The Media Really Doesn’t Understand Pickup: More Roosh V Fallouts


The media and pickup are no friends whatsoever.

I’ve said this years ago but many seem to not understand.

The mainstream will never accept pick-up artistry as a way to dating.

It kills me when guys in pickup, companies and lone wolves, seek to gain acceptance from the mainstream media, but undoubtedly get fucked in the rear end by the same media that featured them to begin with.

The mainstream media gets it wrong all the time when they equate pickup to some form of rape method.

My Asian buddy from Vancouver, Canada, Jan, of Jan Lifestyle, posted a link about Roosh Valizadeh to Facebook yesterday, where he (Jan) was mentioned along with Roosh as seedy characters in the pick-up world, teaching men how to hate, harass and manipulate women.

A gross mis-characterization of both guys and pick-up in itself.

How can one be a pick-up artist yet hate women at the same time is beyond me…but that’s for another article!

The article link which was posted by Jan, was not only disgusting and downright scandalous, but the publisher gets it wrong all of the time!

The blatant biasness was blaring in the vancitybuzz article which can be seen here.

I guess on the bright side- if there’s any- coming from that article- is the exposure that Jan received, though it was character-assassination in my book.


“Guide For Getting Laid At Anime Convention” By Return of Kings Led To Kenny Being Attacked By His Lolita-Anime Cousin

My wacky cousin in the middle with her other wacky Lolita friends in Central Park, NYC.

My wacky cousin in the middle with her other wacky Lolita friends in Central Park, NYC.

Getting Laid At Anime Convention

Prior to this heated argument over Facebook just days ago, where I was ganged up on by a bunch of Lolita Anime nuts, I didn’t know what the fuck or who the fuck Lolita was. I have come across the name of porn sites but never bothered to click on the Lolita links [thank heavens].

According to the Google searches I made, this’ the definition:

Lolita: a sexually precious-young girl.

It is nothing more than pre-pubescent looking girls whom I guess- are sought after by men who have these weird-kiddie fetishes of shagging underage girls. ❓

Anyway, a female cousin of mines from New York City, has been into the whole weird-Anime shit for some years now. She considers herself some sort of Lolita, Anime, Goth and Feminist/Femi-Nazi wrapped into a twisted-little package [poor girl. Hope it’s just a passing fad].

My crazy Lolita Anime-loving cousin

My crazy Lolita Anime-loving cousin

Apparently, she likes (or hates) reading PUA and Game blogs, so much so that in her rage and fury (from reading a Game blog), she posted a link to the following article posted in June on Return Of Kings [at least ROK has a fan close to home]:

“Guide for getting laid at Anime conventions”

The article was authored by Redpiller1985, someone whom I know nothing about in the world of Game and pickup.

Here’s an excerpt from the article which might have pissed off my cousin and her fellow coo-coo friends.

“This new breed is young attractive women with mental issues. Women have jumped on to the anime bandwagon. Most of them joined because they’re the second tier of attractive women. They can’t compete with the front runners because of a flaw or two (they might have the body but the nose is way too big). These women would be considered Bargain Bin to regular society. However, to anime loving nerds, these are the new 9′s and 10′s for the anime world. Women love it, because they have a ton of beta orbiters and some creepy omegas. They get to rule over and be the queens of anime conventions. I decoded the code for an alpha guy to go to these conventions and make that second string duchess bow down to your manliness”.

Now, I’m no fan or avid reader of Return of Kings website/blog (I actually don’t read it), simply for the fact that it’s owned by Roosh V, a once nemesis of mine. Apart from that, I have no issues with return of kings and its position.

My cousin and her friends however, took great offense to the article, which in a nutshell, advocated how to pick up and sleep with girls at Anime conventions.

They didn’t take offense to the parody and pun in the article, instead they got all pissed off at the fact that the article advocated the dreaded-dark art of “picking up women” [I can see the bogeymen in the closets right now].

Hence the following Facebook screenshots which culminated with my cousin severing ties and family relation for the simple fact that I advocate picking up women and being a PUA [her arch enemies according to her].


