having a sense of humor. Not her fucking looks! This sets me apart from 99% of the chodes who would be gawking and slinging cheesy-ass generic compliments back and forth.

I then set another powerful frame which will come in handy for future tense, when I asked her if I come across as a guy who sugarcoats things. The answer is a resounding “NO”! But I asked her that [without a question mark] in order to set the frame that neither does she have to sugarcoat anything. So I lead; she follows by accepting my frame/position. So, what effect did this have (me setting a “no filter” frame)? She admits to liking guys like myself who appear blunt and outspoken. “BINGO”! My frame won! This is more than enough confirmation I needed to confirm that this girl was already full-on attracted to me.

Moreover, she mentions me and game, by citing that my game works. Whenever a girl says your game works in a general sense, it is a sure IOI/SOI.

[Her messages in gray]

[Above] She doubles down on why she likes guys who are straight up…such as myself. Remind you: had I foolishly set the frame from the get-go that I were a good boy who would never say anything remotely forward to a total stranger, she would’ve likewise adopted that same frame, and start singing the tune of, “I love men who aren’t forward”, etc. Therefore, it is also wise to set the frame right from the gate: “I am forward, straight up and untamed”!

With that, I threw my classic and well-timed gambit: “I want to fuck the shit out of you and get you pregnant“! She laughs and calls me silly. Why was I able to get away with such a forward and sexual line? Because of everything I just explained to you about frames and setting them correctly and early! I got away with telling her that my intention is to fuck her and breed her, because I skillfully drew her into accepting the frame that she should accept a forward guy who speaks his mind. Since she had fallen into the frame-control trap I set just a few messages prior, she was forced into accepting me saying, “I want to fuck you”, without taking offense to it.

Everything I do is masterfully strategic and automated. I don’t think. I just shoot! When you become good at this, you will no longer need to think before sending that text. It’ll all come naturally as it is now for me.

Additionally, she asked about my pick-up career as a job. Just another confirming piece of evidence that being a pickup artist intrigues and attracts women.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] I always verbally (or textually) acknowledge to the girl that we are on the same page. This is a subtle way of rewarding the girl for being such a good sport. It’s an indirect compliment. What was her response to me saying, “same page”? She agreed by saying “we are”.

As for my job (PUA)? I keep it vague! That’s what you should do also! Bear in mind what I’ve been teaching you for years now, that ambiguity deepens a girl’s attraction for you. Play up the vague card, tell the girl, “it’s a long story”, when she asks what work you do, or whenever she pries into your work life. Doing so will have created an aura of mystery around yourself. This is part of the Jesus Effect (a concept of mines) which I spoke about in this video of mines [“hook girls instantly with the Jesus effect”.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] No need to belabor and prolong the pickup. Sensing that the girl is already well hooked: I go for the n-close (phone-number pull). Did I ask, or did I confidently go about it? I assumed it and told her what it was going to be (“I’m gonna grab your #”). This isn’t just confident to women, but sexy!

I had to laugh though, when she asked if I were going to use her in my next project. By that, she largely meant if I were going to use her in order to showcase how pickup works. Technically, she’s right and wrong. Surely our conversation is being used to promote the advancement of the pickup cause, however, in pure anonymity. So no one gets hurt.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Again, I refrain from worshiping her body and looks by telling her about the whole package, her mind, savviness, etc. She knows I want to fuck her (no secret there), and that I’m very much attracted to her physically and sexually. But I’m smart enough to not fall into pedestalization of her physical assets [though I bantered around about her lips].

Another subtle point I wish to make is linked to her mention of wanting to get to know the real Kenny, and not my internet persona of a player. Why is this significant? It goes to show that women definitely know that this is an act. However, they don’t fucking care!!! They know that my Facebook antics are just antics. But they also know that the antics are necessary in order to attract them first, and then I can be genuine later if so desire. So, women definitely know the game! For crying out loud: they wrote the fucking rulebook to the game! We men are the ones who have to play catch-up and learn the fucking Game!

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Again, I reject her looks as attraction factors, by telling her that I’m attracted to her intelligence. I then go for the # again…without asking!

Why did she mention that I wasn’t judgmental? Well I’m not! But besides that, I don’t give off the judgmental vibe because my interaction says differently. Had I come off as a saint, or a guy who sees women as angelic beings, this would undoubtedly give women the impression that they would have to filter and watch what they say and do around me, because they’re likely to be judged (poorly). By me coming off as a rebel, there’s no way in the world I would judge her on the bad things she may do…like fuck me on the first date in some crutty restroom, or blow me under the table at a fast-food joint.

One of the reasons why you have a difficult time hooking up with girls so easily, is because you inadvertently give off this obnoxious-judgmental vibe whenever you interact with women.

To avoid this; carry an air of whimsical, carefree and erratic…or at least pretend to have such an aura!

In closing, I merely wanted to massacre the old notion in the pick-up community, that disclosing one’s PUA lifestyle to women, is a cold rejection waiting to happen.

