Cassidy Sinatra’s Corner PUA Podcast Episode #3 ft. Kenny P


Hey guys, I sat down [virtually speaking] with my man Cassidy Sinatra out of New York City, as he interviewed me on air for the 3rd episode of the Cassidy Sinatra Corner podcast.

It’s a long podcast (+ 2 hours), so strap yourself in.

Some of what we opined on, all Game/Seduction/PUA stuff:

*How I got started in pickup and the traumatic Valentine’s day that led me there

*Race in the Game, and our views on how race is used as a cop-out for mediocrity

*The first time I pulled a girl home from the club, virtually as a PUA newbie, and how she turned out to be a squirter

*Night-Game and picking up girls in clubs and bars

*My style of Game overall

*Inner-Game concepts and how guys kill their chances by auto-rejecting women in various ways

That’s just a preview of what we delved into.


Master Seducers Podcast Episode #20: The PUA Quagmire + Nice Guys Are Manipulators Of Women

This episode [the 20th.] of the Master Seducers Podcast addresses:

*Why you shouldn’t try to friend your way in

*The nice-guy syndrome,

*Why nice guys don’t gets laid,

*Why Kenny P considers quote-unquote “nice guys”, manipulators, deceivers, scammers and liars in regards to women

This podcast episode also addresses a PUA quagmire which is paradoxical and contradictive in nature.

As a PUA, so-called Natural, player, lady’s man, etc. you’ll typically find yourself in a precarious situation where seemingly loser types and AFC Beta’s, are presented with way more chances and opportunities to be in the company of women than you are presented with.

Although this may be true (on the surface), it still gets tricky and more nuanced than that.

Also, Kenny touches on a common question that is asked by newbie PUA’s in relation to the PUA quagmire and the “friend your way in” approach.

Lots of men are under the impression that it is a wise strategy to try to friend their way into a girl’s heart and vagina. In essence, risk friendzoning themselves while simultaneously aim to seduce the girl.

This is a failing approach by all means. Trying to friend your way into a girl’s vagina will only land you in the friendzone, and possibly get you slapped with a sexual harassment and or rape charge.

According to Kenny, the vast majority of “real” rape cases, is perpetrated by nice guys who’ve been friendzoned by their OTD (object of their desire aka their crush).

Guys who’ve been friendzoned do NOT realize that girls don’t fuck their male friends (i.e. guys in the friendzone). Hence, those guys eventually push the issue (physically), catch the girl off guard, try to get sexual then find themselves slapped with a sexual harassment charge or rape case if sex ultimately materialize.

With that, it doesn’t pay to try to friend your way in.

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Biggest Catfish Scandal In PUA Community History: Kenny’s PUA Podcast Show Ep.#18 Feat. David Kocher

Socialkenny PUA podcast show
Episode 18 featuring David Kocher

Hey guys, the latest episode of my show is now live.

Two nights ago, I interviewed whistle-blower, David Kocher, about the Wayne Jordan catfishing controversy which was uncovered the other day.

David reveals a whole ton about this situation.

We had also made mention of other discoveries and politics in the community.

If you’re part of the pick-up community establishment as we are, then you’ll really enjoy this episode.


Kenny PUA Podcast Show Ep.17- “Exposing PUA Mike Squattin Cassanova”

Mike Squatting Chodanova

Hey guys, I finally found some time to continue my PUA podcast show…for good reasons this time.

Everyone in pickup knows Mike Casanova, whom I like to call Mike Chodanova, a quasi troll and dick-head who takes pleasure in shit-talking and trolling PUA’s on Facebook.

Well- the feud between him and me has reached a boiling point where I felt a need to put this podcast together in order to expose the fraud known as The Squatting Casanova.

Some of the things I touched on is how Mike Chodanova lives in Las Vegas – a city of hookers- and he still doesn’t get laid.

Also why he’s the worst pickup/PUA coach ever on the scene.

I also touched on some history dating back to 2010 on the Casanova Crew Forum where Mike and I met, and where his hating and trolling of my pickup stuff began.

This the 17th episode was posted yesterday to my Youtube channel.

Enjoy the exposure and a bit of Pickup Artist politics.

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