Check out the screenshots of the PUA-bashing madness from the Anime Lolitas…or whatever the fuck they call themselves.

Talk about being ganged up on and disrespected from every angle. Yet I managed to stay cool under the proverbial-missile attack, 🙂 when under normal circumstances, I would’ve gotten real nasty and vile.

This was my very first run in with anyone from the wacky subculture of Anime and Lolitas…and I hope it to be my last.

These people obviously live in an alternate reality and are outcasts banded together in a common cause, whether it be Goth, Anime, Lolita or Femi-Nazism: they’re all fucking man-hating nuts.

Such women all have 1 thing in common apart from the obvious being nut-cases, and that is they claim to be fed up of being hit on by men; particularly PUA’s.

Not to mention that aside from the hatred of PUA and Game, those Bitches [and I use that word purposely with emphasis] frequent PUA and Manosphere blog for I don’t know what reason if they so claim to hate Game.

Nevertheless, the man-hating vitriol is clear as day from these Lolita nut-job outcasts who probably couldn’t get a vagrant to hit on them even if he was paid to. Yet they claim that the reason they hate such men so much, is because they approach them too often and are harassing? ❓

At the end of the day, the old saying stands true, which is that women will never agree with the idea of men actively learning how to pick them up.

Even though it’s quite natural for a man to chat up girls, he ought not have learned it through the internet or any other unnatural mean, or else he’ll be deemed a womanizing rape-inclined creep.

Girls who complain about guys constantly chatting them up (usually Feminists wannabes), in my eyes, don’t actually have guys chatting them up but are envious of their better looking peers getting the time of day while they get no attention from guys like us.

Being attacked and cut off by a close relative (damn-near 1st cousin), someone who I’d lived with in the same apartment as kids (while she was a toddler), over differences of opinion on dating, really goes to show how much feminism has corrupted the minds of the gullible, transforming disgruntled women into man-hating beasts who want nothing more than to see the human-male specie die off quickly as possible…although it’d mean the end of life altogether. But Femi-Nazis would rather humankind go extinct than to see men do what should come natural to every man: to meet women and copulate.

Months ago, I swore to never publish another feminist-bashing post again as to avoid coming off as a misogynist prick. But crazy incidents like these with feminism as the driving tool beneath the surface, gets me pretty fired up to femi-bash those worthless anti-human scum bitches like my cousin.

Purporting that to chat up women is tantamount to harassment and a contravention of the law, is really fucking unfortunate and sickening. And it is because of ungodly reasoning like those, why I swore to myself to never step foot on the shores of America again, where freedom is just a myth and basic-human rights don’t exist and never existed.

In another 2-5 years, it’d virtually become illegal for a man to attempt to chat up a woman on the streets, for it’d be considered (sexual) harassment or accostation.

So-called sexual harassment in the workplace is already a common cry in America, where women are encouraged to report any innocent gesture of flirting from a male in the workplace, to be deemed sexual harassment or physical aggression.

We should all thank Feminism and the gay-rights movement for instigating such policies into becoming law in the United States [anti-bullying laws, etc, which turn boys into little sissies].

As my once nemesis Roosh V cited in a hot-button article of his, “The rise of heterophobia”, America is now breeding a culture (aided by the law) where “straight” men are demonized for hitting on women, and where homosexuality will become the order of the day (which is no coincidence since a great portion of feminists are lesbians).

Being macho, masculine and tough will become cause for concern, as society cannot afford to breed more Alpha-Males, instead encourage our boys to become Beta-Male wimps who cry foul at bullying and any sign of aggression from other males.

My generation never cried foul at being bullied. Nowadays in America, bullying and shaming are almost tantamount to criminal offenses.

If you’re a heterosexual male living in America, shit already is, and will continue to become increasingly hard to survive without the worry of being ostracized and tossed under the prison for mere speculation of trying to attain male-to-female sexual intercourse.

It’s no wonder why scores of men, at least the ones who love pussy and meeting women, have been vacating America in droves over the year (myself included), solely because they want to meet, date and fuck women without having to worry about a sexual-harassment infraction or an unlawful-groping charge for standing too close to a woman.