I am actually the first first-tier PUA (or any other PUA on the coaching level) to ever advocate that PUA’s should go public with pickup, instead of hiding in the shadows from women, and concealing this part of their life like it’s a fucking cause for shame or something.

I am also the first-known PUA (practitioner or instructor) to ever publicly and actively game girls on social media.

I am also the first PUA to compose and publish an actual product on gaming girls on Facebook. Derek Lamont had a Facebook Game product some years back, but it wasn’t actually an in-depth guide to picking up girls on Facebook. But more geared towards DHV-ing on Facebook, rather than actual gaming.

When I first did this, other pick-up guys (students and coaches) were utterly besides themselves!

Some were laughing at me: believing that this couldn’t be done successfully (gaming girls on Twitter and Facebook while posting about pickup and hooking up with numerous women).

Some were rooting for me to fail miserably, just so they could say, “we told you so”!

The remaining guys were disgusted at the fact that I would “show women our hand”, revealing pick-up secrets to women, which should’ve otherwise been kept hidden among the fellaz!

I posted infield after infield of me taking girls home while telling them I am a pick-up artist who sleeps with women for a sport! 😯

It was then that these guys realized that Kenny was onto something big!

No longer was there a need to solely game girls inconspicuously on online-dating sites. They could actually game girls on Facebook while having their pick-up artist banner flashed across their Facebook profiles for women to see!

Believe me; I had dozens of professional PUA coaches (buddies of mine) inboxing me about Facebook game, and how they never knew it was possible to game women openly as a PUA.

In retrospect, this should’ve all come as a no-brainer, simply for the fact that pickup/seduction stridently teaches and pushes the concept of Pre-selection, and utilizing other women as DHV pawns in order to get the girl.

With that being the case, game should work even much more successfully on Facebook than on online-dating sites, since you’re at liberty (due to the platform’s settings) to post virtually any amount of photos you’d like. So there’s no restrictions on using pre-selection gambits (via photos) and so forth.

Facebook is the prefect place to game hot women! It is just that guys (AFC’s) use it wrong!

With all the game successes I’ve had on Facebook on a daily basis, I don’t even use online-dating sites anymore! 😆 😆

Now that should tell you something as a once avid online-dater!

Lots of PUA buddies on a daily basis would hit me up saying, “Kenny, you would get laid a ton on Tinder bro”!

I’m like, “dude, I get laid more than a ton from Facebook alone”!

I derisively scoff at the notion of using Tinder, POF,, Badoo, etc.

On a last note, I want to wrap up on a point which I made in a previous post, that women on Facebook see everything you post!

This is why you should make your shit count by posting the type of stuff which catches the attention of women!

Most guys use social media as though they’re actively trying to attract and court other men! They crazily post about sports, music and- sports again!

I mean, this is all fine and dandy if you desire not to pull ass on social media.

If you do want to pull poon on such platforms, then you MUST- and I mean MUST- post in a way that enthralls women!

With this chick here whom I’d picked up 2 days ago- a complete stranger (as always the case)- she is no exception!

If you’re a budding PUA who’s unsure of whether you really should come out publicly as a PUA while gaming girls on Facebook, for example, hopefully this post would’ve given you the cojones necessary to push forth.

Another question I get is: “should I create another account in order to game girls”?

There’s no problem with that. If you’re unsure of how to manage your friend lists on Facebook, and you’re worried scared that your family and friends will think that you’re gone off your meds- the by all means- open another Facebook account, strictly to game girls, where you can then implement my Facebook method unhindered!

Remember to grab Facebook Bang if you haven’t already!

Any clarification needed on the points of game mentioned in this post; feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.

On that note: enjoy the weekend folks!

“Why Don’t Your Womanizing Posts On Social Media Turn Women Off”?

A great question which I get asked at times is: “Why don’t women seemingly get turned off by the fact that you post womanizing and pick-up artist related stuff to Facebook, where they can clearly be seen”?

In the past, I would even ask myself that, “How am I attracting these girls when they clearly see the type of stuff I post”!!?

Then I came to my senses rather quickly upon the acknowledgement of pre-selection and social value, and how they work to create attraction by sparking challenge and so on.

In conjunction with that, you also have the little reality that women tend to interpret a guy’s recklessness as attraction.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Allow me to cite a few synopsis here.

Women are undoubtedly drawn to action heroes, rockstars (musical and otherwise), badboy types and the rebels.

What do those guys all have in common?


They are untamed…or at least they pretend to be in the case of an actor.

However, the keyword as far as synonym here is wildness.

Women are drawn to guys who have this wildness and recklessness about themselves.

I wrote a post to Facebook some weeks ago, detailing the underlying reasons for why women are so attracted to badboy types: and that is because within every girl, therein lies a maternal instinct. Her natural role is to care, tame, pamper and nurse.

In plainer language: she feels a need to fix a man!

You can’t fix something that isn’t broken, which is largely why women aren’t attracted to nice guys.

There’s nothing to fix in a quote-unquote nice guy!

He’s already fixed/tamed!

Hence, there’s no draw/attraction there between a woman and a nice guy.

With a rebellious man on the other hand, he presents women with the natural challenge of trying to fix him.

That is her duty by nature!

When you’re unbridled, you present women a challenge which hints to her maternal inclinations!

Saying that mouthful to say; why aren’t women repelled by the “radical” stuff I post to my Facebook, but drawn besides themselves? Because they see something in me that they can or should (attempt to) fix!

To be clear here- by “radical”- in no way do I mean radical shit as in “let’s go out and kill a bunch of people”! I mean radical in the sense of dating, advocating One-Night Stands, 4-somes, etc.

Those are pretty radical position points in contrast from what the romcom and mainstream media give us about what dating should be.

In any case, with that maternal instincts of females taken into consideration, you get a much clearer picture of why it is that scores of women are attracted to badboy types, assholes, jerks, aggressive types, jocks, women-beaters, you name them.

To women, those guys need nurturing, good rearing, to be taken care of, to be understood, etc.

Now- the thing is- I am none of those guys by any stretch of the imagination: I don’t hit girls, I am not a jock, not an aggressive male, not a badboy (actually an ultra-nice guy @ heart), and so on.

However, I convey these things (unhindered, bad, rebellious, asshole, cocky, jerkish) through my status updates on social media.

Therefore, you don’t actually have to be a bad boy in order to attract hordes of hot women. Just simply play the fucking part!

Your posts should reflect that of someone who’s unhinged, unbridled, opinionated, rebellious, cocky and jerk-like.

Ninety percent of my posts on Facebook are PUA, dating and sex related, yet they reek with the stench of badboyism, womanizing, cockiness, opinionatedness…you get the picture.

Do I ever get shot down by a girl because of the stuff I post?


Anyway, stay tuned guys. Some interesting posts will be coming; including the post of screenshot montage of the stuff I post to Facebook.

Accept The DHV & Pre-Selection Props That They Give You

Unlike the greater percentages of males out there, I happen to work with an all-female staff with myself being the lone male.

This dynamic can be good or bad depended on how you look at things.

For instance: women are very catty, petty and bitchy. In the workplace environment there’s no difference.

On the other hand, you can actually learn a lot about women by observing their operations as in a co-worker situation such as myself.

In addition to that, you should take note of nuance circumstances like when your female coworkers inadvertently play you up to other girls (perhaps another female coworker).

Historically; I don’t do coworkers. Not that I have anything against it, nor do I believe it’s unethical and so forth. I just don’t often have the logistical opportunity to bang a coworker (though I have in the past).

In any case, and this doesn’t have to be a coworker situation, there are times when your female coworkers, or women for that matter, will DHV you or make you appear as an attractive man to others women.

Note: this is done inadvertently and sub-consciously.

Ever had women (or a woman) say some slick, snarky shit to you, or about you, in the presence of other chicks?

Of course you have!

We all have!

Generally, guys play the ultra-defensive role in trying to defuse the snarky comment, not realizing that this may actually be a DHV in his favor.

What am I actually getting at?

Well- for example- I have 3 female coworkers who regularly bust my chops and try to play C&F (Cocky-Funny) with me.

We have like a push-pull, banterish sort of relationship.

Over the past few months, the main antagonist would say to me:

“So Kenny, how many women did you sleep with over the weekend since you’re such a whore”?


Rationally thinking, the average guy would take such a comment/question in the negative, to either play the defensive or get somewhat annoyed at the audacity of being called a man-whore.

Whenever this prime antagonist of a coworker, around other female coworkers, says that I’m a whore, I flip the script and take it positively.

I don’t tell her to stop.

I don’t back down from her assertions.

Even when I tell her that I’m an angel, it isn’t believable at all, coupled with the fact that I’m being humorous about the angel part.

Overall, you never want to get offended whenever chicks inadvertently make you look more attractive in the eyes of other women.

If a girl calls you a whore or womanizer; you don’t back down from that claim!

You own it by agreeing with her! Or play it cool while being neutral.

Here’s what I’ve been noticing over the months ever since 3 female coworkers of mines, in particular, have been trying to brand me as a womanizing player (which I am by the way): those same 3, included the others who tend to keep out of the back and forth banter, they have been coming on to me ever so slightly over the past month or so.

This means more subtle IOI’s from them, and more insinuations and sexual innuendos on their part.

Here’s the reality- and this is for guys who aren’t au-fait with what we teach in seduction: women are subconsciously attracted to womanizers, players and ladies’ man.

I won’t get into elaborate details about how and why this is.

As an average thinker who’ve drunk the koolaid of mainstream dating, you’re led to believe that being labeled a womanizing lad would devastate any chance of that guy ever getting a girlfriend or even just to get a girl remotely interested.

Well- top-tier pick-up artists such as myself have debunked this myth time after time.

Hence, as it pertains to the situation between my female coworkers and myself, I was smart enough to see through the facade, and in turn, work it in a way that amplifies the attraction.

Be on guard for the subtle IOI’s and when girls talk you up in the presence of other girls.

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