How the fuck am I to live in such a society which doesn’t promote heterosexuality nor a natural lifestyle of male-female meet to copulation!? Why would I want my son to grow up around that shit to become a feminized man!?

Furthermore, a woman crying foul due to a man’s verbal and physical advancements would never ever fly in the Caribbean region. She’s liable to be chased out of town first if anything.

When it’s all said and done, Feminism in concert with the U.S. government, has 1 like-minded agenda, and that is to see straight men and dominant Alpha-males, weeded out of existence where there would no longer be male-female sexual relationships in order to breed and replicate.

Sperm-donation factories and child-adoption services will become the only 2 means by which a male or female could attain kids.

It’s virtually a sterilization program under way.

Hence when I labeled Feminism as a wicked entity, it was no surprise that the Lolita loonies took it personal as an attack against their agenda which is to eradicate men off the face of the Earth.

Hopefully my wacky cousin gathers her senses and come around to realize that she’s been duped by the wicked system into supporting an anti-god and anti-human movement such as Femi-Nazism.

My wacky Lolita, Anime, feminist-backing cousin

My wacky Lolita, Anime, feminist-backing cousin

To cut all ties with a relative because he advocates dating, hooking up and Pickup artistry, you think I’m going to beg friendship from someone who’s stupid enough to make such on-the-fly, irrational decision because of differences in opinion!? 😯

Fuck no!


Socialkenny the #Alpha

Socialkenny the #Alpha

Batman “Dark Knight Rises” Movie Theatre Massacre Was A U.S. Government Set Up

James Holmes,the Batman’s “Dark Knight Rises” mass-murderer (alleged)

Now, a lot of us don’t like to hear the truth (preferring to gobble up what the lying media tells us).

In fact, we cannot stomach the truth and the fact that our government agents would pull off false-flag operations (for political gains).

But since when was the U.S. government a catalyst of transparency?

They covered up 9/11 and blamed it on Al-Qaeda (which doesn’t and never existed, as former CIA agent admitted), when the real orchestraters of 9/11 were the wicked CIA (USA) and the wicked Mossad of Israel.

Former high-ranking CIA agent exposes that Al-Qaeda is a myth and scare tactic.

Media Reports

The media claims that James Holmes, former student at the University of Colorado med’ school, opened fire at the latest Batman-movie premier (“Dark Knight Rises”), in Aurora, Colorado, dressed as the Joker, killing 14 patrons.

Fair enough reporting.

After analysis and media researching on the shooter, they found out that he was a stand-up citizen, no criminal record,no history of mental issues, all his guns and ammunitions were LEGALLY obtained…

He actually worked with special-needs children for a few years without ANY incident!

My point?

James Holmes was no nut-case, nor someone on the verge of snapping!

He was the last guy anyone would suspect of a massacre.

Kenny’s Theory On The Cinema Massacre

Huge red flags to note later:

•He had no Facebook, Twitter nor any online profiles [he was virtually unknown].

•He simply laid down his weapons and surrendered to the police afterwards [why didn’t they kill him?].

•This massacre occurred near the area of the Columbine high massacre back in ’99[coincidence?].

•A military personnel was actually in the theatre.

•More cops than usual were dispatched to the theatre prior to the massacre [did they sense something coming?].

•He told the cops that his apartment was booby-trapped [why would a mass murderer tell the authorities that his place was booby-trapped?].

•How strange that this guy had ZERO history with (firing) guns, yet able to massacre 14 people with total EASE and deliberately [reported by the witnesses]?

What the bias media is NOT gonna tell us, is that this was a staged/false flag massacre with the CIA’s fingerprints all over it.

James Holmes was a CIA mind-controlled subject via the US Department of Defense program, who was drugged and programmed to carry out this massacre [great article link here

It’s also reported that he was a student of the Neuro-Science Program at Colorado Uni’.

In layman’s term: Neuro-Science is Brain programming, programming and hypnosis. And as a Pick-Up Artist, I’m familiar with Neuro-Lingustic Programming.

More coincidence with the CIA programming linkage.

•Also reported by many people in the theatre, that Holmes (alleged shooter) gestured to the cop(s) outside the theatre before he kicked in the door.

WTF did he gesture to the cop(s)!!?

And why didn’t the cops think it was strange that a man dressed like the Joker had kicked in the door and entered the theatre!!?

Because the cops were all in on it!!!

Their job was to allow this massacre to go down [in other words “Stand Down”]!!

The officers were told,or made to not enter the room until after a certain period has elapsed (this’ called Stand Down).

They’d received their directives from the bigger heads!!!

•Also, many of the survivors reported that the gunman entered the theatre EXACTLY on point that the Joker appeared during the film!

That’s fucking leery!!

So the gunman was acting on cue?

Was he told when, and at what moment to kick in the door and go berserk!!?

Seems so!

But that is eerily strange that this guy was able to know at what point the Joker would pop up on the screen, unless he had inside info (which he did).

Why Would The Government Plot This?

Firstly,let me recount the list of incidents nationally and globally, that the US government has planned, funded and allowed to happen:

•Columbine high school massacre.
•Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.
•September 9/11
•Oklahoma bombing
•USS Cole bombing
•Anthrax breakout after 9/11
•Fast and Furious gun scandal
•Underwear bomber (allowed to sneak onto the plane by British intelligence in concert with American agents)
•Violence in Syria to overthrow Assad’s government (where America is funding terrorists against Assad).

The fucking list of tyranny goes on!

The US government has many aims which to stage chaos.

•They needed to stage 9/11 in order to go to war with Iraq, Afghanistan, and to win Bush a re-election.

•They also needed to stage 9/11 to gain access to citizen’s private info (wire tap,online info,hidden cam to surveil the citizenry, TSA, etc).

So that’s how the game is played; US Defense Department stage false-flag terror attacks in order to use them as guises to implement stricter laws and regulations on the citizenry (to benefit government).

So the staged massacre @ the theatre was set up for these political reasons:

•So that the government can implement stricter gun laws, and eventually disarm its citizens (to prevent an armed revolution).

•To inflict terror and fear into the American population so they can support stronger protective measures on guns and arms.

•To destabilize the country,then paint the government as its savior (in order to build more trust in crooked law-makers).

•The defense department now has plausible reasons to justifiably clamp down on towns, cities, locations, blocs, etc.

Even to implement curfews in certain areas (essentially a police state).

So from now on, movie theaters will be legally spied on, rigged with hidden cams and metal detectors, pat down TSA style, privacy invasion as usual.

That’s how the fucking crooked system works!!

They’ll kill 10 people,claim that some lunatic or Al-Qaeda agent did it [like Fort Hood], then lock shit down in the name of homeland security and war on terror.

If they want an excuse to invade and attack a specific country, they’ll just stage a terrorist attack in a US city, blame it on a muslim terrorist, then attack that country.

The CIA is crooked! It’s the devil on Earth (along with the Mossad of Israel)!

They will mind program your ass via concentration camps, have you pick up an AK 47 and go massacre 100 people in a mall (to justify their objectives).

All done for political, economical, strategical and physical gains[land, oil, drugs, weapons, money, etc.].

So don’t look at this Batman movie massacre as just some nut going crazy.

That dude was no fucking nut!

Nuts and crazies don’t graduate with honors, make it through med school, work with special needs kids for years without incidents, have clean rapsheets…

James Holmes was a CIA puppet mime who was brainwashed and drugged in a secret program to undertake this massacre.

The government was in on it,the cops were in on it, CIA and FBI in on it.

And only those stuck in the matrix will NOT be able to see through bullshit like this.

It’s so funny as I was watching the news all day, the reporters (who are all programmed BTW), kept saying and asking, “we do not see a motive for this happening. No signs. What is his motive”?

Of course there’s no fucking motive when it’s a government coverup!!

Peace out!

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Get the fuck out the Matrix!!

Get the fuck out the Matrix!!

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